BTFTLIAW – Chapter 819

Chapter 819 – Hatred!

The Demons calmed down. Actually, they weren’t that worried about entering the Space. Just like Berry said, the Demons would do anything in order to live in a better environment.

What they were afraid of was having no use to Zhao Hai. If they didn’t have leverage, then that wouldn’t be very good.

If the Demons had no use, then would Zhao Hai still want them to migrate to his Space? That’s impossible, nobody would do that. The Demons would be less than herded magic beasts, they were utterly useless.

So when they heard from the Great Demon King that they could bring benefits to Zhao Hai, they couldn’t help but be moved.

The Great Demon King looked at the group and said, “Everyone should be aware of Mister Zhao Hai’s strength. I’ll be honest to everyone, even if I use my Devil War Chariot, I still can’t be confident in beating him. Moreover, I need to tell everyone that the Demon Realm isn’t the highest ranked plane there could be. There is still a much higher plane in existence.”

Upon hearing the Great Demon King, the other Demons couldn’t help but feel excitement. They were aware that the Ark Continent was a lower plane since it cannot accommodate God-ranks. After someone from the Ark Continent becomes God-rank then they would ascend to the Divine Realm.

They previously thought that the Demon Realm and the Divine Realm were the highest planes since these planes can have God-ranked experts. But now, after listening to the Great Demon King, it seems like there was a higher plane to the Demon Realm. With the Demons unable to sit still, the room immediately buzzed into discussion.

The Demon Dragon King already knew what was coming, so he looked at the other Demons and said, “Silence!”

His voice calmed the other Demons down. The Great Demon King then said, “I already knew some things about the higher realm, however, I didn’t tell you because it is too unbelievable.”

The Demons listened. The Great Demon King had done a lot for the Demons all these years and they knew that he wouldn’t lie to them. Because of this, they eagerly waited for what he would say next.

The Great Demon King looked at the other Demons and said, “The Demon god we believed in is actually a person from that higher realm and he doesn’t even look like the Demon God that we worship. He looked just like this.” Then he took out the illustration that Zhao Hai printed.

The others hadn’t seen this before including the Demon Dragon King. Now they were curious about the image that the Great Demon King took out.

After the group saw the image, the Great Demon King said, “Besides Demon Dragon, nobody in the Demon Realm knew that I had the Eyes of Truth. Upon becoming the Great Demon King, the Demon God appeared for the ceremony. At that time, the Demon God I saw wasn’t the same as the one depicted in our records. His true body was actually this. He turned into the Demon God so that we would worship him. Later on, I started to investigate matters myself. In the end, I discovered that the Demon God statue had a magic formation to collect faith power.”

Everyone blankly stood in place when they heard the Great Demon King. These matters were beyond their understanding. They don’t know what to say.

The Great Demon King sighed and said, “There weren’t a lot of people who knew about this, but there were quite a number who did. In addition to Demon Dragon, the high level God ranks were also aware of it. After we came to know about this matter, the only thing in our minds was how to get rid of this person’s control.”

After speaking this, the Great Demon King’s tone changed, “What had the Demon God given us after all these years? Mister Zhao Hai’s place is incomparably better than the Demon Realm. In the Demon Realm, we would need to wage war with each other just to survive. In this case, why do we still give the Demon God our faith power? We had already given him so much, yet what did he give in return?”

The words of the Great Demon King spoke directly into the minds of the Demons. These Demons had long suffered in the Demon Realm’s environment. Now that they heard the Great Demon King, a great resentment erupted deep within them. Everyone was breathing heavily, their eyes were red!

Demons were unafraid of death. Although they believed in the Demon God, their belief wasn’t so strong because of their constant struggles. They believed in themselves more than the Demon God.

Upon seeing the reaction of his fellow Demons, the Great Demon King knew that this was the crucial time, so he said, “To be honest, my decision to invade the Ark Continent was rooted to the purpose of getting away from this person’s control. However, i didn’t think that after discussing with Mister Zhao Hai, he actually had an encounter with this person!” Then the Great Demon King retold how Zhao Hai met Lu Wei and the process Zhao Hai did to defeat him.

Then the Great Demon King added, “Because of this, I decided that we should move to Mister Zhao Hai’s Space. Mister Zhao Hai is strong and in the future he would definitely become stronger. When the time comes, mister ZhaoHai would ascend to the higher plane and possibly meet with that person. This person had deceived the Demons for many years, this is something we cannot allow. If mister Zhao Hai ascends while taking us with him using his Space, then we can personally take our revenge!”

Upon hearing the Great Demon King, the killing aura of the Demons present had immediately soared. Demons hated cowards, but they hate people deceiving them the most. So after knowing about Lu Wei, the Demons immediately placed him on their kill list. If they can take revenge personally, then they would be happy.

The Great Demon King looked at everyone and said, “Does anyone have anything to say? If you don’t want to enter mister Zhao  Hai’s Space, then I won’t stop you, you can decide for yourself. Mister Zhao Hai also said that even if you go to the Space and don’t worship him, then it would be fine, everyone can make a decision for themselves.”

After the Great Demon King said this, a Demon stood up and said, “Your Majesty, there’s no need to ask that, we need to enter the Space. Not only is the environment good, we can also get revenge in the future.”

Along with him, the other Demons also agreed to enter the Space.

The Great Demon King looked at them and said, “Good, then I will immediately contact mister Zhao Hai. But before entering the Space, we need to help mister Zhao Hai deal with the Divine Race!”

As soon as they heard this, the Demons gave a cheer. Nobody opposed to it. In their opinion, the Divine Race was Lu Wei’s most faithful dogs. Since they couldn’t hit Lu Wei now, dealing with the Divine Race was the next best thing.

The Great Demon King waved his hand and then said, “Alright, everyone should go back. I’ll prepare things here before I go back to the Demon Realm to prepare our people to move to the Space first. All of you shall listen to Demon Dragon and help mister Zhao Hai deal with the Divine Race, understood?”

The group said in one voice, “Yes, Your Majesty!” The Great Demon King nodded as he waved his hand once more, making the other Demons leave. However, he had Demon Dragon King stay behind.

When the other Demons left, the Great Demon King turned to the Demon Dragon King and said, “Demon Dragon, i’ll be leaving everything here to you. I’ll contact Mister Zhao Hai and tell him to contact you as well.”

The Demon Dragon King complied, then the Great Demon King took Zhao Hai’s messenger fish out. The Demon Dragon King looked at the messenger fish curiously. The fish had no redeeming value, it was just a small fish swimming inside a bottle filled with water.

The Demon Dragon King turned to look at the Great Demon King, he didn’t know what the purpose of this fish was. The Great Demon King looked at him and smiled before he turned to the small fish and said, “Mister Zhao Hai, Mister Zhao Hai, can you hear me?”

The Demon Dragon King looked blankly, he actually suspected the Great Demon King to be crazy. Otherwise, why would he shout Zhao Hai’s name to a fish.

While the Demon Dragon King was confused, Zhao Hai’s voice suddenly came, “Your Majesty, I didn’t think you’d contact me this quickly. I hope you have good news for me.”

The Demon Dragon King looked blankly at the fish. It was still swimming inside the bottle, but Zhao Hai’s voice was actually coming out of it.

The Great Demon King responded, “It’s good news, mister. The Demons have agreed to enter mister’s Space. Can Mister take them in now?”

Zhao Hai’s voice came in, “Hahaha, of course, of course they can come anytime. But Your Majesty needs to head back to the Demon Realm to organize your people. I’ll be dealing with the Divine Race so I’m quite busy. After you had things prepared in the Demon Realm, then I shall head there and take your people to the Space.”


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