BTFTLIAW – Chapter 818

Chapter 818 – Response of the Demon Race

The situation between the Goblins and the residents of the Ark Continent was different. In the case of the Ark Continent’s people, their civilization was completely copied into the Ark Space, allowing perfect preservation of their lifestyles.

On the other hand, the Goblins had a high foundation regarding magical-mechanical civilization. It might even be possible that they were stronger than the Ark Continent. However, that civilization had become useless, it had been destroyed. It may even exist only in tales. In this case, it was almost impossible for Zhao Hai to teach the Goblins about how to regain their civilization.

The reason Zhao Hai gave them the church was to make it clear to the Goblins that even if the Space was convenient, they still needed to work. If they want something, then they would need to exchange it with something else.

It wasn’t that Zhao Hai was stingy, he just didn’t want the Goblins to just eat and sleep. He would have them know that working hard was the way to gain the most.

The church was something that Zhao Hai asked Cai’er to make. In fact, it was just a relay for items to be sent in. As long as the Goblins ask for it, then they would receive the item that they want. No matter what they wanted, Zhao Hai would provide.

Naturally, asking for things would come at a price. For example, if the Goblins wanted an ordinary iron axe, then they would need to trade about a hundred jin of bread fruit,

This price was based on the Space’s shop. Even if the price on the Ark Continent fluctuated, the Space’s shop would never change. Also, Zhao Hai wasn’t afraid that the Goblins would ask for advanced items. In their present location, there wasn’t anything they could trade for it.

The most abundant item in the Goblins’ background were the bread fruits, and these fruits were very cheap. Even if they trade the bread fruits of the entire background, the Goblins still wouldn’t be able to exchange for a single crystal stone.

After taking care of the Goblins, Zhao Hai turned his attention towards the battle in the Accra mountains. The fight was still going on and Thunder Yun was still clueless that the Radiant Empire had already been ravaged.

At this point, it was already impossible for Zhao Hai to attack the Radiant Empire for the second time. This was because reinforcements from the Divine Realm had arrived. Now they were ready to face Zhao Hai’s attack.

Also, Zhao Hai was faced with the problem of manpower . Although he had still had a lot of undead, the formidable ones like the Barbarians and the Winged Pegasus were unable to be used. If they were used in the battle, then Zhao Hai might anger the Barbarians and Winged Pegasus people.

Zhao Hai had a deep grudge towards the Divine Race, but he held no hatred towards the Barbarians and the Winged Pegasus. To be honest, Zhao Hai was even feeling pity towards these two races. It was precisely because of this that when Zhao Hai discovered a peculiarity with the internal command of the Divine Race army, he immediately sent word to only send the minimum amount of troops towards the Barbarians and the Winged Pegasus army. Zhao Hai wanted to send a signal that the Ark Continent didn’t have a grudge against them.

It can be said that Zhao Hai had done a successful job. The elite Barbarians and Winged Pegasus hardly made an effort in the battles which made the defense of Accra Mountains much easier.

But because of this action, Zhao Hai didn’t have enough troops to defend against the Divine Race. The people from the Ark Continent had already settled in the Ark Space. If he let the soldiers from the Ark Space help in the battle, then he might incur resentment from their families.

This dilemma caused Zhao Hai to have a headache. But just as he was thinking of ways to solve this problem, a sound came in from his messenger fish. After taking the messenger fish out, Zhao Hai discovered that it was from the Great Demon King. Zhao Hai stared for a moment before he slowly smiled.

After the Great Demon King reached an agreement with the Demon Dragon King, he immediately prepared to leave for the Demon Realm. But before he left, the Great Demon King had something to do first, and that was to wait for the Demon Vultures to come back. As long as they bring back information, then his plan would proceed to the next step.

It didn’t take too long before the Demon Vultures came back to Demon City. Upon arriving, they immediately went to ask for an audience with the Great Demon King. Naturally, the Great Demon King was expecting them, so he summoned one of them to give the report. He also invited the leaders of the other races present in the Demon Army.

After everyone arrived, the Great Demon King let the Demon vulture in. The Demon Vulture had a weary face but he still gave a salute. The Great Demon King nodded and said, “Alright, tell me what you saw.”

The Demon Vulture nodded, and replied, “Your Majesty. When I departed, I started from Demon City, then passed through the Accra Mountains before entering the Lyon Empire. Then after that, I arrived at the Rosen Empire then to Aksu Empire. In all of those places, not a single person can be spotted. Everyone seemed to have moved. And in the Beastman Prairie we managed to see the dark mist of the Underworld. There were also undead frolicking inside the mist.”

Upon hearing this, the Demon present couldn’t help but go into a buzz. They didn’t expect the Ark Continent’s people to have actually moved. Moreover, there was also the presence of the Underworld.

The Demons were generally fearless. But when it came to the Underworld, they couldn’t help but feel a deep sense of dread. This was because the underworld’s creatures were the bane of the Demon Race.

The Great Demon King looked at those present and said, “Silence!”

The room immediately turned quiet, not a single Demon dared to let out a sound. One could see the Great Demon King’s influence here. These people wouldn’t dare to disrespect the Great Demon King.

Seeing that the room had turned silent, the Great Demon King turned to the Demon Vulture and said, “Good job. Now go take a rest.” The Demon Vulture gave a bow before turning around to leave.

The Great Demon King looked at those present and said, “It seems like Mister Zhao Hai didn’t lie to us. I had a long discussion with mister Zhao Hai. He was very sincere when he took me to the place where the people of the Ark Continent migrated to. To be honest, when I went there I thought mister Zhao Hai had deceived me. The place was exactly the same as the Ark Continent. The people lived there peacefully, there were no wars that happened.”

The people looked at the Great Demon King, they didn’t know where he was going with this talk. The Great Demon King continued, “Mister Zhao Hai told me that he didn’t have any hatred towards us, the Demons. He said that we only invaded the Ark Continent because we wanted to live a good life, so he couldn’t hate us. Also, since we didn’t destroy anything in the Ark Continent, he had a good impression towards our lifestyle. Later on, he took me to a place, it was a very good place, much better compared to the Ark Continent. Mister Zhao Hai said that if we are willing, then we can move and live there.”

Although the Great Demon King issued an order for silence, the Demons present couldn’t help but issue a sound of surprise. What the Great Demon King said was too astonishing.

The Great Demon King opened his mouth once more, “You must think why mister Zhao Hai would do this? I’ll explain it to you. The Space actually belongs to mister Zhao Hai, it is his divergent ability. He can open a few spaces of his own and in those spaces he would be a god. That is to say, if the Demons live inside his Space, then we would need to follow him. Do you understand?”

When the group heard the Great Demon King, all of them collectively lost their voice. They didn’t expect things would be like this, all of them were looking at the Great Demon King in shock.

The Great Demon King saw their reactions and said, “Mister Zhao Hai gave me a promise that if the Demons enter the Space, then he wouldn’t suppress us for no reason. He also promised to not interfere with how we do things. He just pitied the state of the Demons and didn’t want us to succumb to the Underworld.”

After saying this, the Great Demon King sighed and said, “In the past, the Demons and the Underworld had some encounters. And each time it was us who suffered greatly. At that time, the battle occured in the Demon Realm, so we can just seal the rift. However, the Underworld connected to the Ark Continent this time. Moreover, the entrance to the Demon Realm had been completely opened, it would be difficult to seal it. This means that the Demon Realm will forever be connected to the Underworld.”

The Great Demon King looked at everyone present in the eye and said, “We managed to repel the Underworld because of the Demon Realm’s barrier. But now that the barrier to the Ark Continent was broken, the Underworld would surely be able to constantly connect to the Demon Realm. For the Demon Race this is truly a great disaster.”

The Demons present weren’t fools, they completely understood what the Great Demon King was saying. If they didn’t migrate, then they would sooner or later be swallowed by the underworld.

The Great Demon King said, “If we enter mister Zhao Hai’s Space, then we wouldn’t need to worry about the Underworld. Moreover, mister Zhao Hai inviting us over isn’t fully because of good intention. The Demons can also provide him with good benefits.”


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