BTFTLIAW – Chapter 817

Chapter 817 – Letting Matters Drift

Zhao Hai didn’t do these things for no reason. He found the Goblins in order to let the people from the Ark Continent know how the Divine Race treated those that they had enslaved. At the same time, Zhao Hai looked for the bodies of the Radiant Empire citizens in order to show the people what the Divine Race did in the Radiant Empire.

All of this was for Zhao Hai to get a good reception among the populace. He wanted the people to think of him well.

Not only would he make himself look good, he would also turn the Divine Race into the evil ones. Only then would the people from the Ark Continent understand what Zhao Hai did for them. In the end, they would worship Zhao Hai and may even think of him as a god.

This was just a part of a long-term plan. But with the Space, Zhao Hai believed that the goal should be reached soon. This was because the Space had an effect on the minds of people.

While Zhao Hai rescued the Goblins, he was also carefully inspecting them. The expressions of these Goblins were neither happy nor sad, even sorrow was absent. They were numb to the surroundings, they had dull and lifeless expressions. All of the people from the Ark Continent who saw this felt their heart tremble.

Especially after they saw the eyes of the Goblins. Their eyes were completely devoid of life, the look on their eyes were quite similar to those that belonged to Zhao Hai’s undead. They simply weren’t the eyes of someone who thought of living.

The Goblins were very short, even shorter than the Dwarves. Because of this, they looked very much like children when standing right next to Zhao Hai. However, they were very malnourished. They looked like figures with large heads and skinny bodies. Comparing them to radishes wouldn’t be too far off.

Upon seeing the Goblins, the people from the Ark Continent couldn’t help but think about their children. If the Ark Continent was conquered by the Divine Race, then the children might look very much like the Goblins; slim bodies with big heads.

After thinking about this, the people couldn’t help but shiver in fright. They immediately stopped thinking about this dreadful outcome. At this point, they couldn’t help but feel grateful towards Zhao Hai. Not only was Zhao Hai fighting the Demons and the Divine Race, he also provided them with safety inside the Space.

After taking the Goblins to the Space, Zhao Hai flew outside the town. The people from the Ark Continent didn’t know what Zhao Hai was doing up until they saw a ravine in the mountain. Inside that ravine was a pile of dead bodies.

Seeing the dried up corpses made the people in the Ark Space call out in alarm. Those with little courage turned their heads away, unable to look directly at the scene.

At this time, the voice came, “Everyone, these corpses that you see belonged to the citizens of the Radiant Empire, the Ocean Waves Dynasty. In order to reach the Ark Continent, the Divine Race used them to carry a blood sacrifice. Not one person in the Ocean Waves Dynasty survived. After the Divine Race arrived, they threw these bodies away as though they were outlaws. You can see the bodies, they were almost all kneeling, praying to their Empire, to the Radiant Church. They prayed that the Radiant God would give them a happy life. But they didn’t expect that they wouldn’t be given a happy life, instead, they were sacrificed!”

When those less courageous heard this, they opened their eyes to look at the kneeling corpses.

The people of the Ark Continent became angry. But this image didn’t stay still for a long time. Zhao Hai used magic to bury the ravine. Then after giving a bow to the dead, he turned around and lead the undead to their next target.

Their attack was focused on speed. And since there weren’t much Divine Race soldiers left, Zhao Hai’s advance went very fast. Every city he met was broken through immediately. He took all the Goblins and magic cannons he came across while eliminating every Divine Race soldier. Zhao Hai also looked for the corpses outside each city and buried them.

After attacking two cities, the broadcast showing Zhao Hai stopped. Now, the people of the Ark Space were back to looking at the Accra Mountains.

Although the battle was still lively, the feelings of the people from the Ark Continent were now heavier, they weren’t as enthusiastic to see the fight as before.

As for what the people of the Ark Space was thinking? Zhao Hai didn’t know. At this point, he was breaking through cities in the Radiant Church and taking everything that can be taken. Nothing was left for the Divine Race.

All the Goblins have been taken away, none of them were left behind. This can be regarded to be damaging towards the Divine Race. After all, without the Goblins, the army would have nothing to eat.

This was also the reason why Zhao Hai cut the broadcast of his actions short. He didn’t want the people of the continent to see him plundering the Radiant Empire. They might see him as a greedy person.

Zhao Hai’s movement was very fast. Although he was met with occasional resistance, they were all reduced to nothing in the face of the blood lightning javelins.

The magic cannons of the Divine Race can only be described as fine. Compared to the crystals used by the Ark Continent, their ammunition was actually worse.

The Divine Race naturally didn’t expect people to attack them. Because of this, their response has been very slow. Moreover, dealing with Zhao Hai’s 20 million army was quite hard. Their only choice would be either asking for reinforcements from the Divine Realm or to make the Third Prince come back.

However, the Third Prince was currently entangled in the Accra Mountains. Even if his army was quick to go back, rescue was still impossible. At this point, asking for reinforcements from the Divine Realm was a more feasible action.

But then again, by the time the reinforcements had arrived, Zhao Hai was already done and had returned to the Space.

Zhao Hai’s action took two days and one night of continuous battles.

After the attack, Zhao Hai had captured about 50 million Goblins, 3200 magic cannons, and various other commodities.

After arranging the Goblins to an ordinary background and counting the inventory, Zhao Hai went to visit the Goblins.

The spirit of the Goblins seem to have gotten better after entering the Space. Their numb expression loosened up. These Goblins weren’t stupid, they were also able to discover that this strange place had a much better environment compared to the Ark Continent, it might even be better than the Divine Realm. Moreover, they couldn’t see any Divine Race around them, only other Goblins.

At this point, the Goblins were already aware that they have been abducted by the people from the Ark Continent. Before coming here, the Divine Race already told them about the Ark Continent. After all, the existence of the Ark Continent wasn’t a secret since the continent’s ascendants always appear in the Divine Realm.

The Goblins didn’t expect that the people from the Ark Continent would be this powerful. They can actually cause trouble to the Divine Race. This was something that the Goblins wouldn’t even dream of doing.

Two days and one night passed by after the first Goblin arrived in the Space. Upon arriving, they were very scared, so they didn’t dare to walk around too much. But after two days, they began to get hungry. Naturally, they would have to look for food. It’s fortunate for them that Zhao Hai had a lot of bread trees planted in this background. After the Goblins discovered that the bread fruits were edible, they immediately ate it until they were full.

These Goblins didn’t know what it felt to be full. Since childhood, they had always eaten little to no food. After the Goblins felt their stomachs bulge up, some of them couldn’t stop themselves from crying.

During the time when they were being pursued by the Divine Race, they hid themselves in the untamed mountains and rivers of the Divine Realm. And since the Divine Realm was somewhat better than the Ark continent, the Goblins were still able to eat. However, ever since they’ve been captured, they had always been eating minimally.

In the background, there were plenty of bread fruits. Zhao Hai hardly used these fruits to feed the people of the Ark Space. This was because the people already had an excess of food while also growing their own. At this point, Zhao Hai doesn’t need to worry about their sustenance.

And if Zhao Hai were to sell these bread fruits to the Space, he would just get a pitifully low amount of gold coins. So even if they were eaten by the Goblins, Zhao Hai didn’t really care.

The bodies of the Goblins weren’t very big and since they had been starved for so long, their stomachs have contracted. They weren’t able to eat a lot so each bread fruit was enough to feed three Goblins.

When Zhao Hai appeared inside the Space, the Goblins were in the process of collecting bread fruits. Upon seeing Zhao Hai appear, the Goblins immediately knelt to the ground.

Zhao Hai looked at the Goblins and said, “You’re going to live here from now on. The Divine Race cannot enter this place. However, since this place is mine I shall be your master. I won’t treat you like slaves but I need you to comply to my orders. As long as you do your job, you can have anything you want.”

Zhao Hai knew that these Goblins weren’t just enslaved for one or two years. If you speak with them as equals right now, then their minds would surely turn blank. Speaking to them in a superior position was the only way for now.

Sure enough, the Goblins immediately accepted Zhao Hai’s condition. Not only were they not disappointed, each and every one of their expressions was showing glee.

The Space’s environment was already very good and since Zhao Hai didn’t have any gold coins right now, he couldn’t make any structures for these Goblins. He only gave an instruction, “As you can see, there are bread trees in this place. You can use those trees to eat and build houses with. I will also place some low ranked magic beasts in this place for you to catch. And if you have anything else you want, you can trade them for the meat and fruits here.” Then Zhao Hai pointed to a place not far away. The ground on that place rumbled before a church like building rose up.

This building wasn’t very big, but it looked very stylish. Zhao Hai looked at the Goblins and then said, “This will be your Divine Palace. If you need something, you can take the bread fruits or your meat there to trade. As long as bread fruits and meat enters that place and you say what you need, it will appear. Understood?” The Goblins nodded, some even gave a shout.

Zhao Hai nodded before his body flashed as it disappeared. He didn’t want to manage the Goblins. Later on when he goes to the Divine Realm, more and more Goblins would arrive. When that time comes, Zhao Hai wanted to see how they develop by themselves.

After the Goblins saw Zhao Hai leave, they immediately stood up. There were several of them who led other goblins and organized parties in order to gather bread fruits.

In any group, there would always be people who will assume the role of a leader. The Goblins weren’t an exception. Some Goblins were born with the talent to lead but since they were enslaved by the Divine Race, they weren’t able to let that talent bloom. But now that they had the opportunity, these Goblins went on to manage their fellow kin. Everyone went on to gather bread fruits then prepared to trade them for other items inside the church.

In fact, factions had already formed. Zhao Hai took a hands-off approach towards the Goblins. This was because the Goblins had their entire civilization and history wiped out. If he were to give them direction, then they wouldn’t be able to regain their original state. Letting them drift on their own was the correct choice.


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