BTFTLIAW – Chapter 816

Chapter 816 – Attack!

Zhao Hai stood on his blood ghost staff transformed into a flying sword. Behind him was his near 20 million undead army. However, these undead were in their zombie form. The Barbarians were in the center while the Winged Pegasus flanked them.

Zhao Hai didn’t use the cube formation this time. Although the cube formation had great advantages in attack and defense, its downside was its slow movement. Also, maintaining a cube formation needed some mental energy.

Because of this, Zhao Hai chose his current formation. He wasn’t planning to wage a large scale battle, he only needed to kill and then plunder, speed was key in this operation. If he was tied down by the Divine Race, then even if he wasn’t in danger he wouldn’t be able to get a lot of benefits.

Zhao Hai looked at the undead before said, “Remember, the Winged Pegasus are tasked with getting the Goblins. Me and the Barbarians will take care of the cities as well as the magic cannons.”

Zhao Hai wasn’t commanding a Human Army, so after saying this, he didn’t have to repeat his words. For the undead, Zhao Hai’s words were gospel. There was no need to think about nonsense, they will execute it no matter what.

After saying his words, Zhao Hai waved his arm and said, “Depart!” Then he took the lead as he flew towards the Radiant Empire.

When Zhao Hai departed, another monitor appeared on the cities of the Ark Space. The people who saw the image displayed was stunned, they were afraid that Zhao Hai would be injured by the enemy’s defense.

Although they were now inside the Space, they were still concerned about the war going on outside. After all, they were inside Zhao Hai’s Space, and Zhao Hai was personally taking charge of the battle.

Before panic ensued, a voice came, “Please calm down. Mister Zhao Hai planned to entangle the Divine Race army in the Accra Mountain in order to execute his plan; attacking the Radiant Empire!”

Along with this voice, a map appeared showing the Accra Mountain’s defensive line. Red dots on the map represented the undead army, green represented the Divine Race. Along with the map and dots, arrows also appeared, explaining the plan.

Before long, the population calmed down as they looked at the monitor. The map’s activity looked just like an overhead view of the situation. There were mountains and rivers as well as cities of the Buddha Empire that were very well depicted.

There were green arrows showing the route of the Divine Race, red arrows showed Zhao Hai’s movement.

The people could see a large green arrow plowing through the Buddha Empire with little to no resistance. After reaching the Accra Mountain, this arrow stopped since they were blocked by small red arrows. These small arrows were naturally the undead manning the defensive line.

The arrows moved while the voice explained what was happening. Even ordinary illiterate farmers were able to understand the simple explanation.

Then the monitor changed its display to the Radiant Empire. The voice then said, “While the undead in Accra Mountains detained the Divine Race, mister Zhao Hai amassed another undead army to attack the Radiant Empire. He would kill his way across the entire Divine Race camp!” At the same time, the screen showed a red arrow quickly  moving diagonally across the map, killing from the southeast to the northwest.

After the explanation, the map vanished. Then the display showed Zhao Hai’s attack on the Radiant Empire. “Mister Zhao Hai had already started his attack.”

The monitor showed a close up look of Zhao Hai. He was currently wearing his black robe as he rode on his flying sword. The wind was making his robe and belt wave, making the people look in awe.

Zhao Hai was calm as he paid attention to his front. They had entered the Radiant Empire and the Divine Race shouldn’t be expecting them to attack. Because of this, there was simply no defensive force on the Radiant Empire’s coastline.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t become careless. The entire Radiant Empire had become a large magic formation. Although this formation was used to break the Ark Continent’s barrier, who knows if it had any other uses, so Zhao Hai was being careful.

Zhao Hai was also aware that his actions were currently being broadcasted to the Ark Space. Cai’er already told him about it. This was what they agreed beforehand, its purpose was to improve Zhao Hai’s positive image.

While Zhao Hai advanced, he noticed that there were Divine Race soldiers stationed in a place not far from him. It was only a small town, so there weren’t a lot of people there. On the other hand, there were many Goblins working the field.

Zhao Hai wasn’t polite as he waved his hand, leading his army to kill. On the monitor,  Zhao Hai’s army looked like an arrow as it overran the town that the Divine Race had occupied.

Everyone couldn’t help but hold their breath as the looked at the happenings on the screen. When the Divine Race soldiers stationed in the town noticed Zhao Hai’s army, they couldn’t help but panic.

They had no other choice, they were in a small town with little to no defensive strength. There weren’t even any magic cannons on the walls. In fact this place was only a slave town specifically set up by the Divine Race to manage their slaves. Additionally, the Divine Race didn’t expect anyone to attack their base, therefore they didn’t bother placing defensive measures on this town.

Zhao Hai went forward and led the Barbarians to kill into the city while the Winged Pegasus cavalry were going through the Goblins outside the city. Each and every Goblin were startled when the Winged Pegasus picked them up.

These Goblins were unaware that these cavalry soldiers had been turned into undead. They haven’t studied magic nor battle qi, therefore they weren’t so keen on things like these.

Although they were scared of the Winged Pegasus, they still didn’t dare to run. They knew they couldn’t escape no matter what they did. And if they dared to run, then the Divine Race would surely kill them.

All of the undead Winged Pegasus were 9th ranks, they didn’t even need to expend any effort in abducting the Goblins. They simply swept over the Goblins and threw them into the Space. The place where the Goblins were transported to was an ordinary background different from the Ark Continent and the Demons’ Space.

Naturally, the people from the Ark Continent didn’t see this on the monitor. What they were looking at was Zhao Hai and the Barbarians battling against the Divine Race.

The weapon that the Barbarians were currently equipped with were the javelins. Zhao Hai believed that of all the people in his control, the Barbarians would be the ones who can use the javelins at their full potential.

This was simply because the Barbarians were too strong, letting them use bows and arrows would be a complete waste. However, if they use javelins, their attacks would be stronger and more savage compared to before. If he wasn’t afraid of angering the Barbarian Race, then Zhao Hai would’ve already used the undead Barbarians to deal with the Divine Race.

But using them at this time was also good. The undead Barbarians followed Zhao Hai as they attacked the Divine Race’s town. At this time, in the skies of that town were several Divine Race soldiers establishing their Domain.

However, their strength was simply negligible in front of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai waved his hand as he sent his flying sword to kill the Divine Race soldiers.

The blood red sword was very fast, to the point that only a red streak can be seen. Domains were broken while bloodstains appeared on the chests of the Divine Race soldiers. The bloodstains were getting bigger and bigger. When the Divine Race soldiers looked at their chests, they were shocked. Zhao Hai’s sword just punctured through their bodies, slicing their hearts into pieces. Naturally, it was impossible for them to survive this damage.

When the Divine Race soldiers died, Zhao Hai took them into the Space and then released them in Accra Mountain in order to help in the battle.

The entire process went too fast, those who winked managed to miss it. However, the voice went on to replay and explain what just happened. They even slowed the footage down so that everyone could see the attack.

After seeing Zhao Hai kill the Divine Race soldiers with a wave of his hand, the people couldn’t help but clap their hands. Then after that, they saw the rain of javelins blotting out the sky. It was needless to say but the Divine Race soldiers in the town was obliterated in an instant.

Upon killing the Divine Race, Zhao Hai didn’t leave. Instead, he went to look for detained Goblins and released them.

Additionally, Zhao Hai was also looking through the place. He wanted to retrieve the dried up bodies of the people who were used as a sacrifice by the Divine Race.


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  1. Additionally, Zhao Hai was also looking through the place. He wanted to retrieve the dried up bodies of the people who were used as a sacrifice by the Divine Race.

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