BTFTLIAW – Chapter 814

Chapter 814 – Heart of Earth Fire

Zhao Hai was also aware of Thunder Yun’s plan, but he wasn’t worried even for a bit. The defenses of the Accra Mountains has been arranged for a long time. Although the people of the Ark continent had moved, the defenses still stayed there. As long as an army was there to operate it, then there would be no problem.

At this time, Zhao Hai was directing his undead to attack the Radiant Empire. When Thunder Yun went on with his action, there were no concealment magics applied, so Zhao Hai was able to witness all of it.

The changes to Thunder Yun’s plan went along with what Zhao Hai wanted. The longer the Divine Race engages in battle, the better it would be for Zhao Hai.

The undead were already prepared to attack the Radiant Empire. They had also planned the best direction their attack would come from.

There were several places to choose from, but in the end, Zhao Hai chose to attack from the sea.

The Radiant Church was originally the Ocean Waves Dynasty, a nation surrounded by water on three sides and by the Buddha Empire on one. It can be said that compared to land attacks, it would be much better to approach by sea.

Many of Zhao Hai’s undead were marine beasts. Moreover, moving by sea was more convenient compared to land.

Besides this reason, Zhao Hai also wanted to visit Inferno Island to take a look. Inferno Island was one of the Ark Continents Five Forbidden Places. It was some distance away from the shore and was extremely hot. It was also densely covered with volcanoes that housed special fire magic beasts and plants. Moreover, the island also had a special lifeform, Flame Demons!

These Flame Demons were like the Flame Demons found in the Demon Realm. They were advanced magic beasts that didn’t fear fire as it was their means of sustenance.

Countless experts of the Ark Continent ended up having the island as their cemetery. There were countless explorers who went there and never came back.

But the main reason why Zhao Hai wanted to visit the island was to try and get some fire element crystals.

In the war against the Divine Race, fire element crystals were the most convenient to use. Since the northern icefield had an abundant number of ice crystals, Zhao Hai doesn’t believe that Inferno Island wouldn’t have some.

Originally, Zhao Hai wanted to visit the island after he returned from the Northern Icefield. However, he didn’t expect that a lot of things would happen. In the end, his plan needed to be placed on the side.

Now, Zhao Hai wanted to use this opportunity to take a look at Inferno Island. Then after he dealt with the Divine Race, Zhao Hai would talk with the Great Demon King.

Zhao Hai took his blood ghost staff out and had it fly towards the direction of Inferno Island. They appeared at sea, so the island wasn’t that far off.

The reason they weren’t able to move that fast was because they needed to go around the Radiant Empire while also taking care not to be discovered by the Divine Race. The Divine Race were quite sensitive, any small disturbance would immediately urge them to take action.

Zhao Hai was currently looking at the blood ghost staff. Lizzy and Megan were taking charge of the battle with the Divine Race, so Zhao Hai had the opportunity to pay attention to other things.

The staff’s range was limited, therefore Zhao Hai didn’t wait as he turned to Lizzy and Megan and said, “I’ll be heading out, I’ll leave the battle to you two.”

Lizzy and Megan just gave a nod, they didn’t even take their eyes off of the monitor. After seeing their reaction, Zhao Hai smiled faintly before his body flashed out of the Space. At this time, the staff transformed into a flying sword and was stepped on by Zhao Hai.

While standing on his staff, Zhao Hai’s eyes were plastered out front. Not far away were pillars of smoke shooting up from a certain place. One could see that it was an undersea volcano belching smoke. Zhao Hai believed that he should be near Inferno Island.

Before long, a hot red island appeared in Zhao Hai’s vision. The island wasn’t small and was as big as the Ocean Waves Dynasty. The entire island, no matter soil or rock, were all red. It even included the plants, the color added more uniqueness to the place.

In the south of the island was a volcano spurting hot lava, but it can be seen that it was about to be done judging by the smoke it released. Below that volcano, Zhao Hai can see rivers of lava flowing down.

What made Zhao Hai feel strange was the fact that he hadn’t seen any magic beasts nor flame demons. If the volcanoes were excluded, the island was deathly still.

Zhao Hai stopped caring about this as he immediately took a round trip around the island. By looking at the surface, the island looked quite simple. There were volcanoes upon volcanoes, it was basically an island made entirely out of interconnecting volcanoes.

After Zhao Hai looked at the island’s terrain, he returned back into the Space. The battle in the Accra Mountains was still going on. Everybody had lost count on how many clashes had happened between the Divine Race and the undead. But time and time again, the undead were able to push the enemy back. Moreover, they also caused massive casualties each time.

But what angered the Third Prince and the Divine Race the most was seeing their own allies dying in battle and the suddenly being swallowed up by a spatial rift, only to turn into an undead fighting against them. The eyes of the Divine Race couldn’t help but turn blood red.

For the Divine Race, this was an insult, a blatant insult. Their blood red eyes gazed at the undead in the defensive line, seeing their former allies manning the enemy’s weapons and attacking the Divine Race.

After seeing that there was nothing to worry about, Zhao Hai went to his room and opened a small monitor. Then he started to look at the interior of Inferno Island. He wanted to see if the island had any crystal lodes or not.

After looking at the monitor, Zhao Hai finally understood why there were no magic beasts nor flame demons present. The volcanoes were spurting lava at this time, so all of the island’s inhabitants had hidden themselves.

The places where the flame demons and magic beasts were quite peculiar as well. They were in other craters far away from the erupting volcanoes. In those craters, the numbers of magic beasts and flame demons were astonishing.

Zhao Hai ignored the flame demons and magic beasts as he made the Space scan the island. Upon scanning the island, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be surprised. Right below the layer of rock, ash, and soil, about ten meters below the surface, everything was filled with fire element crystal stones. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but wipe the saliva on the edge of his mouth.

Zhao Hai immediately moved his body as it appeared on the island. Then he drilled underground and started to frantically take crystal stones into the Space.

The number of crystal stones was too much, Zhao Hai lost count of how much he had already absorbed into the space. However, he still kept absorbing more and more.

No other thing can match the Space in absorbing resources, its speed was something far from what people can imagine. Zhao Hai doesn’t know how long he has been collecting crystals, but as soon as he felt that nothing was left, he stopped.

Zhao Hai looked all around and saw how hollowed out the underground of Inferno Island had become. But he didn’t care, in any case nobody else was here. If the flame demons and magic beasts die, then that wouldn’t be much of a problem.

After seeing that there were no fire element crystals left, Zhao Hai went along and drilled deeper. He believed that there should be more crystals further down. Zhao Hai continued to dig and each 20 meters he would take fire element crystals on that layer.

After about nine layers, the quality of fire element crystals were getting better. Not only were the crystals getting bigger, the energy inside them were also becoming stronger and the color became a deeper shade of red.

Zhao Hai looked around once more and then dug down after seeing that no more fire element crystals were left. And while he was digging, he suddenly felt a wave of heat. It seems like he had come across a river of magma.

He avoided the magma as he went further down. But just as he passed by the magma river, Zhao Hai became stunned. At the bottom of the magma river was something he hadn’t seen before. There was a layer of golden sand on the floor of the river.

When he saw the sand, Zhao Hai waved his hand and absorbed some of them inside the Space. Then he waited for a prompt.

The Space didn’t disappoint him, before long, a prompt came in, “Pure golden sand detected. Golden Sand is an item from the cultivation world. Host’s level is too low, Space is currently unable to use it. Hoping for the Host to level up quickly.”

When he heard this prompt, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh. He didn’t expect to come across something used in the cultivation world. Moreover, it seems like the item was too special that the Space’s current level wasn’t able to use it. The sand was surely something good.

However, the golden sand was under magma, so gathering it won’t be easy. Zhao Hai looked around before he clenched his teeth and linked the magma river to the Space.

Compared to the one present in the northern icefield, this magma river was much bigger. It’s good that Zhao Hai already had experience in handling sea water. This time, he opened the Space to absorb the magma river, and along with it was the golden sand.

There was no response from the Space after the magma entered. Zhao Hai stored the magma inside the warehouse for now, he wouldn’t dare to release it in the Space.

When the entire river entered the Space, all of the golden sand were absorbed as well. But since magma wasn’t as runny as water, absorbing all of it took quite some time.

But after receiving the magma, Zhao Hai suddenly discovered that its source was actually a very small flame!

A flame as small as this was actually the source of the magma river? When Zhao Hai saw this, he initially thought that he was seeing things. But soon enough, he was able to ascertain that the flame was indeed the source of the magma. This was because Zhao Hai recalled something else he had acquired before.

Zhao Hai once got ahold of a crystal bottle with a flame quite similar to this one. Presently, that flame was acting as the Space’s sun.

Zhao Hai inspected the small flame carefully. He discovered that at the center of the flame was a hint of magma, bubbling due to the intense heat. After looking at it for some time and not seeing anything else, Zhao Hai threw the flame inside the Space.

Just as the flame entered the Space, a prompt came, “Heart of Earth Fire detected. Can produce fire element crystals, magma, golden sand, and heat energy. Space has levelled up to level 80. Host may now purchase 10 magic world backgrounds as well as 20 ordinary backgrounds.”

Zhao Hai clenched his fist and said, “Yes!”

This was truly a great thing for Zhao Hai. This heart of earth fire actually had a lot of uses, moreover, it also upgraded the Space. This was extremely good news.

Then Zhao Hai looked at the surroundings of the heart of earth fire. All around it were high energy fire element crystals. Naturally, Zhao Hai wasn’t polite and absorbed all of them into the Space.

It has been a long time after Zhao Hai left to collect crystal stones. After digging some more and seeing that nothing else was left, Zhao Hai returned to the Space.

As soon as he entered the Space, Zhao Hai immediately placed the heart of earth fire on the ground and also released the magma river. Upon taking the magma river our, the Space issued a prompt, “River of earth fire detected. Can be refined as a weapon and can also be used for attack.”

Zhao Hai gawked, he didn’t expect the magma river to have this use. However, Zhao Hai waved his hand, separating the magma from the golden sand before storing the magma back to the warehouse. In any case, the heart of earth fire has been placed underground, it can produce magma at any time. Since the magma river had uses, Zhao Hai decided to store it in the meantime.

Zhao Hai inventoried the fruits of his trip to Inferno Island. His harvest this time was truly huge. From what he saw in the warehouse, the fire element crystals had reached hundreds of millions. What Zhao Hai was surprised about was the Space automatically categorizing the crystals by grade. There was low grade, mid grade, high grade, and top grade crystals. Naturally, the top grade crystals were the rarest, there were less than a million of them. High grade crystals numbered to about ten million, mid grade about 100 million while low grade reached a billion pieces.

After looking at these numbers, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be startled. He didn’t think that he would gain this much crystal stones. This was surely an unbelievable haul!


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