BTFTLIAW – Chapter 813

Chapter 813 – Anguish

Thunder Yun’s expression was ugly as he said, “There’s no reason not to. Don’t forget, Zhao Hai’s overall strength isn’t that worse compared to us. Moreover, Zhao Hai is a bold person. We brought a lot of our soldiers this time and left too little. If Zhao Hai wanted to attack the Radiant Empire at this time, then it would surely be dangerous for us.’

The group’s expression was quite ugly as well. They really hadn’t thought of the possibility of Zhao Hai attacking the Radiant Empire. They thought Zhao Hai wouldn’t have enough courage to do so.

However, after Thunder Yun presented his case, they were finally convinced of the possibility that Zhao Hai would attack the Radiant Empire. This result wasn’t what they want.

Thunder Yun immediately said, “Quick, have someone be sent back to the Radiant Empire to see the situation. I’ll immediately go and see the Third Prince. We need to withdraw the troops immediately.” Cloud Ying and the others complied before they turned around and left. At the same time, Thunder Yun directly flew towards the sword carriage. He didn’t care about the the Third Prince’s anger right now. The Radiant Empire was currently in peril.

However, just before Thunder Yun reached the carriage, he was blocked off by the cavalry soldiers. Thunder Yun’s expression turned ugly after seeing the blocking, he immediately said, “Give way, I need to see His Highness. I have an important matter to tell him.” The cavalry soldier disregarded his words and said with no emotion, “We’ll be unfair to General Thunder Yun. His Highness gave us an order to block you from seeing him. Please turn back.”

Thunder Yun roared, “Give way. I want to see the Third Prince. It’s related to the Divine Race army’s safety. Don’t blame me if you still dare to block.” The cavalry soldiers were still expressionless, “General Thunder Yun, please turn back. His Majesty doesn’t want to see you.”

Thunder Yun roared as he began to charge forward. But at this time, the cavalry soldiers actually held their spears and pointed at him.

Thunder Yun was shocked when he saw this, his face was flushed with red as he said, “You bastards, what are you doing? Are you planning a revolt?” The Cavalry disdainfully replied, “General Thunder Yun, we are responsible for His Majesty’s security. His Majesty doesn’t want to see you right now. For His Majesty’s security, we have no other choice but to block you. If you still dare to rush forward, then we will have to attack.”

Thunder Yun’s face was now pale white, he knew that the cavalry soldier wasn’t bluffing. They were special troops that answer only to the Taurus King. Even if those of higher status than Thunder Yun were present, these cavalry soldiers still wouldn’t bat an eye.”

Thunder Yun let out a long breath as he said, “Then I would have to ask you to tell His Majesty that I have an important report to tell. This concerns the safety of the Ark Continent’s conquest.” Naturally, the cavalry soldier was still aware of who Thunder Yun was, he hesitated for a moment before turning back to give a report. Before long, the cavalry soldier came back with a somewhat pale expression. He looked at Thunder Yun and said, “General, His Majesty said that he doesn’t want to see you. He wanted you to turn back. Also, the General needs to hand over his command token. By the order of His Highness, General Thunder Yun is no longer allowed to give command to any soldier in the Divine Race army.” Thunder Yun stared, color drained from his face. Then he looked straight at the cavalry soldier and said, “What did you say?”

The soldier said it once more, “The Third Prince asks the General to hand over his command token. Without any word from the Third Prince, the rear army isn’t allowed to make a move.”

Thunder Yun angrily glared at the cavalry soldier and said, “You bastards! Do you know what you are doing? Do you know the situation we are currently facing? Let me through, I need to see His Majesty.”

The cavalry soldier replied, “Please hand the command token over. Otherwise, we would be forced to make a move.”

Thunder Yun roared, he was planning to rush out. He knew that going forward at this time would be courting death. So instead, he would quickly go back to his army and immediately lead them to return towards the Radiant Empire.

But unfortunately, Thunder Yun wasn’t given the chance. The cavalry soldiers already knew about his plan. Before long other soldiers came in and blocked Thunder Yun’s retreat. Thunder Yun wielded his wooden totem as he struggled to break away from the encirclement.

At this time, Thunder Yun suddenly felt an ominous air behind him. Luckily for him, his wooden totem was quick to block the incoming attack. But even so, the attack was quite heavy, Thunder Yun was shaken by the impact, blood started to flow.

But while he was disoriented by the attack, another spear attack came from behind him. This time, Thunder Yun was unable to block it, and establishing his Domain was already too late. The blunt attack from behind had caused Thunder Yun to lose consciousness.

Behind him was the cavalry soldier who he spoke to. This man was a captain of the division, and he had formidable God-rank strength as well. Because of this, Thunder Yun was rendered unconscious by his attack.

After Thunder Yun was knocked down, the captain waved his hand and immediately two cavalry soldiers held Thunder Yun up. The captain took Thunder Yun’s command token away before sending him back to his army.

The cavalry captain also sent the Third Prince’s order along with Thunder Yun. He waved his hand to the two cavalry soldiers before he turned and looked at the war in front.

The Divine Race’s state in the battle was very disadvantageous. They had already been pushed on several times, but to no avail. They weren’t even able to come close to the defensive line. Each wave of attacks from the magic cannons and javelins would reap thousands of soldier’s lives.

The Third Prince had never expected their losses to be this much. However, this only made him more determined to push through the Accra Mountains. He decided that once they take the Accra Mountains, they would kill every single Ark Continent resident they would see. Not even chickens and dogs would survive.

At this time, on the rear army, the two cavalry soldiers carrying Thunder Yun had delivered him to his army. This caused the rear army to go into an uproar. Thunder Yun’s status in this army was very high. Thunder Yun just went to see the Third Prince, but now he came back unconscious.

Cloud Ying and the others had ugly expressions on their faces as they surrounded the two cavalry soldiers. Cloud Yin looked at the fainted Thunder Yun and angrily said, “What is going on? Who dared to hit the General?”

The two cavalry soldiers were fearless. With a loud and deep voice, they declared, “The Third Prince has confiscated General Thunder Yun’s command token. Not only did General Thunder Yun neglect the order, he also tried to rebel. Therefore, the Third Prince’s guards had no choice but to knock him unconscious. Additionally, without the Third Prince’s order, the rear army cannot take independent action. Martial Law has been established!” Then after the two said that, they rode their mounts as they dropped Thunder Yun’s body mid air.

Although the soldiers in the surroundings were angry, they also knew of the status of these two people. Therefore, nobody dared to block them, they were allowed passage as they left.

Cloud Yin and the others looked at the departing backs of the cavalry soldiers with blood red eyes. Cloud Ying quickly went to Thunder Yun and slowly guided his body down to the ground. Cloud Ying held Thunder Yun and called out, “General? General, wake up!”

Thunder Yun fainted due to a shallow force, so when Cloud Ying called out, he immediately recovered his senses. He turned to look at Cloud Ying before looking for the command token. Thunder Yun’s face turned beet red  when he noticed that the token was gone. He couldn’t help but shout, “He wants to kill the Divine Race!!” After saying that, Thunder Yun fainted once more due to excessive anger.

Cloud Ying and the others were very frightened. Cloud Ying immediately took a piece of wet cloth and wiped the sweat away from Thunder Yun’s face.

After some time, Thunder Yun woke up and looked at the clouds in the sky as he said, “Cloud Ying, have everyone help the Third Prince in breaking through the Accra Mountains. As long as we can break their defensive line, we can quickly seize the entire continent. At that point, Zhao Hai would certainly stop being a threat to us.”

Cloud Ying looked at Thunder Yun and said, “General, your wound?”

Thunder Yun shook his head and said, “I’ll be fine. Go and prepare the troops.” Cloud Ying complied, then he turned around and left. Thunder Yun slowly sat down and casted light element magic on his body. Then he stood up and looked at the battlefield in the distance, with a cold voice he said, “Zhao Hai, good. You’re really daring. You think you can block the Divine Race army with your defensive line?”

Thunder Yun understood that there was no time left for them to turn back and return to the Radiant Empire. Moreover, Zhao Hai would surely not let them retreat easily. Because of this, Thunder Yun decided to break the Accra Mountains’ defensive line and then use the Ark Continent’s residents as a threat towards Zhao Hai.

Up until now, Thunder Yun still didn’t believe that Zhao Hai had moved. For him, it was a totally impossible thing. Because of this, although the Third Prince had taken his command token, Thunder Yun thought of another way. That was to break through the Accra Mountains in the quickest time. Then they would kill the Ark Continent’s residents so that Zhao Hai would be the one to turn back.

If Zhao Hai doesn’t turn back to help his people, then they can also use the Ark Continent’s residents as a bargaining chip to negotiate with Zhao Hai.

Thunder Yun was clear that if Zhao Hai doesn’t take care of the people of the Ark Continent, then his position would be in trouble. When Zhao Hai is faced with this situation, he would surely have a hard time going forward with his plans.

Because of this thought, Thunder Yun shifted to another gear. He had Cloud Ying lead the troops to support the Third Prince.

Thunder Yun also knew that with the losses the Third Prince had incurred, he would surely ask for reinforcement soon. If no reinforcements come, then breaking through the defensive line would be slower, and Thunder Yun wouldn’t want that.

In the past, Thunder Yun certainly wouldn’t attack the Accra Mountains with this method. But now, he had no other choice. If they cannot break through, then the Radiant Empire would be placed in peril.


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