BTFTLIAW – Chapter 812

Chapter 812 – The Shocked Third Prince

The Third Prince was blankly looking out front. His hand slowly losing grip on his wine glass. The wine glass finally fell into the table and shattered. But even so, the Third Prince didn’t notice it, his hand was still lifted, as though it still held the glass.

In the Third Prince’s mind, the Accra Mountains should be as easy to break as paper. As long as they push one, then they would definitely break through. But now, it was obvious that they had underestimated the strength of the Ark Continent.

The red and white light came too fast that most of the Divine Race soldiers didn’t even have the time to do protective measures. Sure enough, they were immediately killed.

And that wasn’t the only thing, there were also javelins flying out of the defensive line. Naturally, these javelins weren’t thrown by people, they were fired using ballistas.

There were more ballistas compared to magic cannons in the defense line. This was because ballistas were easier to make than magic cannons. Moreover, people of the continent were using it more. Thus, there were more ballistas already made compared to magic cannons.

In the past, ballistas deal no damage to the Divine Race. Their arrows were simply useless against the Divine Race’s defense.

But now that the blood lightning javelins were made, these ballistas gained their deadly reputation once more. One must know that the ballistas from the Ark Continent were operated differently compared to those found on Earth. What Zhao Hai saw before were armed with one arrow and were pulled by about four to five people, it was quite troublesome to manage.

However, in the Ark Continent, people practice battle qi and magic. This made it possible for one person to use one ballista. Moreover, these ballistas don’t only fire one arrow, they can launch five and it won’t even affect the firing distance.

Since Zhao Hai’s undead were 9th ranks, operating a ballista for them would be extremely easy. In addition to firing five ammunitions, these ammunitions were all blood lightning javelins. Each voller packed an extremely terrifying might.

The DIvine Race soldiers who were about to flood the Accra Mountains were temporarily stunned by the attacks coming from the magic cannons and the ballistas. They can’t help it, the firepower as well as the speed was something they haven’t seen before.

These Divine Race soldiers were too stunned that many of them forgot to establish their Domains. They seem to just be standing there, accepting the baptism of fire.

It was only after some time that they had recovered. But at that point, a round of attacks had already been done. These attacks obliterated ten thousand people, most of them killed by the explosions made by the blood lightning javelins.

At this time, the Third Prince had also recovered. His face was pale as he loudly shouted, “Retreat, retreat, quickly! Everyone retreat! Get away from their firing distance!”

The Third Prince’s frantic response was clearly seen by the people from the Ark Space. The explosions on the battlefield had numbed their hearing. This made those who haven’t experienced it before have an overwhelmed expression.

Needless to say, it would only take one look to see that the Third Prince was an important person in the Divine Race Army. At this moment, a voice came, “The person you see on the screen right now is the Third Prince of the Divine Race. He’s currently the commander of the entire Divine Race Army.”

People had gradually been used to this voice. They really didn’t expect Zhao Hai’s place to be this magical. Not only could they see the battle outside, they could even hear the sound and have someone provide them with context.

When the Divine Race army slowly retreated and reformed their army, the people from the Ark Space felt relief. Then gasps of shock echoed out from the crowd.

This was the first time that they’ve witnessed a fight in the battlefield this detailed. The intensity of the clash had exceeded their imagination. But no matter what, since Zhao Hai had repelled the Divine Race army, all of them were quite glad.

On the other hand, the Divine Race were feeling the exact opposite The Third Prince looked at the Accra Mountain’s direction before he roared towards his subordinates, “What was that!? Can someone tell me? What just happened!? How could their attacks be that strong?!”

Nobody present dared to speak. In fact, these people were also dumbfounded. The attacks of the Ark Continent was leagues higher than the attacks made from the previous days. Compared to this attack, the attacks days ago was just like a kid’s prank.

The Third Prince kicked his table out of the sword carriage. Then with blood red eyes he turned to a cavalry soldier beside him and said, “Go and get me Thunder Yun. I want to ask him how all of this happened.” The cavalry soldier nodded before he turned around and left.

Before long, Thunder Yun arrived by the sword carriage, he gave a bow to the Third Prince and said, “Your Highness, might I know why you have called this lowly official over?”

The Third Prince looked at Thunder Yun’s expression and felt that he was being ridiculed. His face couldn’t help but turn ugly, but since he needed to ask something, he chose to refrain from scolding Thunder Yun. He said, “Thunder Yun, I want to know why the Ark Continent’s attacks suddenly became strong. What is this about?”

Thunder Yun looked at the Third Prince and then deeply sighed before giving a reply, “Your Highness, today’s attacks are the normal attacks of the Ark Continent. This lowly official hadn’t met those weak attacks in the past few days. If the Ark Continent had that kind of attack, then this one should’ve already conquered it long time ago.”

Thunder Yun was telling the truth, but to the Third Prince, it sounded as if he was being scolded. It looks like Thunder Yun was ridiculing his actions.

The Third Prince’s eyes turned red with anger as he frantically shouted at Thunder Yun, “Get lost! Take your face away from here! From now on, I don’t want to see your face!”

Thunder Yun’s expression darkened, he gave a small snort before he turned around and left. Thunder Yun was a decorated War General. His merits in the battlefield was too many that even the Taurus King would treat him politely. But now, this talentless Prince actually dared to shout at him.

The Third Prince looked at Thunder Yun’s departing back as he clenched his jaws to the point that blue veins were starting to appear on his forehead. He turned towards his people and roared, “Send the order, attack the enemy. I don’t believe that the Divine Race would be stopped by a measy mountain range. Everybody attack immediately! Attack!”

Along with the Third Prince command, the Divine Race army immediately started to attack the Accra Mountain. At the same time, the defenders of the Accra Mountains were also peppering the attacking Divine Race soldiers.

And due to the Third Prince’s anger, he had failed to notice something peculiar. It can be seen that the Barbarians and the Winged Pegasus Cavalries weren’t doing their best. At the same time, the defenses of the Ark Continent were also only sending them the minimum amount of attacks. It looked like the three were in a tacit understanding.

The Third Prince didn’t take notice of this as he focused on ordering his army to go all out. The Accra Mountain’s defense line was also something not to be trifled with. The defense’s firepower was fierce, it had unexpectedly suppressed the advancing Divine Race.

When Thunder Yun went back to his rear army, Cloud Ying came to him and said, “General, what did the Third Prince call you for? Is the front army’s attack not doing so well?”

Thunder Yun snorted but didn’t reply, instead he closed his eyes. When Cloud Ying saw Thunder Yun’s action, his mind couldn’t help but turn blank. Then he turned to the guard that accompanied Thunder Yun and asked him in a low voice about what happened.

The guard told him what occured after Thunder Yun and the Third Prince met. When Cloud Ying heard this, his complexion changed as he turned to Thunder Yun and said, “General, this is going too far! What status did you have? Even His Majesty the King would treat you politely. How could you let the Third Prince just scold you?”

Thunder Yun kept closing his eyes and kept silent. Cloud Ying took a deep breath before he added, “General, what is the Ark Continent planning to do? They were weakly attacking in the past few days, but now they actually turned serious.”

Thunder Yun was still closing his eyes refusing to speak. Upon seeing Thunder Yun being unresponsive, Cloud Ying decided to turn silent. It was at this time that Silver Shuke and the others came. And just as the newcomers were about to open their mouths, they were stopped by Cloud Ying. Then Cloud Ying told them about what happened with the Third Prince. Naturally, Silver Shuke and the others also became angry.

Silver Shuke and the others had fought by Thunder Yun’s side for a long time. Their respect for Thunder Yun was quite high, even higher compared to their regard for the King. For a trivial Third Prince to scold their general, it was no wonder that they were enraged.

However, these people didn’t express their anger loudly. They knew that Thunder Yun was keeping silent because he was thinking hard about the situation.

Silver Shuke decided to stay quiet. At this point, Silver Shuke turned to Cloud Ying and said, “Cloud Ying, how come the Ark Continent suddenly went strong once more after attacking weakly in the past few days?”

Cloud Ying frowned and said, “I don’t know. Their previous tactic was quite a headache, so it should have also worked this time, but they didn’t use it. Instead, they fortified the Accra Mountains. It’s quite confusing, if this is what they’ve done, then it can only be said that they were intending to drag us here.”

It was at this point that Thunder Yun’s eyes opened up, his complexion paled as he said, “Not good! Zhao Hai lured us in to restrain us here. He’s going to attack the Radiant Empire!”

As soon as everyone present heard this, their complexion couldn’t help but pale as well. Their expression showed their disbelief, then Silver Shuke said, “How is that possible? Is Zhao Hai so brave that he would dare attack our main camp?”


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