BTFTLIAW – Chapter 811

Chapter 811 – Showing A Movie?

When the Demon Dragon King heard what the Great Demon King said, he couldn’t help but stare for a moment. But then, he finally understood what the Great Demon King meant. Just as what the Great Demon King said, the Demon God was just a fake, feeding off of the Demon Race’s faith power. Moreover, the Demon God hadn’t given them benefits in exchange for the faith.

On the other hand, Zhao Hai was providing them with a great place to live in, something much better compared to the Demon Realm. At the same time, Zhao Hai was a principled person. If they offer him their faith power, he certainly wouldn’t treat them unfairly.

And most importantly, the Underworld had come creeping in. If they don’t enter Zhao Hai’s Space, then the Underworld would sooner or later clash with the Demon Realm, causing colossal losses to the Demon Race. If they enter the Space, then they would no longer worry about this crisis. For the Demons this was a very huge development.

The more the Demon Dragon King thought about it, the more he thought that it was a good deal. He turned to the Great Demon King and said, “Your Majesty, I also think that this is great for us. We should start our preparations. How does Your Majesty plan to proceed?”

The Great Demon King said, “I’ll think about it after the Demon Vulture comes back with information. You take charge here first as I return back to the Demon Realm and arrange for the relocation. In any case, those left back in the Demon Realm had nothing else to do. You must pay attention and coordinate with Zhao Hai to deal with the Divine Race. Zhao Hai said that he wouldn’t let the Divine Race off, we’ll help him to prove our sincerity.”

The Demon Dragon King nodded, “i can do it. But we have clashed with Zhao Hai several times in the past. Those with enmity might find it hard to accept it. Your Majesty need to take care of it.”

The Great Demon King smiled and said, “I’ll take care of that. As long as they enter the Space, that enmity should disappear into thin air.”

The Demon Dragon King nodded, and after discussing further details, he asked to be excused. On the other hand, the Great Demon King looked at the Demons inside the Ark Continent before sighing in relief.

Zhao Hai wasn’t aware about any of these, however, he was able to see Demon Vultures. He didn’t care about it and just had them look at the Underworld’s arrival. In any case, this would prove that he wasn’t lying, he doesn’t want any bad impressions to stick to him.

Zhao Hai was now ready to confront the Third Prince. It has already been four days after the Third Prince left the Radiant Empire. And in four days, they unexpectedly flew quickly towards the Accra Mountains. One must say that their speed was really quick.

In order for the Divine Race’s advance to be quicker, Zhao Hai stopped the harassment. Although their current arrangement for the harassment had no damage to the Divine Race army, it still slowed them down. Zhao Hai stopped so that their speed would be faster.

Thunder Yun was quite uneasy and had repeatedly persuaded the Third Prince to slow down, but unfortunately for him, the Third Prince was at the peak of his ecstacy. The Third Prince had completely convinced himself that he was a wargod. His arrival actually pushed the Ark Continent’s residents back. Therefore, how could Thunder Yun stop the Third Prince?

While he continued his futile attempts to stop their advance, Thunder Yun also did a good job as the rear army commander. He also added more people to guard their supply line. He never did think that Zhao Hai would plan to attack the Radiant Empire.

The Divine Race had fought in many battles and in many planes, and never did they need to worry about their base being attacked, nobody dared to do so. It was because of this that Thunder Yun made a fatal mistake.

While the army advanced, Thunder Yun sat on his mount, frowning. At this time, Cloud Ying arrived by his side, he was also frowning as he said, “General, what is Zhao Hai planning? Where are the Ark Continent’s soldier? Have they been defeated by the Demons? Otherwise, how come nobody faced us?”

Thunder Yun was also confused, “I also don’t know. But Zhao Hai had always given me a feeling of someone who isn’t easily defeated. Otherwise, he would have already fallen long ago. Go back and inform everyone to prepare for a fight. Zhao Hai is surely planning something big.”

Cloud Ying nodded before he turned around and left. When Cloud Ying left, Thunder Yun took out a beast skin scroll from his chest. On this scroll was the map of the Buddha Empire. This was something he acquired in the Radiant Empire before.

After looking at the map, Thunder Yun muttered, “We’re quickly approaching Accra Mountains. Did Zhao Hai sacrifice the Buddha Empire? He wouldn’t.”

As he was thinking about this, the Third Prince’s front army was now able to see the Accra Mountains. The Third Prince was currently sitting inside his sword carriage. The door of the carriage was opened, how was the Third Prince drinking wine on his table. He was alone, looking very free and unfettered.

At this time, a cavalry soldier arrived by his side and said, “Your Highness, the scouts sent a report over. The Ark Continent had made a very solid defense line along the Accra Mountains. Undead creatures were stood above the fortifications, it seems like they are preparing to stop us there.”

The Third Prince stared before he laughed and said, “These cowardly Ark Continent people had finally decided to face us. Send this order, have the army accelerate, and break through the Accra Mountains in one go. I want to see where these Ark Continent residents hid themselves.”

The cavalry soldier nodded before he passed the order down. Before long, the army’s speed quickened as they dashed towards Accra Mountains.

These days, the Divine Race hadn’t met a decent attack. This allowed them to feel proud. At this point, they were completely disregarding the people from the Ark Continent.

In their view, this line of defense would be easily broken through. All the proud Divine Race soldiers were rushing forward, turning their formation a bit messy.

Zhao Hai was currently inside the Space, looking at the action made by the Divine Race. He turned his head to Lizzy and said, “These fellows are too impatient, they want to die as soon as possible. Lizzy, is everything prepared?”

Lizzy smiled faintly and said, “Big Brother Hai, rest assured, everything is going according to plan. Look.” Then Zhao Hai looked back at the monitor and saw a different angle to the operation.

Along the entire defense line were more than 2000 magic cannons with enough crystal stones to power them. There were also blood lightning javelins present. All of these were prepared in order to deal a heavy blow to the Divine Race.

At this time, in the Ark Space, while people were doing their own thing a voice was suddenly heard in the sky, “Brothers and Sisters from the Ark Continent, if you want to see Mister Zhao Hai’s undead battle the Divine Race, then you can go to the center of your city. There, you can see the whole battle.”

The voice disappeared after sounding out three times. After the people recovered from their blank stares, they immediately rushed over to their respective city squares. Most of them had only heard about the Divine Race. and now they were able to see them battle against the undead. Naturally, all of them were rushing over to spectate.

When the people had arrived in the city square, a transparent light ball suddenly appeared and then stretched into a rectangle shape. This bright rectangle slowly rose up before it stopped.

The bright rectangle showed the situation in the Accra Mountains. There were Undead and magic cannons everywhere.

At this time, the voice came once more, “In the past few days, the Divine Race reinforcements from the Radiant Empire had entered the Buddha Empire. At that time, Mister Zhao Hai didn’t face them in battle, instead, he decided to prepared to meet them in the Accra Mountains. He dragged the army here so that his undead cavalry could attack the Radiant Empire. As you can see, the Divine Race army had come to attack the Accra Mountain.”

This rectangular display was very big, with each side at least ten meters long.

The image slowly panned across the Accra Mountains, showing the whole defensive line to everyone. Then the voice came, “This is the defensive line we’ve built to block the advance of the Divine Race.” This description elicited surprise in the crowd.

The Accra Mountain’s defensive line looked like giant dragon that was lying down, once couldn’t describe how magnificent it looked. At times, the voice would describe certain aspects of the defense as exclamation sounded out here and there.

At this time, the image changed as it panned to the distant horizon. On the image, figures were getting more and more. Before long, the crowd finally saw that these figures were in fact Divine Race soldiers.

These soldiers were full silver body armor while they held their weapons in their hands. They were in a formation as they charged towards the Accra Mountains. The imposing manner of the enemy army caused those watching to be speechless.

The scene of the Divine Race was indeed terrifying. When commoners who haven’t seen the battlefield before saw this scene, they were frightened. It was at this point they realized that Zhao Hai had been fighting this army. Their sense of gratitude towards Zhao Hai had also increased.

At this time, the screen showed a red and white lights. These lights went straight towards the Divine Race army. When the red light hit the soldiers, a huge explosion appeared. In every corner of the Divine Race army, these same explosions happen, causing the Divine Race’s formation to be in turmoil.

On the other hand, the white lights froze the Divine Race soldiers. Then as they fell to the ground, they shattered into tiny pieces. Upon seeing the damages caused by the red and white lights, the crowd inside the Ark Space had become breathless.


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