BTFTLIAW – Chapter 807

Chapter 807 – Eye of Truth

Zhao Hai looked at the Great Demon King and smiled, “Your Majesty guessed it right. I didn’t explicitly tell you but the entire Ark Continent’s population had already been moved. Moreover, it’s a place much better than the Ark Continent.”

The Great Demon King faintly smiled and didn’t speak anything else.  Zhao Hai looked at the Great Demon King and couldn’t help but smile as well, then he said, “To be honest, I don’t really feel any hatred for the Demon Race. The Demons invaded the Ark Continent just to have a better life, nobody can judge you for that. You are different from the Divine Race, they just want to invade for the sake of conquest, you don’t.”

The Great Demon King raised an eyebrow, Zhao Hai continued, “I don’t know if Your Majesty is interested about this, but this happened in a previous battle with the Divine Race. In that fight, the Divine Race performed a summoning. But who would’ve thought that the one they summoned was a person? He was called Deity by the Divine Race. And it wasn’t the actual person, but just a projection of his true self.”

When the Great Demon King heard Zhao Hai, his complexion couldn’t help but change. He couldn’t hide the anxiety on his eyes. Upon seeing this reaction, Zhao Hai thought that he might have hit something.

Earlier, Zhao Hai had discovered the Great Demon King’s interest in the flying sword. This interest wasn’t due to curiosity, it was something different. What puzzled Zhao Hai was the hint of anger on the Great Demon King’s eyes.

How could one be angry at a sword? Because of this, Zhao Hai believed that the Great Demon King might have known something, or may even hate a person with a sword like that. The flying sword Zhao Hai chose to model his blood red sword belonged to Lu Wei. In other words, the Great Demon King knew Lu Wei judging by his reaction.

Because of this, Zhao Hai spoke a few words as a test, and he didn’t expect that it would actually yield results. It was clear that the Great Demon King was interested in this topic.

Zhao Hai didn’t hide anything, he looked at the Great Demon King and said, “I ate some losses under that man’s hand. But fortunately, I had some methods of my own, defeating him in the end. I also used a secret technique to find the origin of that man.”

The more he listened to Zhao Hai, the more the Great Demon King became startled. Upon hearing that Zhao Hai knew of that person’s origin, the Great Demon King couldn’t sit still, his two shining eyes looked straight into Zhao Hai as he said, “Can mister tell me?”

Zhao Hai replied, “Before telling Your Majesty, may I know why you are interested in that person? I’ll just let you know, there is no bad blood between the Demons and the Ark Continent. In the future, if I were given the choice to fight with the Demons or not, then I’d rather not. After all, we’ve already left the Ark Continent behind. On the other hand, the Divine Race used their blood sacrifice to invade the Ark Continent. I couldn’t let the Divine Race off lightly. At this point, I couldn’t be considered to be Your Majesty’s enemy.”

The Great Demon King looked deeply into Zhao Hai’s eyes, after some time he nodded and said, “Just as mister said, there is no true hatred between the Demons and the Ark Continent. There’s no reason to fight with each other anymore. However, Mister needs to assure me that what you’ll say would get my interest. Otherwise, you can’t blame me for getting angry.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I can guarantee my own words, Your Majesty. You won’t be disappointed, instead, you might find it good.”

The Great Demon King looked at Zhao Hai before he sighed and said, “I hope so. Mister might not know, but the life of a Demon is quite long. Among the people in Ark Continent, I’m afraid only the Elves would compare to our lifespans. Because of this, every Great Demon King reigns for a very long time. And when a Demon ascends to being a Great Demon King, the Demon God would manifest himself to offer blessing to the new Great Demon King.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he was already aware of this from asking Cai’er. At that time, he needed a deeper understanding of the Demon Race, he needed to know their customs and lifestyles.

The Great Demon King didn’t know what Zhao Hai’s nod meant. He thought it might be because he was listening. So the Great Demon King continued, “When I ascended to the throne, the Demon God showed his image. At that time, I was very excited, after all I was receiving the Demon God’s blessing.”

Zhao Hai understood the Great Demon King. It was the same thing for a successor who believes in a Deity. When they suddenly become the Ruler and receives the blessing of their god, it was normal to feel excitement.

It was at this point that the Great Demon King’s tone changed, “However, I didn’t think that I would see something different. Not a single Demon in the Demon Realm knew that I have a divergent ability. The name of the ability is “Eye of Truth”. All illusions and magic are useless under my gaze. I haven’t told anyone about this, thus, nobody knew.”

Zhao Hai’s eyes couldn’t help but light up. He looked at the Great Demon King and said, “Your Majesty, is the Demon God’s appearance different from what you expected?”

The Great Demon King nodded, “This is why I’m interested in what mister will say. Just as Mister said, the Demon God’s appearance was different than what I thought. The Demon God should look like that, but what I saw was not.” Then he pointed to a big painting by the wall. Zhao Hai turned to look at the portrait of the Demon God and then nodded.

The Great Demon King continued, “Although he manifested in the form of the Demon God, his appearance changed in my eyes. He turned into a person wearing a long robe, an attire completely different to those found in the Demon Realm, Divine Realm, or even the Ark Continent. It’s something I haven’t seen before. Most importantly, that person was just a projection attached to a tiny pagoda. In other words, the Demon God that we’ve worshipped all this time, was completely fake!”

As he spoke the last sentence, the Great Demon King crushed the glass on his hand. One could see the obvious agitation in his actions. Then the Great Demon King cleaned his table before continuing, “At that time, a suspicion arose inside me. However, I didn’t disclose this information, allowing me to smoothly assume the position of Great Demon King. After that, the projection vanished from thin air. But I clearly saw that the projection went into the tiny pagoda before flying away into the skies. After I ascended the throne, I tried my best to find clues. In the end, I finally found one in our Demon Race’s Great Demon God statue.”

Zhao Hai listened to the Great Demon King’s tale with interest. The Great Demon King looked at Zhao Hai and said, “That Great Demon God’s statue was said to be an unsurpassed treasure of the Demon Race. According to legend, the Demon God bestowed that statue to the Demon Race. However, I found that inside the statue was a magical formation that was constantly running!”

Zhao Hai suddenly gained clarity. He had always been confused, if the Ark Continent was a minor plane that belonged to a major plane, of which belonged to Lu Wei, then how does he collect faith power? It was obvious that he wouldn’t collect it personally. Now Zhao Hai knew, it was because of that magic formation.

The Great Demon King looked at Zhao Hai, seemingly aware of what Zhao Hai was thinking about. The Great Demon King couldn’t help but ask, “Mister, did something come to mind?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I did think of something. But first I need to tell Your Majesty about the person the Divine Race summoned. From what Your Majesty described, that person looked just like what you’ve seen. I have a portrait of that person here, please take a look.” Then Zhao Hai turned his hand and took out a piece of paper. This paper had a picture made by the Space showing the exact image of Lu Wei.

The Great Demon King looked at the picture that Zhao Hai took out, his expression immediately changed, “Right, it’s this man. This is the person pretending to be the Demon God. After I had my suspicions, I immediately looked into the records of my clan. I didn’t believe that I’m the only one to have the Eye of Truth. In the end I had found out that every single member of my clan that had the ability all died of unknown causes. There were even two of them who became Great Demon Kings, but they still died. Because of this, I reckoned there was someone who didn’t want our ability to see through something. Fortunately, people with Eyes of Truth had the same eyes as those who don’t. Moreover, since I didn’t tell anyone about it, I was able to survive.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “This person was the one summoned by the Divine Race, and they call him Deity. When he was fighting me, he used weapons one after another. One of which was a sword that looked just like mine, however, his sword was smaller. When I defeated him in the end, I was able to obtain his tower. It looked gloomy at first, but after I refined it, it turned into this form.” Then Zhao Hai took the tiny pagoda out.

The Great Demon King looked at the Tiny Pagoda and nodded, “Although there were some changes in style, this should be the pagoda that I’ve seen. Mister, do you know anything about him? Who is he? Why does he want to be worshiped?”

Zhao Hai replied, “Your Majesty, don’t worry, I’ll tell you. When the man’s weapons were broken by me, he decided to use his tiny pagoda. The tiny pagoda turned out to have a soul attack. I was almost killed. Fortunately, I was able to subdue the small pagoda. Then I used a secret technique in order to refine the soul within it, allowing me to know the truth.”


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