BTFTLIAW – Chapter 805

Chapter 805 – Have A Chat

When Zhao Hai first heard that Laura wanted to do this, he persuaded her to do otherwise. It wasn’t useful. In any case, the things produced by the Space at this point was already very valuable. There’s no need to study the little things, their supply of gold coins would still mount up regardless.

However, Laura insisted that she do this. In the end, Zhao Hai didn’t say anything more. He knew that Laura was just looking for something to do, she didn’t like idling around.

Berry and Ruyen had found themselves going along with Laura in the past few days. They weren’t interested in matters of war. Therefore, Zhao Hai just left them to do their own thing.

A day passed by and the Divine Race army was still advancing. Moreover, they had already occupied three cities in the first day. They were almost caught up to Thunder Yun’s progress in the past.

Zhao Hai didn’t carry any large scale attack on this Divine Race Army. He was aware that his real targets were the Radiant Empire as well as the Demons.

On the second day, the Demon Race finally moved. Under the leadership of the Demon King, an army of 40 million Demons set out towards the Ark Continent.

Zhao Hai looked at the 40 million strong Demon Race Army. With his attention mostly focused on the Death Qi army.

The Demons were fully prepared this time. They were plenty of archers as well as powerful crossbows in their army. Moreover, surrounding the army were countless Demon scouts.

Zhao Hai noticed something peculiar, both the Demons and the Divine Race were completely lacking when it came tom cavalry units. The majority of Demons have wings, allowing them flight, hence they didn’t need to use cavalry units. At the same time, a fully grown Divine would reach 9th rank, which also allowed them to fly.

However, Zhao Hai believed that it wasn’t because they didn’t care about cavalry, but instead because they lacked proper mounts. The magic beasts of the Divine Realm were very strong. And it was precisely because of this strength that people found it hard to tame them. Because of this, most people were unable to get mounts for themselves. In this case, forming a cavalry unit would be very difficult. The same situation applied to the Demon Race.

On the other hand, the Barbarians and Winged Pegasus people were special. These two races were predominantly cavalry. The Elites that they had sent out were all cavalry units. Needless to say, the mounts of the Winged Pegasus people were the winged pegasus. These winged pegasus can fly, so it wasn’t weird for them to be made into mounts. What made Zhao Hai confused were the Barbarian people.

The mounts of the Barbarians were their rhinoceros beasts. Although this magic beast was powerful, one could see at a glance that they were innately unable to fly. However, all of the Elite Barbarian Cavalry were actually on top of 9th rank rhinoceros beasts. This surprised Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai had the Space, so it wouldn’t be strange for him to be abundant when it came to 9th rank beasts. But for the Barbarians, how could they amass such high numbers of 9th rank beasts?

Later on, Zhao Hai called the undead Barbarian King and found out that the Barbarian’s way of advancing was the same as the Diamond Apes. Like the Diamond Apes, advancement in cultivation needed to be made alongside their beast companion. This made it harder for them to progress, the same was true for the Barbarians.

If a Barbarian wanted to increase their strength, then they would need to do so alongside their magic beast. Promoting their strength on their own was very difficult, close to impossible.

The he called Winged Pegasus Zhan over and asked about the Winged Pegasus people. Once the Divine Race conquered the Winged Pegasus race, it should be understandable for them to snatch the winged pegasus mounts and use them for themselves. However, Zhao Hai noticed the lack of cavalry units among the Divine Race army even with this arrangement. Only after asking Zhan about it did Zhao Hai finally understood. The winged pegasus couldn’t be used by anyone. Only when a person had the blood of a Winged Pegasus clansman would the winged pegasus agree to be mounted. Because of this, even if the Divine Race had conquered the Winged Pegasus Clan, they were still unable to use the mounts for themselves.

After hearing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sigh and think about the mysteries of creation. It was fortunate that Zhao Hai had the Space. The winged pegasus that the Space brought up didn’t have the problem. Anyone can ride the Space’s winged pegasus as long as Zhao Hai agreed to it.

Although the Demons didn’t have any mounts, most of them had wings, so they weren’t strangers to flight. This can be seen on the scouts that the Great Demon King had sent out, all of them were extremely fast fliers.

Zhao Hai looked at the Demon Race and sighed. To be honest, he couldn’t find himself truly hating on the Demons. In Zhao Hai’s mind, the Demons had reasonable reason to conquer the Ark Continent. And since the Demons hadn’t done excessive things upon arriving, Zhao Hai couldn’t really hate on them.

But not hating on them doesn’t mean that they would just be left on their own. Zhao Hai understood that the Demons just wanted to have a good life. However, Zhao Hai wasn’t a saint. If you march on his home, intending to snatch the place where his family lives in, then prepare to face retaliation.

At this time, Zhao Hai turned to Lizzy and said, “Lizzy, go drag the Divine Race for two days. We’ll deal with the Demons first. I want to have a chat with the Great Demon King.”

Lizzy frowned when she heard this, she said, “Chat? Big Brother Hai, do you think you can convince the Demons to retreat?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “I’m not that naive. However, the situation changed. The Demons are unaware of the Underworld’s connection to the Ark Continent. I want to try and give him this information to see if they wanted to stop their advance.”

Lizzy looked at Zhao Hai before she nodded and said, “Alright. But Brother Hai, I urge you to not get your hopes too high.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “It’s going to be fine.” Then Zhao Hai’s body flashed as he went out of the Space. This time he didn’t bring Shue and the others.

As the Demons advanced forward, their scouts were carefully examining their path. The scouts that the Great Demon King had brought were the elites of their class. Their speed was fast, moreover, they were unlike the Divine Race, they didn’t underestimate the people from the Ark Continent. The Demons would always do everything at their full power, no matter who their enemies were.

As the scouts went on, one of them suddenly noticed a black spot on the horizon. As the scout stared, he quickly saw what the black spot was. It was a person wearing a Dark Mage’s robe. And this person was stepping on a blood red sword.

The Demon couldn’t help but stare blankly at the approaching person. When the person drew nearer, the scout can finally identify who it was. It was the Demon Race’s biggest enemy, Zhao Hai.

The Demon scout immediately became afraid as he prepared to turn around and run. But at this time, Zhao Hai opened his mouth and said, “Demon Race friend, wait. This Zhao Hai wants you to convey his words to the Great Demon King. Please tell his Majesty that this Zhao Hai wants to have a chat with him.”

Zhao Hai inspected the Demon scout. This scout was different compared to the Vile Demons. This Demon had a face but his body was just like a vulture. He was tall and slender, his neck was naked but at its base there was a swathe of feathers, looking just like a scarf. He had azure black feathers that had a metallic luster. He also had a bare tail, two strong looking claws, and two axe like wings that spanned about 10 meters from tip to tip.

The Demon couldn’t help but stare blankly at Zhao Hai. He looked at the scout calmly and smiled, “Please send my message.”

The Demon looked at Zhao Hai for quite some time before he looked at the sword Zhao Hai was steppin on. Then after that, he turned around and flew.

Zhao Hai had always thought of cruising the skies on top of a flying sword. He had long envied those Chinese stories where a character would step on a flying sword and enjoyed the freedom between the heaven and the earth. Because of this, Zhao Hai deliberately transformed his staff into this flying sword.

The Demon scout quickly returned to the army and went directly towards the Great Demon King’s chariot. He went to a group of Death Qi warriors and said, “Please send word. Demon Vulture Division’s Third Squad member Luo is seeking audience with the Great Demon King.”

The Death Qi soldier looked at the Demon Vulture and with his cold voice he asked, “What do you want to say. Have you found the Ark Continent’s troops?”

The Vulture Demon doesn’t want to send the wrong message, so he shook his head and said, “We haven’t. However, this one has been blocked by Zhao Hai himself. He had me send a message saying that he wanted to have a chat with His Majesty the Great Demon King.”

Upon hearing the Vulture Demon, the Death Qi soldier couldn’t help but knit his brows. Then he nodded and said, “Wait here.” Then he turned around and flew towards the Devil’s War Chariot.

The Great Demon King was currently sitting inside his chariot. The contents of his table was the same as before, two side dishes and a bottle of liquor.

At this time a knock was heard, then a voice came, “Your Majesty, a Demon Vulture Scout has sent a message. He said that Zhao Hai had sent word that he wanted to have a chat with you.”

The Great Demon King stared, he stood up and then opened the chariot’s door. The soldier gave his respects to the Great Demon King before he said, “Your Majesty, the Demon Vulture Division’s Third Squad Member Luo came said that Zhao Hai stopped him only to have him send a message that he wanted to have a talk with you.”

The Great Demon King knit his brows and said, “He wants to chat? Interesting. Go and call Demon Vulture Luo. I want to personally ask him about this matter.”

The soldier complied and the turned around to leave. Before long, Demon Vulture Luo appeared by the side of the Great Demon King’s chariot. When Demon Vulture Luo saw the Great Demon King, he immediately lowered his head and gave a salute, “This one has seen Your Majesty.”

The Great Demon King nodded and said, “Are you sure it is Zhao Hai?”

Demon Vulture Luo nodded and said, “Replying to His Majesty. From what I saw in the official document, it is indeed Zhao Hai. However, he didn’t have his undead along with him. Instead, he was stepping on a blood red sword that was floating in midair.”


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