BTFTLIAW – Chapter 804

Chapter 804 – Playing With You!

A Weak Explosion!

The explosion has prestige and power, but it completely lacked in might. This made the Divine Race dumbfounded. It was just like a midday thunder, just a loud sound but there was no rain.

The Third Prince looked blankly at the dirtied Divine Race soldiers, all of which were standing there looking silly. For a good while, nobody was able to mutter any words.

“Hahaha!” The Third Prince burst into laughter. He has no reason not to laugh, what happened was too funny. “These are the blood lightning beads that Thunder Yun warned me about? Hahaha. Such trash. Only trash like him would be defeated by that attack.”

The Third Prince was currently full of pride. He didn’t think that the Ark Continent’s attack would actually be this weak. In his opinion, destroying such an enemy would be as easy as turning his own palm.

Thunder Yun, who was at the rear of the army, had also paid attention to what happened. He was similarly staring blankly at the recent explosion. However, Thunder Yun knew that those weren’t the true blood lightning beads. As far as he knew, those javelins were weaker than those in the past by about a hundred times.

When Thunder Yun saw this, his complexion couldn’t help but change, “How can it be that weak? What is Zhao Hai planning to do? Does he want to lure us deep into the continent? I need to warn his Majesty about this.”

After he said that, Thunder Yun waved his hand and called a messenger over. He looked at the messenger and said, “Tell His Highness the Third Prince that the attack of the Ark Continent aren’t this weak. They are certainly up to something. Ask His Highness to be careful.”

The messenger nodded before he turned around and walked. But quickly after that, another attack came. And just like before, the javelins only managed to make a loud explosion, no damage was caused whatsoever.

At this time, the messenger arrived at the sword carriage. He gave respects to the carriage’s guards before saying, “General Thunder Yun sent this one to convey a message to His Majesty.”

The guard looked contemptuously at the messenger before he coldly said, “Wait here.” Then the guard turned around and walked towards the sword carriage. While he was looking at the guard, the messenger suddenly heard something. A guard whispered to another guard while looking at him, he said, “Those guys were defeated by those weak attacks. Hahaha. What a joke.”

The other guards replied, “Perhaps they died because of the climate here. Thunder Yun just said that they were killed in the war so that he can gain military merit despite his failure.”

Then the two of them laughed. Although their voices weren’t loud, they were audible enough to be heard by the messenger. The messenger’s expression immediately sank, then he looked coldly at the two guards.

Before long, the guard that went to the sword carriage came back. He looked at the messenger and said, “The Third Highness is very busy. He doesn’t have the time to see you. If you have something to say, then you can leave it here. If not, then you can leave.”

The messenger didn’t expect this to be the case, however, he endured the humiliation as he said, “General Thunder Yun asked me to tell the Third Prince that the attack of the Ark Continent aren’t this weak. They certainly have something planned. The General asked His Highness to be careful.”

The guard gave a halfhearted nod before he said, “Alright, you can leave now.” The messenger looked at the guard’s reaction as he bitterly clenched his teeth before turning around to leave.

The messenger was quite familiar with these guards. They were known as the Divine Sword Cavalry Division. They were elite cavalries of the Taurus Continent. Each one of them had God-rank strength. Moreover, their fighting strength were the strongest in the Taurus Continent. One could say that they were the elites among elites.

In the past, when the Taurus Continent was still fighting with the other continents, these cavalry soldiers were very formidable. However, the Taurus Continent was now in a state of peace. Even if a fight came, it would only be something that the Barbarians and Winged Pegasus Armies could deal with. There simply was no reason to dispatch the Divine Sword Cavalry units.

Most of the veterans of this unit had already retired, leaving the division with recruits that haven’t gone to the battlefield before. The reason they became God-ranks was entirely due to practice. Although such an army was still strong, one couldn’t be sure about their true might in the battlefield. When the messenger returned to Thunder Yun’s side, he bowed and said, “General, the Third Prince is said to be very busy. He doesn’t have the time to see me. Because of this, I can only leave a verbal message behind.”

Thunder Yun understood the meaning of what the messenger said. This made his expression sink. The Third Prince was expressing his stance on not listening to his advice.

Thunder Yun sighed. Although he wanted to do something, he knew that he was unable to do so at this time. His commanding position has been taken away by the Third Prince. In fact, except his own army, he didn’t have any power to command any other troops.

Thunder Yun knew that if he dared to order the rear army, then the Third Prince surely wouldn’t let him off. This made Thunder Yun confused. He didn’t understand why the Third Prince would single him out like this. He remembered that the Third Prince had always been in a good relationship with the Marshal. Why would the Third Prince’s attitude turn into this?

At this time, Zhao Hai was in the Space looking at how the undead were acting a play. They would throw javelins towards the Divine Race army, cause a loud explosion that threw dust in the air, and only managing to dirty the Divine Race.

Zhao Hai knew what’s wrong with the Javelins. Simply, those javelins weren’t equipped blood lightning beads at all. Instead, they were made with the Elves’ stone ball.

The Elves’ stone ball can explode as well, and their might was quite powerful. In the past, they were enough to cause problems to the Ark Continent’s armies. However, one shouldn’t forget that the Ark Continent only had 3rd to 4th rank soldiers in the past. Causing the same problems to the Divine Race would be impossible.

Zhao Hai had these stone balls made specifically for the Third Prince. He didn’t think that it would be this effective.

After seeing the Divine Race relax as they went forward, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh and said, “This is fantastic. The plan is a success. Now I want to see how that Third Prince would look like once he meets  our true attack.”

Lizzy, who was nearby, smiled and said, “This Third Prince is really interesting. Thunder Yun even sent a messenger over to warn him, but in the end, he turned him away.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Isn’t that better? Right, Lizzy, will Thunder Yun predict our plan?”

Lizzy smiled faintly and said, “He won’t.” Zhao Hai looked at her and asked, “Why?’

Without waiting for Lizzy to speak, Megan answered, “Because deep inside Thunder Yun is also arrogant. He is still looking down on the Ark Continent. Although he already saw our attacks, he wouldn’t expect that we would attack their camp. He would only think that we would lure them deep into the continent. Hehe, the arrogance of the Divine Race wouldn’t change in a short time.”

Zhao Hai nodded. No matter what move the Divine Race made, Zhao Hai was already determined to attack the Radiant Empire to get some magic cannons and Goblins.

The attacks were still going on, but for Zhao Hai and the others, this was only a spectacle to joke at. Nothing noteworthy was to be seen here. Instead, they shifted their attention to another place.

Naturally, they were looking at the Demons. Now that the Divine Race had made their move, it was inevitable that the Demons would have some changes in their camp. Zhao Hai wanted to look at how the Demons plan to deal with his harassment tactics.

In order to urge the Third Prince to go further, Zhao Hai didn’t use his blood devouring mosquitoes for attack. Although Zhao Hai had been quite busy because of the evacuation of the Ark Continent, he didn’t stop accumulating blood devouring mosquitoes in the Space. Every time the mosquitoes were available, he release them in the Space. Because of this, the number of mosquitoes that Zhao Hai had was extremely astonishing. Perhaps aside from the Demons and the Divine Race, no other group could resist the attack of this group of mosquitoes.

Laura and the others have been relaxing lately. But Laura had found something she can busy herself with, and it was analyzing the Processing Machine. The Processing Machine can make anything, some were pre-designed while some needed custom blueprints. Not only was Laura studying its function, she was also looking into the costs.

Using the Processing Machine costs money. There were things that both the Ark Continent and the Processing Machine can make at the same time frame. The only difference is the overall cost.

Laura was studying which product was better made in the Processing Machine and which were more suited to being made by the Ark Continent.

This study held great significance to them. The Space’s consumption of gold coins was just too absurd. They needed gold for the potions as well as changing the Space’s landscape. It would be impossible for them to go forward without means to acquire more gold. Laura wanted to see which places they could save on costs. Moreover, Laura was also planning to use the Space to conduct trades with the people in the Ark Space.

There were things that were very valuable when sold to the Space’s store but were cheaply made in the Ark Continent, and the same was true for the other way. They could buy things from the Ark Continent for cheap and then sell them to the Space for more money. At the same time, they could also use the Processing Machine to make cheap valuable products and sell them in the Ark Space for a significant markup. This was an extremely lucrative business!


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