BTFTLIAW – Chapter 803

Chapter 803 – Strange Javelin Attacks

Once Thunder Yun entered the Imperial Palace, Zhao Hai can no longer see his actions. Since that was the case, Zhao Hai turned his attention towards the Northern Icefield. He wanted to see how the Underworld’s creatures were doing right now.

At this point, the poisonous mist of the Northern Icefield had already swallowed a third of the Beastman Prairie. Inside the mist were a lot of undead wandering around. And as he neared the center of the Icefield, Zhao Hai found it harder and harder to see the situation because the density of the mist was too strong. However, he can still spot some low-level undead in the surroundings.

Zhao Hai certainly wouldn’t let this opportunity go. From time to time, he would grab some undead and place them in the Space. He wanted to see if he can bait some strong creatures out from the underworld.

Just as Zhao Hai grabbed another undead, he suddenly received word from Cai’er. The Divine Race were about to make their move. After he heard that, Zhao Hai immediately changed the monitor’s image back to the Divine Race.

After he turned the display, Zhao Hai loudly said, “Lizzy, Megan, come down here. It’s time for work.” Lizzy and Megan immediately gave confirmation before they went into the living room. They were just formulating plans on how to deal with the Divine Race, so when they heard Zhao Hai they immediately had their spirits up.

After the two arrived downstairs, Zhao Hai immediately adjusted the monitor to show Thunder Yun’s ugly expression as he left the Imperial Palace. Upon returning to his camp, the Generals of the Divine Race army started to amass their troops. It seems like they were getting ready to attack the Ark Continent.

When Lizzy saw this, she smiled and said, “It’s really his first time in the battlefield. He didn’t even give the reinforcing army enough time to rest. Just after one night and they are now starting to move. It seems like we’re facing an impatient person.”

Zhao Hai smiled as well, “Go do your thing. I really want to take a look at how that young man reacts.” When Lizzy and Megan heard Zhao Hai, both of them chuckled.

Their plan was to send out an army to harass just like before, but this time, the intensity would be reduced. This would make the Divine Race relax and overextend their advance into the Ark Continent. After two days, they would be so far into the mainland that they would take a long time to return to the Radiant Empire. At that time, Zhao Hai would attack the Radiant Empire, snatching some magic cannons for himself while also taking some Goblins into the Space. This should force the Divine Race to retreat.

If the Divine Race didn’t retreat, then Zhao Hai would use the defenses they built on the Accra Mountains to withstand the Divine Race’s attack. At that time, the Demons should have already gotten news. The Demons wouldn’t want to fall behind the Divine Race and will send troops after them. Then both of them would be blocked by the Accra Mountains. Zhao Hai also wanted to see whether the two invaders would work together in order to annex the Ark Continent.

Zhao Hai believed that cooperation between the Demons and the Divine Race was impossible. When the time comes, the two of them would surely fight with each other. When that happens, Zhao Hai would grab more undead from the underworld and then wait for the strong underworld creatures to arrive. Then Zhao Hai would retreat from the Accra Mountain to allow the two races entry into the center of the Continent. Once the two meet the Underworld’s creatures, then Zhao Hai would hit them from behind.

As Zhao Hai thought of this, the Divine Race has dispatched their troops. Their advance wasn’t too quick. Moreover, Zhao Hai noticed that the Third Prince’s advance was at the front while Thunder Yun’s army took the rear.

When Lizzy saw this, her eyes shone, she smiled faintly and said, “Good. Their arrangement suits our plans very well. Once they go out of the Radiant Empire’s territory, we’ll send our harassment army. However, we cannot hit them too much, we’ll give them the expression that we can be easily dealt with.”

Megan smiled, “This is that Third Prince’s first time in the battlefield. We need to give him some face. If he gets terrified this quickly, then that wouldn’t be too good.”

Zhao Hai looked at the both of them and helplessly shook his head. These women are scary, sometimes scarier than men. Now that the Third Prince was faced against Lizzy and Megan, it would be difficult for him to have the courage to return to the battlefield in the future.

Zhao Hai turned his attention back to the Divine Race army. The Barbarian and Winged Pegasus soldiers who came with the Third Prince also moved alongside the reinforcing army, forming two wings beside it. Moreover, these troops were elites. There were flying 9th rank Barbarian Heavy Cavalry as well as some God-rank Winged Pegasus light cavalry. These God-rank cavalry units could also establish their Domains, providing them with terrifying prowess in the battlefield.

Then Zhao Hai looked at Lizzy and Megan and said, “The Barbarian and Winged Pegasus races had sent their elites. You need to send people and see whether they intend to go all out or were just acting. If they are acting, then don’t pressure them too much. We don’t want them to get angry at us even more.”

Lizzy smiled and said, “It’s fine. Although these Winged Pegasus are fast, there is still no way for them to catch up to the undead. We’ll clash with them at first, then after that we start our plans. We’ll make sure to send fewer troops to them compared to the Divine Race, showing them our kind intentions. At the same time, the Divine Race would have suspicion towards the two. Once a disagreement happens, then their army would surely crumble.”

At this time, Laura and the others went in. Seeing them arrive, Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Let’s go outside. Meg, please prepare some tea and snacks. Let’s eat while looking at the Divine Race’s advance.”

Lizzy and the others giggled as they followed Zhao Hai outside. On the other hand, Meg went with Cai’er to prepare some tea and desserts. Zhao Hai hadn’t been able to find some good tea in the Ark Continent before. However, he finally discovered some good leaves in the Elven Forest.

The Third Prince was currently sitting inside his sword carriage. A crystal was installed inside the carriage that allowed him to see the army outside. This was his first time in the battlefield, therefore he couldn’t help but feel excited inside.

However, when he thought about Thunder Yun’s actions in the morning, the Third Prince’s expression couldn’t help but sink. He coldly snorted and said, “That Old Guy certainly isn’t as powerful as they say. That Zhao Hai better wish that I don’t meet him, otherwise, I’ll show him how terrifying I could be.”

The ten maids stood behind the Third Prince. But their faces, hands, and any skin not covered exposed their bruises and wounds.

One could say that 9th ranks were full of vitality, small wounds like those can be healed in a short time. However, the Third Prince was as sick person. If someone he beat up would have their wounds heal, then the Third Prince would certainly hit them more. Because of this, the maids didn’t dare to heal their wounds. They can only stand there while enduring the pain.

Although the Prince hadn’t gone to the battlefield before, he still managed to properly study warfare. This allowed him to understand the situation of the battlefield. The King also had him carry out some bandit subjugation back in the Divine Realm. But these bandits were actually Goblins of the Divine Realm.

Even if the Goblins were subjugated by the Divine Race, there were still clumps of them hidden on unexplored areas. Although one would find it hard to survive on those places, the Third Prince still went on a killed all of them.

These Goblins can’t even eat properly, so how could they resist these Divine Race soldiers. Because of this, it was impossible for the Third Prince to gain proper combat experience. Still, when it came to marching, the Third Prince was quite experienced. His current army was well-trained, there were no problems in the march. They even managed to look elite while doing so.

The army slowly left the Radiant Empire. The Third Prince knew that not long after Thunder Yun left the Empire, they were met by harassment attacks from the Ark Continent. Moreover, he heard that those blood lightning javelins were very strong.

Although the Third Prince thought otherwise, he was still very careful. Once they reached the border of the Radiant Empire, the Third Prince immediately ordered the army to be alert, especially the Barbarian and Winged Pegasus armies on both sides.

On the other hand, Thunder Yun was at the rear observing the Third Prince’s actions. After some time he sighed and said, “Fei’er, what do think the Third Prince’s reaction would be after the attack?’

After hearing no reply, Thunder Yun turned his head to look only to see another Thunder Clan person and not Fei’er. Then he remembered that he had sent Fei’er off to send a letter. After seeing the Giant that wasn’t Fei’er, Thunder Yun sighed and stopped talking.

Once the Third Prince gave his order, his facial expression turned into excitement as he looked to both sides of the army. He wanted to know what attacks these Ark Continent people really have.

Sure enough, the Ark Continent didn’t disappoint him. It didn’t take a long time before a cavalry unit appeared on one side. These Cavalry units didn’t attack the Barbarian cavalry nor Winged Pegasus cavalry. Instead, it headed directly to the Center army. The Third Prince’s face flushed, his held his breath as he looked at the incoming cavalry attack.

That team of cavalry quickly arrived in front of the Divine Race army and let loose their javelins. This made the Third Prince anxious, he stared at the descending javelins to see how strong they were.

The javelin came down quite fast before an explosive sound was heard. Moreover, the explosion threw dust in the air. Once the dust has cleared, the Third Prince couldn’t help but be surprised at the result.

The attacked Divine Race soldiers had a bewildered expression on their faces as they stood there. They weren’t vaporized or even wounded. The attack just managed to dirty their armor and faces.


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