BTFTLIAW – Chapter 801

Chapter 801 – Fei’er’s Strange Action

Thunder Yun’s face was ugly as he sat in the hall. Having the same expression as him were the other generals of the army. The arrival of the Third Prince and the decree brought by him had made these people feel like the skies were falling apart.

They knew about the Third Prince. The Taurus Continents King had six children. The First Prince didn’t have any interest in martial cultivation. Because of this, he was just stuck at being an ordinary Demigod. This was rare in the Divine Race, especially among the royals.

But Thunder Yun and the others understood why this was the case. The First Prince was a bastard son, thus he had no inheritance nor background to speak of. However, since he was the first son of the Taurus King, many people still hoped that he would inherit the throne.

However, the Taurus Continent’s Queen was from a very influential clan, and the Second Prince being her son with the Taurus King. Having such a powerful mother meant that the Second Prince’s status was high as well, and succeeding the throne would be a natural path. If the First Prince were to exhibit extraordinary talents, then he would become an eyesore to the mother-son pair. It might even be possible for the First Prince to be killed off. Because of this, the First Prince had no other choice but to stay as a Demigod Expert, relinquishing any rights to the throne.

On the other hand, the talents of the Second Prince would make one speechless. The Second Prince was now a Full God-rank expert. Moreover, he had experience in commanding an army. With the learning he gained from his mother and father, the Second Prince was able to handle the matters of the court. This made him the perfect candidate to become the Next King. Many Great Clans on the Taurus Continent supported the Second Prince’s ascension to the throne.

But as the matter stands, a situation came up. The Taurus King was still at the prime of his life, and he was unwilling to hand the crown over, he wouldn’t die anytime soon. Now that the Second Prince was showing his superiority, the King felt that his position was being threatened. Because of this, the Taurus King had found a way to keep the balance against the Second Prince, and that was to favor and trust the Third Prince.

The Third Prince was also a direct descendant between the Taurus King and Queen, him being the younger brother of the Second Prince. However, the Third Prince was different from the Second Prince. The Second Prince was diligent in his effort since childhood. He had gained military experience while being strong himself, making him favored by the people.

But the Third Prince was different. Ever since he was little, the Third Prince has been smothered by the King with affection. Although he was intelligent and diligent in his studies, the Third Prince was very arrogant. Moreover, he didn’t like to listen to any criticism. Also, he didn’t go out and gain experience. So in matters of military, he was completely out of the loop.

But there was one thing that the Third Prince was the best at among his brothers. He was very good in making his parents happy.

The Third Prince was very adept in satisfying the King and Queen, he grew up perfecting this skill. In front of the King and Queen, he would be that clever and obedient son. However, when the two weren’t looking, he would act arrogant and conceited. His eyes were as high as the skies. Moreover, he was addicted to women. He would frequent himself with the other playboys of the Divine Race. Naturally, there wasn’t anything good to learn from this, so he only had the strength of a normal God-rank.

People with discerning eyes can see that the Third Prince completely falls short compared to the Second Prince. However, the Taurus King was very fond of the Third Prince, giving him favor and his trust. The King wouldn’t even accept any criticism thrown towards the Third Prince, the Queen was the same.

The other three children of the Taurus King were still young, so they were yet to enter the game and compete for the throne. Because of this, the battle had become the Second Prince against the Third. The Second Prince was an excellent leader and everybody was fond of him. His only downside was the jealous King. On the other hand, the Third Prince was popular with the King and the Queen as well as Nobles who wanted to advance their status. Because of this, the momentum of the battle was quite strong.

What made the Taurus Continent’s Great Nobles surprised was that the Taurus Continent’s Marshal, the King’s Younger Brother, was actually quite fond of the Third Prince as well. Meanwhile he was being cold towards the Second Prince. Because of his support, the likelyhood of the Third Prince ascending to the throne has increased by a lot.

But for people on the frontlines like Thunder Yun and the Generals, they knew that the Third Prince was unsuitable. He was clearly inferior compared to the Second Prince.

However, although Thunder Yun liked the Second Prince, he couldn’t actively support him since the Marshal of the army, Thunder Yun’s superior officer, supported the Third Prince.

What Thunder Yun and the others don’t know was the fact that it was the Marshal’s idea to send the Third Prince to the Ark Continent. He wanted the Third Prince to gain military exploits, so that he could prepare for his ascension to the Throne in the future.

Actually, aside from the decree, the Marshal also sent Thunder Yun a private letter via the Third Prince. The Marshal wanted Thunder Yun to make the Third Prince take command of the army as merely a title, the Third Prince wouldn’t encroach upon Thunder Yun’s commands. The Third Prince would just get the credit while Thunder Yun does the actual job.

The Marshal also told the Third Prince about the contents of this letter. After the Third Prince arrives at the camp, he would then listen to the arrangements made by Thunder Yun.

This might work on a normal person but it was useless when it came to the Third Prince. The Third Prince didn’t like the Marshal’s arrangements but he still pretended to be obedient to the Marshal’s command while completely disregarding it in his mind.

With Thunder Yun’s temperament as well as his reaction when he saw the Third Prince, it was even more reason for the Third Prince to withhold the Marshal’s letter from Thunder Yun. Instead, he just used the imperial decree to directly remove Thunder Yun’s authority altogether. The Third Prince had learned the art of war from a young age, so why couldn’t he conquer the Ark Continent? What? Even Thunder Yun didn’t succeed? It’s because he had grown dull from age, he had become less useful the older he got.

The twists and turns of fate were difficult to predict, however, the imperial decree was certainly set in stone. This was also where Thunder Yun was having trouble with.

Cloud Ying looked at the silent Thunder Yun, in the end, he couldn’t endure it and said, “General, why would the Marshal send an order like that? It’s too strange, don’t you think?”

Thunder Yun knit his brows and said, “I also think that it’s strange. Normally, when the Marshal sends a decree, he would also hand me a private letter. However, there was no letter this time. It’s absolutely strange.”

Everyone in the hall frowned. All of them were aware of how different this time was. Cloud Ying looked at Thunder Yun, his eyes shone as he said, “General, is it possible that something happened back at the capital?”

When Thunder Yun heard Cloud Ying, he couldn’t help but gawk, then his complexion changed as he said, “What do you mean?”

Cloud Ying replied, “Sir Marshal might have encountered an accident. All these years, our Taurus Continent has been striving to expand in all directions. And the majority of all these accomplishments belong on Sir Marshal himself. With his popularity, there are people who know of him while being unaware of the King. So I have some worries.”

Thunder Yun’s complexion sank, he immediately shouted, “Fei’er, come here!”

Fei’er, who guarded the entrance, immediately walked over. Thunder Yun looked at Fei’er and said, “I will write a letter. You need to find a way for this letter to reach the hands of the Marshal. Remember, you need to be quick.”

Then Thunder Yun began to brandish his brush as stroke upon stroke brought words into his letter. Then he placed the letter into a small bamboo tube before handing it over to Fei’er. After that, Fei’er bowed to Thunder Yun before he turned around to leave.

Thunder Yun turned to Cloud Ying and the others and said, “No matter what happens, go and return to your divisions. Get ready for anything. Remember, if the Third Prince wanted to make you into cannon fodder, make sure to cleverly dodge the responsibility.”

Cloud Ying and the others weren’t fools, so they immediately understood what Thunder Yun meant. They were all members of the Marshal’s camp. If something did happen in the capital, then the enemy certainly won’t let the Marshal’s subordinates go. They would cut the wings of the Marshal before going on to their next plan.

However, it wasn’t easy to just deal with them. Each of the Generals had their own army, and these people were with each other for many years. It can be said that the Generals’ control over their own army was unparalleled. If someone took their positions away, a mutiny might happen within the army. Because of this, the best way to remove these people was to use a borrowed knife to kill. They would have these people act as cannon fodder against Zhao Hai, using Zhao Hai’s hand to kill the Generals and their army. When that happens, the threat would vanish without spilling blood on their hands.

Cloud Ying and the others nodded before they stood up and bowed to Thunder Yun. Thunder Yun went out of his hall and gazed at the floating sword carriage, a flash going through his eyes.

The Third Prince didn’t think that his move would elicit such serious reaction from Thunder Yun. Moreover, he didn’t expect that this matter would just be a fuse, causing events to happen in the background that was beyond his expectations.

At this time, the Third Prince was throwing a tantrum inside the sword carriage. He thought that he was insulted. His maids just stood there with their heads down, doing their best to not make a move. They knew the Third Prince’s temper, if they dared to move, then they would certainly be severely punished.

After throwing a fit inside the carriage, the Third Prince finally stopped breaking things. Then he turned his head to one of his maids before grabbing one of them and tearing her clothes open…….

After Fei’er received Thunder Yun’s letter, he immediately left the Divine Race’s camp and flew towards the Divine Realm’s direction. But after completely leaving the camp, Fei’er slowed down. Then he took the letter out of the bamboo tube and read it without hesitation.

After reading the letter, a twinkle appeared on Fei’er’s eyes. Then his figure moved as he changed his direction. Instead of heading towards the Divine Realm, he actually chose to head towards the other side of the Radiant Empire!


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