BTFTLIAW – Chapter 800

Chapter 800 – Transfer

Zhao Hai sat in the living room and looked at the Divine Race Army in the monitor. The Divine Race reinforcements this time were divided into three teams, the heavy Barbarian cavalry, the light winged pegasus cavalry, and the Divine Race infantry.

The Winged Pegasus light cavalry were in front, being the first to enter the Radiant Empire. The Divine Race infantry went next and after that were the Barbarian heavy cavalry. Their motion was fast, it didn’t take too long for all of them to arrive at the Radiant Empire. However, the one who attracted Zhao Hai’s attention the most was the carriage right in the middle of the Divine Race infantry.

Similar to how the Great Demon King arrived, this carriage was pulled by one high level magic beast. But instead of an elephant shaped beast, the magic beast used to pull this carriage was a type of lion. The lion was snow white, with two steady wings on each of its side. With how white the magic beast was, one could feel an extraordinarily holy aura coming out of it.

The carriage itself was as interesting as the lion type magic beast. The carriage looked like a large great sword. But instead of metal, the great sword was made out of white wood, probably saint light wood. However, one could see that it was leagues better than the conventional saint light wood.

On the sides of this carriage was a team of knights. The knights resemble the Radiant Church’s Knight Corps. They all wore white armor with white cloaks behind it, had spears on their hands and shields on the other, and on their waists were swords.

These knights amounted to about ten thousand. Moreover, Zhao Hai discovered that these Knights were all God-ranks.

After seeing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile bitterly. The Taurus Divines had sent a strong army this time, just like the Demons. But what made Zhao Hai interested in the matter wasn’t the army. Zhao Hai was looking at the carriage, he reckoned that it was a Domain Weapon as well.

Zhao Hai had discovered a different feature on the Space’s monitor. Usually, the monitor would display red on Zhao Hai’s allies while green on his enemies. If the enemy party used a magic formation to block the surveillance, then the area would be depicted by a white spot. However, Zhao Hai saw something that he hadn’t seen before. When the Great Demon King arrived, his carriage was displayed as a light blue dot. This light blue dot was shown on the Divine Race’s carriage as well.

Because of this, Zhao Hai boldly assumed that the Space would detect Domain Weapons as light blue spots. If this is correct, then that Divine Race carriage should be a Domain Weapon as well.[1]

However, Zhao Hai was also curious about who was riding the carriage. He wanted to know if the person was like the Demon Realm Ruler, the Great Demon King. Was it the Taurus Continent Monarch?

While Zhao Hai was thinking about this, Thunder Yun and his people came forward to express their greetings. Thunder Yun, along with the other Generals went to the carriage and simultaneously said, “Welcome, Sir Marshal”

Just as Thunder Yun’s voice fell, a door opened on the tail end of the great sword shaped carriage. The door was fitted well with the entire sword, Zhao Hai wasn’t able to notice it at first.

The hollow area inside the carriage were inlaid with transparent crystals, one can see that they were used for lighting purposes. The entire sword carriage was about 20 meters long, perfectly suited to be used by a human shaped Domain.

At this time, a few people came out of the sword carriage door. When he saw these people, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but get stunned. This was because it wasn’t the king of the Taurus continent, but several maids instead. The maids were very beautiful, even under a thin veil over their faces. All of them were 9th rank and looked like fairies as they came out.

Zhao Hai originally didn’t take it seriously when he saw that the person was escorted by the maids. So when he saw Thunder Yun’s ugly expression, Zhao Hai was confused.

However, Zhao Hai was quick to understand Thunder Yun’s expresion. This was because after eight maids came out of the sword carriage, a young man walked out.

The young man wore a white robe, his face was pale but beautiful. He had a smile on his face but it wasn’t a smile of happiness, instead, it was a smile of someone looking down on people, showing his arrogance. He also held two women on his sides.

When he saw that a young man was sent as reinforcement, Zhao Hai was shocked. He believed that it would be impossible for this young man to be the King of the Taurus Continent. His temperament alone wasn’t something found on strong Divine Race characters. It was impossible for the Divine Race to follow this young man.

Moreover, Thunder Yun greeted the Marshal. However, his age was just too low for a position as head of a military. It might even be possible that he hadn’t been on a battlefield before.

No wonder Thunder Yun’s expression was ugly to behold. The young man wasn’t the man he thought would come.

Thunder Yun looked at the young man and respectfully said, “Your Highness the Third Prince, why have you come to the Ark Continent and taken the carriage of the Marshall?”

The Third Prince chuckled and said, “It’s nothing, I told my uncle that I want to see this world. He had me go instead and take his carriage.”

Thunder Yun’s expression turned uglier, he looked at the Third Prince and said, “Your Highness, have his Majesty the King read the letter? The situation here is dire, things can get dangerous in an instant. If you have nothing to do here, then I ask Your Highness  Third Prince to please return.”

When he heard Thunder Yun, the Third Prince’s complexion sank. He snorted before he gave a retort, “Thunder Yun, who do you think you are? What qualifications do you have to order me? You think I can’t have my father revoke your status as Chief Commander?”

Thunder Yun fearlessly stared right back at the Third Prince and said, “If your highness can do that, then I would gladly step down.”

The Third Prince’s complexion turned colder when he heard Thunder Yun. Then he snorted and took out a Command Token and a scroll. Then he looked at Thunder Yun and said, “No wonder Father said that you get more useless as you got older. Even a small plane such as the Ark Continent needed a large number of troops. Thunder Yun, listen to my command. You shall now be transferred away from your position as Chief of Command. However, you will stay in the frontlines as I take command of the troops.”

The Third Prince’s command caused an uproar to the military officers behind Thunder Yun. They didn’t expect this to happen. The Third Prince would replace Thunder Yun as commander? One must know that the Third Prince had never gone to the battlefield before. Although he had studied the ways of battle, how could he compare to a seasoned General like Thunder Yun? Have the King and Marshal really sent this order?

Thunder Yun’s stunned face looked at the Third Prince. Then his startled expression turned into anger as he said, “That is impossible. I need to see His Highness’ decree!” The Third Prince didn’t say anything as he just coldly snorted and threw the scroll over to Thunder Yun. Thunder Yun took the scroll and impatiently opened it. Upon seeing its contents, he couldn’t help but be shocked, he muttered, “Impossible. This is impossible. This can’t happen.”

While Thunder Yun was muttering to himself, a hand suddenly came and snatched the scroll away from his hands. Naturally, this hand belonged to the Third Prince. The Third Prince looked at Thunder Yun and said, “Now that you’ve finished reading, do you have anything else to say? Everyone listen! From now on, I will officially be the Chief Commander of this army. If violations occur, then they would be judged by martial law!”

After having said that, the Third Prince turned around and returned to his sword carriage. Then the carriage moved slowly forward without caring about Thunder Yun and the other Generals. All of them were staring blankly, they didn’t know what happened, everything went by too quick. What happened was way out of their expectations that they weren’t even able to respond.

It wasn’t only Thunder Yun and the others, Zhao Hai was also dumbfounded about what just happened. He couldn’t comprehend what just occurred. A transfer of command? Does the Divine Race really want to do this?”

However, Zhao Hai changed his mind. This development was a godsend to him. The Divine Race just traded a veteran General with an inexperienced young man. In other words, Thunder Yun’s removal alone has caused great damage to the Divine Race army.

Dealing with an inexperienced fellow was much easier compared to an old fox like Thunder Yun. For Zhao Hai, this was an extremely good thing.

After thinking about this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh, “Hahaha, good, good job Divine Race. You actually helped me a lot. I couldn’t thank you enough.”

While he was laughing, Laura and the others came into the room. It seems like they had just come back from taking a bath judging by their wet hair. When they saw Zhao Hai laughing, Laura looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai? What are you so happy?”

Zhao Hai looked at Laura and the others in the eyes before he smiled, “Something good arrived. The Divine Race just removed Thunder Yun from being the commander of their army. What they replaced him with was an inexperienced Third Prince of the Taurus Continent. This fellow even looks like he hadn’t been on a battlefield before.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Laura and the others couldn’t help but stare. Then they looked at each other before staring blankly at the monitor. After some time, Lizzy said, “The Divine Race are courting death. Big Brother Hai, it seems like we need to change our tactics to capitalize on this move.”

  1. Ignoring the fact that it is shaped like a weapon.. Geez Zhao Hai


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