BTFTLIAW – Chapter 799

Chapter 799 – Cai’er Is Jealous?

The Great Demon King took the scroll on the table and carefully read it. By the time he placed the scroll back on the table, he was already frowning, he looked at the Demon Dragon King and said, “Has this been confirmed?”

The Demon Dragon King nodded, “It’s confirmed. When this information was sent, it was done in code. So even if it was intercepted, it would be impossible for outsiders to understand it. There’s no way for it to be tampered.”

The Great Demon King knit his brows and said, “Do you have any other information?”

The Demon Dragon King shook his head and said, “After this one, no additional information was sent. I couldn’t make up my mind about this information. First, because it was too outrageous. Second, because it might be a misinformation sent by the enemy. They might already know the identity of our people, so they sent misleading information to be sent to us. And lastly, it might be true. It wouldn’t be good for us if this was true. And two days ago, I got information from our scouts that the garrison troops of the Ark Continent have all vanished. I’m still confused about what is happening.”

The Great Demon King knit his brows, then he nodded and said, “Right, we shouldn’t advance recklessly. It’s possible that its another trap. The enemy is very sly, we need to be careful.”

The Demon Dragon King replied, “I think the Divine Race wouldn’t just step back with their previous failure. They will certainly make a stronger attack. At the same time, it would be impossible for Zhao Hai to let the Divine Race off. When the Divine Race descended they used an entire Empire’s worth of people to do their blood sacrifice. I heard that when Zhao Hai knew about this, he coughed up some blood while swearing to kill all invading Divines. His hatred for the Divine Race should be greater compared to us.”

The Great Demon King frowned and said, “Is that the case? The people don’t treat the Demons as the evil ones? They think that the Divine Race are more vile?”

The Demon Dragon King smiled bitterly and said, “Others might not know this, but Zhao Hai doesn’t think like ordinary people. It’s possible that he didn’t have any hatred for the Demons. On the other hand, his hatred for the Divine Race is true. I can see Divine Race soldiers among Zhao Hai’s undead. It’s clear that he turned them into undead immediately after killing them.”

The Great Demon King smiled and said, “I believe Zhao Hai’s hatred for us wouldn’t be less. After all, we are invading the Ark Continent. Anyone who invades the continent should be enemies to Zhao Hai. Going back to the information you’ve received, I think there are some inaccuracies about it. Ever since the Demons and Divine Race had arrived in the continent, it can be said that Zhao Hai always had the upper hand. In this case, there is no reason for him to suddenly move the people of the Ark Continent. From what I think, there should be another situation happening in the continent, something we have yet to know. Did you send people to check it?”

The Demon Dragon King’s expression turned ugly before he gave a nod, “I did, but after sending all of them, nobody came back. I reckon they have been killed of by Zhao Hai. This caused me to doubt making an attack while also being more and more suspicious about the authenticity of the report. I think it’s Zhao Hai’s trap.”

The Great Demon King nodded, “Right, we don’t want to make a blunder against Zhao Hai. Good, you arrange for the reinforcing army to take a rest, let them be used to the Ark Continent’s environment. I think the Divine Race’s reinforcements wouldn’t take too long before they arrive. As soon as the Divine Race makes their move, we’ll dispatch our troops as well. I really want to meet this Zhao Hai.”

The Demon Dragon King nodded before he bowed and asked to be excused. After seeing the Demon Dragon King walk out, the Great Demon King took his wine cup and drank some liquor. Then he muttered, “Just wait, sooner or later, the Demons will be out of your control.” Then the Great Demon King turned his gaze towards the Demon God’s portrait. The Demon God had three heads, six arms, and an ugly facial expression. Besides weapons, the Demon God also held several heads in his hands. This caused the portrait to emanate a vile aura. If one were weak of mind, they might even see blood dripping from the picture.”

Why would the Great Demon King say this to the portrait? What was wrong? Does he want to change their faith?

Naturally, ZhaoHai didn’t know these. The Devil’s War chariot was a Domain Weapon. It’s quite powerful that the Space’s monitor wasn’t able to see inside it.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t care about it, he only cared about looking at the reinforcing Demon Army. Besides the ten million or so Death Qi warriors, there were also ordinary Demon soldiers.

From Zhao Hai’s count, there were about 50 million people that came out of the spatial rift. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but mutter,”They actually went full force. I didn’t think they would send this much people.”

After the reinforcement army came, the Demonic Abyss up to Demon City had become huge military compound. On the other hand, the Great Demon King’s chariot stayed on the skies above the Demonic Abyss.

At this time, Laura and the others were merrily taking a walk. They didn’t have anything to do in these past few days, so they strolled around the Ark Space looking for something to do. Although everything in the Ark Space was the same as the Ark Continent, there were still things needed to be taken care of. Because of this, Zhao Hai sent them over to help.

Although the Buda Clan was also inside the Space, they were in a separate island a distance away from the Ark Continent. And even if it was quite close, one couldn’t easily reach the island. This was exactly what Zhao Hai wanted. In doing so, the Buda Clan wasn’t too far nor too close to the continent. This was to maintain a sense of mystery to the clan.

Naturally, Laura and the others wouldn’t have him help the people of the continent. That would be the job for the Buda Clan’s people. Because of this, Zhao Hai hadn’t appeared in the Ark Space since.

This was actually Laura’s idea. It wouldn’t be easy to deify Zhao Hai in the minds of the Ark Continent’s people. After all, nobody would see someone they can casually talk to as a god,

When Laura and the others walked into the living room and saw the Devil’s War Chariot on the monitor, they couldn’t help but gasp in surprise.

After seeing their reaction, Zhao Hai laughed before he enlarged the devil’s face. This frightened the women even more.

With Zhao Hai’s laughter, the women understood that Zhao Hai was intentionally scaring them. They immediately went to Zhao Hai and pinched his sides. Naturally, they knew that this wouldn’t do anything to Zhao Hai.

But Zhao Hai still yelled in pain. He didn’t brace himself, moreover, he can still feel pain.

After pinching Zhao Hai many more times, Laura and the other gave a snort before stopping and sitting with Zhao Hai. Laura even told Cai’er, “Cai’er, play that scene back!”

Upon hearing Laura, Zhao Hai almost spit out blood. He couldn’t handle the pressure in the room so he stood up and pulled Berry over while saying, “Berry, let’s go, join me for a bath. In any case, nothing great would happen in the Demon Army soon.” Then he took Berry downstairs to the hot spring.

Berry’s face was red but she still continued to follow Zhao Hai. Megan turned to Berry and yelled, “Sister Berry, if you can’t take it anymore don’t hesitate to ask for help!”

After Megan said that, Laura and the others laughed. This made Berry’s face even redder. Berry’s joking skill was weak, so she couldn’t think of anything wise to retort. She just turned to Megan and said, “Hmph, I don’t need help. If you come, then I’ll turn you away!” This made the women laugh even more.

That night, Zhao Hai was very tired. The reason for this was because he was unable to stop the women from invading his room.

The next morning, while Zhao Hai was still asleep, Cai’er entered his room. Zhao Hai was lying naked in his bed, Laura and the others were also right by Zhao Hai’s side. All of them were sleeping quite smoothly.

When Cai’er saw this, her face couldn’t help but turn red. Then she snorted before making a water ball and splashing Zhao Hai’s face with it. Her control was very good, not a single drop of water splashed on the women’s bodies.

Zhao Hai immediately woke up, he sat up and looked at Cai’er, “Cai’er, what did you just do?”

Cai’er snorted and said, “Young Master, get up. The Divine Race’s reinforcements have arrived.” When Zhao Hai heard Cai’er, he couldn’t help but stare for a moment before he carefully got up from his bed. He took extra care to not disturb the women.

Cai’er looked at Zhao Hai’s movements before he snorted and flashed out of the room. Zhao Hai turned to Cai’er’s direction before he muttered, “What happened to Cai’er? Strange.”

However, he still went to the bathroom and cleaned himself up. Then he wore some clothes before proceeding towards the living room. After Zhao Hai left, Laura smiled along with the other women. Laura opened her eyes, looked at the others and said, “Brother Hai is really too daft when it came to reading sentiment. He couldn’t even recognize Cai’er’s jealous look.”

Lizzy opened her eyes and replied, “Yeah, but Big Brother Hai is like that. He would never know about those things. I wonder what Brother Hai’s face would be once he discovers that Cai’er likes him.”

After imagining Zhao Hai’s shocked expression, the women couldn’t help but look at each other. When they noticed that all of them were naked, their faces immediately turned red. Meanwhile, Megan hugged Lizzy from behind as she traced Lizzy’s chest and said, “Lizzy, these are really big. No wonder Brother Hai likes to touch them so much.”

Lizzy had no intention of just receiving Megan’s attack, naturally she would counter attack. Before long, the women were noisily laughing inside the room.


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