BTFTLIAW – Chapter 798

Chapter 798 – Domain Weapon

As this magic beast went out of the spatial rift, it suddenly made a world-shaking roar. Its imposing aura can only be described as terrifying.

At this time, a jet black whip had flung out of the spatial rift. Whap! It hit the back of the magic beast. The once imposing magic beast immediately calmed down after being struck by the whip. It seems like it became a bullied puppy as it flapped its ears and behaved.

Although this magic beast was enormous, it was actually flying in the sky. And from how it looked, it wasn’t a 9th rank beast, but instead it was clearly God-rank.

Along with the magic beast were several of its kind. Strapped on their bodies were iron chains, seemingly dragging something.

These magic beasts weren’t fast, but they eventually made it out of the spatial rift. After the thing they were dragging was seen, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. It looked like a carriage in a shape of a huge demon’s head.

The head shaped carriage looked exactly like a devil’s head. Two curved horns, two blood-red eyes, and long fangs that jutted out of its mouth.

Although it was a carriage, there were no wheels attached to it. It was a head flying in the sky, there was no need for wheels. To be honest, it looked more like a flying house than a carriage.

This floating house was more than ten meters high and looked very spacious. When Zhao Hai looked into the carriage, the devil’s eyes were actually inlaid with two pieces of red gems.

On the mouth of the devil’s head sat a tall man. He wore black armor that blocked his face. He sat there as if he were an iron statue. In his hand was a jet black whip, the same whip used to silence the large magic beast.

The large carriage pulled by five elephant shaped magic beasts slowly went out of the spatial rift as it stopped right in front of the Demonic Abyss.

Strangely, even if the magic beasts have stopped, the carriage still stayed floating there.

At this time, the black dragon carriage stopped by the flying carriage. Next to the black dragon carriage were a large group of God-rank experts.

When the black dragon carriage stopped, the Demon Dragon King stood up from his seat before he gave a loud greeting, “Welcome, my King!” And just as his voice fell, the God-ranks following him gave their greeting as well, “Welcome, my King!”

After that, all the Demons in the Demonic Abyss knelt simultaneously and said, “Welcome, my King!”

After the greetings faded into the air, the devil carriage’s mouth started to open up. Then a Vile Demon walked out of the mouth.

The Demon was not very tall and looked just like any other Demon. He wore a black robe and had some wrinkles on his face, just like an old Vile Demon.

However, the imposing aura that emanated from this person was very astonishing. He just stood there but one could feel as though they were seeing a mountain, something that could stand forever, never to be toppled down.

The presence of the Great Demon King was roaring. When Zhao Hai saw this, he couldn’t help but smile faintly before saying, “He looks very strong. It seems I’ll get to meet him soon.”

Cai’er’s voice came, “Young Master, that is the Demon Realm’s Great Demon King. In his over a thousand years of life, his prestige in the Demon Realm is incomparable to anyone else. Nobody really knows how strong he really is since he hadn’t made a move for several hundred years. The carriage that he rode in is called the Devil’s War Chariot. It’s a floating carriage made entirely out of a special kind of iron. Moreover, several magic formations are installed in the carriage as it was built. Not only could these formations make the passenger feel comfortable, it also allowed the carriage to be used in a fight. This carriage can unify with the Great Demon King’s Domain, becoming a Domain Weapon. It’s power is very overbearing.”

Zhao Hai asked, “Domain Weapon? What’s that?”

Cai’er answered, “From what I’ve heard, Domain Weapons are weapons that a God-rank’s Domain could use. Just like the Young Master, your Domain can transform into whatever you want. And after your Domain can transform into human-shape, it can use a weapon for itself. When other God-ranks become strong, their Domains would embody large versions of themselves. In this case, it would be impossible for these Domains to use conventional weapons. Therefore, these people would make weapons that would specifically be used alongside one’s Domain. And there are materials in the universe that allow such weapons to be made, and these weapons would be called Domain Weapons. These weapons are more formidable compared to ordinary weapons. Moreover, they allow a person’s Domain to exhibit more than their usual power. These weapons are incredibly valuable treasures.”

Zhao Hai nodded, this was the first time that he heard about these Domain Weapons. To be honest, he hadn’t thought about Domains having weapons before.

At this time, the Great Demon King spoke, he looked at the Demon Dragon King and the others before nodding, “Very good, you’ve done a great job. Demon Dragon, come with me. As for the others, go back to what you were doing.” Then he turned around and went back into his Devil’s War Chariot.

The action of this old Demon can only be described as serene, but to all Demons this was how it should be. Especially those who followed the Demon Dragon King, all of them were smiling. Even if the Great Demon King spoke words to them in passing, saying they did a good job, they still couldn’t help but feel their bones become lighter.

These Demons knew that the Great Demon King wouldn’t crack a joke, and will not say any sarcasm. If he said they did well, then the Great Demon King did praise their job, no hidden meanings. Being able to obtain a commendation from the Great Demon King was an enormous morale boost for these Demons.

The Demon Dragon King nodded before he jumped out of his black dragon carriage and into the Great Demon King’s chariot. While he did so, he was met with envious looks from the other Demons. Those who can enter the Great Demon King’s chariot can only be counted on one’s fingers, and the Demon Dragon King was one of those people.

This wasn’t the first time that the Demon Dragon King entered the chariot, but when he did the first time, he couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise.

One would be met with a hundred square meter lobby upon entering. Spread across the lobby was a thick carpet, in the middle of it was a table and a smaller table to hold pots and cups. On the table were small plates with normal plates as well.

The Great Demon King sat on the other side of the table, pouring liquor on the cups. The Demon Dragon King slowly sat on the opposite side before be bowed to the Great Demon King and said, “Your Majesty, I have disappointed you.”

The Great Demon King placed his liquor pot down, he waved his hand and said, “You haven’t disappointed me at all. Tell me how the fights went. You only failed because your enemy is too strong. I couldn’t blame you for that. Here, join me for a cup.”

The Demon Dragon King took the cup respectfully as he matched the Great Demon King in drinking the liquor. After placing their cups down, he took the liquor pot and poured the Great Demon King a cup.

The Great Demon King didn’t take the cup as he looked at the Demon Dragon King and said, “So what’s the problem with Zhao Hai? Is he really that strong?”

The Demon Dragon King nodded and said, “Strong, very strong. Aside from you, Your Majesty, I haven’t seen someone as strong as he is. I am not his match.”

The Great Demon King nodded and said, “It seems like this person is too problematic. Right, what’s the deal with his undead army? Tell me.”

The Demon Dragon King nodded, “I don’t know why, but Zhao Hai had a lot of strong undead. His ordinary undead had 9th rank strength. And if a God-rank expert dies and was turned into undead, they would retain their God-rank strength. Moreover, Zhao Hai had several tens of millions of strong undead.”

The Great Demon King knit his brows and said, “This Zhao Hai is formidable, and you said that he defeated the Divine Race?”

The Demon Dragon King nodded, “Ever since the Divine Race has descended, we have sent for people to monitor their advance. Once they set out, we would dispatch our troops. In the past, when we heard that the Divine Race had set out, we sent our troops onward as well. But I didn’t expect that the Ark Continent would be this formidable in harassment methods. Their mounts were very fast, not even God-ranks can overtake them. Because of this, our every step was made with excruciating pace.” After speaking here, the Demon Dragon King stopped and looked at the Great Demon King.

The Great Demon King waved his hand as he took up his cup and drank. Then the Demon Dragon King continued, “Although we were dragged behind, I thought that it would be difficult for ZHao Hai to defeat the Divine Race. So I thought that if we retreat this time under their constant attacks, then we would give the bulk of the benefits to the Divine Race. Because of this, I decided to move forward while capturing cities along the way. However, I didn’t expect that Zhao Hai would actually repel the Divine Race’s advance. After that, he led his undead army to make a hard assault on our numbers. This caused us to lose a lot of men. Along with his undead, Zhao Hai also had devil mosquitoes to harass us. The mosquitoes are strong, and their numbers are enormous as well. They’re very difficult to deal with.”

The Great Demon King nodded and said, “This Zhao Hai is the Ark Continent’s most formidable person since its existence. For him to have the strength to block both the Demons and the Divine Race. Good, good, this person is already a hero!”

The Demon Dragon King looked at the Great Demon King before he said, “Your Majesty, I have received additional information in the past few days. Please take a look.” Then he took out a beast skin scroll and placed it on the table.


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