BTFTLIAW – Chapter 797

Chapter 797 – Death Qi Army

Lizzy and Megan had great insight when it came to the battlefield that Zhao Hai didn’t have. Therefore, he hoped to ask Lizzy and Megan about this matter.

Lizzy knit her brows and said, “Big Brother Hai, I think we need to have different attitudes in dealing with the Demons and the Divine Race. We need to fight one while we keep the other.”

Zhao Hai frowned and said, “What do you mean?”

Lizzy replied, “The reason why the Demons and the Divine Race invaded the Ark Continent is different. The Divine Race wanted to enslave the people of the Continent. Brother Hai should already know that the Divine Race wanted more faith power for that immortal cultivator. And from what it seems, their hatred for the Ark Continent is deep. I’m afraid they won’t let the Ark Continent’s people go easily. On the other hand, the Demons only wanted the Ark Continent’s land. They wanted a better place, so they needed to deal with the Ark Continent’s resident. However, if we provide them with a better place, then wouldn’t they stop their invasion?”

When he heard Lizzy, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. What Lizzy meant was the Demons migrating to the Space. Was this possible?

Zhao Hai looked at Lizzy’s face and said, “How do we go about it?”

Lizzy smiled and said, “We need to look for an opportunity. Winning the Demons immediately is not good. I think we must wait for some time and then hit the Demons with a painful attack before winning them over. As for the Divine Race, they are already devout followers of the immortal cultivator. It would be impossible to shift them to our side.”

Zhao Hai coldly snorted and said, “It doesn’t matter if we can or cannot win them over. The ghosts of the Ocean Waves Dynasty’s people wouldn’t allow it. In any case, we are need to go and prepare for a fight. There is still the Underworld. The circumstances related to that place is vastly different compared to the Demons and the Divine Race. What do we do about them?”

Lizzy smiled and said, “We deal with them as well. Big Brother Hai, have you forgotten? When it comes to manpower, the Underworld’s creatures are our number one source. Later on, we can get reinforcements from them.”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh as he replied, “Alright, we’ll take care of that. Later on, the Underworld would supply us with a lot of troops.”

Ever since he received the Ark Continent’s people to the Space, Zhao Hai can be said to be extremely confident. Without anything holding his ankles down, he can now do whatever he wanted.

‘Dragon returning to the sea, tiger returning to the mountain’, this was Zhao Hai’s mood right now. He wasn’t afraid that he couldn’t deal with the Demons and the Divine Race. If that happens, then he could just hide inside the Space and slowly develop his strength. That way, even if he couldn’t beat them, he could still cause them massive headaches. This was where Zhao Hai was good at.

While Zhao Hai was being relaxed, the Demons and the Divine Race were actually anxious. This was because their reinforcements were coming.

Needless to say, the Demon reinforcements were personally led by the Great Demon King; an army of 50 million with 1 million God ranks. Although this might look inferior compared to the Divine Race, their actual fighting strength couldn’t be underestimated.

The Divine Race’s reinforcements were also quite special since it came from three parties. There were the elites coming from both the Barbarians as well as the Winged Pegasus Race, and lastly, the reinforcements coming from the Taurus Divines themselves. Altogether, their number reached an astonishing 40 million troops.

Naturally, these people were yet to arrive at the Continent. However, news of their approach came, three days later, they would arrive.

Zhao Hai didn’t know about these, but he didn’t need to. At this point, he was scraping the Ark Continent’s landscape. Everything useful have been collected to the Space. He sent undead to dig wherever possible, every mineral was sent over to the Space.

In addition to the mainland, the endless sea was also providing materials for the Space. For Zhao Hai, these were indispensable, they cannot be left to waste.

This wasn’t to say that Zhao Hai was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to beat the Demons and the Divine Race. On the contrary, Zhao Hai believed that he would drive them out in the future. He just knew that it would take a long time. And when the time comes, he needed to make sure that the Demons and the Divine Race were the weakest they could be. The Demons and the Divine Race weren’t stupid, once they occupy the continent, they would surely scour the place for resources, just like what Zhao Hai was doing.

At that time, the Ark Continent would surely be devastated. Therefore, Zhao Hai might as well do it himself.

Zhao Hai didn’t know that time  what was waiting for him, but that is irrelevant. At this point, he had already taken all the cavalry units out of the Buddha empire. The only ones left in the continent were the busily mining undead.

The Demons and the Divine Race also noted the lack of movements from the Buddha Empire. Before long, they discovered that both Rising Sun City and Upper Bank city’s garrison troops had vanished. However, they still didn’t dare to walk towards the Buddha Empire. Their previous blunder was still clear in their minds.

Three days went by in a blink of an eye. Zhao Hai sat inside the Space as usual, looking at the monitor. Naturally, he was looking at the state of the Demons and the Divine Race. Although Zhao Hai wasn’t aware of the reinforcements, the conversations from both camps predicated the arrival. Because of this, Zhao Hai was closely paying attention to the two camps.

While Zhao Hai was looking at the two camps, he was also looking at the Goblins that were working the fields. It can be seen that the strength of these Goblins were great. Compared to the Humans, they might be as strong as an average woman. But even then, they still kept doing their job without resting.

Zhao Hai knew that this wasn’t because the Goblins didn’t want to stop, they just couldn’t dare to. Before his own eyes, Zhao Hai saw Goblins being killed just because they attempted to rest.

Upon seeing this scene, Zhao Hai held a new understanding about the cruelty of the Divine Race. For a race who worshipped a deity, they were more disgusting to look at compared to the Demons.

Zhao Hai pitied these Goblins. He knew that if these Goblins were allowed to develop, then they would’ve developed a Magic and Mechanical Civilization. It was just a pity that the Divine Race snuffed that potential out.

While Zhao Hai was sighing in regret, Cai’er suddenly said, “Young Master, there is a commotion at the Demon camp. Their reinforcements have arrived.”

Zhao Hai gawked before he changed the monitor’s display to the Demon camp. On their spatial rift were large quantities of Demons. Moreover, their numbers were increasingly piling up.

When he saw the Demon Army, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but frown. He discovered some differences between this army and those who came before them. Although the Demons in the past weren’t weak, and their training was very good, they were lacking something when compared to these reinforcements, Death Qi!

Death Qi, not killing aura. As long as you have killed people, then your body will exude a killing aura. If you kill an ordinary person then you will get a killing aura, killing a large amount of magic beasts would gain you a killing aura as well. However, this Death Qi was an evolved version of killing aura. If one hadn’t killed at least a thousand people, then it would be impossible for someone to gain Death Qi.

This Death Qi was actually a state of disregarding the difference between life and death. People with Death Qi fight as though they were undead. They weren’t in a brainwashed state or in a mind-controlled condition. These people just killed too many people that they disregarded life altogether. They stopped caring about how many they killed and even stopped caring about their own life.

What made Zhao Hai frown was each person in this army had Death Qi. In other words, this army had walked through mountains of corpses and seas of blood. Even if faces with people higher rank than them, there was a high probability of these Demons being able to win.

This army had pitch black full body armor. Their weapons were pitch black spears. They looked like any ordinary army, but Zhao Hai reckoned that if these people face the Divine Race, then the Divine Race would have no choice but to retreat.

Zhao Hai carefully observed the reinforcing army. Batch upon batch continuously appeared out of the Spatial Rift. Millions upon millions of Death Qi army appeared, it was a terrifying sight.

Although Zhao Hai wasn’t worried about the Ark Continent anymore, he still couldn’t help but wipe a bead of cold sweat. He couldn’t imagine how they would defend if the Ark Continent didn’t migrate to the Space.

Not to say the continent’s army, even Zhao Hai’s undead would find it hard to face this kind of enemies.

Zhao Hai also found out that after this army arrived, those Demons doing construction were looking at them with admiring eyes. Although the Death Qi army were standing there like statues, the other Demons couldn’t help but look at them with eyes of worship.

Zhao Hai believed that this army was certainly an extraordinary unit in the Demon Realm.

At this time, a huge magic beast suddenly appeared from the spatial right. This enormous magic beast looked like an elephant. It had large fan-like ears and two long ivory tusks, however, what made this beast different was the horn on top of its head. Moreover, its skin looked just like metal armor. From its appearance alone, one could see how hard its skin was. The elephant’s four long legs were like four sturdy pillars. Its tail was very long and at its tip was a sharp arrow shape, just like a devil’s tail. The arrow was moving as though it had a life of its own.


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  1. i dont understand why he cant pop up and kidnap a god rank and take off. I would of also made my space stay open in the underworld crack to absorb undead all the time.

    1. Because the author made the space too powerful without thinking of the consequences, and now he is just ignoring 90% of the spaces capabilities just so this war isn’t over in a single chapter.

      Another example of a strategy ZH could use (which would obliterate the entire demon and divine army) but doesn’t is:
      1 – Give hundreds of blood lightning beads to each of his undead (it has been stated that the space can produce unlimited amounts of beads).
      2 – Teleport the undead high up in the sky above all enemy bases (or even do it from base to base) (he has done something similar when dealing with that great clan that was using the anti magic powder to destroy all their stores in one night).
      3 – Have the undead throw all the beads and completely obliterate the enemy armies along with the general vicinity.
      4 – Repeat every time the enemies send more units through the portals (this is even if he doesn’t do the Space portal in front of enemy portal strategy for plot reasons)
      5 – Profit, war is over all enemies are dead, nobody in the Ark continent would mess with ZH and he’d live peacefully for the rest of his life.

  2. Do we also just forget about the fact that in the beginning it was clearly said how humans just killed their slaves whenever they felt like it? And now he is enraged about the divine race doing the same to goblins.

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