BTFTLIAW – Chapter 795

Chapter 795 – Bird Flying on a Vast Sky

The Demons and the Divine Race finally felt that something was wrong. They haven’t received news from their spies for a couple days now. Although Zhao Hai’s soldiers didn’t retreat, the information that they received made them feel uneasy. They were starting to believe that the information was true. If the people of the Ark Continent really migrated, what would they do?

Although both invaders were restless, the unease felt by the Demons were less compared to the Divine Race. Their main goal was the Ark Continent’s land, so even if the people have moved away, it didn’t matter that much.

On the other hand, the Divine Race wanted the people of the continent. They saw this invasion as an act of revenge. This was because the Ark Continent had bested them once before. For the proud Divines, this was completely intolerable. However, the Divine Race found that they won’t be able to do that now.

The Demons were constantly receiving reinforcements, with the Great Demon King coming in a few days. The Demon Dragon King didn’t want to attack before the Great Demon King arrived.

The situation of the Divine Race was complex. When they sent news to the Barbarian and Winged Pegasus Race, they expected them to send their elites in order to deal with Zhao Hai.

However, they didn’t think that even if the two races said that they would send people in, their preparation was too slow. Many days have passed yet their army were yet to arrive. It was very obvious that they were delaying time. This made Thunder Yun confused, he couldn’t understand why the two races would do this. But in fact, Thunder Yun had forgotten. The two races did indeed feel they needed to take revenge against Zhao Hai, however, their hatred for the Divine Race was deeper. Strictly speaking, they couldn’t blame Zhao Hai for killing their people. If the Divine Race didn’t invade the Ark Continent, then those Barbarian and Winged Pegasus people wouldn’t have died. Their deaths were actually because of the Divine Race.

Thunder Yun hadn’t thought about this point. He has been thinking as someone far above the Barbarians and the Winged Pegasus people. In his mind, these two races should always obey the Divine Race. The deaths of the two units were well deserved. They were slaves of the Divine Race, they didn’t have the right to resent the Divine Race.

It was because of this mindset that Thunder Yun miscalculated the reaction of the two races, costing him a lot of time in the end. Finally, Thunder Yun felt that something was wrong. After a strict order towards the two races, the process of reinforcement went forward a bit faster. While this was happening, huge changed already happened in the Ark Continent. Aside from the magic beasts, one could hardly see anything alive. The ones being busy at this time were the undead.

Zhao Hai sat in the Space and took a deep breath, he can finally sigh with relief. The entire Ark Continent had migrated to the Space, everyone was now safe. A large worry in his heart has been removed. The only thing left to worry about was upgrading the Space as well as repelling the Demons and the Divine Race.

The people of the Ark Continent were very happy to live in the Space. The Space’s air was much better compared to the Ark Continent. The growth of crops was also faster compared to the mainland. When the Empires moved to the Space, their reserves were transported by Zhao Hai as well. Because of this, the lives of the civilians were much better than before.

In the past, the commoners were also worried about being unable to eat their meals. But now they don’t need to worry about it. There was a lot of land in the Space, and the crop yield was very high. Additionally, Zhao Hai was providing food and clothing subsidies to the people. One could say that the commoners were already set when it came to necessities and shelter.

Zhao Hai was currently sitting inside the villa, looking at the troops in the Buddha Empire. However, these troops weren’t the ones who harassed the Demons and the Divine Race. After transporting their families to the Space, Zhao Hai had the original army take a rest in order to recuperate.

Zhao Hai wasn’t thinking of letting the Demons and the Divine Race off. These two groups didn’t come with good intentions. This was especially true for the Divine Race, it would be impossible for Zhao Hai to forgive them. He was unlike the people who migrated to the Space, they were already living great lives, thinking that there was no need to deal with the Demons and the Divine Race.

After the Ark Continent’s people were moved to the Space, Zhao Hai had finally breathed a sigh of relief. When he deals with the Demons and the Divine Race in the future, he would be less reserved compared to before. At this point, Zhao Hai was thinking about how to deal with the two invaders.

Zhao Hai also discovered that there was no need for him to use the continent’s military. After all, the people had just moved to the Space for two days. If Zhao Hai decided to mobilize them once more, then there would be little point to sending them to migrate.

The military strength that Zhao Hai depended on would originate in a certain place, the Northern Icefield!

The Northern Icefield has been fully occupied by the undead. The undead propagating there right now were just low level undead or low level dark creatures. These things held no threat against Zhao Hai. The reason the Beastmen were afraid of the Underworld was because of the Dark Mist. Not only was the mist poisonous, it also hindered people from seeing through it. Because of this, the Beastmen weren’t able to see that the undead they were going against were just low level ones.

And for Zhao Hai, these undead were very good manpower sources. These things would immediately be subdued by the Space, transforming them into Zhao Hai’s own undead army. Because of this, Zhao Hai didn’t plan on sending more troops out into the battlefield.

The entire Ark Continent had become Zhao Hai’s large playground. He was now able to fight in however way he wanted. With his current strength, he can now fight with the Demons and the Divine Race. It was time to find out whether Zhao Hai’s tactics were stronger compared to the Demon and the Divine Race armies.

Zhao Hai looked at the Divine Race’s camp and sneered. Now he was thinking about how to start dealing with the Demons and the Divine Race. At this moment, a voice was heard, “Brother Hai, can I ask you one thing?”

Zhao Hai turned his head to see Berry. Zhao Hai looked at Berry and asked, “Berry? What’s wrong? As long as I can do it, then I’ll help you. After all, I’m your husband, tell my what you want.”

Berry looked excited at Zhao Hai’s response before she sighed and said, “Brother Hai, this might sound awkward. But, I, I want to ask you to allow my people to enter the Space.” Zhao Hai stered, he didn’t think that Berry would say this. He turned to Berry and said, “Why did you suddenly think of this?” Berry looked at the blue skies outside and said, ‘Brother Hai, we cannot see this kind of sky in the Demon Realm. For the Demons, skies like these can only be found in heaven. My Succubus Race has a high status in the Demon Realm, but those strong Demons like to treat us as playthings. If the Succubus race wanted to survive, then they would need to marry those with great power. In exchange, we would keep our living space. We Succubi didn’t want to live like this, but there was no other way. Brother Hai, your Space is huge. If there is a chance, I’d want to have a place for my family to live in.”

Zhao Hai looked at Berry’s face and smiled, “There’s no need to think about it. That’s not a problem. As long as an opportunity comes, then I can make the Succubus of the Demon Realm enter the Space. But we need to consider where they’ll live in, we can’t have them be in the villa at all times.”

When Berry heard Zhao Hai, she smiled before throwing a kiss towards Zhao Hai’s face. Zhao Hai turned his head to meet Berry’s lips, then the two went on to passionately kiss on the spot.

At this time, Megan’s voice can be heard, “Everyone, come quick. There’s two affectionate people here.” Then came the giggles of the women.

When Berry heard Megan, her body immediately jumped up as she looked at Megan and the others with a reddened face. Megan and the others went to the Space’s Ark Continent to see how the people were doing, therefore, Berry had the confidence to get bold. But now she was seen by the other women, naturally she would be embarrassed.

When Zhao Hai saw that the women were back, he smiled and said, “You’re back. How are the people? Are there no problems?”

Megan pouted and said, “Brother Hai, don’t change the topic. You haven’t kissed me like that before.”

Megan’s response made the women’s laughter even louder. Although Megan was red-faced, she was still giggling. She didn’t care. After all, only they were left in the villa. Shue and Shun, along with Blockhead and Rockhead were out and exploring the new Ark Space.

This Ark Space was where the people of the Ark Continent were. Zhao Hai had officially named it Ark Space. Besides that there was also the Fishman Space, naturally, it was the place where the Fishmen were.

As soon as these two places were arranged, Zhao Hai felt great relief. He finally felt like a bird flying in a vast sky.

The Ark Continent’s people had become shackles that prevented him from doing a lot of things. There were the Demons and the Divine Race, and more importantly, the cultivation realm. Now that the Ark Continent was safe, Zhao Hai can finally focus his full effort in dealing with his problems.


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