BTFTLIAW – Chapter 794

Chapter 794 – Blown Away

The Demon Dragon King looked at the report on his table. This was his fifth time reading the report, he has yet to comprehend what it meant.

This report was none other than the Ark Continent’s mass migration. The report stated that the Buddha and the Lyon Empire just moved while the Aksu and Rosen Empires were packing their things. At the same time, the Beastmen were also moving. The Dwarves and the Elves’ situation were unclear.

The report also stated that once the migration becomes successful, then there would be no people left in the Ark Continent.

The Demon Dragon King doubted the authenticity of this information. Where would the people of the Ark Continent move? The continent was a huge place, where would they fit?

The Demon Dragon King knew that the Ark Continent had a lot of people. The Humans alone accounted for more than a billion people. With the other races included, then it would reach a couple billion people. What place would allow this many people to live in? Moreover, the food and living conditions of these people needed to be considered. And now that the Ark Continent showed their ability to resist, why would they decide to move?

However, the Demon Dragon King knew that it would be impossible for their spies to deceive him. This made him even more confused.

Although it was the truth, it was still too hard to believe. Therefore, he was stuck on what decision to make upon receiving the report.

He didn’t know what Zhao Hai was scheming. After their multiple confrontations, the Demon Dragon King had learned to fear Zhao Hai’s plans. If the Demon Dragon King loses more people, then he wouldn’t be able to shoulder the responsibility.

At the same time, the Divine Race also received this information. The Divine Race had their own spies in the Ark Continent. After all, the Radiant Church had managed it for many years, their foundation was quite solid. With how many people they had, weeding them out was quite hard.

It was only because the Ark Continent were strict in the past that these people hid themselves while some were being ambushed. However, since the Ark Continent had gotten more chaotic than before, it was inevitable that the attention on the spies had lessened. Therefore, the Divine Race were able to receive reports from the Ark Continent.

Like the Demon Dragon King, the Divine Race were also baffled by the report. They couldn’t comprehend what it meant. They even thought that the information was a trap.

The reason these people were yet to make a move was because they had yet to find a way to deal with Zhao Hai’s harassment tactics. Zhao Hai’s move was just too scary.

They did exactly what Zhao Hai wanted, giving him time. At this time, the Buddha and Lyon Empire had been moved to the Space. The Aksu and Rosen Empire had also begun their move along with the Elves and the Dwarves.

One could say that the most difficult to move were the Elves and the Dwarves. The Dwarves needed to have mines where they live. Therefore, Zhao Hai prepared a place with an iron and coal mine for them.

Since the Space leveled up, Zhao Hai can now make optional arrangements for the minerals of the Space. Because Zhao Hai had pure iron, he decided to place it in the new Ark Continent’s Dwarf mountain, allowing it to turn the rocks around it into iron.

On the other hand, the Elves were more difficult. They were used to living in a forest, the type that was never been touched. This was a difficult condition, needing specific planning for the Space. Having a new forest in a short time was just impossible. Zhao Hai can only leave a place for the Elves to plant trees in.

In the end, Zhao Hai decided to choose a forested background and modify it to look like the Elven Forest. The only thing he couldn’t achieve was the Elven Tree City itself.

Zhao Hai didn’t know what kind of tree it was. The Elves had grown it for a long time, it was impossible to duplicate that city in the Space.

It was fortunate that the Elves asked Zhao Hai to relocate the tree itself into the Space. After thinking about it, Zhao Hai agreed.

To be honest, Zhao Hai didn’t want to leave the Elven Tree City behind as well. To Zhao Hai, that city was a miracle of nature. When Zhao Hai agreed to take the Elven Tree City along, the Elves decided to dig the city out. Otherwise, there would be now way for Zhao Hai to take it to the Space.

But as the Elves were starting to dig, Zhao Hai told them that there was no need. Zhao Hai guaranteed them that the tree wouldn’t be affected by the move.

The Space hadn’t disappointed Zhao Hai, it easily absorbed the Elven Tree City. The Elves had now officially settled inside the Space.

The condition made by the Dwarves were very unique. They wanted Zhao Hai to take the weapons and armor, as well as the ingots that they had accumulated over the years. Naturally, Zhao Hai was happy to agree.

Although the Space already had a large amount of iron, Zhao Hai was still happy to add some more.

But when Zhao Hai saw the Dwarves’ stock, he couldn’t help but be shocked. The Dwarves had almost hollowed the mountain range after all these years. And all of the iron ore that they weren’t able to process were stockpiled and then turned to ingots for later use. Also, one needed to know that the amount of ore mined in a day was much bigger than the amount that could be processed in the same timeframe.

The iron ore was just too much, Zhao Hai simply couldn’t estimate it. The iron ingots and products were already piled in huge mountain-like piles, not to mention the iron ore. The Dwarves’ stockpile was just too large.

After taking all these things, Billy also proposed something. He wanted to leave a few people behind and completely dig the entire mountain of ores.

When Zhao Hai heard Billy, he thought about it for a moment before he agreed. Leaving those iron ores in the Ark Continent would be a waste. Also, it might even benefit the Demons and the Divine Race. So Zhao Hai would rather use them for himself.

In the past, the Dwarves were considering their safety when they were mining the mountain. There were places that they haven’t dug out because it might cause the mountain to collapse. Since they didn’t need to worry about that now, then they would clear the mountain even if it cause it to crumple.

This idea also opened a new thought for Zhao Hai. Although the valuable things inside the Ark Continent were already taken to the Space, there were still things in the continent that were of value, things like wood, bamboo, some machines, metal and the like. Naturally Zhao Hai didn’t want to just leave them be. Since the Demons and the Divine Race didn’t attack and the people had already moved, Zhao Hai released massive amounts of undead to collect things. The ransack was even more ruthless than the shakedowns made by corrupt officials. As long as something can be used, they weren’t let go.

The ones who gave Zhao Hai the least worry were the Beastmen. All of their items were very easy to move. They just placed their belongings on carts before they moved, it was a completely easy process.

On the other hand, the ones Zhao Hai worried the most were the Fishmen. The people of the sea were just too numerous. As the Fishmen entered the Space, Zhao Hai discovered that they were too slow. To solve this, Zhao Hai told the Elf Queen to concentrate the Fishmen and he would just take them to the Space. This process would be quicker than having them go through the spatial rift.

The Queen agreed to Zhao Hai’s proposal. Groups of Fishmen made cube formations and stayed where they were. Then Zhao Hai continuously absorbed them towards the Space.

This takes more time and effort, but Zhao Hai had no other choice. But what moved Zhao Hai was the fact that there were also a lot of useful things in the sea, such as iron ores, other metals, and sea products. It would be a waste to leave them be.

However, Zhao Hai also knew that it wouldn’t be so easy to extract those things out. And compared to the seas, the mainland still had a lot of resources he could use. Therefore, Zhao Hai decided to just take the easy route and leave the seas for now.

The Demons and the Divine Race didn’t think that Zhao Hai would have a thing such as the Space. The people who moved discovered that things weren’t different after they moved. They were just met by their empty house, the same style that they were used to. Under the efforts of the officials, their residence didn’t change. For the people, it was just like moving all of their things outside their house before placing it right back in. Moreover, their new homes seemed more comfortable compared to before.

In the past, the homes of these commoners were worn out since they didn’t have the money for repair. Although Zhao Hai made a complete copy of the Ark Continent, it was troublesome for him to also imitate the worn out look of the houses. Because of this, the commoners were given with newer versions of their old house. Naturally, the commoners were happy with this result.

After going through great effort, the relocation of the Ark Continent was short of completion. Except the Fishmen who lived far, all of the people were already settled inside the Space.


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