BTFTLIAW – Chapter 793

Chapter 793 – Agreement!

After receiving Zhao Hai’s notice, Wales immediately gathered the heads of the cow-headed race and discussed the migration with them.

Wales’ prestige in the Cow-headed race was quite high. When the Herculean Bulls were in a slump, he led them to regain their place. Although Zhao Hai’s help was critical to the success, it still doesn’t take away from the fact that Wales was a talented leader.

At the same time, Zhao Hai held a high status in the Cow-headed race. After all, he was their Foreign Prince as well as the Beastman Race’s Foreign Prince. Because of this, after Zhao Hai suggested that they move, none of the Cow-headed race’s patriarchs disagreed.

However, the Cow-headed race was no small group in the Prairie. It would take a long time for them to be moved. Because of this, their migration was much slower compared to the Humans and the Fishmen.

But this matter also highlighted the advantages of the Beastmen. Since they have tents, it didn’t take too long for their property to be transferred to the Space. This nomadic way of life proved to be more convenient compared to the Humans when it came to migration.

When Zhao Hai heard that Wales was done preparing, he immediately opened a spatial rift near the Herculean Bulls’ camp. Then he started to guide the Cow-headed Beastmen to enter the Space.

The place where Wales entered was just right behind the Lyon Empire. In this place, there was a huge piece of grassland, much bigger than the original Beastman Prairie. There wouldn’t be any problems if the entire Beastman Race relocated here.

Moreover, the grass in the Space was much more abundant compared to the outside. At the same time, they regrow quicker. This would make the lives of the herding Beastmen much better.

Zhao Hai doesn’t intend to separate the Humans and the other races. After all, they used to live together. Moreover, Zhao Hai noticed that the races in the Ark Continent actually complemented each other, able to live alongside each other in harmony. If it wasn’t for the Radiant Church, then there won’t be any discord between the various races.

After the Cow-headed Beastmen entered the Space, they immediately took a liking to it. For them, the place was just like heaven. Blue sky, green grass, jade textured water; everything here made up for the most ideal place for herding.

The Cow-headed Beastmen couldn’t help but smile widely at the place. Some elderly Cow Beastmen even went to the ground and chewed on the grass. After tasting them, their eyes shone as they loudly said, “This is high grade grass! The Prince hasn’t deceived us, this is the ideal place for us Beastmen!”

The cheer of the people resounded all over the place.

In the entire Cow-headed race, the last to enter was Wales’ Herculean Bull Tribe. However, Zhao Hai had already arranged a good spot for them to transfer their golden tent to as soon as they came in.

Wales was more than satisfied with the grassland around him. After looking out, he thought that this was a nice place to settle in.

Just like the Lyon Empire and the Buddha Empire, Wales’ move to the Space influenced the entire Beastman Race. After seeing the Cow-headed race willingly entering Zhao Hai’s Space, they started to be convinced to move as well.

After Wales and the others entered the Space, Zhao Hai wasn’t too anxious of bringing them back out. In fact, Zhao Hai wanted Wales to stay inside for a while so that Wales can help sway the minds of the other Beastmen.

After settling down for some time, Wales and some of the Cow Beastmen went out of the Space. The place where they appeared out of was Beast God City.

Wales now understood how Zhao Hai was able to appear on the Prairie on a whim. It turned out that it was because of the Space. Wales came out of the Space and immediately went to the Beast King’s Palace in order to inform the Beast King about their condition inside Zhao Hai’s Space.

The Beast King also wanted to move the Beastman Race to the Space. He knew that it was much safer inside the Space compared to outside. Migrating there would a good for the entire Beastman Race.

However, it was clear that the Beast King’s words alone wouldn’t make this happen. Therefore, he can only discuss this matter with the Patriarchs of the big warring clans. He wanted them to move as soon as possible.

Even so, the Patriarchs still didn’t agree. This annoyed the Beast King. With the White Tigers, the Polar Bears, and the Blue Hawks being held back, this meant that their enemy was a strong one. Additionally, there was the encroaching poisonous dark mist. Counter-attacking and reclaiming lost lands was virtually impossible. In this case, wouldn’t moving to the Space a much better choice?

However, the Beastmen had the same mentality as the Humans when it came to this matter. They needed someone to take the lead. Once one of them went and migrated, then it would be easier for the others to follow suit.

The Beast King actually wanted his Tiger Tribe to take the lead. After all, he was the Tiger Race’s patriarch, it would be appropriate for them to make the first step. However, this move might not be enough to convince the other races.

If the Tiger Tribe were the only ones to do this, then the effect might only be light. Just as the Beast King was annoyed at this matter, Wales came and told him that the Cow headed Race had already settled down inside the Space. This was definitely a good news for the Beast King.

After hearing Wales’ report, the Beast King immediately decided to call the Patriarchs of the big warring tribes. He wanted them to hear Wales’ report firsthand.

Although the Cow-headed race wasn’t considered as a warring tribe, they were still quite influential in the Prairie. Their special relationship with Zhao Hai provided them with a higher status among other Beastmen. All of the Beastmen know about the matters between Zhao Hai and the Herculean Bulls.

Also, Zhao Hai’s status had risen even more when he sold the Beastmen his grain, when he found the Beast God’s Spear, and when he established a milk wine business with the entire Prairie. All of these feats elevated Zhao Hai’s image inside the hearts of the Beastmen.

And now that the Demons and the Divine Race had come, Zhao Hai’s status became even higher. This was because Zhao Hai was in the forefront of the battle between the two invaders. The Beastmen admires brave people the most, because of this, their respect for Zhao Hai was quite high.

After the Patriarchs heard Wales’ report about the Space, all of them became excited. However, they had a request, they wanted to personally visit the Space.

When the Beast King heard this, he immediately took his messenger fish and told Zhao Hai about what happened.

Zhao Hai didn’t even need to think about it. Inside the conference room, a spatial rift suddenly appeared. After that, the Patriarchs were then led to witness the Space for themselves.

These Beastmen have always been weary about Zhao Hai’s skills. But for the sake of the Beastman Race, they still entered the Space.

The place where Zhao Hai sent them to was the place where the Cow-headed Beastmen were located. After looking at the grassland, the Beastmen Patriarchs immediately believed Wales’ words. The grass was indeed very good.

Beastmen had been herding for all their lives. For them, good pastures can be discerned in just one glance. This grassland was indeed very good and there were even plenty of water sources. It would be very strange if the Beastmen didn’t move after seeing this.

The Beastmen Patriarchs stayed in the Space for quite some time before they left. Once they got out, the Patriarch immediately returned to their territories and prepared their people to move out.

Their decision made Zhao Hai smile. And even more worth celebrating was the fact that the Rosen Empire had decided to move in as well. In order to convince the Emperor, Zhao Hai even promised him that there would be no change in authority once they move to the Space. Zhao Hai also showed the Space’s Rosen Empire to the Emperor. Because of this, the Emperor finally agreed.

The last time the Rosen Emperor visited the Space, the new Ark Continent was yet to be made. Now that a complete copy of the Rosen Empire was created, and people were going to live here, the Rosen Emperor naturally agreed.

Actually, the Rosen Emperor was still quite reserved about the decision. After all, he was Zhao Hai’s father-in-law. Once he entered the Space, then his position as an elder would be affected. But in the end, after Lizzy’s persuasion, the Rosen Emperor finally agreed.

As the matter stands,  only the Elves, the Dwarves, and the Aksu Empire were yet to make a decision. At this moment, it had been half a month after the last attack made by the Divine Race.

Half a month wasn’t a long time, and this showed why Zhao Hai’s Space was a wonderful thing. In just half a month, Zhao Hai was able to move most of the people from the Buddha and the Lyon Empire into the Space. At the same time, large numbers of Beastmen and Fishmen had also moved in.

But although Zhao Hai was taking care of the migration, he still kept an eye out for the actions made by the Demons and the Divine Race. At this time, the Demons and the Divine Race were focused on amassing troops. Their losses in their past operation wasn’t small, so they needed some reinforcements to replace the losses. It was clear that they were yet to discover the arrival of the Underworld. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have waited for the troops and instead went forward and just attacked.

Less than two days after the Beastmen and the Rosen Empire started to move to the Space, the Aksu Empire, Elves, and Dwarves also agreed to migrate. The Aksu Empire had no special requests. On the other hand, the Dwarves and Elves had something to ask before migrating. The Elves wanted Zhao Hai to move their entire city into the Space. The Dwarves requested Zhao Hai to get the ores that they had mined all these years and then take them to the Space.


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  1. Cant Zao Hai just warp all Underworld unded to the space and reprogram them to serve as soldiers to fight Divane and Deamon Race?

    1. first off he can only take those that dont resist or are captured or enter willingly into the space so unfortunatly what you said dosnt work also there is probably more than just undead in the underworld…maby vampires, werewolves and dark spirits… not shur what else would be there

      1. He specifically said undead, so I would think he only means the skeletons. Now, the skeletons could be forced and that would be great but in reality, skirting the hell king’s forces would be the most likely way of getting new recruits.

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