BTFTLIAW – Chapter 792

Chapter 792 – Remaking The Ark Continent

There wasn’t much mystery as to why the Lyon Empire agreed to enter the Space. On the other hand, Zhao Hai doesn’t understand why the Mermaid Queen agreed. Although Zhao Hai was glad that they agreed, he still wondered why.

Actually, this was because the Mermaid clan was different compared to the Elves, Beastmen, and Dwarves. The three latter races had members who had ascended to the Divine Realm while the mermaid race had no ascenders. In other words, they don’t have a powerful backer.

Because of this, the Fishmen immediately agreed to enter the Space. The Mermaid Queen knew that Zhao Hai would eventually defeat the Demons and the Divine Race. And although the Fishmen would have it better, their state would still be different compared to the Elves and the other two races. If Zhao Hai succeeded in his counter attack, then the Elves could meet with their people in the Divine Realm. Once they get in contact, their situation would be much safer. The case was similar to the Beastmen and the Dwarves.

But the Fishman Race was different, they didn’t have any people to help them in the Divine Realm. Even if Zhao Hai succeeded in defeating the invaders, the Fishmen still wouldn’t gain any advantage.

The Mermaid Clan had a lot of 9th ranks, but nobody was able to reach God-rank. This worried the Mermaids. Because of this, they saw hope in Zhao Hai and the potion that he had.

Although Zhao Hai’s potions could only promote people to 8th and 9th rank, Zhao Hai told them that he has yet to develop a potion for God-rank. This meant that the potion was on its way to being made. This was too tempting for the Fishmen, so the Mermaid Queen immediately agreed to enter Zhao Hai’s Space. The Mermaid Queen also saw the place that Zhao Hai had arranged for them, and to be honest, it was a much better place than where they were living right now. The Mermaid Queen had no qualms about moving their entire race over.

Although Zhao Hai was shocked at the decisions made by the Mermaid Queen and the Great Nobles, he was happy with their quick response. And even if they had some reservations at this point, they would slowly accept Zhao Hai when they live in the Space.

The Mermaid Clan and the Great Nobles took the lead in entering the Space. With the influence of the Great Nobles as well as Zhao Hai’s appeal as the Emperor, the civilians of the Lyon Empire also agreed. After all, their almighty Emperor would take them to a place devoid of war and was plentiful in food and clothing. Moreover, they also won’t need to worry about the Demons and the Divine Race.

Although the way Zhao Hai became Emperor was quite special, the people of the Lyon Empire were still very respectful towards him. This was because Zhao Hai had essentially rescued them from the Dragons. Moreover, Zhao Hai was taking the lead in resisting the Demons and the Divine Race. Even if they weren’t Beastmen, they would still respect a strong and powerful person. This was because in the Ark Continent, the stronger the person, the more respect he would gain, and Zhao Hai was a very strong man.

With Zhao Hai’s fame as well as the help of the Great Nobles, the Lyon Empire’s people began to move towards the Space. Naturally, they didn’t know about the specifics of the Space. The only thing they knew was that they were going to migrate.

And along with the movement of the Lyon Empire, the Buddha Empire’s people were also affected. It was impossible to hide the Lyon Empire’s migration to the Buddha Empire. After all, the Buddha Empire has taken refuge in the Lyon Empire. Because of this, when the commoners of the Buddha Empire heard that the Lyon Empire was migrating, they also prepared their things for migration.

People were sometimes subjected to blind obedience. And who do these civilians follow? Naturally it was the Nobles. And with Zhao Hai’s call, the commoners will surely follow. These commoners knew that the Nobles might have known something that they don’t. Therefore, once they saw the nobles moving, they suddenly thought that the Lyon Empire might be in danger. If this was true, then they needed to move quickly.

There were a lot of people with the same ideas. It was because of this that the entire population of the Lyon Empire started to move. From the commoners, to small nobles, and to the Great Nobles. All of them packed up their things and prepared to move out.

The Buddha Empire’s Imperial Clan as well as its Great Nobles couldn’t just sit still with this development. If their subordinates decided to move, then what use would they have? What would a Noble Title and a Crown do? They would become Generals with no army.

The Buddha Empire’s Nobles convened before deciding to migrate as well. The Buddha Emperor and the others understood how bad it would be for them if they didn’t move. The Demons and the Divine Race were yet to break through, however, the Buddha Empire’s people were currently inside the Lyon Empire. If the war continues for long, then the citizens would slowly be integrated to the Lyon Empire. So when Zhao Hai drives the invaders out, will the citizens come back? Because of this, the Buddha Empire’s nobles decided that it would be better to be inside Zhao Hai’s Space. At the very least, they would still have their own people and territory.

Zhao Hai had promised them that after moving to the Space, then they would be given land that was just like the Buddha Empire. Cities would be made and the place would look and feel like the old Buddha Empire.

Zhao Hai can definitely achieve this promise. The Space is under his control, and he can change its terrain at will. Because of this, Zhao Hai can change the Space’s terrain and make the Buddha Empire out of essentially nothing. It would be no different from the Buddha Empire outside.

Zhao Hai knew everything about the Buddha Empire as well as the rest of the Ark Continent. Zhao Hai ordered Cai’er to make the Space’s background to be like the Ark Continent.

Zhao Hai hadn’t prepared to migrate the Ark Continent’s people to the Space. And since he didn’t want people to go to his villa everyday, He had a separate continent made with the same structure as the Ark Continent, he would have people move there.

However, Zhao Hai was not only building the terrain of the Ark Continent, he needed to make cities as well. And naturally, this came at a price. The Space deducted tens of millions of gold coins from Zhao Hai’s account, almost resetting Zhao Hai’s money to only a couple of gold coins.

Zhao Hai looked at the rapid decline of his gold coins with a frown on his face. In the end, the number stopped going down, leaving Zhao Hai with a bit more than 10 thousand. Zhao Hai felt his heart stop, but fortunately Cai’er told him that there were a lot of things in the Space that can be sold. As long as those things mature, then they can get millions of gold coins once more.

Zhao Hai was confused by this. He remembered that the crops from the Space weren’t worth this much money. If he was able to sell them for millions of gold coins, then he would’ve already done it a long time ago.

It was only after he asked Cai’er that he understood. Those plants were cultivated in the magic world backgrounds. Plants harvested there were more than those grown in the Space’s background.

After hearing this, Zhao Hai’s sadness immediately vanished. Zhao Hai wasn’t a stingy person, and he knew how much tens of millions of gold coins can do in the Space.

As for the migration, the Fishmen didn’t need to be managed as much as the Humans. This time, Zhao Hai was taking care of the Lyon Empire. It was good that the Great Nobles of the Empire were already familiar with the environment. They immediately established their authority before leading the commoners in.

The civilians that entered the Space was actually a mix between the Lyon and Buddha Empire’s commoners. The people of the Buddha Empire were already sent to the Space’s Buddha empire. Later on, when the Buddha Empire’s Nobles arrive, the Empire would be re-established once more.

When the people from the Buddha Empire saw their homes, the couldn’t help but cry. This was especially true for the old people, they really thought that they had returned to their hometowns. They never expected that they would be able to see their homes for the rest of their lives. Although this wasn’t the original Buddha Empire, it was not different to their original home, all of them were very happy.

Fortunately for Zhao Hai’s pockets, the Radiant Empire has been completely decimated by the Divine Race. Therefore, Zhao Hai didn’t need to reconstruct the Empire inside the Space. The Space’s Ark Continent was much smaller compared to the original one; it didn’t have the Black Wasteland, the Carrion Swamp, the Northern Icefield, and other uninhabited places.

If Zhao Hai really remade the Ark Continent, then he would surely be bankrupt. Even if he sold his own clothes, we still wouldn’t be able to remake the Ark Continent.

The Buddha Empire and Lyon Empire’s mass migration naturally couldn’t be hidden from the other people. This made the other Empires unable to sit still.

The first to become anxious was the Rosen Emperor. The Emperor was Zhao Hai’s father-in-law, so he supported Zhao Hai. However, he was still afraid that after moving to the Space, his high status would be gone. This made him think twice. But after seeing the actions made by the Lyon and Buddha Empires, his heart began to beat quickly.

However, even if his heart was beating fast, his actions were the contrary. On the other hand, another person made a quick move, it was Wales!


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