BTFTLIAW – Chapter 791

Chapter 791 – Unexpected Decision From the Fishmen and the Lyon Empire

BIlly looked at the Space in a daze, all of it was beyond his comprehension. Zhao Hai looked at Billy and said, “Patriarch, come with me. I’ll discuss with you in detail.” Then he lead Billy to the villa.

Billy was similarly stunned when he arrived at the Villa. This was because he didn’t expect to see Laura and the others there. Zhao Hai introduced Billy to the others before inviting him to sit down. Megan handed Billy a glass of wine before Zhao hai started talking about everything inside the Space.

Fully explaining the Space couldn’t just be done inside the villa. So Zhao Hai took Billy to see the background and introduced it.

Five hours passed since Zhao Hai began to talk to Billy. By the time they returned to the villa, Billy already had a general understanding of the Space.

After they sat down, Zhao Hai gave Billy a glass of wine. Billy drank all of it, and then asked for seconds before placing it down and turning to Zhao Hai, “You want the Ark Continent’s people to migrate to the Space?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Although it can be said that I am a god inside this place, you should also know that I have no plans to oppress you. Moreover, this is the safest way we can go forward, I don’t have any other plans. I won’t force you to come to the Space, everything is up to your choice. I will still participate in the fight against the Demons and the Divine Race. However, to tell you the truth, I can’t find any future in fighting the two. And now that the Underworld has come, my confidence in defending has gotten lower.”

Billy nodded. He was clear about the situation of the Ark Continent. Although he wasn’t in the frontlines, there were Dwarves there to provide reports in addition to Zhao Hai’s news. Although Zhao Hai gained recent victories, discerning people can see that the Demons and the Divine Race were just being harassed by Zhao Hai. Once they find ways to go around Zhao Hai’s antics, then they would attack once again. And now, there was the Underworld.

Billy turned to look at Zhao Hai and said, “I know how you have it hard. However, I cannot take responsibility of this matter alone. You should also be aware of how the Dwarves do things. Any matter needed to be discussed with everyone. I’ll go back and ask for their opinion on this.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Alright. But I hope to hear your decision as soon as possible. We can’t drag this matter for a long time. The Underworld’s residents are getting closer and closer. And once the Demons and the Divine Race discovers that the Underworld has come, then they would certainly attack. When that time comes, things might be too late.”

Billy nodded, “Rest assured, I will give you an answer as soon as possible. Please lead me back.” Zhao Hai nodded before he lead Billy back to his mountain.

After Billy returned, he immediately convened the elders and the village chiefs. He told the the Ark Continents current state before proposing Zhao Hai’s idea.

While Billy was talking with his people, Zhao Hai went on to visit the Beast King. He also took the Beast King to the Space. And just like Billy, he introduced the Space while proposing his plan.

Naturally, the Beast King didn’t agree immediately. The Beastman Race’s government was much looser than the Dwarves. The influence of the Beast King wasn’t as powerful as the Patriarchs of each tribe. So Zhao Hai lead the Beast King back to the Prairie to discuss the matter with his people. After leading the Beast King out, Zhao Hai didn’t immediately go to the Elves. Instead, he went to the Herculean Bull camp and looked for Wales.

The Herculean Bulls had also sent their cavalry to help Zhao Hai in the Buddha Empire. One can say that Zhao Hai had Wales’ unconditional support.

Wales knew that the changes in the northern icefield wasn’t good news. The powerful northern tribes were already promoted to 9th rank by Zhao Hai, and yet they were still driven pack into the Prairie. This alone fully explained how strong the creatures of the Underworld were. An enemy at the icefield was akin to having a knife at the back of Zhao Hai. Therefore, Wales was very anxious in the past few days.

When he heard that Zhao Hai came, Wales immediately welcomed him to the tent. As they entered, Wales gave the guards and order, “Guard the tent, don’t let anybody approach.” The guard nodded before walking out.

Yale and Mendez were also inside the tent. Wales looked at Zhao Hai and said, “How come you have time to visit? Do you have any plans?”

Zhao Hai looked at Wales and smiled, “Brother, you should already know about the Space. I want the Cow-headed race to move to the Space. You can still herd there, keeping your present life while being safe.

Wales couldn’t help but stare, he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Are you sure about this?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I’ve decided. There is no safer way for the continent other than this. I have already told the Beast King about the Space, and he said it needed to be discussed. Brother, you need to be an example and help the Beast King out. You know how good the Space is better than anyone in the Prairie. What do you think?”

Wales nodded and said, “Give me a few days. I don’t think there’ll be any problems. Rest assured.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he looked at Wales and laughed, “Brother, later on we can drink daily together. Hahaha.”

Wales smiled. He knew that inside the Space, Zhao Hai was a god. He can go wherever he wanted to go and he can do whatever he wants to do. It would be very easy for Zhao Hai to drink with Wales everyday.

Wales laughed and replied, “You better give us some good pastures. Our entire cow-headed race will be depending on you.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Brother, rest assured, the grass in the Space is much better than in the Prairie. As long as you move there, you won’t have any more problems.”

Wales nodded, “Good. I don’t have anything else to ask. Just wait for my news, I will certainly do well in the following days.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he said his goodbyes to Wales before returning to the Space. After that, he went to the Elves. Zhao Hai couldn’t forget the Elf Queen’s shocked face when she saw the trees of life inside the Space.

Nobody could blame the Elf Queen, the Elves treasured their tree of life. But in Zhao Hai’s Space, there seem to be one in every direction. There were even two of them beside the door of Zhao Hai’s villa. Moreover, these trees of life looked healthier than the one back in the Elf Forest.

Although she was dumbfounded by what she saw, the Elf Queen didn’t immediately agree to migrating to the Space. After all, she also needed to discuss this matter with the elders.

Zhao Hai didn’t oppose to this decision as he gave an understanding nod. After that, he immediately went to the Fishmen to see the Mermaid Queen. Naturally, he also took the Queen to the Space and introduced her with the surroundings. He also led her to the place in the background he specially prepared for the FIshman Race.[1]

Zhao Hai expected the Queen to delay her decision and discuss the matter with her people. However, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare when the Queen agreed to migrate immediately. She told Zhao Hai that she would organize the move as soon as she gets back from the Space.

This was completely unexpected, but Zhao Hai was still happy. He immediately opened a spatial rift, enabling the Fishmen access to the Space at all times.

Zhao Hai  didn’t think that the first ones to move would be the Fishmen. But Zhao Hai was also glad. The Fishmen were the easiest people to settle in. Unlike the other races, the Fishmen didn’t need houses nor tents. As long as they were in the sea, then they can already take care of themselves.

After having Cai’er manage the Fishmen, Zhao Hai and Green returned to the Black Wasteland. Then the Buda Clan’s people and slaves, along with the Diamond Ape Tribe, moved and settled down in the Space.

These people weren’t with the Buda Clan for a day or two, it could be said that they were completely loyal to Zhao Hai. Therefore, Zhao Hai decided to have these people move to the Space first as an example to the other residents of the continent.

After moving his people to the Space, Zhao Hai immediately went to look for the leaders of the various Empires of the continent. He told them about the state of the continent and about the Space. Finally, he proposed the migration of the continent’s residents towards the Space.

The various leaders didn’t agree immediately. They knew that once they entered the Space, then it would akin to being on Zhao Hai’s hands. If Zhao Hai had anly plans for them, then they couldn’t do anything to rebel.

Although there were God-rank experts among the enemies, these experts weren’t invincible. However, in Zhao Hai’s Space, Zhao Hai was a literal god. If Zhao Hai wants them to die, then it would be impossible for them to live. This was why they were reserved about the decision, this was the same case as the other races in the continent.

But out of Zhao Hai’s expectation was the Lyon Empire. Zhao Hai also told the Lyon Empire’s Great Nobles about his plans. Who would’ve known that after Zhao Hai proposed his idea, the Great Nobles of the Empire immediately agreed. All of them quickly moved their families to the Space while also helping Zhao Hai move the Lyon Empire’s residents.

Zhao Hai didn’t know why this was the case. But the true reason was because the Lyon Empire was already convinced of Zhao Hai’s strength. The people of the other Empires might know Zhao Hai’s might from the battle with the Demons, but the Lyon Empire were already aware of it when he extinguished the Dragons. The people of the Lyon Empire believed that since Zhao Hai assured them safety inside the Space, then safety would definitely be provided. Hence they decided to not delay and move immediately.

  1. From my advance reading, this is the main background of the Space, not those that needed to be purchased.


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