BTFTLIAW – Chapter 790

Chapter 790 – Decision

Green and Merine, along with Kun and Karen, were now in the Space. People Zhao Hai thought to be his elders were inside the Space.

They were yet to know what had happened, but just by listening to Laura they knew that something urgent must have occured. Because of this, they immediately left what they were doing and quickly went to the Space. Green and the others understood that Zhao Hai wouldn’t have called them over if it wasn’t important.

Currently, Green and Merine were mainly responsible for running the Black Wasteland. There were many races in the wasteland, dealing with their affairs was quite a chore. Naturally, since Zhao Hai was busy, these things were handed over to Green and Merine.

Kun was still in charge of Golden Island. Although war was happening in the frontline, people still needed supplies. Zhao Hai already took care of transporting supplies in the frontlines, so Kun was overseeing the transactions in the island.

At the same time, Karen had also been very busy. His team was currently busy with researching defensive formations. But when he heard Zhao Hai’s summons, he immediately entered the Space.

After the group arrived at the villa, they immediately saw Zhao Hai’s unhappy face. Shue and Shun were keeping silent right beside him. Blockhead and Rockhead had just exited their room.

After Green and the others saw Zhao Hai, they knew that he was thinking deeply. Shue and the others didn’t dare to disturb him so Green didn’t hesitate and said, “Young Master, what happened?”

When Zhao Hai heard Green’s voice, he quickly recovered. He looked at the group and hastily got up as he said, “Grandpa Green, Grandma Merine, Grandpa Kun, Father-in-law. Please have a seat. I have an important matter to discuss.”

After the group sat down, Zhao Hai told them about the northern icefield. He told them that the idea of relocating the Ark Continent’s residents to the Space. As soon as Green and the others heard this, all of them stared blankly. The Divine Race and The Demons were yet to be dealt with, and now the Underworld appeared? Anyone who had heard this would would to shout ‘motherfucker!’

There was only a little improvement to the frontline, but now a huge calamity appeared on their backyard. In this case, aside from relocating to the Space, there was no other way to evade massive losses.

After Zhao Hai saw that the group was silent, he continued on and told them about what Shue and Shun just said. He wanted to hear their opinion. Although Zhao Hai had experience in these matters, he was still a beginner in front of these elders.

Not to say about Green and the others, even Shue was more experienced than him. Otherwise, Zhao Hai wouldn’t have needed Shue and Shun to tell him about faith power.

After they heard Zhao Hai, Green and the others frowned. To be honest, they didn’t think about this before. The Space was the biggest secret of the Buda Clan, so they never thought of making it public. Because of this, they shifted the idea of relocating to the Space to being the last of methods they would use. But now that Green and the others listened to Shue and Shun’s idea, they started to think that revealing the Space wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Green hesitated for some time before he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Young Master, I don’t expect this thing to go smoothly, but we can try it anyway. But after we do this, the Divine Race and the Demons would surely be aware of your Space. Even if they don’t know what the Space is like, they would still have a general idea about it. And once the Divine Race knows, they would also report this to the immortal cultivator. When we ascend to the immortal cultivation plane, that immortal would surely have this in mind.’

Zhao Hai nodded, he was aware of this point. It would be impossible to hide it when the massive population of the Ark Continent suddenly vanished. Lu Wei would definitely get wind of this and make certain preparations. Zhao Hai needed to be careful with this.

Perhaps the immortal cultivators would think that Zhao Hai had a rare treasure and would have greedy thoughts about it. When that time comes, Zhao Hai would definitely be chased by those cultivators, making Zhao Hai’s troubles even bigger.

To Zhao Hai, this was a very hard decision. On one hand, he could keep his peaceful life but would sacrifice the Ark Continent. On the other, he would be in more trouble but he would provide safety to the people of the continent. Zhao Hai was not a saint, so before he made this decision, he needed to properly weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

After seeing that Zhao Hai stayed silent, Green said, “If we don’t help the people of the Ark Continent, then they would be in danger. Moreover, we would have no way to gain faith power in the future. There are surely advantages and disadvantages to migrating the Ark Continent’s people to the Space, this decision is entirely up to you, Young Master.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I believe we should relocate the people of the Ark Continent into the Space. For us, the benefits outweigh the shortcomings. In the future, it would be impossible to hide the existence of the Space. It would be revealed sooner or later. We might as well save the people of the continent at this point.”

Merine nodded, “If the Young Master has decided, then we can proceed to the next step. Young Master, I believe we should start with talking to the other races. There may be Demon spies among the Humans. Relatively speaking, there would be less traitors among the foreign races.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “My relationship with the other races is pretty good as well. We’ll start with the Dwarves. After all, the Dwarves are at the forefront. If a fight were to happen, then they would be in the most danger.”

Merine nodded and said, “I also think that the Fishmen would agree. There is a sea on the Space’s background. And since the Fishmen doesn’t need to survive, then it would be easier for them to move in immediately.”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and said, “I’m actually quite worried about the Fishmen. There are too many people in the sea. Although the Space is huge, I’m afraid it would take a year before relocating all of the Fishman into the Space.”

Laura smiled and said, “I think that the Fishmen can be delayed. Whether it is the Divine Race or the Demons, they don’t seem to be very good at sea battles. The sea should be the safest place right now. We should ask the Dwarves and the Elves. I don’t think there would be any problems with the Elves. The most important thing for them is their tree of life, and we have several of those trees inside the Space. If they decide to settle down, we can plant more trees of life for them.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “The Beastmen should be easy to persuade as well. What they value the most is the Prairie, and the Space has a much better grassland in comparison. At the same time, the magic beasts in the Space should be sufficient for them.”

The group discussed even more and decided to approach the Dwarves first. Although the Beastmen were also at the frontlines, the Prairie was just too big. Moreover, the Beastmen weren’t weak. The Underworld had just opened, so powerful creatures should arrive quite later on, the Beastmen could still defend against the advancing underworld creatures.

However, Zhao Hai still wanted to approach Wales, so that he could prepare in advance. After all, Wales was already aware of the Space.

In order for this matter to do good, Zhao Hai would do it himself. Billy was currently inside the mountain along with the other Dwarves. They were building weapons every day in preparation to deal with the Demons and the Divine Race.

Billy was also aware about the positive development in the frontlines, so he was quite happy. Because of this, he took the initiative to head towards Iron Mountain and personally help in making the iron chains for the magic cannons.

Billy was currently hammering a piece of ore when Zhao Hai arrived. After hearing that Billy was working, Zhao Hai immediately went to the cave where Dwarves did their work.

The sound of hammering was quite loud on the ears. Dwarves had covered their ears as they proceeded to use their hammers. Each hammering came with sweat and dedications from the Dwarf Race.

Zhao Hai arrived by Billy’s side and patted him on the shoulder. Billy was also blocking his ears, otherwise, he would turn deaf from the loud noise.

After sensing Zhao Hai’s pat, Billy immediately turned his head. When he saw that it was Zhao Hai, he didn’t speak, instead, he gestured to a door at the side of the mountain before they proceeded to walk out.

When they arrived outside, Billy removed his ear stoppers and then turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Why are you here? Did something happen in the frontlines?”

Zhao Hai looked at Billy and bitterly smiled, “Something did happen, but not in the frontlines. Let’s take a walk, I’ll tell you along the way.” Then they walked towards the Dwarves’ Divine Palace while Zhao Hai told Billy about the spatial rift on the northern icefield, telling the Dwarf Patriarch that the Underworld has been connected to the Ark Continent.

Billy carefully listened, he didn’t believe that Zhao Hai would deceive him. Therefore, after Zhao Hai’s report, Billy calmly looked at Zhao Hai and said, “What do you have in mind?”

Looking at Billy’s calm demeanor, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be curious, “Why aren’t you worried?’

Billy laughed and said, “There’s no use in being worried at this point. It seems like my time to die for the continent has come. I’m a resident of the Ark Continent. I’m not afraid to sacrifice myself.”

Zhao Hai admired Billy’s heroic spirit. Zhao Hai said, “I have a solution. But you need to come to a place with me.” Then he waved his hand as they appeared in the Space.


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