BTFTLIAW – Chapter 788

Chapter 788 – Fuck, This Is Bullshit!

Zhao Hai frowned. Naturally, this wasn’t because he was injured. The skeleton was just about 8th rank, so how could it injure him? Zhao Hai frowned because of the raw strength of the undead. Although it was only 8th rank, it’s power was surprisingly great. The skeleton was actually as strong as a similarly ranked barbarian.

The barbarians were very strong, they were even stronger than most Beastmen. Although the Beastmen were much stronger than the Humans, they were evenly powered with barbarians. And now, this skeleton was as strong as them? Zhao Hai didn’t expect this.

After the silver white skeleton saw that Zhao Hai had repelled its attack, it actually didn’t stop. Instead, it moved and went on to kick Zhao Hai.

Once again, this made Zhao Hai stare. Not only was the skeleton strong, it was actually quick as well. Its movement was much nimbler compared to the other undead.

Naturally, compared to the undead from the Space, this skeleton was nothing. However, it was still an extraordinary event that an uncontrolled undead could exhibit these kinds of movements.

Zhao Hai moved his body and blocked the skeleton’s attack once more. At this time, the skeleton opened its mouth and let out a very loud roar. As the sound resonated, Zhao Hai scanned the surroundings with his divine sense. All the skeletons around them were unexpectedly rushing towards Zhao Hai. This caused another surprise from Zhao Hai, he didn’t think that the skeleton was able to call the other skeletons over. They actually had some sort of communication with each other.

Besides the skeletons in the Space, this was the first time that Zhao Hai saw an intelligent skeleton like this. But he wasn’t afraid. He was planning on capturing these skeletons to see how special they were.

Zhao Hai was certain that these undead weren’t from the Demon Realm. Although there were also wild undead from the Demon Realm, these undead weren’t intelligent. Moreover, the undead in the Demon realm didn’t have this poisonous mist going along with them.

Zhao Hai waved his blood ghost staff and turned it into a large net. He covered the silver skeleton with the net before he flung it into the Space.

As the skeleton entered the Space, a prompt was immediately heard, “Virally positive robot detected. Eliminating the virus, virus eliminated. Discovered robot to be hostile towards the Space. Subduing the robot, robot has surrendered.”

“Evolution class robot has been detected. Extracting advantages. All robots in the space can now evolve.”

Zhao Hai stared at this announcement before he smiled. He turned his head and looked at the surrounding skeletons who were coming towards  him. Zhao Hai waved his blood ghost staff continuously as he threw skeletons to the Space one after another. However, no further prompts were heard from the Space. Moreover, Zhao Hai saw that these skeletons were silvery white like the ones before. They were much darker wood in color, seemingly like bronze.

Seeing that nothing remained in the surroundings, Zhao Hai’s body flashed and returned to the Space. Then he turned the silver skeleton into a zombie. After turning the silver skeleton into a zombie, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare, the zombie was very handsome.

However, Zhao Hai wasn’t in the mood to pay attention to its face. He immediately asked, “What is your name? And where did you come from?”

The skeleton quickly bowed and answered, “Answering the Master. I am called Ginko, the place the I was born in is called the Underworld, initially as a low-level undead.”

Zhao Hai gawked, then his complexion changed as he said, “Did you just say that you came from the Underworld? Does the Underworld really exist?”

Ginko nodded and said, “Yes Master. I am from the Underworld. I don’t know when I woke up, but at that time, I was a low level grey skeleton. But after killing other skeletons and absorbing their soul fire, I turned into a white skeleton. After that, I became a black skeleton and then a bronze skeleton. At the moment, I am a silver skeleton.” Zhao Hai looked blankly at the skeleton named Ginko. He didn’t think that the underworld really exists. The Underworld was just a plane found in legends. It was even more mysterious compared to the Demon and the Divine Race. And now, there was this skeleton saying that he was from that same Underworld.

The expressions of Laura and the others were also quite ugly. At this time, Zhao Hai looked at Ginko and said, “Just call me Young Master. Since you said that you’re from the Underworld, how did you appear here?”

Ginko replied, “Answering to the Young Master, I also don’t know. Just one day, a large hole appeared not far away from my territory. I walked into that hole and then arrived here.” Zhao Hai’s expression turned uglier. He was certain that a spatial rift had appeared in the Underworld, causing Ginko and the others to come here.

Zhao Hai asked once more, “What is the strongest existence in the Underworld? What grade do you belong to?”

Ginko replied, “Answering to the Young Master. The strongest being in the Underworld is the Hell King. However, the Hell King rarely appears, so the true control of the Underworld relies on the God Kings of the various races. I am just one of the lower beings in the Underworld. I am stronger compared to the grey, white, black, and bronze skeletons. Those above me are the gold skeletons, variant skeletons, crystal skeletons, and the skeleton King. There are also the Skeleton Saint, the Skeleton God, and the Skeleton God King above that.’

Zhao Hai nodded. From what he heard, it seems like the skeletons in the Underworld were divided into 12 ranks. Ginko was in the fifth rank and there were seven ranks who were stronger than him. And since Ginko was equivalent to an 8th rank expert, how powerful were those above him?

After thinking about this, Zhao Hai immediately said, “Ginko, how stronger is the rank higher than you?”

Ginko immediately replied, “Young master, gold skeletons are much stronger and faster than me. A single gold skeleton can fight against ten silver skeletons. Variant skeletons are even more powerful than gold skeletons. Aside from having a harder weapon, they also had their own abilities. These abilities are far different than those on the lower ranks. Crystal skeletons are an evolution of the variant skeletons. Aside from having the abilities of the variant skeletons, crystal skeletons are a qualitative improvement to the variant skeletons. Skeleton Kings are the ones above crystal skeletons. Skeleton Kings have the ability to subdue crystal skeletons to be their subordinates.Then there are the stronger skeleton saints who have the ability to control the heaven and the earth around them. The rank higher than skeleton saint is the skeleton god. Their control over the heavens and the earth would become much more formidable. As for the skeleton god king, I’ll have to ask for forgiveness, I haven’t heard about them.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he can somewhat understand how these skeletons were divided. The details of their power was more pronounced compared to the Humans. From what he understood, controlling the heavens and the earth was actually the Domain. That is to say, unless one becomes a skeleton saint, then they would become Demigods on the verge of comprehending a Domain. Skeleton Gods would be the God-ranks who had their own Domains while skeleton god kings should be Saint Gods. As for the Hell King, Zhao Hai believed that it may be a cultivator like Lu Wei. Zhao Hai thought for a moment before asking another question, “Are there a lot of skeleton saints in the Underworld?”

Ginko nodded and said, “There are plenty of them in the Underworld. Not only the Skeleton race, the Zombie race, Lich Race, Magic Beast Race, and other races have saint level or above. As for their number, I don’t know. The Underworld is ust too big. And although the Skeleton race are most numerous creatures, we aren’t actually the strongest. Compared to the other races, the skeletons could be called weaker.”

The frown on Zhao Hai’s face turned tighter. He didn’t expect this development. Silver skeletons were as strong as 8th ranks. Gold skeletons should not be far from being 9th ranks. This would make variant skeletons medium grade beings in the Underworld, and their number should be uncountable.

Now that a spatial rift to the underworld appeared, beings from the underworld would start to flood the Ark Continent. When that time comes, the Ark Continent would gain yet another strong enemy.

After thinking about this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but get angry. He couldn’t bear it anymore as he cursed, “Fuck, this is bullshit!” After Zhao Hai arrived at the Ark Continent, he had always been a very careful person in maintaining his personal image. He was almost always polite in his speech. Although he didn’t care too much about how the nobles view him, he was now the representative of the Buda Clan, and he needed to preserve his clan’s face. Because of this, he had always chosen the words coming out of his mouth.

However, he couldn’t bear it this time. There were already the Demons and the Divine Race who wanted to take the Ark Continent. But now, there is the legendary Underworld. This development had completely disrupted Zhao Hai’s plans. So how could he not be angry?


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