BTFTLIAW – Chapter 787

Chapter 787 – Drastic Changes In The Icefield

It was a road of death. Every minute, Demons would die. Zhao Hai’s javelins were like a weapon of the Grim Reaper. Each volley caused deaths to mount up.

At this time, the Demon Dragon King deeply regretted his decision to continue their advance. Under such attacks, he wasn’t sure how many people would survive upon returning to Demon City.

The Demons left on the other cities were completely vulnerable in front of Zhao Hai’s army. They were completely unable to stop the attacks.

There was no other way for the Demon Dragon King other than retreat. They were pursued by Zhao Hai up until they reached Demon City. After the Demons arrived, Zhao Hai stopped. He didn’t say a single word as he led his undead and promptly turned back. The Demons had a lot of troops in Demon City. It wouldn’t be good if they were compelled to desperate methods.

After seeing Zhao Hai retreat, the Demon Dragon King let out a long breath. This time, he had led 30 million troops to battle. But now, the number hardly reached 20 million. In this fight, he had lost a third of his troops.

A lot of Demons died in the last battle. They were very heroic, and if they weren’t faced with undead, then they might have already won.

Most armies wouldn’t be able to keep their composure if they lost a third of their numbers. Only the strong willed Demons were able to achieve this feat. But even then, they weren’t proud of this achievement. It was because they lost, they were completely defeated. Moreover, this wasn’t their first defeat in the hands of the same person.

After the Demon Dragon King returned to Demon City, he immediately arranged for those who came with him to take a rest. He also returned to his room to heal himself while also sending a letter to the Great Demon King.

In just one battle, they had lost more than 10 million people. This was something that the Demon Dragon King didn’t imagine. In the past, even the Divine Race wouldn’t think that a battle in the Ark Continent would take so many lives. There were many wars where the Demon Dragon King lost the same number of men, however, he didn’t think that he would do so in the hands of one person.

After Zhao Hai returned to the Space, he immediately arranged people to reoccupy the vacated cities. At this time, the Buddha Empire regained its calm.

Zhao Hai’s two battles between the Demons and the Divine Race had spread to the entire Ark Continent. It didn’t matter if they were Humans or other races, when they received this news, a scene of jubilation erupted.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t idle. He was preparing for another matter, carrying his attack on the Radiant Empire. Zhao Hai was tired of being the receiving end of the attack, he wanted to take shot at the enemy.

Now that the Demons were heavily damaged, Zhao Hai believed that they would stay put for some time. On the other hand, although the Divine Race had lost some people, their major losses were the barbarians and the winged pegasus armies. Because of this, their losses weren’t that great, they may send their troops again at any time.

To be honest, Zhao Hai’s action was mainly in order to get some goblins. At the same time, he also wanted to see whether he can grab one or two magic cannons from the Divine Race.

When Zhao Hai told his plans to Lizzy, she immediately agreed. Although they had lost some undead in the battle against the Demons, their losses of about a million was still smaller compared to the 10 million from the Demons. The battle was completely their victory.

Since they had lost a little, their overall strength wasn’t affected. If they want to attack, they can attack, if they want to defend then they can defend. They still had many tactics that they could use.

Additionally, acquiring goblins for their abilities as well as the magic cannons was something that would benefit their army. Nobody would certainly oppose to this decision.

However, before they could go and deal with the Divine Race, they would still need ample understanding about their structure. They need to think about where to attack from and which place to attack. They wouldn’t want a long term battle against the Divine Race.

As Zhao Hai planned his actions inside the Space, various troops had arrived in the Buddha Empire. Zhao Hai had already left orders for the veteran troops to teach the newcomers. Although these people weren’t really newcomers when it came to battles, they were still greenhorns when it came to fighting the Demons and the Divine Race. They still need those with experience to guide them.

This matter didn’t need Zhao Hai’s direct supervision. He just gave some orders and left it all to the other troops. At the same time, he also gave them sufficient supplies while emphasizing that the troops needed to take a rest.


One day, while Zhao Hai was studying the composition of the Divine Race army, Cai’er’s voice was suddenly heard, “Young Master, the God-rank potion is finished.”

When he heard this, Zhao Hai immediately stood up. With a smile on his face he told Laura, “Call Blockhead and Rockhead over to the Space.”

Laura nodded before calling Blockhead and Rockhead over. The two of them already knew about Zhao Hai’s plan, therefore they used the past few days to hand their current tasks over as they waited for Zhao Hai’s call.

When the two entered the Space, Zhao Hai didn’t waste any time and immediately gave them the potions. Then he pushed them to a room and forbade people from disturbing their cultivation.

During the early times when Shue was using the God-rank potion, Zhao Hai was still very anxious. But now, he was already calm. He knew that the God rank potions would work. Unless they forced the potion on a dead person, then they won’t have anything to worry about.

Shortly after Blockhead and Rockhead entered the Space and when Zhao Hai was about to resume his study, the Beast King’s voice was suddenly transmitted from a messenger fish, “Little Hai, are you there? Little Hai? If you hear me, please talk. It’s an urgent matter!” Anxiety was clearly heard from the Beast King’s voice. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare as he immediately took the messenger fish and replied, “Your Majesty, what’s the problem?”

The Beast King’s voice was heard, “Little Hai, bad news. Large quantities of undead from the northern icefield are killing their way into the Prairie. The Polar Bear Tribe, White Tiger Tribe, and the Blue Hawk Tribe are already fighting them. In addition to undead, there are also plenty of Darkness lifeforms. They are all very strong. If you haven’t provided your potions, then these creatures might have already broken through.”

When Zhao Hai heard this, his head couldn’t help but turn dizzy. But he recovered himself as he said, “What are the losses between the three tribes?” At the same time, the image of the northern icefield appeared on the Space’s monitor.

Just as the icefield was shown, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but gasp. The everpresent white color of the icefield had completely changed, it had all been turned into black!

It seems like the entire northern icefield has been covered by a dark mist, it was extremely hard to see a thing. And inside this dark mist were large quantities of undead and creatures of the dark. Their activities seem to be absent of reason, but they had completely filled the entire icefield.

At this time, the Beast King replied, “Their losses aren’t huge, but the undead are very hard to deal with. They have poison in their bodies. Even the dark mist is poisonous. Although it wouldn’t kill people immediately, the poison would impede a person’s fighting strength. The tribes had no choice but to return to the Beastman Prairie.”

Zhao Hai stared at the screen. He can understand the situation more than the Beast King. These undead and dark creatures were indeed numerous. At the same time, wherever these creatures go, the dark mist would follow them. Both of these influences slowly crept towards the center of the Beastman Prairie.

Zhao Hai immediately replied to the Beast King, “Your Majesty, don’t dispatch troops to the frontlines. Instead, have them form a defense in the Prairie. The undead and dark creatures are indeed too many. It is also clear that they aren’t under the control of the Demons. Get ready and have the tribes migrate towards the Aksu Empire. I will inform the people of the Empire. I’ll be keeping attention to the icefield, I’ll report whatever I find.”

The Beast King agreed and didn’t say anything more. Zhao Hai placed the messenger fish down and slowly stood up. He looked at the screen with enraged eyes. He stopped himself from yelling out, he turned his head to Laura and said, “Inform the Aksu Empire that the Beastman are coming. We don’t want any misunderstanding to occur.. I’ll be heading to the icefield to take a look and see what is in there.”

Laura and the others were also shaken by the news. The group absentmindedly nodded, for a moment they didn’t know what to say.

Zhao Hai’s figure moved and vanished from the Space as he appeared inside the northern icefield. As he appeared, he was immediately engulfed by the dark mist. Not far away from him was a skeleton. It had a silver white body that looked quite beautiful.

However, Zhao Hai was not in the mood to appreciate things right now. Just as he came out of the Space, a prompt was suddenly heard, “Huge amount of dark energy toxins entering the Host’s body. Activating detoxification measures. Toxins have been neutralized. Spatial water can now cure the toxin. Toxin added to the Space’s insecticide.”

Zhao Hai stared, he didn’t think that the poison would be so strong that it could actually affect his body. One must know that the spatial water was a powerful antidote against poisons. For the Space to actually proceed to clear the poison meant that the dark mist was very strong.

Just as Zhao Hai was thinking about the announcement, the silvery white skeleton took notice of him. The skeleton immediately charged towards Zhao Hai. At this time, Zhao Hai paid attention to the skeleton. It was very fast and should have a strength not lower than 8th rank. Moreover, there was a silvery white blade on its hand, a type that was probably made from its own body.

Zhao Hai didn’t move, he just stood there and stared at the skeleton. Before long, the skeleton was already near Zhao Hai. It raised its sword up, intending to divide Zhao Hai in two. At this time, Zhao Hai raised his blood ghost staff, repelling the incoming attack. However, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but wrinkle his brow.


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