BTFTLIAW – Chapter 782

Chapter 782 – What Zhao Hai Doesn’t Know

Zhao Hai calmly looked at the monitor. He didn’t think that the Divine Race would retreat, it was actually out of his expectations. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare when he saw the Divine Rest pack their things and heading the opposite direction after their two hour rest. Seeing them retreat, Zhao Hai decided to not send the undead after them. It was best to give more time to Lizzy and Megan. As long as the two women had time, they can completely eliminate the winged pegasus cavalry. When that time comes, Zhao Hai’s strength would dramatically increase. Also, after seeing the Divine Race retreat, Zhao Hai can now focus solely on the Demons.

Zhao Hai needed time, he wanted the Demons to retreat as well. If the Demons retreat, then Zhao Hai would gain even more time. The first batch of God ranked undead have already finished and the pagoda had started with the second batch. At the same time, another God-rank potion was on the way. As long as there was time, Zhao Hai’s side would become much better.

But to Zhao Hai’s disappointment, the Demons didn’t retreat. Unlike the Divine Race who retreated after resting for two hours, the Demons rested for 5 hours before leaving Rising Sun City, pushing forward into the Buddha Empire.

After seeing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but knit his brows. His expectation for the Demon Army’s retreat was even more than the Divine Race seeing how cautious they had been lately. But who would’ve thought that the opposite happened, the Divine Race retreated while the Demons pushed on.

While looking at the Demon Army, Zhao Hai coldly snorted. He was still monitoring the Divine Race, however, he didn’t send more attacks. He wanted the Divine Race to retreat, and he didn’t want to enrage them even more. He was afraid that the Divine Race would get angry and reverse their decision. After all, when enough time passes, Zhao Hai would be able to clean them up in one fell swoop.

On the other hand, the Demons actually went forward. In two days, they would meet with Lizzy and Megan’s group, and that wouldn’t be good.

Now that the Divine Race was gone, Zhao Hai can reallocated his undead to deal with the Demons. These undead made the Demon advance even more difficult. They needed to delay the Demons and make time for Lizzy and Megan to eliminate the winged pegasus cavalry.

After the Demons left Rising Sun City, Zhao Hai noticed that they had left some people behind. Zhao Hai immediately knew that the Demon advance this time was meant to occupy the Buddha Empire’s cities.

Altogether, the Demons have left 1 million troops inside Rising Sun City, a thousand of them being God-rank experts. At the same time, a constant stream of Demons can be seen going from Demon City to Rising Sun City.

Upon seeing this, Zhao Hai’s expression couldn’t help but change. With his current resources, he wouldn’t be able to reclaim Rising Sun City. If he decided to attack the city, the Demons from Demon City will go forward as support. When that time comes, a clash would happen, this wasn’t something that Zhao Hai wanted.

However, Zhao Hai wasn’t too worried. After all, he didn’t have much power in his hands. As soon as Lizzy and Megan finishes their action, the majority of the undead would be available once more.

The Demon Dragon King had discovered that their current assailants didn’t comprise of only cavalry units, there were undead mixed in as well. These undead were very difficult to deal with. The bows and throwing weapons that the Demons had were less lethal to the undead. On the other hand, the javelins thrown by the undead were a huge threat to the Demon Army.

To be honest, the Demon Dragon King was quite curious about Zhao Hai’s javelins. In their previous battles, Zhao Hai didn’t use it. Now that Zhao Hai had changed his tactics, these javelin were used. The Demon Dragon King wondered why.

This wooden javelin wasn’t simple. One could see that they were crudely made, however, their lethality couldn’t be underestimated.

The Demon Dragon King couldn’t help but rub his temples. Although he planned to grab some land while Zhao Hai battles it out with the Divine Race, his current losses was something he didn’t hope for.

And after they left the city, they were attacked by javelins once more. All of these gave the Demon Dragon King a headache.

While Zhao Hai was busy dealing with the Demons, he wasn’t aware of the changes in another place. In the Northern Icefield, there was a huge spatial rift that was constantly releasing undead. When they came out of the rift, the undead went about and explored the icefield. They only remained undetected because the icefield was just too big.

However, the undead quickly found the volcano as well as the stone city. Soon, more and more undead went towards that direction as even more undead came out of the rift.

At this point, a large sea of undead was starting to head towards the Beastman Prairie. These undead were tirelessly going forward. The ice and winds were completely useless against them. In a few day’s time, they would be setting foot on the prairie.

Naturally, Zhao Hai and the others didn’t know about this. At the same time, they were also unaware about another small rift appearing in an island not too far from the Radiant Empire. This rift was smaller and there were no creatures going out of it. However, this rift would surely have an impact on the Ark Continent in the future.

Zhao Hai didn’t know about any of these, his thoughts were currently on the enemies in front of him, the Demons and the Divine Race. Now that the Divine Race was heading back to the Radiant Empire, Zhao Hai only had the Demons to worry about.

Lizzy and Megan had prepared for three days in order to deal with the winged pegasus army. However, Zhao Hai didn’t worry too much. He knew that they would take action quite soon. At the same time, the God rank potion would be completed in one day.

Meanwhile, Zhao Hai was very surprised at the Demon Army. He didn’t stop harassing the Demons both day and night. Moreover, with the use of the mosquitoes, the losses to the Demon Army had reached an additional 1 million. But even with this, the Demons didn’t retreat. Conversely, even with their slow pace, they continued on. This action made Zhao Hai admire the Demon Race. Zhao Hai sent forces to attack them all the time, however, they kept going forward even if they knew that every step they make would cause them to bleed out.

Zhao Hai didn’t understand why the Demons continued on. After the days of being attacked, the Demons were looking very exhausted. They didn’t have a good time to rest and eat. However, they still kept on moving forward.

Zhao Hai didn’t know that the reason for this was simple. The Demons didn’t retreat because Zhao Hai has yet to use his main army. This made the Demons think that he was still in battle with the Divine Race. If they don’t use this opportunity to occupy land, then they won’t be able to do it in the future.

Although the Demons had sent some scouts, those people didn’t dare to get too close to the Divine Race. Moreover, after Thunder Yun saw that Zhao Hai didn’t harass them, he decided to slow their retreat, allowing more time to rest. At the same time, he also used this time to get familiar with the surroundings.

The Demons had more information coming from their scouts near the Radiant Empire. Seeing that the main army was still absent, they were unaware of the retreat. If they knew that the Divine Race had turned back, the Demon Dragon King would surely stop the army from going forward.

A day passed and another God-rank potion has been made. However, Zhao Hai didn’t use it. He was waiting for one more potion to be made before handing them over to Blockhead and Rockhead.

Blockhead and Rockhead were twins that had a mysterious way of coordinating with one another. If Zhao Hai decided to promote one before the other, then he may risk disrupting this coordination. Because of this, Zhao Hai chose to promote them at the same time.

It can be said that some of Zhao Hai’s fears were unwarranted, but he wasn’t in a hurry about this matter. After all, Blockhead and Rockhead would be Demigods after promotion, so they wouldn’t be a great help anyway. Waiting for a few days wouldn’t affect anything too much.

Time passed by and another day came. This was the fifth day after the Demons decided to dispatch their troops. They were still advancing but their losses had now surpassed 3 million, a tenth of their original number. Additionally, after passing by another two cities, more than 2 million troops were left behind. It can be said that the Demon Army was now cut down by a fifth.

Zhao Hai had to recognize the tenacity of the Demon Race. However, he knew that the Demon army’s luck was soon to run out. This was because Lizzy and Megan had already taken care of the winged pegasus cavalry. With this, Zhao Hai was back to using his full strength.


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  1. I still think Zhao Hai is a moron. who leaves their rear unprotected and wouldn’t notice a massive green dot on a global map? it’s not like there is fog of war and it was clearly stated that the ENTIRE area was mapped and thus visible, the fact that both no one is looking at the rear shows that he deserves to lose.

  2. I have a feeling the MC will have to go to the other forbidden area, perhaps find something like bubble but for the earth element, then he will absorb the entire continent into his space.

    Otherwise, these invasions will be nonstop.

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