BTFTLIAW – Chapter 781

Chapter 781 – A Night of Loss, Two Choices

Zhao Hai was currently sitting inside the Space looking at the state of the Demons and the Divine Race. He didn’t know whether the Demons or the Divine Race would retreat or not.

Zhao Hai knew that tonight’s attack would be regarded as the largest attack he’d made to both the Demons and the Divine Race. With the mosquitoes and the cavalry attacking together, Zhao Hai believed that the damages caused this evening wouldn’t be small.

However, Zhao Hai’s work was actually much easier this time. He just had the javelins and other supplies dropped off on a single place not far from the camps of both the Demons and the Divine Race. The amount that he took out was more than enough. Even if the cavalry and the undead attack non-stop, the supply wouldn’t run out.

What Zhao Hai wanted to see was the reactions of the two parties when it came to the blood devouring mosquitoes. What he saw was interesting, both Demons and Divine Race knew about the mosquitoes, this confused him.

Originally, Zhao Hai thought that the blood devouring mosquitoes were native to the Ark Continent. But when he saw the Divine Race say the name of the blood devouring mosquitoes, he knew that they also existed in the Divine Realm. Moreover, they even had the same name.

More surprisingly, the Demons also knew about the mosquitoes. However, their name was different, they called the mosquitoes devil mosquitoes. This made Zhao Hai curious. He knew that the Demon Realm had an environment completely different compared to the Ark Continent and the Divine Realm. Moreover, even though the Demon Realm had variant versions of the Ark Continent’s magic beasts, Zhao Hai can tell from the Demon Dragon King’s words that the blood devouring mosquitoes and the devil mosquitoes were the same.

The blood devouring mosquitoes existed in three realms, what does this mean? Zhao Hai couldn’t help but frown, he planned to study it when there is time.

Zhao Hai didn’t want any more trouble. At this time, Zhao Hai had a constant sense of crisis. Not to talk about the Demons and the Divine Race, the appearance of the immortal cultivator made Zhao Hai look seriously into his current state.

The strange circumstance circulating the blood devouring mosquitoes made Zhao Hai think of his problems. He wanted to see if the mosquitoes also had a connection in the immortal cultivation realm.

As Zhao Hai was juggling his thoughts, the Demons and the Divine Race were continuing their heated war against the blood devouring mosquitoes. The Demons had a bigger loss this time. The Demon army had 8th ranks among their numbers. After being subjected to hundreds of mosquito attacks, these 8th ranks simply didn’t have any chance to escape. In the end, most of them chose to blow themselves up.

When faced with ordinary blood devouring mosquitoes, this move might be very useful. However, the mosquitoes that they faced belonged to Zhao Hai’s Space. When these mosquitoes die, they just be resurrected. The sacrifice made by the Demons were made utterly useless.

Majority of the Demon deaths were 8th ranks, but this still satisfied Zhao Hai. The 8th rank Demons were still quite a threat. Although they might not be a match against the Ark Continent’s 9th rank soldiers, their self-explosions were still very lethal.

But even then, the undead and the cavalry units were still able to bring damages to the two parties. Although the javelins would kill some mosquitoes, the consequence was not that heavy. After all, the mosquitoes can be released once more after 24 hours, so Zhao Hai wasn’t hurt too much about the collateral damage.

The battle lasted the entire night. The Divine Race’s losses had reached an astonishing 300 thousand. Meanwhile, the Demons lost more than 500 thousand troops. It can be said that the damages were quite heavy. When dawn came, the number of mosquitoes have been reduced by a certain degree, only stragglers here and there remained. At the same time, Zhao Hai also ordered the undead and the cavalry units to retreat.

After the Demons and the Divine Race counted their losses, their expressions weren’t too good. Thunder Yun immediately convened the generals inside his room, he looked at them and said, “It seems like Zhao Hai has yet to eradicate the barbarians and the winged pegasus armies. Otherwise, he would have sent them last night, causing us even more losses. This is the second batch of mosquitoes that Zhao Hai had sent in two days. It has become obvious that the mosquitoes are under the Ark Continent’s control. Zhao Hai might not be the one controlling them, but we can be sure that someone from the continent can. We’ll return to the Radiant Empire for now. We need to ask for ways to repel those mosquitoes. Otherwise, we will have even more casualties.”

The group naturally wouldn’t oppose to this, but Cloud Ying couldn’t help but say, “I think we need to send word towards the Barbarian and Winged Pegasus clans. Make it known to them that their kin has been killed. Even if Zhao Hai didn’t completely wipe them out, he still managed to kill some number of them, the two clans would still send some elites over. At the same time, when the repellants for the mosquitoes arrive, we can resume our attack on the Ark Continent. At that time, I will personally shred Zhao Hai.”

Cloud Ying shared this sentiment with the other Divine Race generals. In the many conquests that the Divine Race had in the lower realms, this was the first time that they had lost this much. Although they had lost a lot back in the God of Thunder’s Realm, the losses to the other party was much more. But this time, the Ark Continent barely lost anyone. To the arrogant Divine Race, this was a completely unacceptable situation.

Thunder Yun looked at the group and said, “Send this order. Rest for two hours, after that, we return to the Radiant Empire. We don’t want to get entangled with the undead any longer.”

The group all nodded before they turned and left.

After the others walked out, Thunder Yun relaxed. He turned his head to Fei’er and said, “Fei;er, have you noticed something strange with those blood devouring mosquitoes?”

Fei’er’ had a confused expression as he said, “Strange? Aren’t they just the normal blood devouring mosquitoes? Although they are stronger than the ones in the Divine Realm, they aren’t very numerous.”

Thunder Yun smiled and said, “You don’t think that those mosquitoes aren’t a lot? The blood devouring mosquitoes that we met last time are obviously not the same as the ones we met today. Why is this?”

Fei’er looked puzzled at Thunder Yun, “Master, to be honest, I didn’t notice it.”

Thunder Yun smiled bitterly and said, “I can’t blame you, not everyone noticed it. The Ark Continent’s blood devouring mosquitoes can regenerate. Moreover, it seems like instant regeneration. The number of times seem to surpass 25!”

When Fei’er heard Thunder Yun, he couldn’t help but stare. His complexion changed as she said, “Regeneration? Master, those mosquitoes can regenerate? How is that possible? If those mosquitoes are that terrifying, then the Ark Continent would have been completely eradicated by now.”

Thunder Yun smiled faintly and said, “It’s true. I observed those mosquitoes closely and reached this conclusion. It doesn’t matter matter how the Ark Continent managed to control them, the important thing is that those mosquitoes aren’t good news. We must be more careful from now on.”

Fei’er nodded and didn’t say anything. At this time, the camp outside had regained its peace. Thunder Yun gave out a sigh and said, “Alright, you go and take a rest. Don’t forget, we need to retreat in two hours.”

Fei’er nodded, then he walked out. But after he walked out, Fei’er looked back at Thunder Yun’s room before a flash of light appeared on his eyes. It seems like he was thinking about something that Thunder Yun didn’t know about.

The Demons had a fairly similar situation as the Divine Race. They had lost almost twice as much as the Divine Race. For an army of several tens of millions, this number might not be strong. However, the circumstance of the deaths made the difference. In just one night, the Demons had lost seven hundred thousand troops. This was something unfathomable even to the Demon Dragon King.

The Demon Dragon King was currently inside his room, thinking about whether he would make a retreat or not. They had lost too many people just this evening. Although majority of the deaths were 8th ranks, the number was just too much. If the Demons weren’t hardened fighters, then some Demons might have deserted the army.

The Demon Dragon King was frowning as he sat there. This loss was something that he couldn’t ignore. The more worrying matter was the possibility that the Ark Continent’s people were controlling the devil mosquitoes.

After pondering about it for some time, the Demon Dragon King decided to hold the retreat for now. They would advance in steady steps. He knew that even if they were to retreat, the Ark Continent’s people would still go on and harass them. When the time comes, not only would they gain nothing, they would even be forced to be in a passive situation.

However, this didn’t mean that they didn’t need support. The Demon Dragon King already sent people back to the Demon Realm to report on the Demon Army’s state. At the same time, he asked the troops back at their base to make some repellents against the mosquitoes.

In the Divine Realm and the Demon Realm, their description of the mosquitoes was different from the Ark Continent. In the continent, the mosquitoes were just a one-time disaster. After they were eliminated, they didn’t pop out once more. Therefore, the mosquitoes only existed in the Ark Continent’s writings.

However, mosquitoes were a constant disaster in the Demon and the Divine Realm. Therefore, research had been made in order to deal with them. It was only because they didn’t expect to see mosquitoes in the Ark Continent that the Demons and the Divine Race didn’t bring any repellents.


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