BTFTLIAW – Chapter 780

Chapter 780 – Demon Dragon King’s Worry

The Demon Dragon King looked at Rising Sun City and thought of all the Demons that had died. After seeing Zhao Hai’s move, the Demon Dragon King already knew about its purpose. To be honest, Zhao Hai’s harassment tactics really gave the Demon Dragon King a headache.

Although Zhao Hai’s harassment didn’t take too much off of their numbers, he did greatly slow their advance. When the Demon Dragon King arrived at Rising Sun City, it was already late afternoon, the skies were proceeding to turn dark. However, nobody was in Rising Sun City.

The most troublesome thing for the Demon Dragon King right now was that he was afraid of splitting his troops. From what he had counted, Zhao Hai had sent a couple million cavalry units to harass them today. If the Demon Dragon King split his troops, then the only outcome that would happen is them being dominated by Zhao Hai.

Because of this, the Demon Dragon King decided to stay in a single clump. And since Zhao Hai only used his undead in their previous battle, the Demon Dragon King didn’t know about the general strength of the Ark Continent’s troops. The information that they had collected in the past stated that the people of the Ark Continent were quite weak, they were not an opponent for the Demon Race.

But in the recent time, the Demon Dragon King received information that Zhao Hai had potions that can make anyone into a 9th rank expert in short time. The Demon Dragon King was quite doubtful of this report. But after seeing the cavalry units, the Demon Dragon King finally believed that Zhao Hai really did have a way to drastically improve one’s strength.

This made the Demon Dragon King worried. The reason why the Demons were confident in conquering the Ark Continent was because their soldiers were far stronger compared to those in the continent. Additionally, the Demons also had large amounts of God rank experts. But now that the Ark Continent can promote their strength, the advantage of the Demon Army has been nullified. Additionally, Zhao Hai had items that can injure God-rank experts. Because of these reasons, it would be difficult for the Demon Race to conquer the Ark Continent in a short period of time. Being in competition with the Divine Race didn’t help either.

The Demon Dragon King couldn’t help but feel his confidence drop after being faced with the cavalry attacks. He didn’t know how Zhao Hai managed to make his potions. After all, these potions weren’t only good for the Ark Continent, it was good for the Demon Race as well.

The Demon Dragon King even had Demon researchers study the two potions. However, the answers that they gave him was disappointing. The researchers told him that the 8th rank potion was just a bottle of water while the 9th rank potion was the blood of an unknown magic beast. The 9th rank potion wasn’t a potion at all!

Upon receiving the result, the Demon Dragon King couldn’t help but frown. He hadn’t heard of a water that can make someone 8th rank, even the Elves’ life liquid couldn’t do this. The blood that can make people 9th rank was even more mysterious. If a magic beast who had blood like that existed, there would be no way for Zhao Hai to tame it. More importantly, it would be impossible for that creature to have enough blood to feed the Ark Continent’s army.

As the matter stands, the Demon Dragon King gained nothing in this study. He was still stuck in looking for ways to deal with Zhao Hai.

After looking at Rising Sun City, the Demon Dragon King sighed and said, “We rest here tonight. Inform everyone to set up camp.” Those around him gave a nod and proceeded to spread the order.

The efficiency of the Demon Race wasn’t any slower than the Divine Race. Additionally, they were using the same methods as the Divine Race. Because of this, it didn’t take too long before the Demons had finished making their camp.

After the camps were set up, the Demon Dragon King went to his own room and met with other God rank experts from different clans. The Demon Dragon King looked at those present and said, “We have finally arrived at Rising Sun City. However, Zhao Hai’s methods are giving us huge problems. Moreover, their soldiers had underwent a huge promotion of strength. Conquering the Ark Continent in a short time is proving to be difficult. I have already reported this matter to the Great Demon King. What we need to do right now is to wait for some clashes between Zhao Hai and the Divine Race, when that happens, we’ll go out and capture some important places for ourselves. Then we’ll hold those places and wait for the Great Demon King’s arrival.”

The group didn’t have anything to say, they were also annoyed by the constant attacks that they went through today. They couldn’t’ do anything, their cavalry units weren’t as quick as the enemy. Even God-rank experts couldn’t catch up. In this case, the Demon Dragon King’s method was the best plan for them.

Seeing that nobody gave their own ideas, the Demon Dragon King continued, “Zhao Hai has changed his tactics, and their strength is no weaker than us. The only thing we could do is to steadily advance while capturing more cities. However, I expect Zhao Hai to make it harder for us to advance. Make sure to have your men be alert at all times, we can’t be careless at this time.”

The group loudly accepted the Demon Dragon King’s command before then turned around to leave. However, what the Demon Dragon King didn’t expect was the cavalry attacks stopping when evening came.

The Demon Dragon King became more relieved as the skies turned darker. This was because the skies of the Demon Realm were darker than the Ark Continent. The Demons were more suited to fight in the dark, so the Demon Dragon King wasn’t afraid of anything.

After establishing their defense, the Demon Dragon King went on to take a rest. Him and Thunder Yun had similar methods. At the same time, the Demon Dragon King also came to encounter the same scenario that Thunder Yun had.

A humming sound awakened the Demon Dragon King. He stared for a moment before he quickly sat up. This was because he felt that this sound was quite familiar. However, even though he felt it familiar, he still couldn’t remember what it was.

The Demon Dragon King was a very cautious person, he immediately gave an order, “What is that humming noise? Go and check!” The guard outside immediately responded, footsteps were heard as the guard went away.

Before long, that same guard came running back, and with a panicked voice he said, “Your Highness, large quantities of devil mosquitoes are outside. It looks like an enormous swarm!”

The Demon Dragon King’s expression completely melted. He finally remembered where he heard this humming noise. It was an experience he didn’t want to remember. Before the Demon Dragon King became God-rank, he was just an ordinary person among the Vile Demon Race. He wandered all throughout the Demon Realm, wanting to quickly improve his strength. At that time, he had several friends travelling with him. They entered a famed dangerous area in the Demon Realm, wanting to explore it. However, they didn’t expect to see a mosquito swarm living there. The Demon Dragon King only escaped because of his luck, all of his friends weren’t as fortunate.

He could clearly remember the clump of mosquitoes that was enough to blot out the entire sky. At that time, he was extremely terrified as he ran for his pitiful life. All those friends that he had tried to fight their way out, but in the end, they were swallowed by the mosquito swarm. The Demon Dragon King still had nightmares about that event up to this day.

The Demon Dragon King immediately ran out of the door before he shouted loudly. “How can there be devil mosquitoes here? How can those mosquitoes appear in the Ark Continent? Quick, ring the alarm!!” With his order, the alarm quickly rang out. The melodious ring of the bell seemed very alarming in this dark night. The entire Demon Army immediately sprang out, ready to take action.

The Demon Dragon King looked at the blood devouring mosquitoes in the sky. His expression was very difficult to describe, he didn’t expect devil mosquitoes to appear in the Ark Continent.

At this time, experts from different clans arrived by the Demon Dragon King’s side. Their expression were quite ugly as well, they didn’t know what to say. After a short while, a Demon opened his mouth, “How can devil mosquitoes appear here? If they existed, how can the Ark Continent still survive?”

The Demon Dragon King had already calmed himself, he replied, “I recall reading something from our information of the Ark Continent. There is a record about mosquitoes called blood devouring mosquitoes. At that time, there was a small flock of them in the Ark Continent. In order to suppress them, a lot of 9th rank experts went on to drive them away from the mainland. But I didn’t think that those blood devouring mosquitoes would be the Devil Mosquitoes that we now of. Let everyone be extra careful. Everyone should know about devil mosquitoes and how terrifying they are.”

The group nodded before they turned and left. Just as the meeting was finished, the blood devouring mosquitoes started their attack, plunging the whole Demon Army into chaos.

However, this was also the time where the Demons have shown how relsolute they were. The Demons went on and killed the mosquitoes wave by wave. And once a Demon knew that he would not survive, he would fly up to the distance and blow himself up, taking a huge clump of mosquitoes from the surroundings.

The Demon Dragon King looked at these explosions in pain. As the first explosion sounded out, more and more Demons started to blow themselves up.

At this time, a different kind of explosion was heard. The Demon Dragon King stared for a moment before his expression turned ugly. He knew what this explosion was, this was from the Ark Continent’s javelins.

After hearing the explosions, the Demon Dragon King knew that the Ark Continent’s people had used this opportunity to attack. What made the Demon Dragon King worried wasn’t this attack, but instead the fact that the people  from the Ark Continent weren’t worried about the mosquitoes.

If they weren’t scared, then this only meant one thing, the devil mosquitoes wouldn’t attack them. And the reason for this was because the mosquitoes were under their control.

The Demon Dragon King knew about how terrifying these devil mosquitoes were, if the Ark Continent can indeed control them, then this wouldn’t be good news for the Demon Race.

Another thing that worried the Demon Dragon King was the strength of the devil mosquitoes. They weren’t weaker than the ones he encountered in the Demon Realm. The Demon Army was in a very dangerous position!


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