BTFTLIAW – Chapter 779

Chapter 779 – Thunder Yun’s Discovery

Naturally, Zhao Hai didn’t know about Thunder Yun’s plan to withdraw their troops. But even if he did know, he still wouldn’t let Thunder Yun off. After all, his hatred for the Divine Race was too deep, as long as he gets to kill them, then he would do it.

Therefore, after darkness comes, he would immediately release the blood devouring mosquitoes; half to the Divine Race and half to the Demons. At the same time, he also had the cavalry and undead prepared for another wave of attacks

.Zhao Hai looked at the sky, the Divine Race have pitched camp and their officers met up. It was time, Zhao Hai immediately sent the mosquitoes towards the Divine Race camp.

Thunder Yun and the others were currently discussing about their retreat when suddenly Fei’er came in from the outside. His face was ugly as he reported, “Master, the blood devouring mosquitoes have appeared.”

After hearing Fei’er, Thunder Yun’s expression changed. What he was worried about came true, the blood devouring mosquitoes were indeed under the enemy’s control. Moreover, their numbers are quite large.

However, this wasn’t the time to think about these, he immediately said, “Give the orders, do what I said earlier. Three people will form one group. Tell them not to panic. It’s possible that the enemy would use his undead to attack. Everyone, return to your divisions.”

Although they were just laughing earlier, at this time, orders were orders. Everyone immediately gave a shot before turning around and leaving.

After seeing the group walk out, Thunder Yun stood up as well. He took his wooden pole and then turned around to Fei’er and said, “Fei’er, gather your people. We’ll make the Ark Continent’s people experience how powerful our lightning abilities are.” Fei’er nodded, then he took up his own wooden pole and followed Thunder Yun outward.

When they reached outside, the immediately saw a scene similar to yesterday. The blood devouring mosquitoes were constantly shooting down from the skies and attacking the camp. Thunder Yun snorted as he waved his pole, a flash of light came and a bunch of mosquitoes in front of him disappeared into ash. What Thunder Yun didn’t notice was the same mosquitoes reappearing in the sky above him and continued on their attack.

At this time, Fei’er had also gathered the other giants. All of them had their poles with them as they lined up and muttered incantations. Tiny sparks of lightning started to appear on their bodies, the sparks got stronger and stronger before each giant was covered in lightning. It was at this moment when Fei’er said, “Attack!”

And just as his voice fell, the lightning on each Giant arched towards the mosquitoes, jumping from one mosquito to another. Those who were hit by the attack were instantaneously turned to ash.

With Fei’er and the other giants controlling the lightning, it meandered all throughout the Divine Race camp, killing a large number of mosquitoes with each go. However, just as soon as they died, the mosquitoes reappeared and then continued on with their attack.

Naturally, it was impossible for the giants to control their lightning for a long time. Soon enough, the net of lightning vanished in mid ark. On the other hand, it seemed like the number of mosquitoes remained unaffected.

While Fei’er and the others were doing their attack, Thunder Yun took the time to observe the blood devouring mosquitoes. He always had this strange feeling. He led his 20 million army yesterday and eliminated all of the blood devouring mosquitoes. They worked very hard, and even if they suffered casualties, they removed all of the mosquitoes that came. However, the disappearance of the mosquitoes’ corpses seemed to nag him in the back of his mind.

Because of this, he decided to focus on the blood devouring mosquitoes, he wanted to see some clues. Just as the giants’ lightning net eliminated a swathe of mosquitoes, another large clump appeared in the air.

Thunder Yun couldn’t help but be surprised when he saw this. In order to make sure that he wasn’t seeing things, he concentrated on the lightning net. After the net eradicated the mosquitoes, a blood devouring mosquito suddenly appeared from where it vanished. It looks as if they weren’t killed at all.

This startled Thunder Yun, his forehead dropping a cold sweat. He knew that this situation would only happen in two occasions; First, when a mosquito has a spatial teleportation ability. However, Thunder Yun couldn’t detect any spatial fluctuations, so this possibility is void.

Another possibility was that these blood devouring mosquitoes can actually resurrect!

Resurrection! This isn’t a strange name in the Divine Realm. There were several magic beasts with this ability. If one wanted to kill these creatures, then one needed to ensure that every single part of it was gone, including each drop of blood. Otherwise, any of their parts would be able to attach to another magic beast, absorbing their life force before completely resurrecting themselves. Although their strengths would be affected, nobody in the Divine Realm would want to offend any beast that had this ability. With no way to completely eliminate them, stirring trouble with these creatures would be a very bad idea.

But from the looks of it, these blood devouring mosquitoes seem to have more than just resurrection. Thunder Yun can see that the blood devouring mosquitoes today were stronger than those yesterday, at least twice as strong. And if they can regenerate, then it meant that these weren’t blood devouring mosquitoes.

After thinking about it,, Thunder Yun observed the mosquitoes more carefully. He wanted to see if the attacks of these mosquitoes were the same as those he had seen in the Divine Realm.

However, after looking for a long time, he couldn’t find any differences on these blood devouring mosquitoes. Therefore, there is only one explanation for this, these mosquitoes were a variant species of the blood devouring mosquitoes.

At the thought of this, Thunder Yun let out a sigh of relief. He wasn’t afraid of these regenerating mosquitoes. Since these mosquitoes can regenerate, then it meant that those yesterday could regenerate as well. No wonder those mosquitoes were very hard to deal with, they actually had the ability to regenerate.

But in the end, the mosquitoes yesterday were still eliminated. This means that the number of times these mosquitoes gets resurrected was not endless.

Thunder Yun felt relieved, however, he didn’t spread the information about the resurrecting abilities of the mosquitoes. One must know that the mere thought of a resurrecting beast would cause anxiety on any Divine Realm resident. If he spread the word out, then he would be causing unnecessary decrease in troop morale.

After Fei’er and the other Giants ran out of energy to do their attacks, Fei’er returned to Thunder Yun’s side. Fei’er didn’t follow Thunder Yun for a day or two, so when he saw Thunder Yun standing there, he knew that his Master was observing the blood devouring mosquitoes. Naturally, he wouldn’t disturb Thunder Yun and so he gave him time to analyze their enemy.

At this time, an explosion was suddenly heard in the distance. This sound sobered Thunder Yun, he looked at the direction of the sound as he said, “As I expected, this Zhao Hai is really difficult to deal with.”

Fei’er naturally understood Thunder Yun. Not only was Zhao Hai using the blood devouring mosquitoes, he also took the time to add the undead as well.

Fei’er turned to Thunder Yun and said, “Master, what do we do now?”

Thunder Yun sighed and said, “We endure, we have no other ways to deal with them right now. This is also the reason why I decided to make a retreat. The enemy just has too many things to use against us, way more than I expected. We have to go back and rethink about how to deal with them.”

Fei’er turned silent. After being with Thunder Yun for all these years, this was the first time that he heard Thunder Yun say this. From Thunder Yun’s tone was a hint of helplessness. This aspect had always been absent on Thunder Yun,before, yet it appeared right now.

This made Fei’er even more curious about Zhao Hai. He wanted to know what kind of person this Zhao Hai really was. How could he be this consistent that he even had Thunder Yun retreat? This person was just too strong, can one man really do all of these?

Although Fei’er was thinking about these, he didn’t stop and stare. If Thunder Yun were to see Fei’er’s face right now, he would be surprised. Fei’er’s eyes were so bright that he must have been thinking about great things. The first time Fei’er was like this was when he was going all out against the invading Divine Race army.

The attacks from the mosquitoes and undead kept coming. Although they had already thought about ways to deal with the mosquitoes, they were yet to think about how to deal with the undead. The attacks of the undead were really fast. Moreover, with the attacks from the mosquitoes, those in the outskirts of the army had their consciousness split into two. They were keeping eyes on the mosquitoes while also taking note of the constant wave of javelin attacks coming towards them.

Because of the method that Thunder Yun made yesterday, the lethality of the mosquitoes has been greatly reduced. Although the blood devouring mosquitoes were promoted, the casualties that they caused had become smaller. While the mosquitoes were attacking, one Divine Race soldier would support his Domain, one would focus on killing the mosquitoes, and one would rest and get ready to rotate.

But even so, casualties couldn’t be avoided. The coordination between the javelins of the undead and the mosquitoes caused more deaths compared to last night.


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