BTFTLIAW – Chapter 777

Chapter 777 – Thunder Yun’s Thoughts

It was more advantageous to use the mosquitoes during the night. Since it was still daytime, Zhao Hai only gathered them in the Space. When night comes, he would unleash them to deal with the Demons and the Divine Race.

Honestly, the time of day didn’t really affect the Demons and the Divine Race too much. However, even a small advantage needed to be used, so Zhao Hai chose to wait.

This time, he wouldn’t have the blood devouring mosquitoes attack on their own. Instead, Zhao Hai planned to have his cavalry carry on attacking as well. It was necessary to exhaust the Demons and the Divine Race as much as possible. When Lizzy and Megan eliminates the  winged pegasus cavalry, then Zhao Hai would have more chess pieces to move on the board.

Eliminating the winged pegasus army would provide Zhao Hai with millions more undead. Once that gets accomplished, Zhao Hai would have more things to do with the cavalry. For example, he could completely disrupt the supply line of the Divine Race, he could even go and harass the Radiant Empire. On the other hand, there was no need to be afraid of the Demons. Although they were strong, they weren’t much stronger compared to the undead. If an undead dies, it would definitely take another Demon along with it. This trade of losses wasn’t something that the Demon Race can withstand.

Zhao Hai looked at the monitor while making orders towards the cavalry units from time to time. At the same time, he would also lead the undead in making their attacks.

Zhao Hai currently felt like he was playing a computer game back on Earth. On the screen were green and red dots. The red dots would be his people while the green ones represented the enemy. At this time, groups of red dots were advancing and retreating on the monitor.

There was also a huge mass of green dots. The smaller group of red dots would come in contact with these green dots once in a while, some green and red dots would vanish at each encounter.

Zhao Hai didn’t feel too much after seeing the red and green lights vanish. Although he knew that each dot that disappeared meant a life was ended, he understood that this was war. Loss of life was inevitable in these situations.

Aside from the Demons and the Divine Race’s camps, Zhao Hai was also paying attention to Lizzy and Megan. This didn’t mean that he was worried about their success, he knew that the two of them would succeed in this operation. What he was paying attention to was how long it would take to eliminate the winged pegasus army. The sooner they get killed, the more advantageous it would be for Zhao Hai.

But he didn’t urge Megan and Lizzy to go faster, he knew that the two were already doing their best. There was no benefit in making them anxious about their success.

The skies slowly turned dark, and Zhao Hai knew that the time to dish out huge damages had come. He immediately had his cavalry units withdraw for some time so that they would be in their best condition when night came.

Actually, these cavalry units weren’t very tired at all. After a group attacks the Demons, they would just retreat and resupply while at the same time taking a rest.

Zhao Hai’s arrangement was to keep them in the best condition. And now that casualties were happening, Zhao Hai took their corpses and kept them, not turning them into undead. On the other hand, the dead ferghana horses were turned into undead. Not only would they keep their strength, their endurance would also be improved by a lot.

As the skies turned dark, the Divine Race were also beginning to get their guards up. First was because undead creatures can display 120% of their strength during the night. Second, because the Divine Race were expecting the blood devouring mosquitoes.

They were terrified by yesterday’s attack. Although they had thought about means to deal with the mosquitoes, the mere idea of the attack made them extremely uneasy.

After seeing the wave of undead retreat, Thunder Yun turned to Fei’er and said, “Fei’er, how many attacks did we receive today?”

Fei’er turned to Thunder Yun and smiled bitterly, “Forgive me master, I lost count.”

Thunder Yun smiled bitterly as well, he couldn’t blame Fei’er. The undead attacks that they received was just too much. Just as one ten thousand troop retreated, another would come. In this case, it would be strange if they had kept count.

After watching the sky, Thunder Yun immediately said, “Spread this order, immediately find a place to rest and arrange sentries. Have everyone be extra careful. If the blood devouring mosquitoes are indeed under the enemy’s control, then they would come back this evening.”

Fei’er nodded and then went to arrange it. Thunder Yun looked at the horizon with a worried look. Since their advance was slowed, Thunder Yun took the chance and observed the undead.

After looking at the teams of undead that Zhao Hai sent, Thunder Yun had discovered that there weren’t a lot of them, probably about a few million. Thunder Yun was assured of this conclusion because he can see the same faces among the undead from time to time. After his calculations, Thunder Yun reckoned that there shouldn’t be more than 5 million undead.

However, from the information that he acquired from Cloud Ying, Zhao Hai had a minimum of 20 million undead. He only used 5 million this time, where did the others go?

More than 10 million undead wasn’t small, but they haven’t appeared yet. Thunder Yun thought of the various implications of this information.

After the Divine Race army stopped, they immediately built rooms with earth magic. Thunder Yun also had a command center made. Once inside the hall, Thunder Yun had Fei’er sound the drums.

When all the generals arrived, Thunder Yun glanced at Cloud Yi and said, “Cloud Yi, sit on the third row.”

Don’t underestimate this change of seating, this was essentially a promotion. When Cloud Yi heard Thunder Yun, he immediately stood up and sat on the third row. Everyone in the hall looked at Cloud Yi, but nobody said anything. Cloud Yi came up with the method to restrict the harassment. Although it wasn’t completely useful, it still played a big role. Getting a promotion at this time was normal.

Seeing that nobody opposed to it, Thunder Yun moved on, “Everyone should have noticed, the Ark Continent had changed from cavalry soldiers into undead. Does everybody know why?” The people in the room all frowned. Then Cloud Ying said, “There are two possibilities for this. One was coincidence, and the other is Zhao Hai knowing our plan. If it is the former, than we’ll be fine. But if it is the latter, then this means that every move we make would be known to the other party. And that isn’t good for our future plans.”

When the generals heard this, their brows couldn’t help but wrinkle. They were experienced war veterans, but since they were too preoccupied with thinking about the undead, they had missed this point. After hearing Cloud Ying, all of them immediately understood.

Although they can understand what this meant, this was still very bad news. Knowing all of their actions wouldn’t bode too well for this conquest.

Thunder Yun nodded and said, “Right, and I suspect that the second possibility is true. Our moved are under Zhao Hai’s surveillance. As for his methods, I have absolutely no idea. But there is one thing worries me more.” After saying that, Thunder Yun scanned the group. All of them had unclear expressions aside from three people. They were Silver Shuke, Cloud Ying, and Cloud Yi.

Thunder Yun couldn’t help but nod after seeing the expression of the three. And among these three, the one who he favored the most was Cloud Yi.

Cloud Ying and Silver Shuke had fought with Zhao Hai before, so they were very clear about his strength. For them to discover the strangeness of the undead was quite normal. But Cloud Yi was different, he had not fought with Zhao Hai. In addition to his understanding now, he also managed to formulate a way to deal with the cavalry harassment. This meant that Cloud Yi had a powerful gift of observation.

However, Thunder Yun kept himself from asking Cloud Yi. He knew that if he asked Cloud Yi about this matter, then the others would think that he favored Cloud Yi and was planning to promote him even more. This wasn’t good for troop morale.

Cloud Yi’s promotion was because of his advice, so nobody would oppose this point. But if Thunder Yun were to blatantly give a promotion, then it would attract the envy of other people. When the time comes, Cloud Yi might even be bullied in the future, hindering his talent from growing any further.”

Therefore, Thunder Yun turned to Silver Shuke and said, “Silver Shuke, tell me, did you notice anything strange about Zhao Hai’s action?”


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