BTFTLIAW – Chapter 776

Chapter 776 – Skill

In the past, Zhao Hai didn’t consider the people of the Ark Continent in his decisions. The only things in his mind was the Buda Clan, everything is for the betterment of the clan.

But in his current position, he found out that there were more things to consider. Just take the matter with the Accra Mountains, for example. If it wasn’t properly taken care of, then it might result in the dissatisfaction of the Buddha Empire.

Although the Buddha Empire had moved to the Lyon Empire, Zhao Hai had to hand a city over to the Buddha Emperor. This was done in order for the Emperor to be able to rule his people. One could see how sensitive matters like these were to the Buddha Empire’s people.

Even if they were forced to leave their country, this only intensified their feelings about it. By making a demarcation in the Accra Mountains, Zhao Hai just cut the continent into two. The internal part would start from the Lyon Empire and then moving forward. The outer part would be the Buddha Empire and the Radiant Empire. Those people in the internal part naturally wouldn’t have any issues with this. After all, this was done in order to combat the Demons and the Divine Race.

On the other hand, this decision would make the people of the Buddha Empire feel bitter. Cultivating the Accra Mountains as a wall made the people of the Buddha Empire think that Zhao Hai had already abandoned their home. This was akin to handing the Buddha Empire over to the Demons and the Divine Race.

This didn’t even include what the Buddha Emperor would think. If Zhao Hai were to repel the Demons and the Divine Race one day, then the Accra Mountain defense could be seen as a protective guard against the Buddha Empire.

Because he was afraid of the Buddha Emperor having this idea, Zhao Hai talked this matter with him when the construction started. He even promised the Buddha Emperor that once the Demons and the Divine Race were expelled, the Lyon Empire would not place any garrison troops inside Accra Mountains.

All of this was made in the name of stability. Only when everything was stable would the fight in the frontlines be smooth.

Although the Buddha Empire’s people were living under refuge right now, their influence was still quite significant. This was because they had given up their country for the sake of the Ark Continent. Because of this, Zhao Hai needed to give them preferential treatment. Otherwise, the other nations would feel that Zhao Hai had been unfair.

The various Emperors were on the side of the Buddha Emperor. How Zhao Hai treated the Buddha Emperor right now would be how he would treat them in the future. These Emperors knew how strong the Demons and the Divine Race were, so they were aware that repelling them wouldn’t take a short time, it was just impossible.

They were afraid that a day would come where the invaders would rush over Accra Mountain’s defensive line. They were afraid that they would have the same fate as the Buddha Emperor. If Zhao Hai didn’t treat the Buddha Emperor well, then they wouldn’t be expecting Zhao Hai to treat them well in the future. Maybe they would even think that Zhao Hai would just eliminate them and consolidate control over the entire Ark Continent.

Although Zhao Hai’s present strength allows him to dethrone the Emperors and control the continent, he didn’t want to do this. The Emperors and Great Nobles had been ruling their respective subjects for several thousand years. It can be said that their influence in the continent had already been ingrained in the hearts of the people. Wanting to abolish their rule wouldn’t be very easy.

The reason why Zhao Hai was able to quickly control the Lyon Empire was because their Royal Family was killed by the Dragons. The strength of the Dragons had also left a huge impression on the commoners. So after Zhao Hai eliminated the Dragons, the Great Clans of the Lyon Empire had no choice but to become his subjects, otherwise they would face ruin in the hands of the commoners.

Because of this, Zhao Hai decided to tell the people of the continent about his arrangements. He had no choice, otherwise the aristocrats of the continent would unite against him. When that time comes, the whole continent would be plunged into chaos. Not to say about the Demons and the Divine Race, the continent might even disperse because of infighting. Zhao Hai had no choice but to consider all of these whenever he made a major action.

The reason why Zhao Hai can say that there would be no Lyon Empire garrison on Accra Mountains in the future was because he was still the Emperor of the Lyon Empire. One shouldn’t forget that the Buddha Empire and the Lyon Empire were divided by the Accra Mountain.

Not having garrison on the Accra Mountains might also mean that the defense would be handed over to the Buddha Empire. Naturally, the Buddha Emperor have no problems about this.

Actually, Zhao Hai didn’t want to hand the Accra Mountain over to the Buddha Empire nor would it be under the hands of the Lyon Empire. After they repel the Demons and the Divine Race, Zhao Hai plans to hand the defensive line over to the Dwarves and the Elves.

The passage between the Dwarf Mountain and Elven forest passes below the Mountains. If either the Buddha Empire or the Lyon Empire takes control of the mountains, then this would mean that they would have a certain influence over the Elves and the Dwarves.

Naturally, he wouldn’t tell this plan. He just told the Buddha Emperor that there would be no Lyon Empire soldiers stationed on the mountain after the war. However, he didn’t explicitly say that the mountain would be handed over to the Buddha Empire. If the Buddha Emperor thinks so, then that won’t be Zhao Hai’s problem anymore.

This was a type of deception, a deception that must be used since it was necessary. After all, the Buddha Empire wasn’t loyal to Zhao Hai. Therefore, some small deceptions needed to be made in order to achieve certain goals.

Besides the frontline and backline matters, Zhao Hai also took care of the reports that Cai’er would send. In addition to the heads of the powers, these reports would also be read aloud in various cities. This would allow the commoners to know about the situation in the frontline.

Zhao Hai still continued to stabilize the spirit of the people. Just like how he needed to appease the heads of states, he also needed to make sure that there weren’t wrong rumors going about among the populace. Rumors like ‘the frontlines couldn’t defend, ‘Zhao Hai is heavily injured’, and ‘The Demons and the Divine Race have come’ needed to be quelled.

Nonsense rumors like these would only cause anxiety to the people. Moreover, there were also a lot of soldiers in the continent that were originally commoners. Therefore, these people needed to be made aware of the war’s progress.

The reason why Zhao Hai didn’t bother doing this before was because he was yet to transfer troops from the continent into the Buddha Empire at a large scale. At that time, the people involved in the war were only those who were from the Buddha Empire, some armies from the three Empires, and groups from the other races.

However, now was different, Zhao Hai was mobilizing the entire Ark Continent. Although he had improved the strength of the soldiers, it was still impossible for them to not be worried about the frontlines. Therefore, Zhao Hai decided to read out the reports to the civilians, informing them about the war.

Zhao Hai was not afraid that his plans would be exposed to the Demons and the Divine Race. After all, what he was doing was just stalling the enemies. It was a kind of information that nobody can make use of. The enemies might know about his plan, however, what can they do about it?

Whether it be the Demons or the Divine Race, both of them were subjected to Zhao Hai’s delaying tactics. Zhao Hai used his undead for the Divine Race while the cavalries were used against the Demons. This arrangement was right. Although the strength of the Demon army wasn’t that great, they were beings completely unafraid of death. With their powerful life force, even general 9th ranks from the continent would be unable to play around with them.

Although using the cavalry against the Demons caused some lives to be lost, it was still better than facing the Divine Race. Zhao Hai can imagine the large losses that would be met if he continued to use the cavalry units against the Divine Race.

The javelins and stones from the Divine Race were very lethal. Even undead fell to them, much less actual living people.

Actually, the heavy cavalry unit can be said to be the most appropriate enemy against the Divine Race. Their inborn strength would bring them more throwing distance compared to the others. They might even compare to the Divine Race’s projectiles.

However, Zhao Hai cannot send them right now because he needed to deal with the winged pegasus cavalry. Once Zhao Hai sends the heavy cavalry, the Divine Race would know that Zhao Hai was planning on dealing with the winged pegasus cavalry next. This would allow the Divine Race to adjust their strategy, making the situation unfavorable for Zhao Hai. Therefore, Zhao Hai could only use the undead to deal with the Divine Race. Fortunately, the undead were already enough to slow the advance of Thunder Yun’s center army.

The Demons and the Divine Race were still advancing, but their rate of advancement was horribly slow. The Divine Race wasn’t expecting this move from Zhao Hai, they didn’t bring too much supplies when they left the Radiant Empire. Although their supplies can lest them for another one or two days, it was already clear that their supplies wouldn’t last for too long. When they decided to get supplies from the Radiant Empire, then that would be the time where Zhao Hai’s undead cavalry would make their attack.

Zhao Hai has been paying attention to the moves of the two armies. Now, 24 hours had almost passed by, Zhao Hai was preparing to unleash the blood devouring mosquitoes once more. When the time is up, the mosquitoes would be released immediately. This time, the blood devouring mosquitoes wouldn’t only assault the Divine Race, they would go for the Demons as well.


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  1. The MC caring about the opinions of the emperors over something like a defensive line is stupid, how much instability could they cause? They have two choices, rebel and die to the MC while causing little damage, the best outcome of rebelling would be being made into the divine races slaves or being wiped out by demons.

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