BTFTLIAW – Chapter 775

Chapter 775 – The Demon Race Moves, War On Two Fronts

Zhao Hai had also changed his methods from before. He now reported everything that happened in the frontlines. He would have Cai’er manufacture written documents to be given to the various powers, detailing what happened. This will give them a more direct understanding about the situation in the frontlines.

This would also make the various powers feel more involved in the fight and not too distant to what was happening.

While the Divine Race and Zhao Hai’s army were resting, the Demons were doing the contrary. The Demon Dragon King had received word that the Divine Race had already made their move. Upon receiving this information, the Demon Dragon King immediately convened his officers and notified them about the Divine Race’s action.

When they heard that the Divine Race had made their move, the various officers couldn’t help but be excited. One of them said, “Good, the Divine Race finally attacked! Your Highness, when do we advance?”

The Demon Dragon King was also smiling, he replied, “It has already been a few days since the Divine Race advanced. We might not know what happened, but there was no movement in Rising Sun City. I suspect that those left there are only the human army. Zhao Hai shouldn’t have the time to block our advance. Our opportunity has arrived!”

The group cheered. The Demon Dragon King looked at the group and said, “The sooner we dispatch the troops, the greater the advantage we can gain. At the same time, we must prepare to deal with the Divine Race. Just as Zhao Hai said, they might not agree to divine the Continent. We don’t agree to divide it as well. The strength of the Divine Race is no less than ours. Everybody should prepare well.”

The group simultaneously made a shout. However, each one of them still had their happy expression. The Demon Dragon King faintly smiled and said, “Go back to your armies. After one hour, we depart. Our target, Rising Sun City!” The group gave another loud shout before they turned around and left.

There was no Demon who came to the Ark Continent that didnt’ want to attack. This was because all of them wanted to make the Ark Continent their territory as soon as possible. After staying here for one day, nobody wanted to return to the Demon Realm.

After one hour, the Demon Army was fully prepared. And with the command from the Demon Dragon King, close to 30 million Demons left the Demonic Abyss, heading straight towards Rising Sun City.

However, the moment the Demons moved, Zhao Hai already ordered everyone inside Rising Sun City to leave. Nobody was left inside as they transitioned into doing guerilla tactics.

Using their harassment methods on the Demons should be more convenient compared to the Divine Race. This was because the Demon army didn’t have as much God-rank experts, so not a lot can support a Domain to block the blood lightning beads. Because of this, Zhao Hai held more confidence in dealing with the Demon Race.

Before long, the first round of harassment came. The Demons were not like the Divine Race, they don’t have as much God ranks. However, the abundance of God ranks and their Domains made the Divine Race think that long ranged weapons weren’t that important. On the other hand, since the Demons had 8th to 9th ranks, they equipped themselves with bows, javelins, and other throwable weapons. After losing more than ten thousand people in the first attack, the Demon Dragon King immediately made an adjustment. Those with ranged weapons would be placed on the outskirts of the Demon Army. Moreover, as soon as they saw the Humans, they immediately threw their weapons. This arrangement actually caused some casualties among the Human Race’s cavalry.

This caused Zhao Hai a headache. He didn’t expect the Demon Race’s archery to be this strong. Moreover, their firing distance was quite far. Because of this, Zhao Hai was very dissatisfied. Although they were still causing trouble for the Demons, Zhao Hai was still not happy.

This move by the Demons further pushed the importance of the formation plates. Zhao Hai discussed the matter with Karen, making them produce a working prototype as soon as possible. And with the Dwarves’ help, they need to make one at the quickest time possible.

Shortly after the Demons moved, the Divine Race had finished their rest and continued to charge towards the heart of the Ark Continent.

This time, Zhao Hai has to face enemies on two fronts. However, he was already prepared for this outcome. He immediately sent the undead that was handed over to him and harassed the Divine Race. On the other hand, there was no substitution for the Demons. The cavalry units still attacked them. Even if the damage made was low, at least the Demons weren’t advancing smoothly.

At this time, Lizzy and Megan led the undead and the other armies of the continent to deal with the light cavalry army.

The number of people assigned to the winged pegasus cavalry was about 7 million. Because of how fast the light cavalry units were and the fact that almost nobody can catch up to them, there were no other race that was placed in this army.

Zhao Hai actually wanted to use the winged pegasus as a mount for the cavalry. This was because they were very mobile.

However, Zhao Hai’s Space had just acquired some winged pegasus. It would be impossible to fit every cavalry unit with one. Although the Space can speed up the breeding of these winged pegasus, to reach a proper number was still far off.

Thunder Yun noticed that Zhao Hai had changed his way of attack. Before, their attackers were composed of Human soldiers, but now they were replaced by undead. These undead were also very fast, and their usage of javelins was actually more proficient and lethal compared to the Human soldiers.

Naturally, Thunder Yun wasn’t aware that the armies of the continent had just been promoted to 9th-rank, so they weren’t too proficient with their strength. On the other hand, the undead had already underwent battles in their current state, so they were more used to their bodies compared to the recently promoted soldiers. It was no wonder that the undead were more proficient in using the javelins.

But what worried Thunder Yun the most was how quick Zhao Hai was able to adjust. Zhao Hai was just too fast, it was as though he immediately figured out that the Divine Race had a way to deal with the Human cavalry. Just as Laura said, the javelins and the stones might be effective against living cavalry, but were less useful against the undead. Unless the javelin or stones hit exact places, the undead would remain unscatherd. The projectiles would just go through their bones as they continued to fight.

Moreover, Zhao Hai’s undead had self regeneration and pseudo-vitality. As long as their souls weren’t extinguished, these undead would stay immortal. In this case, the javelins and stones were rendered close to useless.

Thundery Yun didn’t know whether Zhao Hai was aware of their actions or this arrangement was just done in pure coincidence.

If Zhao Hai knew that the Divine Race planned to use javelins and stones, and promptly used his undead, then this meant that Zhao Hai had means to constantly look into the state of the Divine Race army.

While thinking about this possibility, Thunder Yun couldn’t help but be startled. He immediately scouted the surroundings, looking for places where people could hide.

However, they found nothing. This action only made their march slower, which allowed Zhao Hai more time. What Zhao Hai needed is time, time to eliminate the winged pegasus army, to research magic formations, to finish constructing the defensive line at Accra Mountain, and to promote more people to God-rank.

Naturally, Zhao Hai will not let the Divine Race go just because they slowed their advance. The undead cavalry remained and continued to harass the Divine Race army. Because the undead were never tired and didn’t need to eat nor drink, they attacked non-stop. And as soon as they reached the Divine Race’s line of fire, Zhao Hai would immediately take them into the Space. He would release them once more when their turn to attack comes.

Thunder Yun’s army was now advancing at the speed of a turtle. It would only need about three to four hours if one were to fly from city to city. However, it has already been five hours since Thunder Yun’s army left Upper Bank City, yet they were still halfway to the next city.

Zhao Hai was very satisfied with this result. He was currently making every effort he could in order to delay the Demon and the Divine Race. After Lizzy and Megan eliminates the light cavalry army, Zhao Hai would then be able to allocate more resources into crippling the advance of the two enemy parties. At the same time, Zhao Hai had a more sinister idea in his mind. He would go and attack their rear!

As long as manpower gets available, Zhao Hai will have the undead winged pegasus army attack the cities in the Radiant Empire in the guise of zombies. When that time comes, Zhao Hai wanted to see whether the Divine Race would retreat or not.

Naturally, Zhao Hai didn’t think about driving the Divine Race back to the Divine Realm, that was just impossible to do. After seeing the giants, the winged pegasus, and the heavy armor cavalry, Zhao Hai knew that the Divine Race had already conquered several smaller planes. And in their operation in the Ark Continent, it was certain that they had made the proper preparations. To drive them back to the Divine Realm in such a short time was just not possible.

However, attacking the Radiant Empire still had its own advantages. First, they could compel the Divine Race army to retreat. Second, they would be able to acquire those large magic cannons and have them researched. And third, they would be able to get some green skinned creatures and ask them about the matters of the Divine Race.

But all of these relied on time. As long as Zhao Hai had time, he can make sure that the Divine Race never reached Accra Mountains.

The construction in Accra Mountain had increased a lot. It will become a permanent defensive line, so Zhao Hai’s requirements for it were very strict. Not only does it need magical formations, the materials needed to be selected properly as well. In addition to being resistant to physical damage, the materials needed to resist magic attacks as well as have magical effects. That is to say, using magic to break these materials was just plainly impossible.

Take Upper Bank City, for example. The city had a very good defensive formation, providing the walls with defense against magic. However, after the formation was broken, the walls were susceptible to being turned into golems by using earth magic. The walls will become weapons to attack the city’s defenders.

This situation needs to be prevented in Accra Mountains. Instead of stones, Zhao Hai asked for concrete to be used in making the walls. This concrete was different to the concrete back on Earth. The materials used for Ark Continent’s concrete comprised of things like gravel, rice milk, and some other things. Naturally, combining these things would need magic.

In the Ark Continent, magic-mage materials weren’t rare. There were a lot of materials that can be made using magic, but they weren’t used much in the past years. Only in making Imperial Palaces did these materials appear. Making concrete using magic was an idea that Zhao Hai had proposed.

Moreover, Zhao Hai had another requirement for the Accra Mountains. The defense lines must be done outward. This meant that the defense will be focused on the Buddha Empire. As for the Lyon Empire’s side, no defense shall be made.

The reason that Zhao Hai made this decision was because he was afraid that if Accra Mountain fell, then its defense would be turned against the Ark Continent. If Zhao Hai made both sides of the mountain defensive, then the Divine Race or the Demon Race might use it as a forward base against the Ark Continent. When that time comes, reclaiming the land would become much more difficult.

This method had its advantages and disadvantages, but Zhao Hai can only do it. Before doing so, he also discussed this matter with the Buddha Emperor. He wanted to make it clear that this arrangement wasn’t against the Buddha Empire, but to the invaders instead.


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