BTFTLIAW – Chapter 774

Chapter 774 – I Have a Way

When he heard Laura, Zhao Hai’s eyes lit up. He nodded and said, “That method is good. We should have them made as soon as possible. However, we still need to test these magic formations. They can’t be too big nor too small. Too big and they waste too much energy, too small and they become useless.”

Laura smiled and said, “This should be easy to do. At this point, your word is already law in the continent. Moreover, father has been researching magic formations for a very long time. I can hand the task over to him. We should expect results to come up soon.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Alright, then we’ll hand it over to father-in-law. Tell him that we need it and we prefer them to be made as soon as possible.”

Laura nodded, “I’ll take care of it. But Brother Hai, we cannot stay put in the following days. How about we adjust Lizzy and Megan to face the center army. The javelins and stones might be a threat to the cavalry, but to the undead they should be less harmful.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Alright, I’ll tell them after they deal with the heavy cavalry unit.”

Just as Zhao Hai said that, Lizzy’s voice was heard, “It seems like me and Megan came in at the right time. Big Brother Hai, the heavy cavalry unit has been taken care of.”

Zhao Hai turned his head to look and saw Lizzy and Megan’s excited faces. Zhao Hai immediately smiled at them and said, “You already took care of the heavy cavalry? How many people did they have?”

Although the majority of the reinforcements were composed of the Divine Race, the winged pegasus cavalry, and the rhinoceros heavy cavalry, there were also other races included in the mix. This time, these extra races weren’t included in the Divine Race’s center army. Instead, they were used to supplement the heavy cavalry army in attacking the other cities of the Buddha Empire. What Zhao Hai was asking about was the total number of people included in the heavy cavalry army, including those supplemental races.

Megan smiled and said, “There were a lot of them. You couldn’t even imagine. There were 5 million of them, 5 million.”

Zhao Hai immediately became ecstatic when he heard Megan, he said, “That’s fantastic. Then this means that we have 5 million additional undead. That is a huge harvest. Hahaha. And since the light cavalry unit have more people in comparison, our numbers will be greatly strengthened. Good, good. You two have a good rest before you deal with the light cavalry. Right, hand some of those undead over to me. I’ll use them to deal with the Divine Race’s center army.”

Lizzy and Megan nodded. Then they thought back to how difficult it was to deal with the heavy cavalry unit. The opponent wasn’t weak at all. Moreover, with their numbers, dealing with them in such a short time was very hard.

However, Lizzy and Megan had thought of a way. They would have Dwarves would dig some holes on the ground, making the heavy cavalry stop their advance.

The heavy cavalry’s greatest asset was their charge. Once their charge gets stopped, then they’re overall power would drop. The Dwarves’ traps were precisely used to stop them.

Once the heavy cavalry unit saw the traps, they quickly knew that it was set up by the Dwarves. It didn’t take too long for them to shoot out earth magic towards the ground. This magic had the effect of hardening the ground. It would last for an hour or so, making them unafraid of any attacks coming from the Dwarves.

However, their decision this time was very mistaken. Lizzy and Megan didn’t plan to attack them from the ground. Instead, they used the time where the enemy was using earth magic to surround them with undead. Then the undead began to attack the heavy cavalry.

These undead were quite strong, they were 9th ranks after all. Because of this, even before the heavy cavalry can respond, they were already eliminated.

This method can only be used because Zhao Hai’s side had the Space. They have the method of making the undead appear wherever they want. Lizzy and Megan used this feature to surround the heavy cavalry with undead. Catching them off guard and making the operation easier than it should be.

The plan might look simple, but it wasn’t. Fortunately, not a lot of people were aware of this capability.

Some of the undead were handed over to Zhao Hai while some remained in the control of Lizzy and Megan. The winged pegasus army were fast, and could fly, so they would need a much better plan to deal with them. This needed to be thoroughly thought out.

While Lizzy and Megan rested, Laura went out to discuss the formation disks with Karen. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai stayed in the villa in order to monitor the Divine Race.

Besides monitoring the Divine Race, Zhao Hai also busied himself with resupplying the cavalry units with more javelins..

There were currently a lot of places in the Ark Continent that took on the job of making javelins. In addition to wooden ones, there were also a lot of bamboo-made javelins. Those javelins made of bamboo were found out to be more powerful and convenient to use.

At this point, Zhao Hai planted a lot of bamboos in the Space, specifically for the manufacturing of javelins. Making bamboo javelins was simple. A single person would be able to make a lot of javelins in a single day.

Supplying the cavalry units was also a unique matter. Zhao Hai placed the supplies somewhere on the continent, then he would just lead the cavalry units there in order to take their javelins. At the same time, the cavalry could also eat and rest there.

These places varied, some were in cities of the Buddha Empire while some were in rural areas. The areas weren’t too complicated and the supplies present there were only enough for one or two batches.

Zhao Hai had also given the captains of these units a spatial bag each. Each bag can carry about a thousand cubic meters. In addition to the messenger fish, the bags also stored things to eat and drink. Zhao Hai didn’t want them to be starved during times where he was unable to teleport them from place to place.

Now that the cavalry units had received their supplies, they proceeded to take a rest. At the same time, the Divine Race army were also taking a rest. The blood devouring mosquitoes had made them suffer heavily.

Although the mosquitoes were upgraded, they still needed 24 hours in order to be re-released. But when the time comes, those new mosquitoes would be stronger than the ones before.

After being upgraded, the strength of the mosquitoes had doubled compared to before. Zhao Hai believed that the mosquitoes would deal a much heavier damage to the Divine Race the next time they attack.

Although the Divine Race army were composed of God-rank experts, Zhao Hai can still see weary looks on their faces. Those who had acquired their javelins and stones immediately took a rest. It seems like they were very tired.

However, there were still some of them who stood guard in the surroundings. Therefore, attacking them at this time wouldn’t be so easy. Still, Zhao Hai wasn’t worried. If he really wanted to deal with the Divine Race army, he could just send some undead into the middle of the army. That would certainly catch them off guard.

But Zhao Hai didn’t want to do that right now. The Divine Race was different compared to the light and heavy cavalries. The Divine Race army have God-rank strength, making them much stronger than the two other armies. Even if the undead appeared in the middle of the army, their only choice would be to self destruct using blood lightning beads. Dealing with the Divine Race army using the methods used on the heavy cavalry would be a foolish decision, the strength disparity was just too much.

For Zhao Hai to not use it doesn’t meant that it was useless. On the contrary, this trick would be very useful. However, this trick can only be used once. The next time, the Divine Race would be prepared for it. Because of this, Zhao Hai planned to use it only when it is crucial.

Since that was his plan, Zhao Hai didn’t send people to harass the Divine Race right now, allowing them time to rest. But Zhao Hai also believed that even if they were resting, they would still keep one of their eyes open, fearing that an attack would come at any time.

After seeing that nothing was happening in the Divine Race’s camp, Zhao Hai felt relief. He took some time to head back to the Black Wasteland. At this time, many people who specialized in magic formations had been sent over. Karen was present there as well. Zhao Hai had a laboratory made for them so that they can research weapons and formations much easier.

After the plan for making formation disks were passed on to Karen’s group, they immediately started on their research. They were quite familiar with defensive formations. In fact, they already have ideas on how to proceed.

Ever since the Demons and the Divine Race started to invade the Ark Continent, these people were already thinking about these types of formations. Because of this, after Zhao Hai’s word was sent, they didn’t fumble around and just proceeded to shift their research towards Zhao Hai’s needs.

In the past, they have been researching ways to make more defensive and energy saving formations. This time, they only needed to make the formations small enough to carry around. Their research were focused on huge formations, so they had a certain understanding when it came to areas and their energy consumption. What they needed to do now was to make formation plates that have ample defensive strength for the cavalry units.

When he saw how smooth the research was going, Zhao Hai felt relief. It seems like it would only take a few days before the formation plates to be made.


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