BTFTLIAW – Chapter 773

Chapter 773 – A Good Plan

Zhao Hai didn’t know about the contents of the Divine Race army’s meeting. The Divine Race used a formation in order to isolate the space surrounding them. This magic was quite effective against the Space.

Zhao Hai was currently looking into the Demons. He was afraid that the Demon Race would get any news and proceed to attack. He already had the troops in Rising Sun City show themselves regularly on top of the walls, hoping that the Demons would not suspect anything. But if the Demons did attack, these troops will immediately turn into cavalry units and proceed to harass the Demon army.

The current Demon army was no less than the Divine Race. They also numbered around 20 million troops. Moreover, more people were still coming from the Demon Realm.

At the same time, the continent’s armies were also quite numerous. Although there weren’t a lot of elite troops, the local armies were still collectively large . The local armies have now been promoted to 9th rank, their abilities shouldn’t be too far from the elite troops.

Besides the Human army, there was also the Elves, Dwarves, Beastman, and Fishman armies. All in all, the Ark Continent had about several tens of millions of usable troops. This was especially true for the Fishman race. Nobody knew how large the endless sea was, but one could be certain that the amount of Fishman tribes were a lot. The entire Fishman army, once they left the seas, will become huge war machines. Even the Mermaid Clan was unclear about their total battle prowess.

There were still many others who hadn’t taken the spatial water and were yet to be promoted. But Zhao Hai couldn’t do anything about it. Although he said that everyone can drink the spatial water, there will come a time when it would lose its effectiveness and just turn into normal water.

What Zhao Hai needed to do right now was to unveil the maximum warring potential of the Ark Continent and use it against the Demons and the Divine Race. It can be said that this was part of the Ark Continent’s evolution.

Right, the Ark Continent needed to evolve. Zhao Hai thought about it because of the recent changes to the continent. In the past, the Ark Continent was just a lower realm compared to the Divine Realm. But now, the Divine Race just removed that division. This meant that the Ark Continent and the Divine Race now had similar laws. Under this situation, if the Ark Continent’s people failed to adapt, then they will certainly be eliminated.

If Zhao Hai didn’t have the Space, then this evolution would certainly be impossible. But Zhao Hai had the Space, providing them with the ability to evolve. Because of this, Zhao Hai decided to use this war to improve the entirety of the Ark Continent.

However, the situation with the other races was very different compared to the Humans. The Humans lived in a relatively concentrated manner, and their government had almost reached a perfect state. Take the Rosen Empire, for example, their governance was already first-rate. Their control of the population had even reached the tiniest unit, villages being governed by the village heads. On the other hand, the other races were different. The Elves and the Dwarves had it the best, living close to each other. However, the same cannot be said for the Beastmen.

The Beastmen lived in the Prairie, a place that was too big. Because of this, the Beastmen lived a fairly nomadic lifestyle, moving about in small tribes of several tens to several hundreds of households. In this case, wanting to concentrate them would be very difficult.

The Beastmen were just a tad less problematic compared to the Fishmen. The Fishman race lived in the endless sea, a place much bigger than the prairie, and much more difficult to manage.

In fact, the management of the Fishman Race was very relaxed. But all of them knew that the Mermaid Clan was the ruler of the entire sea. However, since the Mermaid Clan doesn’t care too much about taxes, the management had become too loose and neglected.

This caused Zhao Hai a headache. The Fishman Race was just too dispersed despite being the largest group in terms of population and war potential. Additionally, the Fishman Race weren’t too used to fighting on land.

Because of this, although there were a lot of Fishmen who had become 9th ranks, they were still not suitable for land battle. They were on the rear, training on top of the mounts that Zhao Hai gave.

At this time, the number of troops in the Buddha Empire numbered less than 10 million. But there were still more troops coming from the rear.

In fact, if Zhao Hai’s tactics were used, they really don’t need so many troops. However, Zhao Hai still wanted to see what a full on fight with the Demons and the Divine Race looks like.

Zhao Hai looked at the situation in the Demon Camp. Fortunately, it was still the early days of the Divine Race’s attack. Because of this, the Demons were yet to receive any news. However, Zhao Hai knew that word would soon reach their ears.

Seeing no movements from the Demons, Zhao Hai turned to look at what the Divine Race were doing. Upon seeing the Divine Race, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. The Divine Race army were cutting trees down and gathering stones. He was confused at what these people were doing.

However, he soon found out what this action meant. After cutting trees down, the Divine Race unexpectedly made javelins out of them. Although these javelins were simple, looking just like a sharpened wooden club, they were still quite lethal once thrown by the Divine Race army.

It was quite obvious that the Divine Race wanted to use these javelins to retaliate against the Ark Continent’s attacks.

After thinking up to this point, Zhao Hai’s brows couldn’t help but wrinkle. Although the strength of the Divine Race’s javelins were inferior to the ones with the blood lightning beads. The large number of the Divine Race army alone was something that cannot be underestimated.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but shiver after imagining 20 million Divine Race soldiers throwing javelins simultaneously. Zhao Hai couldn’t forget the scene from the movie ‘Hero’ where a rain of arrows was seen going down on a city. He reckoned that the Divine Race’s javelins would be more frightening compared to the Qin army’s arrows. [1]

The Buddha Empire had a lot of trees, and for the Divine Race, they wouldn’t be very hard to cut For them, making javelins should be very simple.

Zhao Hai also understood what the stones were for. Judging by the sheer number of the Divine Race army, the javelins made would surely be insufficient. These stones were not only portable and easy to find, they could also deal significant damage once thrown. If these were thrown by any average person, then they might not be a threat, but in the hands of God ranked experts, they would surely be lethal.

Zhao Hai frowned, the Divine Race were too quick to think. Do they intend to deal with the cavalry attacks with this method?

As Zhao Hai was calmly thinking about it, Laura walked in and sat by his side. After seeing the monitor, she was puzzled so she asked Zhao Hai. “Brother Hai, what’s happening? Why are those soldiers gathering stones and wood? Do they want to build a city?” Zhao Hai bitterly smiled and said, “They’re preparing to counter our cavalry attacks. The wood are made into javelins while the stones are to be thrown.”

When she heard Zhao Hai’s answer, Laura couldn’t help but frown. Zhao Hai’s cavalry units were yet to utilize their full 9th rank strength. Additionally, throwing javelins weren’t their speciality. Zhao Hai didn’t even order them to be accurate, throwing the javelins and then retreating was his only order.

Because of this, the cavalry units weren’t very skillful in their job. If they were attacked by these javelins, the only way they could survive was to abandon their mounts. And if they won’t, they would only be eliminated by the Divine Race.

Moreover, once the Divine Race uses this tactic, the harassment methods that Zhao Hai’s side had thought of would become useless.

Laura turned her head to Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, what do we do now? Under these javelin and stone attacks, our cavalry units would be unable to continue their job. Using shields to block the Divine Race projectiles would not be enough.” Zhao Hai nodded as he sighed and said, “I’m also worried about this matter. God rank experts are much stronger compared to 9th ranks. God ranks are very difficult to deal with, especially those who already have Domains. The javelins thrown by the Divine Race would surely be strong. Only a few armies in the continent are able to block their attack.”

Laura frowned, but then her eyes shone, then she said, “Brother Hai, do you remember the magic formation disks used by the Radiant Church? If we make more of those, I think they can be used.”

Zhao Hai stared, “Formation disks? So what if we make formation disks?” Laura smiled and said, “Defensive formation disks. Major cities of the continent might have defensive formations, but these formations are very complex. If we shrink them down, then they can be used with formation disks. Each squad can carry a set of these disks and use it with crystal stones when they face the Divine Race. This should make the stones and javelins very useless.”


  1. For those curious, here’s a clip from youtube. 


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