BTFTLIAW – Chapter 772

Chapter 772 – Dealing with the Divine Race

Thunder Yun had lost count of the number of blood devouring mosquitoes that he’d killed. These mosquitoes seemed to be unkillable. After killing a batch, another batch would come, then another, then another.

In Thunder Yun’s mind, these blood devouring mosquitoes were more repugnant than the Ark Continent’s cavalry units. The cavalry unit would attack them while the Divine Race can do nothing. However, only those who were in the periphery of the army were attacked, those in the middle parts were completely unaffected.

On the other hand, the mosquitoes were different. There were just too many mosquitoes, almost everyone was under attack, completely hindering them from taking a proper rest. This situation would surely affect the Divine Race army’s fighting capabilities in the coming days.

There were already casualties among the Divine Race army. Although Thunder Yun didn’t know how much, he still couldn’t help but frown.

The attacks of the mosquitoes were different compared to those made by people. When people attack, you can counter them with proper group tactics. But the mosquitoes don’t care about formations. Their bodies were too small that once they attack, the battle would end up as individual fights.

Thunder Yun looked at the blood devouring mosquitoes. The insects were still attacking the army, however, it was evident that their numbers had dwindled. Compared to before, the pressure that they brought had become much lighter.

After seeing this development, Thunder Yun couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief. But at this time, a huge explosion was suddenly heard. Thunder Yun became startled, he looked towards the explosion and spotted a group of Ark Continent cavalry. They had just thrown their javelins and were about to retreat.

Thunder Yun’s expression couldn’t help but sink. He didn’t think that the Ark Continent would actually use this opportunity to take a shot. This situation was too irritating.

Although he was completely infuriated, Thunder Yun didn’t have anything to say about it. This was war, and although the Ark Continent has been annoying, he still couldn’t help but recognize their ability to grasp at the opportunity to attack the Divine Race.

After thinking up to here, Thunder Yun couldn’t help but sigh deeply. He came out this time in order to face Zhao Hai, but he didn’t think that it would be very difficult. With how much he lost, his expression was uglier than Silver Shuke and Cloud Ying who were before him. The situation had completely left him with no face to return with.

However, this situation was still expected. Thunder Yun just didn’t think that the Ark Continent would have such methods. At the same time, he also suspected that the blood devouring mosquitoes were products made by someone in the Ark Continent.

The timing of the mosquito attack was very good. They didn’t encounter any attacks in the afternoon and into the night. And just as they lowered their guards, the mosquitoes suddenly appeared. It can be said that if the Ark Continent and the blood devouring mosquitoes weren’t related, then Thunder Yun was willing to cut his own head off.

After the group of Ark Continent cavalry left, another one came. They did the same as the one before them, threw their javelins before retreating. Afterward, a third team came, then a fourth, then a fifth…

While they were dealing with the remaining mosquitoes, the Divine Race army were faced with the attacks of the Ark Continent’s cavalry.

After about more than an hour, the amount of attacks that they had received have reached the same number as the attacks that they had suffered in the past few days. It can be said that the Ark Continent was waiting for this opportunity, and Thunder Yun can’t do anything about it.

Thunder Yun wouldn’t dare to send a detachment to attack the Ark Continent’s troops. This was because he knew that once he sends these detachment armies, they would immediately be slaughtered by ambushes coming from the enemy. They were truly in a dilemma right now.

Thunder Yun loudly commanded, “Troops in the periphery stand guard. The others, proceed to deal with the mosquitoes!” As he said that, the troops in the outskirts of the army focused on the Ark Continent’s cavalry while those in the middle went on and continued to attack the mosquitoes.

After two hours, the attacks that they received had surpassed those they encountered before. Moreover, their casualties were starting to mount up. In the 30 waves of attacks, nearly 40 thousand people were killed. Adding the damage caused by the residual mosquitoes, the casualties would number to 50 thousand. Moreover, it was clear that as they move through the Ark Continent, this number would continue to increase.

When the skies turn bright, the Ark Continent stopped their attacks. This made the Divine Race army relax and count their total casualties. In the evening, they lost 100 thousand people, when they add the casualties during the cavalry attack it would number to 150 thousand. In just one night, the Divine Race lost 150 thousand troops!

After hearing this number, Thunder Yun felt that he was in a dream. He was also hoping that he was in a dream, that all of these was just an illusion. But after he looked at his side and saw the weary look on Fei’er, he knew that it was real.

Thunder Yun rubbed his temples, then he turned to Fei’er and said, “Beat the drums, have the leaders gather.” Fei’er nodded, then he turned around and beat the big drum outside the city lord’s mansion.

Before long, several white robes people arrived. In the Divine Race army, only General rank people can wear white robes. It was a kind of status symbol for the army.

However, Thunder Yun liked to wear his battle armor, this made him different from the other generals. Generals in the Divine Race army took command of about five hundred thousand people, so 40 white robed people arrived at the city lord’s mansion.

Thunder Yun was sat down inside the mansion, there were also some chairs in front of him. All of these furniture were brought by the Divine Race. Zhao Hai already took everything before leaving the place.

After the Generals entered the door, they immediately gave Thunder Yun a salute before promptly taking a seat. Cloud Ying was among those who sat on the first row while Silver Shuke sat on the second.

After everyone arrived, Thunder Yun looked at them and said, “We’ve just begun, but we’re already stumbling. We underestimated the Ark Continent’s people, causing us to lose more than a hundred thousand people. For the Divine Race, this has never happened before. Everyone, tell me about your thoughts on the matter.”

Silence spread out inside the room, nobody knew what to say. After some time Cloud Ying opened his mouth and said, “General, I have something to report. We just fought with those blood devouring mosquitoes, and their numbers are surely large. But although they had been killed, nobody can spot a single mosquito corpse inside or outside the city. Everyone is puzzled by this.”

Upon hearing Cloud Ying, the other generals were giving nods. It was true, yesterday, they had fought with a storm’s worth of blood devouring mosquitoes. Although some of them were incinerated to ashes by fire element magic, there should still be corpses that remained. However, no corpse can be seen. This matter was too strange.

Thunder Yun nodded, “Right, I saw that as well. I’m also quite sure that the mosquitoes are on the side of the Ark Continent. Otherwise, the cavalry attacks would be too much of a coincidence. It seems like the Ark Continent still had a lot of methods they had yet to use.”

The expressions of those present couldn’t help but turn serious. They were generals, and they were no fools, they can accept almost any outcome. In yesterday’s war, not only were mosquito corpses not found, dead Divine Race soldiers were nowhere to be seen as well. Naturally, large part of that was due to being vaporized by the blood lightning beads, but there were also quite a number of those that were taken by Zhao Hai.

Cloud Ying frowns and said, “If those blood devouring mosquitoes are really on the side of the Ark Continent, then we have trouble. If they can make blood devouring mosquitoes, we need to think about ways to deal with it.”

Thunder Yun knit his brows and said, “Blood devouring mosquitoes aren’t easy to breed. Otherwise, the Ark Continent would have already used them a long time ago. However, we still need to be on guard. If we encounter more mosquitoes in the future, every soldier will group up into three man teams. One will support a Domain, one will kill the mosquitoes, and one rests. They will cycle through to minimize exhaustion. That way, the mosquitoes wouldn’t be too much of a threat. What we need to pay attention to are the Ark Continent’s cavalry units. Does anyone have any ideas in dealing their attacks?”

The group frowned, they went quiet for a while before one of them stood up and gave a bow to Thunder Yun and said, “General, I think we are too reliant on our Domains. Domains are indeed powerful, but their range is just too short, not enough to reach the range of thrown javelins. Because of this, we can only receive attacks and not retaliate. Therefore, I think that we should do the same as the Ark Continent’s cavalry. We cut some trees and make them into our own wooden javelins. Although we cannot place blood lightning beads inside them, at the very least, we can counter attack. With our God rank strengths, our throwing distance should be much further compared to the 9th rank cavalry. This will give us a means of counter-attack, and a way to threaten the other side.”

Upon hearing this person’s words, Thunder Yun’s eyes turned bright, he looked at the person and said, “Good Good, Cloud Yi, your idea is good. Although javelins wouldn’t be able to cope with the mosquitoes, they would be a threat to the cavalry units. Moreover, making them is very simple. Good, when everyone heads back, inform the soldiers to cut trees down and make them into javelins. If there are no trees to cut, get some stones and keep them. In any case, we can’t let them continue attacking us like this.”[1]

The people gathered in the room also thought that the idea was good. The disparity between God ranks and 9th ranks is very big. The javelins and stones that God-ranks throw would definitely be more powerful compared to those thrown by 9th ranks. When the time comes, the enemy cavalry would have no way to approach them. Even if the cavalry units doesn’t die, the Divine Race army could at least drive them away.

They weren’t thinking of eliminating all cavalry units with this method, it was impossible. The cavalry units were just too quick, such a method was completely useless. However, this will minimize their losses. As long as they aren’t afraid of the harassment of the other party, then they can continue on and charge towards the heart of the Ark Continent. When the time comes, the Ark Continent’s residents will have no other choice but to fight the Divine Race army head on!

  1. Cloud Ying is Yun Ying. This guy was named Yun Yi.


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