BTFTLIAW – Chapter 771

Chapter 771 – Blood Devouring Mosquitoes Levels Up

Zhao Wen was currently lying on Zhao Hai’s head, her small eyes looking at the monitor. Her body had changed after becoming God rank, her skin were now like crystals. As long as she lied motionless, it wouldn’t be strange if one were to assume that she was just a sculpture.

As Zhao Hai looked at the nervous Divine Race soldiers, he asked, “Little Wen, why are these soldiers very afraid of the blood devouring mosquitoes? Does you family have any connection to the Divine Realm?”

Zhao Wen shook her head and said, “Young Master, I had been in the Ark Continent the moment I was born. I don’t know anything about the Divine Realm.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “The attacks of the blood devouring mosquitoes aren’t that weak, but most of the Divine Race soldiers should be able to endure. At the same time, the mosquitoes would disappear after getting killed 30 times. It seems like they won’t be a huge threat to the Divine Race.”

Zhao Hai also learned just recently that there are also other ways to control the pests or mosquitoes aside from giving them a timed life. In this case, in future battles, the same mosquitoes will proceed to attack again and again until they are killed 30 times. The pests would be the same as well.

However, it was already astonishing. Thirty times, if each mosquito needed to be killed 30 times, what would that mean if there were 10 thousand? Ten thousand mosquitoes needed to be killed 300 thousand times. Then how about 100 thousand? A million? And the amount that Zhao Hai released today far surpassed a million. Remember, the Divine Race army numbered 20 million. If 20 million faced 1 million mosquitoes, then would they be afraid? No, Zhao Hai released more than 20 million blood devouring mosquitoes.

At this point, the blood devouring mosquitoes were flooding the skies in and around Upper Bank City. The Divine Race soldiers were also starting to get tired of keeping the mosquitoes off. Although nobody has yet to be injured, the mosquitoes were starting to get on their nerves.

Zhao Hai wasn’t idling right now. He was still in the Space ready to unleash another round of mosquitoes. After the current batch gets eliminated, he will release another.

Fantastic, Zhao Hai thought. He could only release mosquitoes once a Day. After using them, he wouldn’t be able to do so for another 24 hours. Moreover, the time to produce mosquitoes would only happen for six hours. Therefore, the attack can only happen before the daylight comes.

Although there were many limitations, Zhao Hai still thought that the mosquitoes were powerful weapons. Zhao Hai didn’t know how many mosquitoes the Space can release in six hours, but he knew that it would be very astonishing. During that time, the Divine Race would be in constant headache while dealing with the unending stream of blood devouring mosquitoes.

At this time, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but praise the strength of the Divine Race. Although a lot of mosquitoes were already killed, nobody from the Divine Race side had yet to die.

One must know that the mosquitoes needed to be killed thirty times before they disappear. Since casualties happened, then it meant that there were mosquitoes that have been killed for 30 times. It seems like the Divine Race really had skills.

However, Zhao Hai wasn’t disappointed, he knew that casualties among the Divine Race were soon to pile up. Finally, a Divine Race soldier had their Domain broken through. Once the defense collapse, the blood devouring mosquitoes immediately threw themselves towards the vulnerable target. The Divine Race soldier went behind a protective shield, but it was useless. The mosquitoes broke through the shield and latched themselves to the soldier’s body. It didn’t take too long before a pitiful yell came from the soldier.

Zhao Hai stopped the mosquitoes from sucking the soldier dry. He was afraid that the lack of blood would stop him from turning the dead soldier into undead.

After being killed by the mosquitoes, Zhao Hai would immediately take the soldier’s corpse into the Space, then turn him into an undead.

It was at this point that Zhao Hai became surprised, just as the mosquitoes bit into the Divine Race soldier, the Space suddenly issued a prompt, “Space’s mosquito pests has absorbed blood of a powerful being. Blood devouring mosquito shall evolve. Mosquitoes promoted to 6th ranks. Every 24 hours, Host can release mosquitoes for seven hours. Mosquitoes can stay outside for ten days or after dying 40 times.”

Zhao Hai stared, then happiness immediately burst out from inside him. He didn’t think that the mosquitoes would level up like this. In other words, once the mosquitoes suck the blood of a powerful being, then they would level up. This was an extremely priceless piece of information.

Although the mosquitoes were only promoted to 6th rank, one shouldn’t forget that their might came from their absurd numbers. Moreover, the life force of the mosquitoes was very strong. Killing them wouldn’t be so easy.

A God rank expert might be fierce, but if they were flooded by tens of thousands of 6th rank beasts, then even they would fall eventually.

While the Divine Race were dealing with the mosquitoes, Zhao Hai was starting to turn his attention to another thing. After the mosquitoes get used up, he would have the cavalry units take over, launching attacks towards Upper Bank City as well as its surroundings.

At this time, Lizzy and Megan were actually handling another matter. They were going to attack the second group of Divine Race soldiers.

The Divine Race’s attack was divided into two parts. The first part was Thunder Yun’s center army, in charge of charging right through the city. Although they couldn’t eliminate Zhao Hai, they would make sure that he wouldn’t be able to help the other places. The second part of the attack were the heavy and light cavalry units, who were supposed to sweep the other Buddha Empire cities.

The heavy and light cavalries took of two hours after the center army left. This was done so that Zhao Hai would focus on Thunder Yun and his army.

However, they didn’t know that Zhao Hai was already aware of their movements. When the light and heavy cavalry units set out, Zhao Hai’s side was already prepared.

Zhao Hai didn’t have the capacity to deal with the two cavalries while he was dealing with Thunder Yun. Because of this, Zhao Hai handed the undead over in order to deal with the light and heavy cavalries. This way, he would be able to gain more undead while crippling two arms of the Divine Race army.

Lizzy and Megan were in charge of this matter. Since the light and heavy cavalries weren’t working together, they divided into two armies, one on the left and one on the right, as they went on and charge towards the heart of the Buddha Empire.

It would be impossible for Zhao Hai to take advantage of this opportunity. Although the heavy and light cavalries weren’t members of the Divine Race, their combat prowess wasn’t weak. Also, since they have been enslaved for too long, it would be impossible to turn them against the Divine Race. At this point, Zhao Hai’s only choice was to make them into his undead.

Once the heavy cavalry units become undead, all of them would reach 9th rank. When that time comes, their innate strength shouldn’t be any less than a God-rank expert.

The winged pegasus cavalry couldn’t be underestimated as well. Because of this, Zhao hai prepared to deal with the heavy cavalry first before going to attack the light cavalry units. After these two sides were dealt with, then Zhao Hai would proceed to slowly grind down Thunder Yun’s army.

At this point, Zhao Hai was tied up with Thunder Yun. So Megan and Lizzy were the ones preparing to deal with the heavy cavalry unit.

Although the heavy cavalry units were strong, they were still inferior to the Zhao Hai’s undead. One shouldn’t forget that Zhao Hai had undead beastmen cavalries. And since all of them were at least 9th rank, they weren’t very weak. They should be able to easily deal with the heavy cavalry units.

Zhao Hai wasn’t worried about Lizzy and Megan. With their talent and experience, they shouldn’t have any problems in defeating the two enemy cavalry armies. What Zhao Hai needed to do right now was cause as much headache to Thunder Yun as possible.

Besides these matters, Zhao Hai also needed to consider the Demon Race. Since Zhao Hai had changed his strategy, holding Rising Sun City wasn’t as important as in the past. However, there were still a large amount of people in Rising Sun City, preparing to delay the Demon Race’s advance by making them think that Zhao Hai wasn’t entangled with the Divine Race.

However, Zhao Hai also knew that they couldn’t hide this matter for several days. The Demons would certainly get news about the state of the Divine Race. When that time comes, they will immediately join the stage.

It was ideal for Zhao Hai if the Demons stayed put. This way, he would have sufficient manpower to use in dealing with the Divine Race. He needed some more time to damage the Divine Race’s army.

What Zhao Hai needed was time. He wasn’t afraid of fighting two battles at the same time. After adjusting their tactic, it didn’t matter whether the enemy was from the Divine Race or the Demons, it would work on both side. However, Zhao Hai would still need time in order to deal some damage on one side before the other started to move.

In the current Upper Bank City, the fight between the Divine Race soldiers and blood devouring mosquitoes was still going on. However, the Ark Continent’s cavalry had already arrived. They should have been attacking the Divine Race the whole afternoon and into the evening. But since the blood devouring mosquitoes were present, Zhao Hai gave them an order to take a rest. After they rested, they immediately came over to the city and prepare for another wave of attacks.

This time, Zhao Hai prepared a lot of troops to annoy the Divine Race. There were two million people including Humans, Elves, Beastmen, and Dwarves.

Although these 2 million couldn’t compare to the 20 million Divine Race soldiers, they were already quite large for an army who would be doing guerilla tactics. Once this army attacks the Divine Race from day to night, and then have the blood devouring mosquitoes take over, the Divine Race would soon lose their hair in frustration.


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