BTFTLIAW – Chapter 770

Chapter 770 – Zhao Wen Returns

Although it was already dark, the Divine Race were yet to experience an attack. However, Thunder Yun’s heart was still restless. He didn’t believe that the enemy would just do nothing. Seeing how they acted, it would be foolish for them to let go of this opportunity.

However, it was already dark, and the alarms outside were yet to sound out. Nothing came. What was the enemy doing?

If Zhao Hai was still harassing Thunder Yun’s army during the day, then Thunder Yun might not have been worried. After all, there was nothing notable about Zhao Hai’s tactics.

Now that Zhao Hai stopped, Thunder Yun couldn’t help but worry. Not understanding what the other party would do, plunging yourself in doubt was something that was dangerous to do.

Then suddenly, Thunder Yun became startled, he could hear a faint humming sound. In this silent night, the noise was quite distinct. Thunder Yun sat upright and concentrated on his ears. From what he can deduce, it was a sound of a mosquito. Mosquitoes, in majority of planes that he’d been in, were not very terrifying creatures, one could just kill them without even thinking about it. After being certain that it was a mosquito, Thunder Yun stopped caring about it and just continued sleeping.

However, this humming noise got louder and louder. Thunder Yun couldn’t help but sit still once more. He stood and loudly shouted, “Fei’er, what’s going on? Why are there so many mosquitoes in this city. Go and take a look.”

Fei’er, who was resting just outside Thunder Yun’s room, immediately stood up upon hearing his superior. Then he promptly went outside to take a look.

And just as Fei’er opened the door, he couldn’t help but breath in cold air. He was a God rank expert, but this was the first time that he witnessed the current situation.

In the skies above the city were large clumps of dark clouds. These groups of clouds were massive. Moreover, their shapes kept changing. What made him surprised was the fact that the sounds of humming were actually coming from these clouds.

Fei’er’s body immediately flew up towards the dark clouds. But when he was a hundred meters away, he stopped. He felt the hairs on his back stand up, the dark clouds were actually groups of mosquitoes, countless amounts of mosquitoes.

This was the first time that Fei’er had seen this many mosquitoes. And the most fearful thing about these mosquitoes was their size, they were too big. Each of these mosquitoes were the size of a human palm. Their bloody red color made those looking at them feel numb.

Most important of all, Fei’er recognized these mosquitoes. They were blood devouring mosquitoes, Divine Realm’s blood devouring mosquitoes. Even in the Divine Realm, these mosquitoes were fearful creatures. Naturally, a couple of mosquitoes weren’t a threat. But large clumps of them were a definite disaster in the Divine Realm.

Fei’er slowly retreated, afraid that he would agitate the mosquitoes. Because he was too scared of the mosquitoes, Fei’er wasn’t able to spot the spatial rift right in the middle of the clumps. The blood devouring mosquitoes were going out of this spatial rift in large quantities, further increasing the dark clumps in the skies.

When Fei’er was about a kilometer away from the mosquitoes, he immediately flew towards the city lord’s mansion. Thunder Yun was currently using the mansion as his personal quarters.

Thunder Yun was already up by now, standing outside looking at the sky. His face was drained of color as Fei’er gave his report, “Master, its the disaster mosquitoes. Everyone, wake up! Dangerous mosquitoes are coming!”

After hearing the two words, disaster mosquito, Thunder Yun’s face paled. He immediately turned to the sentries and bellowed, “Sound the alarm, quick!” Fei’er and the others immediately went towards the walls where the alarms were and sounded it with anxiety.

Dang, dang, dang. The sound permeated all throughout the Divine Race army. The soldiers immediately woke up and wore their armors as they went out of their residences. At this time, light mages simultaneously illuminated the skies of the city.

It didn’t take long before the army witnessed the large clump of blood devouring mosquitoes. All of the blood on their faces quickly receded.

Blood devouring mosquitoes were completely troublesome magic beasts in the Divine Realm. They didn’t expect that they would see these creatures in the Ark Continent, they couldn’t help but get scared.

At this moment, as though under command, the clump of blood devouring mosquitoes dispersed. Then all of the mosquitoes started to flood the city and its surroundings. The Divine Race couldn’t help but change their expressions upon seeing the incoming attack. They immediately established their Domains, hoping to block the attack of the blood devouring mosquitoes.

However, there were just too many mosquitoes, nobody can estimate how much. Just as the first wave were eliminated, the second wave replaced them and continued the attack.

These blood devouring mosquitoes seem to target certain people. There were some who only had few mosquitoes going after them while some were completely flooded. After some time, the overwhelmed soldiers found their Domains slowly crumbling.

As large amounts of mosquitoes hammer the Domains, the Divine Race soldiers couldn’t help but go pale. They immediately sent more energy to their Domains. They knew that once their Domains crumbled, the only fate waiting for them would be death!

Thunder Yun’s expression was quite ugly after seeing the mosquitoes. This quantity of blood devouring mosquitoes couldn’t be seen even in the Divine Realm. If these were to appear there, then they would surely be classified as a disaster.

Whether inside the city or outside, everybody was doing their best to kill the mosquitoes. The war between insect and people continued to wage on.

At this time, Zhao Hai was calmly sitting inside the Space while spectating the situation. Naturally, these mosquitoes were released by him. He had actually forgotten about the Space’s mosquitoes. Only when Zhao Wen returned after reaching God rank did Zhao Hai remember.

Actually, Zhao Hai didn’t expect Zhao Wen to get promoted this early. She was one of the bottom in terms of power among the carrions swamp’s beasts. The other 9th rank beasts have been cultivating for much longer than she did.

When Cai’er informed him that Zhao Wen had become 9th rank, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be surprised.

As Zhao Hai summoned Zhao Wen back to the Space, he saw that nothing changed too much from Zhao Wen’s appearance. However, her strength had indeed reached God rank. This made Zhao Hai puzzled, as for Zhao Wen, she also said that she wasn’t very clear about it.

In the end, Zhao Hai reckoned that it might be because of the drop of blood that Zhao Wen drank. In the past, he deduced that the blood that Zhao Wen had drank might have come from the Divine Race. And since the blood contained great energy, Zhao Wen managed to reach 9th rank.

At the same time, upon taking Zhao Wen into the Space, she also gained benefits from its environment. Zhao Wen was the one who stayed in the Space the longest among the carrion swamp’s magic beasts.

With the Space’s environment and the blood of a God rank expert, not only could Zhao Wen reach 9th rank, she would only need time in order to get promoted to God rank.

Among the magic beasts of the carrion swamp, Zhao Wen was the closest one to Zhao Hai. She didn’t want to leave the Space, but for Zhao Hai, she decided to settle her heart and leave along with the other beasts. She wanted to return to Zhao Hai’s side as soon as possible. She wasn’t stupid, and she knew that as long as one becomes God rank, they would be able to go and stay by Zhao Hai. Therefore, she eagerly cultivated outside. Because of her persistence, she succeeded and became the first God rank among the magic beasts in the Carrion Swamp.

Sure enough, as soon as she broke through God rank, Cai’er immediately invited her back to the Space. If others were to be promoted, they might not have been able to do this. However, Zhao Wen wasn’t the same as the others, because of her relationship with Zhao Hai, she was immediately picked up and sent to the Space.

As Zhao Wen came back, Zhao Hai suddenly remembered a weapon that he had not used, the blood devouring mosquitoes. The Space can release an uncountable amount of them, it was a pity that they haven’t been used lately.

In the past, Zhao Hai was not able to use the blood devouring mosquitoes because he was fighting with the people in the Ark Continent. There really wasn’t any need, the undead were enough. After using them in the Prairie, the blood devouring mosquitoes haven’t been used later on.

However, they were now fighting the Divine Race, and the undead were proving to be insufficient against them. So when Zhao Hai saw Zhao Wen he immediately thought about the blood devouring mosquitoes. But he didn’t immediately make a move, he waited until night before launching an attack.

Zhao Hai was also unaware about how much mosquitoes he had sent out. He just knew that they were several times more than the Divine Race army. These blood devouring mosquitoes weren’t high ranked, and their attacks were weak. So even if they outnumber the Divine Race, they were still unable to completely wipe them out.

However, what confused Zhao Hai was the fact that when he released the blood devouring mosquitoes, the Divine Race actually identified them.

In Zhao Hai’s mind, the Divine Race shouldn’t be familiar with these mosquitoes. But after seeing their expressions, it seems like they were quite afraid of them.


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