BTFTLIAW – Chapter 769

Chapter 769 – Completely Empty

Just  as the Divine Race was done with their formation, the undead opened their mouths as a sudden burst of blue and red rays came out. These rays were shot directly into the formation of the Divine Race. Upon getting hit, the archers couldn’t help but be scrunched up with each other. One by one, dead bodies started to fall down. But something strange happened, those dead bodies disappeared as they fell down. Before long, the archer troops were being one sidedly slaughtered .

Thunder Yun quietly looked at the battle. The Ark Continent’s move was done beautifully. The ambush was not too far nor was it too close. It was just at the point that the Divine Race was able to see them but not too close for them to catch up. The action was just like a demonstration of the continent’s methods.

Thunder Yun was actually not enraged, he just calmly looked at what happened. To be honest, after the succeeding attacks, Thunder Yun understood what the Ark Continent was doing. They probably wanted to delay their advance as much as possible, thus the constant small attacks on the Divine Race army.

In his past wars, Thunder Yun had also encountered similar situations. But the lethality of the Ark Continent far surpassed those in the past. The attacks of the Ark Continent’s residents can actually cause casualties numbering from a hundred to over a thousand.

These scattered attacks might not look eye-catching. But it was actually a huge blow to the power and efficiency of the Divine Race army.

Thunder Yun might be calm, but his internal thoughts weren’t. The Ark Continent’s poking was truly different than the ones he encountered before. Although they were only attacked four times, they had already lost more than 10 thousand people. This might look small, but in the long run, this number would continually increase.

Moreover, those attacking them made Thunder Yun worry. Most importantly, Thunder Yun and the others weren’t actually aware of the true strength of the Ark Continent. There were two points of interest in what Thunder Yun just witnessed.

First was their mounts. Thunder Yun was a veteran in the battlefield, so he was clear about how strong 9th ranks were. It would be impossible for 9th rank experts to be that quick. The only explanation was their mount. Moreover, it seems like these mounts were something that had never been seen in the Ark Continent before.

The second were their cannons. Thunder Yun had already heard about the continent’s magic cannons. At that time, he didn’t really take it to heart. He knew how strong the magic cannons could be. Not to mention, the magic cannons of the Divine Race, even if they were meticulously made, were still quite weak in Thunder Yun’s eyes. Because of this, he really didn’t think too much about them.

But in this war, Thunder Yun’s knowledge had actually been overturned. He didn’t think that a common magic cannon in the Ark Continent would have this much might. This actually made him surprised.

Thunder Yun cannot just leave his people be slaughtered in front of him. He immediately sent people out to assist. But when they arrived at the site, the cavalry and undead had already retreated. Nobody was left.

Thunder Yun wasn’t very happy with this battle. He had just sent out 10 thousand troops, but when they returned, only about four thousand returned. This meant that the people of the Ark Continent had killed more than 5,000 people. This casualty wasn’t very small.

Thunder Yun frowned as he massaged his head. If they couldn’t deal with these attacks, then the 20 million man army wouldn’t be able to survive. They haven’t even gone far into the Buddha Empire, but they already lost 20 thousand people. Although it wasn’t relatively significant compared to the 20 million, one shouldn’ forget that all of these losses were incurred in just one day.

After some time, Thunder Yun turned to Fei’er and said, “Fei’er, what do you think we need to do?”

Fei’er’s deep voice answered, “Master, we truly haven’t encountered this situation before. Although the Ark Continent’s people have powerful weapons, this is the extent of what they can do.”

Thunder Yun smiled and said, “Good. Give the order to march. If they want to play around, then we’ll just hammer on. Swiftly take their homes. And once they decide to go all out, we’ll wipe them out in one go.”

Fei’er nodded and then spread the order as the army sped up their advance. However, it was a pity that their advance couldn’t become so fast. After all, this was a 20 million man army. If they wanted to speed up, it would be very hard for them to keep their formation.

If they want to maintain their formation, then they would have to carefully advance. But if they don’t, they will become separated groups, making it easy for the Ark Continent’s forces to poke them.

This was hard to deal with, and Thunder Yun knew that there was no solution. He only hoped then they would find the Ark Continent’s camp soon, then they would take their revenge.

The Radiant Empire wasn’t very far from Upper Bank City. If one were to fly fast, they would reach it in half a day. However, since Thunder Yun’s army was advancing, their march was slow. When they came to the city, it was already the afternoon two days later.

Thunder Yun knew that they cannot camp outside for too long. They weren’t in the Radiant Empire, where there were magic cannons protecting them. Here, in the Buddha Empire, they had nothing in terms of defense. If they decide to make camp, they would certainly be under attack by the Ark Continent’s cavalry units, and their casualties would only increase.

Because of this, they needed to reach Upper Bank city as soon as possible. When the army saw the city, their advance became quicker, they wanted to be behind the walls of a city as soon as possible.

However, Upper Bank city actually gave them a scare. Nobody was actually in it, it was completely empty, not even one mouse can be seen.

When Thunder Yun saw this, his expression couldn’t help but sink. He was already aware of Zhao Hai’s plan. Zhao Hai wanted to use the entire Buddha Empire to hamper the advancing armies in every step they take. From the moment they left up until now, the Divine Race army had already suffered 24 different attacks from the Ark Continent’s cavalry units. By now, the Divine Race’s losses has reached more than 30 thousand.

They had already lost 30 thousand troops but they were yet to touch even the hair of the enemy. This fact made Thunder Yun’s face ugly. Originally, he thought that the enemy would be in Upper Bank City and would fight with them when the army arrive. This way, the Divine Race would be able to let out a breath of relief.

Who would’ve thought that the enemy would never give them the opportunity to blow off steam. Thunder Yun looked at the empty city and breathed out a cold air. Just by seeing how swift the other party was, Thunder Yun could understand that they were formidable enemies.

Naturally, the Divine Race also had divine sense. Thunder Yun had repeatedly scanned the surrounding area, looking for something. Not only was the layout of the city good, even the area outside had criss crossing tunnels. This showed how important Zhao Hai regarded this city.

However, as soon as the Divine Race army came, they actually abandoned it. Such a move was something that ordinary people wouldn’t be able to do.

Actually, Thunder Yun was misinformed about the situation with the Ark Continent’s commoners. Except for the army, there were no commoners left in the Buddha Empire. This way, Zhao Hai had more flexibility in making his plans, just like abandoning a city. Since there were no civilians inside, then why would he go and defend it?

Thunder Yun didn’t know about this, so he was quite surprised when he saw the empty city. But after his initial surprise, his expression turned ugly. He knew that if he cannot eradicate the enemy camp, the sneak attacks wouldn’t stop. Whether it be day or night, the army wouldn’t have a single moment of peace.

Everyone looked at the city and didn’t know what to do next. All of them were very eager to rush into the city and kill all those cavalry units that were poking them. However, they found nobody, increasing the frustration that they currently felt.

After looking at the state of the city, Thunder Yun said with clenched teeth, “Enter the city and take a rest. Tomorrow we’ll charge through to the Ark Continent. I don’t believe those cavalry units would abandon the entire Buddha Empire. Also, arrange for night guards and patrols.”

Those who heard him gave a nod before arranging everything. However, the people that Thunder Yun had brought over were too many, they simply were unable to fit inside the city. Because of this, some of them can only stay outside. They made some houses with earth element magic and settled inside.

What made the Divine Race feel strange was the fact that since they entered the city, the attacks actually stopped.

But since the prior attacks gave them a headache, they still chose to continue being on alert. The army had sent forth 1 million troops in order to patrol the surrounding areas.

Bit by bit, the skies turned dark. Most of the Divine Race soldiers had already taken their rest. Although it wouldn’t be a problem for them to stay awake for several days, Thunder Yun was also aware of the effects towards their performance if they didn’t rest. When facing a sly enemy like the Ark Continent’s people, the Divine Race army would need as much rest as possible. Otherwise, they would just be courting death and humiliation.


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