BTFTLIAW – Chapter 768

Chapter 768 – Wave After Wave

However, these two volleys didn’t hit the Divine Race, instead, they clashed with the spear attacks that the Divine Race sent out. Upon hitting the spears, an explosion suddenly happened as both spear and javelin disappeared in mid air.

Aiken didn’t stop there, upon seeing this, he immediately commanded, “Shoot all ten javelins!” Then he swung his arms continuously as he threw javelin upon javelin towards the opposing army.

After emptying their ammo, Aiken commanded, “Retreat!” Then without any hesitation, he turned his horse around and escaped.

On the other hand, upon releasing their first attack, the Divine Race thought that they would get into close combat with Aiken’s troop. They had already seen that Aiken and the others were only 9th rank, therefore, their attack shouldn’t have been able to penetrate their Domain.

But they didn’t expect that Aiken’s side would only throw two javelins each in order to eliminate the attack that the Divine Race had sent out. Then just as the Divine Race were stunned, Aiken’s next attacks came in. A wave of ten consecutive volleys were currently facing the Divine Race.

The Divine Race was already aware that the Ark Continent would use blood lightning beads. Because of this, they quickly established their Domains in order to defend themselves. However, they weren’t expecting that the attack of the enemies would be this severe.

As they stared, the ten waves of javelins exploded. The first five waves eradicated their Domains, the latter five were for the Divine Race to take.

One must say that the region taken up by 10 thousand Domains weren’t small. If average people were to throw the javelins, it would be impossible for them to even touch the Divine Race.

However, one shouldn’t forget that Aiken and the others were 9th rank experts. 9th ranks used to be the strongest people in the Ark Continent. The javelins that they threw out could easily reach 1 kilometer away. Even if the Divine Race were God-ranked, they still wouldn’t be able to quickly dodge the javelins given how close the two parties were.

Both sides were 200 meters apart and had attacked virtually the same time. It can be said that when the attacks happened, both were already quite close. Fortunately, Aiken’s horses were very agile and were able to turn corners immediately, conveniently dodging the attacks from the Divine Race.

When the Divine Race reacted, and sent people to pursue Aiken’s troops, they were already too late to catch up.

Thunder Yun didn’t care too much about small engagements like these. In his opinion, a ten thousand man troop was pretty insignificant in front of a twenty million man army. Let along those troops being 9th ranks, he can just send out an army to swiftly kill them.

However, he didn’t think that this underestimation would make him suffer a loss. Of the ten thousand people he had sent out, nobody came back. Moreover, none of them were critically injured, not even corpses remained. All of them were directly vaporized by the blood lightning beads.

Thunder Yun looked at where Aiken clashed with the ten thousand Divine Race infantry. He couldn’t help but say, “Fei’er, send an order out. Tell them to make use of ranged attacks whenever they come in contact with the people from the Ark Continent. Don’t make them go too near.”

Fei’er nodded then relayed the orders. The faces of the Divine Race wasn’t too good. They had just left the Radiant Empire in a great mood, but they had already lost ten thousand people. It can be said that losing people this early wasn’t a good sign.

At this moment, on the Divine Race’s right side, another cavalry unit from the Ark Continent came out. This unit did the same, they were riding the same horses and had brought javelins. However, these people had received orders from Zhao Hai to fire at a safe distance before retreating immediately.

Zhao Hai was aware that although Domains can attack at a long distance, it was impossible for it to reach one kilometer. On the other hand, 9th ranks can confidently throw javelins at this distance. Because of this, after seeing that Aiken had caused severe losses, he instructed the others to take it easy and attack at a safe range.

This tactic was just like how mounted archers fought against infantry in the battlefield. They would pepper you with arrows in the distance and retreating when you decide to chase them.

The Divine Race rarely encountered such a thing. In the past, when the Divine Race conquers a plane, they would just saturate the place with experts, overwhelming the local residence with strength.

This would be even easier if the invaded plane didn’t have any God ranks. Without any way to resist the Divine Race, the plane would fall quite soon.

Before the Ark Continent, the Divine Race’s hardest conquest was in God of Thunder’s plane. To conquer the plane, the Divine Race had to expend a lot of resources. This was because there were a lot of God ranks in that plane. Moreover, their subordinates were also quite numerous. But even with this, they still managed to take control of the plane, despite the losses of several million lives.

That was the most dangerous situation the Divine Race had faced. But even then, they hadn’t experienced the same methods that Zhao Hai used.

It was obvious that the Ark Continent didn’t have any God-rank divisions. One can say that there were only very few God ranks among the Ark Continent’s residents. But the strange thing was, despite having low amounts of God ranks, the continent was still able to produce blood lightning beads in a quantity enough to threaten the Divine Race’s God ranks.

Although there were a lot of God ranks among the Divine Race, it would still be impossible for them to have an endless supply of blood lightning beads like the Ark Continent. In fact, blood lightning beads weren’t conventional weapons in the Divine Realm. This was because the method of making these beads was very troublesome. If a God rank made one, the damage on their vitality would be enormous. Because of this, it would be impossible for the Divine Race to use blood lightning beads the same way as Zhao Hai had.

But nobody could blame the Divine Race, even they wouldn’t have expected Zhao Hai to have an ultimate weapon such as the Space. It can be said that the blood lightning beads were just an amalgamation of two energies, of which the Space had unlimited amounts of. Zhao Hai already had the Blood Pond for the blood of a God rank expert, at the same time, he also had the Dao lotus to provide the lightning element. These two allowed the Ark Continent to have an endless amount of blood lightning beads, making them a standard weapon for the Ark Continent.

After the cavalry unleashed their 12 javelins, they immediately retreated. Even if the Divine Race wanted to chase after them, they were still unable to do so. This time, the Divine Race lost 1000 men. This amount was still insignificant compared to the 20 million that were currently here.

However, Thunder Yun didn’t feel good about it. The current situation made him frown, the other party was starting to prove to be a headache.

While Thunder Yun was thinking, another wave of attack came in. It was still the same javelin attack from a different cavalry unit. They were also firing from afar before retreating. They provided zero chance for a direct confrontation.

The brows of Thunder Yun crunched up, he turned to Fei’er and said, “Fei’er, transmit these orders. Have the quickest long ranged attackers stationed out front. Once the enemy comes, immediately attack them. We can’t have these cavalry units continuously chip at our troops.”

Fei’er nodded, then relayed the orders to the army. Before long, a disturbance happened in the army. The soldiers made way as groups of people bearing bows and arrows came forward. Not only were their attacks far reaching, they were also quick in moving around.

Just as the changes in the Divine Race’s troops finished, the fourth wave of cavalry came in. Seeing them approaching, the Divine Race’s archers immediately established their bow and arrow Domain. Naturally, they wanted to have the initiative and fire attacks towards the Ark Continent’s cavalry.

However, the Ark Continent’s cavalry unit weren’t fools. After seeing the Divine Race’s actions, they immediately turned around and ran, abandoning their plan to attack.

The archer units tried to pursue, but they just weren’t fast enough. When they came back, the same cavalry unit went forward. This caused the archer unit to attack once more, only to find that they really couldn’t catch up.

This exchanged happened several times. Finally, the archer troop soldiers became enraged. This time, after seeing the enemy retreat, they didn’t return to their army. Instead, they went forward and went all out in pursuing the enemy.

Thunder Yun also saw the actions of the cavalry unit, he was quite enraged as well. The Ark Continent’s actions were just too insulting. It was quite obvious that they weren’t intending on fighting full on combat. They seem to be intent on chipping away at the Divine Race Army.

Because of these actions, the archer troop couldn’t help but pursue. Thunder Yun didn’t prevent them. He wanted to see where these cavalry units retreat to.

However, Thunder Yun was quick to regret his decision. Not long after the archer troop decided to pursue, they were suddenly surrounded by huge undead. Although they were huge and skeletal, the undead were fairly quick as well. They didn’t follow the cavalry units, instead, they faced the archer troop. This made the archers stop, then they formed their formations, ready to meet the enemy’s attack. But at this time, a drastic event happened.


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