BTFTLIAW – Chapter 767

Chapter 767 – Engagement

Aiken was a Ten Thousand-man commander for the Rosen Empire. His former post was the commander for Rosen Empire’s elite heavy armor infantry. It was said that although he was just a Ten Thousand-man commander, his status wasn’t any lower than a local regiment army commander.

In the Rosen Empire, a local regiment commander generally commanded a hundred thousand to a hundred fifty thousand troops. For a ten thousand-man commander to be placed in the same status as a regiment commander was saying something.

Presently, Aiken was 40 years old. He was an 8th rank expert before but had just recently become 9th rank. His promotion was something that Zhao Hai gave him.

Aiken was in admiration towards Zhao Hai. In a short time, he managed to turn the Buda Clan into one of the most powerful families in the continent. That in itself was great, but he also married several beautiful women with powerful backgrounds, eliciting envy from people all over the continent.

And most of all, what made him very famous was his fighting strength. He was too strong, not only was he able to extinguish the Dragons, he even blocked the advance of the Demons and the Divine Race.

Aiken was one of the first people to be sent over here. Because of this, he was clear about the strength of the Divine Race. Seeing Zhao Hai drive them away was something that Aiken would never forget. Adding the fact that he was made 9th rank because of him, Aiken’s gratitude for Zhao Hai was something that only he could describe.

Zhao Hai’s plan had already been told to Aiken. Since Zhao Hai gave them horse-type magic beasts, they took off their heavy armor and donned light armor in exchange. The weapon that they held weren’t their heavy shields, but javelins instead. These javelins looked simple, just wooden poles that were sharpened.

However, Aiken knew not to underestimate the javelins. This was because he was aware that although they looked simple, these javelins were actually holding blood lightning beads.

But Aiken wasn’t thinking about this right now as his hand touched the small bag on his waist from time to time. Those who followed him were looking over with an envious gaze at the little leather bag, as if it was a rare treasure.

It can be said that the bag was indeed a treasure, it was a spatial bag. It was one of the smaller bags, only having ten or so cubic meters of space inside. What made it important was the thing inside it, a messenger fish.

Zhao Hai already had a lot of messenger fishes inside the Space. Therefore, he put them in good use and gave the leaders of each army group one. Ten thousand man commanders like Aiken would lead his army to harass the Divine Race, and in his group, only he obtained a messenger fish.

And although Aiken’s group were already 9th ranks, their flight speed wasn’t that quick. This was supplemented by Zhao Hai providing them with magic beasts. This magic beast wasn’t acquired from the Ark Continent, it was actually something bought from the Space’s shop, a Ferghana Horse.

Ferghana horses were animals from Earth. It was one of the most expensive ones not only because of their speed, but also their great endurance.

However, these ferghana horses were clearly different compared from those back on earth. These horses were now 9th ranks, so they were able to fly. Moreover, they still kept their speed and endurance. They were very well suited to be mounts, especially for a cavalry unit that needed to be quick.

The place that Aiken’s group were currently in wasn’t far from the Radiant Empire’s border. However, they were unable to see the Divine Race’s army. After all, if they can spot the Divine Race, the Divine Race can spot them as well.

Hower, they would still send some squads to monitor the Divine Race Army. This wouldn’t cause any problems with the Divine Race since they were already aware that Zhao Hai would send people to monitor their movements. If he did not, then it might even arouse their suspicion.

Aiken’s group had very excited expressions right now, they knew that they would be the first batch to face the Divine Race. For them, this was the greatest honor, this meant that they had Zhao Hai’s trust.

Aiken was a great military leader, otherwise he wouldn’t have become the commander of an elite heavy infantry unit. HIs family didn’t have a deep background, they were just an average middle grade noble family.

He relied on his military exploits in order to climb the ranks and end up where he was right now. Because of this, he was someone who was unafraid of war. Conversely, he liked going to war, only through battles could he gain more military merit.

Aiken touched the spatial bag once more, muttering, “Will it be soon?”

The guard at his side, upon hearing Aiken, calmly said, “Sir, it should be quite soon. Mister said it, so we should trust him.”

And just as the guard finished talking, Aiken’s two eyes shined. Then he took his spatial bag and took out the glass bottle inside. Soon after that, Zhao Hai’s voice came, “Aiken, go towards the left front. If you see any Divine Race troops, attack them then immediately retreat.”

Aiken quickly responded, “Yes, sir. We will head out immediately.”

Then Zhao Hai’s voice replied, “Be careful and don’t go too near. Killing the other party isn’t important, I want all of you back alive.” Aiken gave a sound of affirmation, then he placed the messenger fish back into the bag.

After putting the messenger fish away, Aiken turned to his men and said loudly, “Brothers, Mister Zhao Hai has ordered us to attack. We have 12 javelins, so when we meet the Divine Race, we will throw them out in the shortest time possible before we withdraw. Don’t hesitate and remember Mister’s instructions.”

The men gave a loud shout. In the eyes these frontline soldiers, Zhao Hai was a supreme existence. As long as Zhao Hai gave word, they will surely respond.

Then Aiken held his hand out as a banner was passed on to him. Embroidered on this flag was an ox, the symbol of Aiken’s troop.

Aiken looked at the banner and lifted it as he said, “Mount your horses, then we go forward!” Although they were heavy infantry, they were still used to riding horses. In the Ark Continent, there were many homes which had lower level magic beasts. These can be used to haul goods or plow the lands. And since Aiken himself was a nobleman, it would be impossible for him to be unable to ride a horse. After all, it was a compulsory lesson for nobles like him.

The others were similar as well. Some of them even came from military cavalry families. The reason they joined the heavy armor infantry was because they were deemed to be the elite forces of the Rosen Empire, their salary was the best. Therefore, any outstanding soldier would sign up for the heavy infantry division.

For this reason, Zhao Hai didn’t worry too much when he gave them their mounts. These people were already decent cavalry units without any need for training.

Aiken’s group got ready very fast. It didn’t take too long before the four hooves of the ferghana horses started to flutter. They seemed to be running on clouds, but this was just an illusion caused by how fast they were going. Soon, they were able to see the Divine Race army.

This Divine Race army had about 20 million troops in it. It can be said that their presence managed to blot out the sky. Compared to the 20 million, Aiken’s ten thousand troops looked utterly significant. Anyone weak willed would see their legs give out after facing such a display.

However, Aiken and the others were unafraid. In the past, Zhao Hai used tens of millions of undead to face the Divine Race army, they were already used to the scales of the current war.

The Divine Race also saw the approaching troop. Almost immediately, a similarly numbered troop went out of their formation in order to meet Aiken’s cavalry. After seeing the approaching enemy, Aiken’s eyes shone bright as he bellowed, “Prepare!” Then he took out two javelins from the leather bag by his side. The others did the same.

They didn’t stop going forward, seemingly intent on facing the ten thousand troops of the Divine Race. The Divine Race troops were all infantry, one can clearly see that they weren’t weak.

As these people went toward Aiken’s troop, they also adjusted their formation accordingly. They spread out and when they were a kilometer away they immediately established their Domain.

Although they were just ordinary God-rank experts, this display was already extraordinary. There were almost no Demigods among the Divine Race army. With how much they fight, it would only take a short time before they comprehend a Domain after reaching God-rank. After all, their Divine Race Demigods either comprehend a Domain or die in the battlefield.

Aiken already knew about Domains, but he still didn’t retreat. Instead, they went forward faster. As they quickly approach, the properties of the Domains started to show up. Seeing the spear shaped Domains, Aiken said, “Beware of long ranged attacks!” But even if he said that, they still didn’t stop and rushed forward with the same tenacity.

The distance between the two got closer and closer. When they were about 200 meters away, the Divine Race army suddenly released 10 thousand spear attacks towards Aiken’s group.

After feeling the might of the enemy’s approaching attack, Aiken immediately shouted, “First volley, fire!”

Then he switched to his other hand and said, “Second volley, fire!”

Two rounds of javelins, twenty thousand in total, darkened the skies as they flew towards the Divine Race’s ten thousand man army.


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  1. Guerrilla Tactic?? it’s far from the Guerrilla Tactic, the hell with this face to face mode?. Guerrilla Tactic used surprise attack and killing a lot of enemy in short time and after that they will retreat and hiding, harash them by doing it again and again, it will be more good and correct if he use his undead, by summoning his undead in the back of enemy and let them throw the spear and unsummoned them back to the space, or summon his large undead+cannon , then blast them as soon as they summoned and after that he unsummoned them back to the space. seems like the Author don’t know what is it the real Guerrilla Tactic.

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    1. Haha you’re right, but since Zhao hai still want to keep the existance of space a secret, the human army could only do such rough guerilla tactic, not to mention the concept of guerilla tactic is nonexistant in Ark continent

    2. You forget that all these enemies have the magical spirit powered god radar and the guerilla troops all have pleb-tier radar at best, so sneaking up isn’t a possibility for them.

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