BTFTLIAW – Chapter 766

Chapter 766 – God of Thunder’s Army

Thunder Yun was a famous general in the Divine Race. He was called the God of Thunder because first; he was a lightning element divergent ability user. Second, because he had a booming voice that was just like thunder. And third, because of his Thunder Army.

The God of Thunder’s Army held fame in the Divine Race. Belonging to this army were the Giants. Just as Zhao Hai thought, the Divine Race had already conquered other planes. Some of the races in these planes were subdued, like the heavy cavalry, the winged pegasus cavalry, and the Giants.

The status of these people wasn’t high in the Divine Realm. The heavy cavalry unit was treated just the same as those little green creatures that currently cultivated the Radiant Empire’s land. The only difference between the two of them was that the green creatures were labor slaves while the heavy cavalry were battle slaves. Although the heavy cavalry held higher status that the green creatures, they still couldn’t escape the title of being a slave.

There were divisions when it came to the status of the slaves. The heavy cavalry held lower status compared to the winged pegasus cavalry. And the winged pegasus cavalry held lower status than the Giants. And the status of the Giants was almost no less than the commoners among the Divine Race.

The Giants in Thunder Yun’s army were called the Totem Division. They were a very powerful part of the army. Not only were their close combat capabilities strong, they can also use their totems to summon vines that would help them in battle. These vines were actually a kind of lightning element creature.

Thunder Yun has been fighting for the Divine Race for many years. With the God of Thunder’s Army in his hands, he had won many victories for the Divine Race, gaining awe and popularity in the Divine Race. He was even awarded a plane as his territory. This plane was where the Giants resided in. He directly named this plane as the God of Thunder’s Plane. The original name of the plane was Lightning Continent, precisely because of the lightning element creatures.

Thunder Yun was over 400 years old, a not so old age for a Divine Race person. If compared to a Human, he would be just like a middle-aged man. He silver hair on his head. However, the hair was quite strange. It looks just like Thunder Yun was hit by electricity, the hairs were standing up, and even looked a little burnt.

He also had a full silvery-white beard. He also had silver white armor as well as a silver-white weapon and silver white horse. His horse was not the same as a common one. This horse was just like the horned pegasus, but without wings. Also, the horn on its head would constantly flash with lightning. It was evident that it was a lightning element beast.

Although Thunder Yun didn’t think too much about the Ark Continent, his many years of experience allowed him a habit of collecting information. So when he arrived at the Ark Continent, he immediately asked Cloud Ying and Silver Shuke about the plane as well as Zhao Hai.

In the past, the Radiant Church had amassed information from Zhao Hai. But naturally, all of that was useless right now. When the Divine Race clashed with Zhao Hai, they discovered that Zhao Hai’s strength was better than what they imagined. The only trusted information that they had right now was from the two battles. Although some of them were useless and there were only a few good points, Thunder Yun was still able to get an idea about how strong Zhao Hai was.

When Thunder Yun saw the estimation of Zhao Hai’s strength, he couldn’t help but be surprised. He didn’t think that Zhao Hai would be this strong. He managed to repel their advance twice, without losing too much on his side.

Although this made Thunder Yun look down on Cloud Ying and Silver Shuke, this also allowed him to pay close attention to Zhao Hai. He knew about the strength of Cloud Ying and Silver Shuke’s armies. Silver Shuke was assigned to be the vanguard, this alone explains how much trust the Divine Race had on him. On the other hand, Silver Shuke’s regiment was able to summon the Deity. In addition to the light and heavy cavalries, the two armies couldn’t just be underestimated.

For these two regiments to be driven away by Zhao Hai was in itself proof of how strong Zhao Hai was. Because of this, Thunder Yun became alert towards Zhao Hai, despite his inner belief that the two regiments should be able to take the city on their own.

Thunder Yun was currently sitting on his magic beast. On his side was someone who held his weapon for him. This person was quite tall and big, about four meters tall. Beside carrying Thunder Yun’s weapon, he also had his own wooden trunk. This person was the leader of the Totem Division of Thunder Yun’s army.

Although this person wasn’t as big as the other Giants, he was actually a Highgod. With his two feet, he was innately fast. Now that he had become God-rank, he was unnaturally quick, he can even catch up with Thunder Yun who was on top of his mount. Because of this, Thunder Yun decided to have him as his own personal guard.

Thunder Yun was moderately advancing. In his front was his army, along with the Giant’s Totem Division.

One could say that the Totem Division was Thunder Yun’s most trusted men. This was because in addition to having them in his army, they were also residents of his own plane, whose families were very loyal to him. Moreover, their fighting strength was great. They were totally unafraid of war and were the most obedient troops.

In multiple wars, the Totem Division had secured him victories just by smashing through the enemy’s army. Because of this, inside the God of Thunder’s army, the Giants actually held greater status than the Divine Race.

Thunder Yun, who was going forward, suddenly muttered, “It has been a long time since we had met an interesting opponent. Fei’er, how do you think Zhao Hai would deal with us?”[1]

Fei’er was the Giant that stood next to him. Although this person looked stupid, his head wasn’t like that at all. He was Thunder Yun’s most trusted man, he would confidently discuss everything with this giant.

  1. Can also be called Little Swift. However, I always think of Phil Swift when I type it. That guy from the ‘That’s a lotta damage’ meme >.>


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