BTFTLIAW – Chapter 765

Chapter 765 – Tactic Most Suited For The Space

Zhao Hai was currently looking at the Divine Race displayed  in the monitor. This time, the Divine Race reinforcement were mainly infantry. This meant that the reinforcements were true members of the Divine Race.

Besides the infantry, there were also Summoners as well as a race that Zhao Hai hadn’t seen before. There weren’t anything strange about this race other than their height. They were about six meters tall, able to see eye to eye with any tall Beastman. Their bodies looked very strong as well, judging from what can be seen through their beast skin garments. Their weapon were huge wooden trunks, and engraved on these trunks was a pattern of a vine.

From their looks, one could say that they seem to be wild men. Zhao Hai didn’t doubt these people’s strength. Each one of them were God-rank, moreover, there were quite a lot of them, about a hundred thousand.

A hundred thousand might not look great in an army of ten million, but with their builds, a hundred thousand robust men looked very terrifying.

Laura and the others were also in the living room, looking at the Divine Race’s reinforcements through the monitor. In total, the reinforcing army numbered about 20 million. Adding on to the previous army, the Divine Race now numbered at 30 million, the same number as the Ark Continent’s entire military unit.

What kind of concept was a 30 million soldier army? In addition to the little slaves that cultivated, the Divine Race had now completely filled up the entire Radiant Empire.

Laura frowned and said, “It looks like the Divine Race is ready to march. Brother Hai, what can we do about this? They wouldn’t be so easy to stop.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “They truly are quite hard to deal with, but we need to do it regardless. Anyway, most of the Ark Continent’s army have already been promoted to 9th rank. They should be enough to make a dent on the Divine Race. To be honest, I’m not quite afraid of the Divine Race. Unlike with the Demons, I can make undead out of their dead soldiers. They wouldn’t blow themselves up so I should be able to replenish our forces.”

Laura nodded, then she said, “We should also give our army some magic beasts. This way, they would have more mobility in the battlefield.”

Zhao Hai agreed, “Alright, do that immediately. Later on, we can only battle in this way.”

Laura gave a nod before she, along with Lizzy and the others, made their move. They had already discussed this matter before. They would supply the armies of the continent with fast magic beasts in order to make use of the beasts’ mobility. As soon as the Divine Race attacks, the armies would continue on and harass them whenever possible using blood lightning beads. They wouldn’t make the Divine Race relax even for a little bit.

Zhao Hai’s methods turned out to be the same as what he repeatedly used in the past. Using guerilla warfare, they would continue to nibble at the Divine Race, making them unable to breathe properly.

This method was completely compatible with Zhao Hai. Because of the Space, Zhao Hai wasn’t afraid that the soldiers would be ambushed, so it was a relatively safe way for them.

Zhao Hai didn’t have the means to deal with the enemy right now since his side was still quite weak. Because of this, they can only resort to making the Divine Race stumble on every step they make.

Zhao Hai’s side sent large quantities of magic beasts to the various armies in the continent. Since the Beastmen had their own mount, they didn’t need to be provided with some. On the other hand, even if the Dwarves still had their iron armored beasts, those mounts can only be used to dig, so they were very unsuitable for mobility purposes.

The Elven race has been completely transformed as an aerial unit. Their blood hawks have become very good in coordination. The ones who mainly needed the mounts were the Human armies. On the other hand, the Fishmen had special bodies. Although they have become 9th ranks and can leave the water for a long time, they would still need some time to get used to it.

As the Divine Race army arrived at the continent, they went on and recuperated for a few days. In any case, they weren’t in a hurry. In their opinion, the Ark Continent was already in their bag, so they went on their operation with leisure.

Zhao Hai took this time to complete the distribution of fast magic beasts. These magic beasts had already reached 9th rank, even the fastest pegasus mounts wouldn’t be able to catch them.

After handing the magic beasts out, Zhao Hai immediately led the troops to the battlefield, which was the cities in the Buddha Empire. Zhao Hai had already prepared the materials for those who would be stationed there. And as soon as they leave the place, the Space would just reclaim them. The Space was Zhao Hai’s ultimate weapon, it gave him the confidence to tussle with the Divine Race.

Actually, Zhao Hai didn’t have much problems in using the Space. When it came to command, he was already leaving it to Lizzy and Megan. This would also provide them with more experience for later on.

But although Zhao Hai wasn’t very good in commanding an army, he was still someone who had lived during the Information Era. Even if he wasn’t a commander, he can still apply the tactics that he had heard before, like the guerilla tactics. When he proposed this, Lizzy and Megan were actually shocked. They thought that this was the best way to combine tactics and the Space.

When he heard the reason for their surprise, Zhao Hai understood that he had been underestimating the Space. It would definitely be a waste if they didn’t use the Space in their plans to chip away at the Divine Race. But since he didn’t want to reveal the Space to the soldiers, he can only transport the troops from one point to another. But even with this, they can still attack the Divine Race momentarily before turning back.

Because they had planned a guerilla warfare, Zhao Hai wasn’t too worried about the success or failure of a city. And since this was the case, Zhao Hai withdrew the magic cannons and then placed them inside his undead.

The corpses in Accra Mountain that were meant to be consumed had been transformed into undead by Zhao Hai. This was especially true for those with large bodies, they will become moving turrets, helping the mobile army in both attack and retreat.

Zhao Hai sent these moving turrets into the armies earlier so that they can get accustomed to using them in battle. More efficiency on their part would allow Zhao Hai to gain more undead.

Although the blood lightning beads were very strong, its targets would get vaporized once hit, leaving Zhao Hai with no bodies to turn into undead. Because of this, Zhao Hai was prepared to use these magic cannons along with the soldiers in order to gain more undead. At this point, the promoted 9th rank soldiers were extremely obedient towards Zhao Hai. They were very grateful for Zhao Hai for providing them with a way to improve their strength.

It can be said that if Zhao Hai commanded them to kill their monarchs, these soldiers would do it. In any case, the entire Ark Continent was depending on Zhao Hai. At this point, the Kings were less important compared to him.

The other races might not have this sentiment, but their feeling of gratitude for Zhao Hai was still quite strong. These races might not listen to anyone, but they will completely obey Zhao Hai.

As the continent was completing its preparation, the Accra Mountain’s defense line continued to be constructed. But at this time, the Demon Race’s side also underwent some changes.

The Demons were continually listening for news regarding Zhao Hai and the Divine Race. Therefore, it would be impossible for the Demons to be unaware that the Divine Race reinforcements have come. Moreover, they also knew that the continent had started to move. With this information, how could the Demons just let go of this opportunity.

The Demons were very clear about the fighting strength of the continent. They also knew that Zhao Hai had provided 9th rank potions to the continent. They even managed to get a potion for themselves. Then they sent the potion off to be researched. However, they had no idea how hard would it be to study the spatial water.

The reason why the Demons were aware of all of these was because they had people inside the Ark Continent. One shouldn’t forget about Engraved Ark. At present, none of them had been rooted out yet. Even if Zhao Hai has the Space, it would be impossible to catch all of them, especially at this hectic time.

Seeing the Demon Race’s changes, Zhao Hai knew that the true war has come. Once the Divine Race made their move, the Demons would soon follow suit. If they don’t, then they aren’t the Demon Race.

In the face of this situation, Zhao Hai can only turn to the armies in the Buddha Empire. What they needed to do was stall the invaders for as long as possible.

The Divine Race didn’t make Zhao Hai wait for long. Five days after their arrival, the Divine Race finally started to move. They gathered two battalions of mostly infantry and giants to head towards the city. On the other hand, the light and heavy cavalries became the second army and third army which directly went to the heart of the Buddha Empire. They thought that this army was enough, they were thinking that they were far superior to the Ark Continent’s army. The infantry and giants would face Zhao Hai while the 2nd and 3rd armies would circumvent Upper Bank City in order to target the other cities further inside the empire. Once these cities were taken care of, they would go back and deal with Zhao Hai. Even if they allowed Zhao Hai to escape, at least they already held control of the Buddha Empire.

This plan was good. But unfortunately for them, the weren’t aware that the Ark Continent’s armies had already been promoted. Moreover, they had also changed their tactics, they weren’t going to hold a city anymore!



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  1. The best way to use the space
    – Poison
    – Blood mosquitoes
    – Teleporting into the enemy’s base and releasing thousands of bombs
    – Having groups of a hundred undead teleport and attack one person at a time killing them and teleporting to another person and attacking
    – Just have the plant girl use her vines to drag people into the space

    If these can not work please at least tell me why they can’t

    1. EXACTLY!

      But he rather waits until the enemy is completly prepared…

      Oh, and he doesn’t need the “plant girl” to act, when the enemy chargs, he can open a rift directly in front of them.

    2. also do not gotgey the pest wand. have it eat their fields and release the wolves all over their area lol.

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