BTFTLIAW – Chapter 764

Chapter 764 – Shun Becomes A God

After sending the Rulers and Patriarchs off, Zhao Hai gave out a sigh. Then he returned to the Space and sat inside the living room as Meg served him a cup of tea. Laura and the others were also sitting beside him.

Although Zhao Hai didn’t tell the whole truth, Laura and the others can understand that some matters cannot be said, especially when it came close to exposing the Space’s existence.

Laura looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, do you think that those people would change the way they think? We didn’t really need to do that much”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and said, “I hope they do. Otherwise, he would have wasted our time.”

Lizzy had a complicated face as she said, “Brother Hai, why didn’t we go fight the Divine Race? Battling them would show father and the others a more formidable side of our enemies.”

Zhao Hai forced a smile and said, “The Divine Race is different from the Demons. The Demons are currently afraid of us, moreover, they desired for us to battle the Divine Race. Because of this, before the Divine Race makes their move, the Demons wouldn’t make too big of a move. On the other hand, the Divine Race has always been prepared for a fight. Also, after monitoring them for quite some time, you should know how arrogant the Divine Race are. If we decided to poke them a bit, then they might go and attack us in full force. When that time comes, the Demons would also make their move. The Demon Dragon King isn’t a simple person, that would be the result that he desired the most. Moreover, I chose the Demons because they don’t have magic cannons, completely different to the Divine Race who had huge ones. Although we haven’t seen the might of their cannons, we can be assured that they are more threatening than ours. From what I can see, threatening the Divine Race would cause us to lose more undead in the end.”

Lizzy gave an understanding nod. The Demons were also better targets because they didn’t have any strength with regards to defending a city, their prowess completely relied on field battles. But the Divine Race is different, their defensive strength was also very strong, those huge magic cannons aren’t just for decoration. If Zhao Hai went on to attack the Divine Race, then his losses would certainly be huge. And at this time, Zhao Hai cannot afford to lose so much undead.

Lizzy sighed and said, “Big Brother Hai, you’ve actually thought up to this point. I feel kind of useless right now.”

Zhao Hai looked at Lizzy and smiled, “What are you saying. Aren’t you and Megan the ones commanding the undead? Also, Laura, Ruyen, and Meg are also doing the logistics. It is only because you took these matters off my shoulders that was I able to make extra considerations. Moreover, you should know that your ability in commanding the undead is far superior than mine. If I were the one controlling the undead in the recent battle, then I might have even lost all of them.”

Lizzy and the others couldn’t help but smile upon listening to Zhao Hai. Laura looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, you said that the Immortal Cultivator won’t come to the continent. However, what would we do if he did?”

Zhao Hai gave a bitter smile and said, “Lu Wei’s status isn’t high. Additionally, it would take a lot of resources for someone like him to come here from the cultivation world. Remember how much the Divine Race sacrificed in order to come here? Lu Wei would certainly pay a much bigger price compared to the Divine Race. Because of this, it would be close to impossible for him to come. The price would be too much for someone like Lu Wei to pay. What I’m worried right now is when we get stronger in the future. If we manage to ascend to the cultivation world, then we would have Lu Wei to worry about.”

Lizzy smiled and said, “There’s nothing to worry about that. He wouldn’t know that Brother Hai has the Space. Right, Brother Hai, when do you think the Divine Race would attack?” Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “I don’t know. The Divine Race aren’t too anxious right now. Forget it, the God-rank potion should be done quite soon. When it’s made, Immediately give it to Shun. Then we’ll have him participate in battles in order to awaken his Domain. Cai’er, how long will it take before we can use the materials in the magic backgrounds?”

Cai’er smiled and said, “Young Master, they should be ready in a few days. There are already some that are available, but they are still yet to mutate. Having mutated ingredients would make it much easier for us to produce God-rank potions, so I chose to wait.” Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll leave it all to you. I’m quite tired, so I’ll take a break.” Then he stood up and went to his room.

Zhao Hai got up early the next morning. After having his breakfast, he went to the living room and looked at the screen. The movements of the Divine Race weren’t small. Their little slaves have already been sent to cultivate the lands. Moreover, they also had more of their troops stations near the Buddha Empire’s borders.

After seeing this scene, Zhao Hai’s complexion couldn’t help but sink. He knew that the reinforcements were coming, and that the Divine Race would soon start their attack. And from what he can see, they were going full force!

Laura and the others were also looking at the monitor. Although they had expected this situation, their imaginations were still less than the display before them. Their hearts couldn’t help but turn cold at what they had seen.

Zhao Hai let out a long breath and said, “It looks like it’s time to fight a major battle. I’m afraid the Divine Race would be attacking within a few days. These guys, it seems like they aren’t placing the Demons in their eyes. They clearly knew what the Demons are planning, but they still chose to be this arrogant.”

Laura and the others sighed, they didn’t say anything. Zhao Hai changed the monitor’s display to see the situation of the continent. He couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief, the continent was now starting to train the commoners. Although it was just the start, it was still a welcome development.

After looking at this, Zhao Hai turned to Laura and said, “Immediately tell the continent that the Divine Race’s reinforcements are coming. Moreover, they would be attacking in the next few days. Give them the 9th rank potions now, have them promote all the armies into 9th rank.”

Laura and the others nodded, then they proceeded to handle the matter. Zhao Hai was still quite worried. Although having a lot of 9th ranks was great, he wasn’t sure if they were able to fight the Divine Race.

Zhao Hai shook his head and disposed of these ideas. Then Zhao Hai released Fuwa and asked him about the undead dragons. Fuwa told him that they would still need more days before being done. It might have been fine if there wasn’t a battle, but now that one was coming, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but think about how hard it was to acquire God-ranks.

The next day, the God-rank potion had finally been made. Zhao Hai immediately called Shun over, making him take the potion. Shun smoothly became a God, but he was yet to comprehend a Domain. This time, Zhao Hai didn’t deliberately find trouble with the Divine Race or the Demons, the situation was just too volatile. For now, Zhao Hai had Shun get familiarized with his new strength.

And Zhao Hai made the right decision, although Shun can’t make a lot of clones like Shue, he was still a powerful assassin. With his promotion to God-rank, Shue’s hidden weapon skills became even stronger. From Zhao Hai’s calculations, not even 10 Demigods would be able to face Shue and his unstoppable hidden weapons.

Now that Shun and Shue, the two friends, were on the same ground once again. Zhao Hai was thinking about promoting Blockhead and Rockhead next. The mental synergy between the two was very strong. Once they become Gods, their combat strength would surely soar.

Zhao Hai was now acting like a Merchant, thinking carefully where to invest, making sure that every step was perfect.

Zhao Hai and Shue helped Shun get used to his own strength. In order to improve Shun’s power, Zhao Hai spent some gold coins in the Processing Machine in order to produce a batch of hidden weapons. He also gave Shun a couple of spatial bags filled with those weapons. The weapons in the bags should last him for a few years.

After leaving Shue and Shun, Zhao Hai felt more relaxed. In the past, the two had been worried that they weren’t able to help Zhao Hai, but now that Zhao Hai had things he couldn’t handle, the two can proceed to show their usefulness. While the two were looking at the monitor, Zhao Hai went on and got used to the tiny pagoda’s abilities.

Originally, Zhao Hai wanted to wait for the pagoda to make the first batch of undead before testing its defensive and offensive capabilities. But now it seems like that wouldn’t be the case. Not knowing when the Divine Race would attack, Zhao Hai decided to do his tests right now. If he cannot fully make use of the pagoda, then that would definitely be a loss. It was more important than upgrading the undead.

The tiny pagoda’s power was in the level of Demigod. But if Zhao Hai can utilize all of its strength, then he would be able to face 100 Demigods alone. Naturally, this required being familiar with the pagoda.

Using the pagoda will consume its energy, delaying the undead’s promotion. However, Zhao Hai didn’t care about it right now.

Two days later, Shun can finally make use of his Demigod level strength. At the same time, a large scale reinforcement from the Divine Realm just arrived at the Ark Continent. The war is ready to set off!


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