BTFTLIAW – Chapter 763

Chapter 763 – Actually, We Are Sheep

As soon as Zhao Hai finished talking, he could see that the faces of those present here has become ugly. Zhao Hai looked at them and said, “I also suspect that the Divine Race’s light and heavy cavalries aren’t real members of the Divine Race, but slaves that came from the planes that the Divine Race has conquered. Naturally, their status in the Divine Race should be just cannon fodder. Every fight, they would be placed in the front while the Divine Race stays behind. At the same time, the Divine Race army is also very powerful. They almost don’t have any 9th rank member, most of them are God-ranks. If we didn’t have the magic cannons in the last encounter, then we might not have been able to stop them from going forward.”

Then Zhao Hai gave out a sigh and continued, “This is truly the Ark Continent’s greatest tribulation. The Demons and the Divine Race, any one of them would be difficult to deal with, much less two. The reason why I had the commoners promoted was because I’m afraid that we wouldn’t be able to stop the two invaders from going forward. When the time comes, we would need all the manpower that we can get.”

Nobody spoke, although they hadn’t yet seen the Divine Race, seeing Zhao Hai equating them to the Demons was enough to prove their prowess.

Zhao Hai scanned the group and then gave a bitter smile, “Actually, there is another matter that I still haven’t told all of you. I’m hesitating to tell this because I’m afraid that you would become too terrified.”

When the Rosen Emperor heard Zhao Hai, he paused for a moment before he said, “Little Hai, what else can scare someone as old as us. Just say it. Can it be more terrifying than the arrival of the Demons and the Divine Race?” Zhao Hai looked at the Rosen Emperor and smiled, “Father-in-law, this thing is more terrifying than that. Let me tell you. I’ve already fought with the Divine Race for two times. The first time, I faced with their infantry units. They’re very strong. I managed to drive them away using my undead, the magic cannons, and a lot of crystals. On the second encounter, I faced against their regular army, the heavy cavalry, the light cavalry, and the summoners. I’ve already told everyone about the cavalry units. But those summoners are special units specifically trained by the Divine Race. These summoners summoned strong magic beasts. And most importantly, when these summoners combine their powers, they were able to summon a person.”

Those present gawked, summoning a person, they had heard of summoners able to summon humanoid magic beasts. However, from Zhao Hai’s tone, it seems like it wasn’t a magic beast. What does this mean?

Zhao Hai looked at the group and continued, “Right, it is an actual projection of a person. And the Divine Race called this person ‘Deity’. For the Divine Race to call someone Deity is already very strange. Afterwards, this projection and I had a huge fight. In the end, I almost lost my life when I was attacked by that person’s spiritual attack. Luckily, I was able to survive and eliminate the projection.”

The group continued to stare. Although they didn’t understand what this projection was, they can fairly imagine that a projection wasn’t a person himself, but something like a shadow instead. A shadow-like thing actually managed to almost kill Zhao Hai? This information made everyone panic.

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and said, “To be honest, that was the most dangerous situation that I have been in. My mind was completely out of it. Fortunately, I have some potions in my hand, allowing me to recover quickly. That projection didn’t think that I can recover so fast, so he didn’t expect it when I came out and destroyed his weapon, eliminating the projection in the process.”

After speaking up to here, the room finally relaxed. Before this day, they wouldn’t easily believe Zhao Hai’s words. But now, all of them didn’t doubt him anymore. Even after seeing Zhao Hai doing well in front of them, they still couldn’t help but be nervous for Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai continued, “After killing the projection, I used a secret Dark Magic technique in order to obtain certain information from that person’s mouth. This information was what startled me.”

The Rulers and Patriarchs were all looking at Zhao Hai, waiting for him to say this information. Zhao Hai looked into their eyes and said, “From that person’s memory, I had found out that in this universe, planes like the Ark Continent, Demon Realm, and Divine Realm were aplenty. However, our Ark Continent, the Demon Realm and the Divine Realm were no more than the most common type of plane. They were under these so called major planes. That man from the projection was supervising this major plane in order to collect faith power from these common planes. In other words, in that person’s eyes, our use is just to provide them with faith power.”

The group stared, puzzled at what Zhao Hai said. Then the Rosen Emperor said, “Little Hai, what is this faith power that you speak of?”

Zhao Hai replied, “This faith power is a type of invisible energy. Actually, the Radiant Church’s purpose was precisely to offer this energy. As long as one becomes faithful to the point where one can sacrifice themselves, then they will provide faith power to the Deity. This energy might be useless to us, but for that man that the Divine Race summoned, it is very useful. Whether it was the Demons, Divine Race, or us, we are just like sheep raised to be sheared to provide wool.”

As soon as they heard this, the people in the room couldn’t help but be in an uproar. These people were used to be the ones stamping their feet, ruling the Ark Continent in their high positions. But now, in the eyes of the man that was summoned by the Divine Race, they were just like Sheep. How unbelievable was this?

Zhao Hai saw their reaction and smiled bitterly. He knew that this was a hard thing for these people to accept. They had lived their lives being aloof, but they were actually just sheep in the eyes of others. How could they just accept this fate?

After some time, the group calmed down, but each of their expression stayed quite ugly. Zhao Hai looked at them and forced a smile, “I know that everyone isn’t feeling any better. But no matter what, I need to say this. Although that projection was just like a shadow, but that thing had about the same strength as me even though it only had 1 percent of the true body’s power. In this case, if that person himself came here, I would have surely died. This person might seem strong, but from what I had gathered, he was only a normal person in his realm. In this case, how could they possibly place us in their eyes?”[1]

Zhao Hai’s words made those present turn pale. It was just unbelievable. If the enemy can send someone that can fight 100 Zhao Hais then that would be too scary.

Zhao Hai continued, “But everyone doesn’t need to worry about this. It would be impossible for that person to arrive at our Ark Continent, just like how hard it was for the Divine Race to arrive here. And since that person is too strong, he would have to expend more energy if he decided to personally descend.”

Seeing that the crowd had relaxed, Zhao Hai then said, “But even if they can’t come over, the aid that they could provide to the Divine Race was still problematic. The method that the Divine Race used to break the Ark Continent’s space came from that person. After all these years of guiding the Divine Race, who knows what weapons they have in their hands. Because of this, I couldn’t help but pay attention to the Divine Race.”

The group nodded, they didn’t dare underestimate the Divine Race after this. Then Zhao Hai said, “But I’m still afraid that the person would come here despite the difficulties. When that happens, then that would be the end for us. I don’t want to frighten you, but I want all of you to give your all in preparation. When both the Demons and the Divine Race decides to attack, then we would have to give up on the Buddha Empire and go all out in defending the Accra Mountains. In the mountains, our Ark Continent would have a chance for survival. We need to wait before my God-rank potions get finished, then we would have more God-ranks in the Ark Continent. When that time comes we can counter attack. And as long as we block the two races, it would be possible that they would go against each other first, that would be a good outcome for us. So when everyone gets back, they must train every single person they can. It may be possible for us to use them the war. But preferably, I want them to stay as reserve.”

The Patriarchs and Rulers nodded. After witnessing the Demons today, their previous mentality has already vanished. They were now very convinced to turn the commoners into experts that the continent may possibly use.

Zhao Hai looked into their eyes and said, “I know that everyone of us is busy, so I won’t be keeping you here for long. I only hope that after you head back, you will put your best in training the troops. The Divine Race has already turned the entire Radiant Empire into their military outpost, waiting for their reinforcements to arrive. On the other hand, the Demons have never stopped sending their troops over. If we combine those two armies, then my undead would prove insufficient. I need more people to help defend the frontline.”

The people present held a very heavy heart, but as Zhao Hai said, these invaders weren’t simple people. The continent couldn’t idle for too long.

After having their talk, Zhao Hai immediately used his spatial rifts to send everyone back to their territories.

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