BTFTLIAW – Chapter 762

Chapter 762 – After the Battle

But this didn’t mean that Zhao Hai didn’t want to fight because he can’t. He was just compelled to do so because of the underlying reasons. Moreover, he also decided to use this time to see if the Demons had any weakness that he can exploit.

However, after half a day of battle, Zhao Hai wasn’t able to find something out. The life force of these Demons were just too strong. Only when their heads were chopped off could they be safe. Otherwise, no matter what injury they had, they would still manage to survive, and then they would proceed to blow themselves up.

Chopping the heads of Demons required huge skill, which Zhao Hai’s undead cannot voluntarily do. Because of this, Zhao Hai manage to lose a lot of undead in this battle.

The Demon Dragon King had already tied down the Demigod-level undead. However, the undead were still going strong. Otherwise, if they weren’t undead, they would have already fallen to the attacks of the Demon Dragon King’s group.

Zhao Hai looked at the battlefield and then frowned. The Demon Dragon King was doing the same thing as well. To be honest, Zhao Hai’s undead had caused him great headaches. Even the undead that the Lich summoned weren’t as hard to deal with compared to Zhao Hai’s undead. The team of Demons that can block the undead can only be so much compared to the numerous Demigod-level undead.

Both sides went on for two more hours, causing damage to both sides. At this time, Zhao Hai gently waved his hand as Megan and Lizzy led the undead to retreat, then Zhao Hai went forward. After seeing this, the Demon Dragon King also waved his hand, stopping the Demon Army from chasing. Zhao Hai looked at the Demon Dragon King and said, “Your Majesty, I just want to persuade you once more that the Ark Continent isn’t necessarily suitable for the Demons. Now that their spatial rift has been opened, the Divine Race had already started to flood into the continent. They are very greedy, managing to conquer multiple planes. If you decide to join with the Divine Race to deal with us, then after that the Divine Race would surely deal with the Demons. To be honest, after clashing with both you and the Divine Race, I can say that the Demons will surely face heavy casualties if you and the Divine Race were to fight. I’m saying this in order for the Great Demon King to take this matter into consideration.” Then Zhao Hai turned around and led his army to retreat.

The Demons didn’t chase after them, they wouldn’t dare to do so. At this time, the Demons finally understood why the Demon Dragon King had always held them back from attacking the Ark Continent. If they wanted to attack, then they have to consider this existence called Zhao Hai.

The Demon Dragon King looked at Zhao Hai until he was already far away. Then the Demon Dragon King sighed. To be honest, he was starting to believe Zhao Hai’s words. The Ark Continent might be a beautiful place, but it was not necessary for the survival of the Demon Race.

Why were the Demons strong? It was because they grew up in a place such as the Demon Realm. In that place, if you weren’t strong, then you will either be eaten or be turned into slaves. In this case, all the Demons needed to go all out, which resulted in the formidable Demon Race that it is now.

But the Ark Continent was different, the environment here was fantastic. There were food everywhere, moreover, there weren’t any dangers in living in this place. If the Demons were to get idle, will they still belong to the formidable Demon Race? It’s still hard to say.

On the other hand, it was really hard to give up on the Ark Continent. The place was too beautiful for the Demon Race, abandoning it would be a pity. Not to say the others, even the Demon Dragon King didn’t want to just give up. Although he knew that the continent would dull the fangs of the Demon Race, it was still too good to give up on.

The Demon Dragon King’s army slowly returned to Demon City. After arriving at the city, the Demon Dragon King immediately had a meeting with his subordinates. The Demon Dragon King also called the Demon Brutes over, he wanted to hear what they thought.

Although the Demon Brutes were the most violent race among the Demons, they were not that stupid. When facing a strong enemy, they would still make the right choice. This can be seen by the fact that they submitted to the Great Demon King. For each race to survive, they would need the necessary skills to do so, especially in a place like the Demon Realm. The Demon Brutes not only survived in this hellscape, they also managed to expand. If they were really the boorish fellows that were described, then they wouldn’t have reached their current status.

The Demon Dragon King sat in the hall, he looked at those present and said, “Everyone, tell me your thoughts about today’s battle.”

The people in the room looked at each other, but nobody spoke. After some time, a Demon opened its mouth, “Formidable. This Zhao Hai is stronger than what I thought. Conquering the Ark Continent was proving to be difficult.”

Then with this, the people in the room immediately expressed their thoughts to each other. One of them said, “I don’t understand. How could he have a lot of strong undead? This doesn’t add up.”

Another Demon said, “Right, and he didn’t even make a move, only his undead creatures fought.”

A Demon Brute in the audience stared at the others and said, “What? You’re all afraid? Are you really Demons? That Zhao Hai, even if strong, is still one person from the Ark Continent. Do you think there are more of him out there? If that was the case, then they would’ve driven us away a long time ago.”

The Demon Dragon King looked at the Brute as he nodded, “Right, out of all the people in the Ark Continent, this Zhao Hai is the only one that I dread. After investigating, I can affirm that the people in the Ark Continent are relying on Zhao Hai. If not for him, the continent would have already been conquered. Because of this, after knowing that the Divine Race has come, I decided to hold back from attacking. First, we can use this time to construct important structures for the rear army. And second, to have a look at the strength of the Divine Race. We need to know about the Divine Race in order to have the confidence to deal with them. And lastly, I want Zhao Hai and the Divine Race to fight, hopefully causing major losses on both sides. What do all of you think about this?”

The Demon Dragon King’s two cold eyes scanned everyone in the room. All of the couldn’t help but unconsciously lower their heads. They were ashamed of themselves for berating the Demon Dragon King with criticisms when he decided to refrain from doing an attack.

After seeing the response of the group in front of him, the Demon Dragon King couldn’t help but laugh inside. The relationships between the Demon Races were very complex. And now that they had been placed in a single place, they needed to be well managed. Even the Great Demon King was having difficulties in this matter, let along the Demon Dragon King.

Normally, the Demon Dragon King would find it hard to calm them. But now that Zhao Hai made a move, these people started to behave themselves. It was advantageous for the Demon Dragon King if these people were to stay this obedient.

After scanning the group, the Demon Dragon King said, “Alright, something major happened today, all of you should go back. Go and check the casualties in your respective groups. Those injured needed to be taken care of immediately. We don’t want to make a sudden move and make a drastic mistake. We need to be careful from now on.” Then the Demons nodded before they turned around to leave.

Demon City slowly calmed down. However, the same cannot be said with Rising Sun City. Zhao Hai wasn’t able to get any advantages in today’s battle, he might have even suffered some losses. However, Zhao Hai didn’t think too much about it. On the other hand, the Rulers and Patriarchs of the continents were very shaken, their expressions were ugly to see.

Zhao Hai welcomed them to the city lord’s mansion of Rising Sun City. After everyone had sat down, Zhao Hai looked at them and said, “Everyone should have witnessed the strength of the Demon race. To tell you the truth, those undead that I sent out had God-rank strength. However, they are only Demigods, the lowest level a God-rank expert can be, about the same strength as Origin Sword Saint. And I have used five hundred thousand of those undead to fight the Demons.” The Rulers and Patriarchs didn’t speak. In the past, since they haven’t witnessed the strength of the Demons, they couldn’t believe the tales told about them. But now, they finally understood that Zhao Hai didn’t lie. The Ark Continent was indeed in a very dangerous situation.

Zhao Hai looked at their faces and said, “The Divine Race’s strength is no weaker than the Demons. And there are more people from the Divine Race. In their army, their weakest troops are their Heavy Cavalry, with an average level of 8th rank. However, even if their Heavy Cavalry are unable to fly, they still have strength comparable to a 9th rank expert. Their innate strength is astonishing as well. If they were to charge, then I’m afraid that neither the Elephant Tribe, the Bull Tribe, nor the Rhinoceros Tribe are able to meet them head on. Moreover, after reaching 9th rank, their strengths have undergone a huge change. 8th ranks would be nothing in front of them.”

After speaking up to here, Zhao Hai continued, “Aside from the Heavy Cavalry, there are Light Cavalry units as well. The lowest rank of these Light cavalry is 9th rank, God-ranks were among their numbers. In addition to their strength, they are quite quick as well. I’m afraid only the strengthened Elves with blood lightning beads can contend with them in the skies.”


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