BTFTLIAW – Chapter 761

Chapter 761 – Verbal Debate

The other Demons nodded, they were aware of this. In fact, they were confused as to why Zhao Hai still didn’t launch an attack towards the Divine Race.

The Demon Dragon King looked at the people and then said, “Zhao Hai has strange methods. I have met Zhao Hai a few times. It was when we still haven’t recovered our strength. At that time, Zhao Hai was just a Demigod. But when we fought, he suddenly was able to become a Full God. Moreover, his fighting prowess was very strong. At that time, we only managed to hurt him even though there were five of us. He also managed to take Shiying with him. From what I heard, Shiying is already dead and was turned into a God-rank undead. What I dread the most is the fact that Shiying didn’t lose any of his strength despite becoming an undead. Zhao Hai is not a simple person.”

When the group of Demons heard this, they couldn’t help but turn silent. They didn’t expect that something like this has happened. No wonder the Demon Dragon King always had a shade of dread whenever he mentions Zhao Hai.

After a while, the Demon Dragon King continued, “We can’t underestimate Zhao Hai. For him to come to our doorstep means that he has something in hand. Everyone must be careful. Also, Zhao Hai seems to know a lot about the Demon Realm. I don’t know why but he has information that people from the Ark Continent would never find out. Alright, let’s end here. Gather the men, we’ll have to drive Zhao Hai back.”

The group nodded before they turned around and left. The Demon Dragon King also went out and rode his Black Dragon Carriage as it flew into the skies above Demon City.

At this time, the Demon Brutes have also gathered and were flying in the air alongside other Demons. The Demon Dragon King brought a battalion along with him as they slowly flew out of Demon City. Zhao Hai didn’t make them wait for a long time. The undead weren’t slow as the cube formation quickly appeared in front of the Demon Dragon King’s army.

Zhao Hai’s group of three were currently standing on top of the bone dragon’s head. The Demons flying behind the Demon Dragon King curiously looked at this ordinary looking young man. They didn’t expect that this person would be the one who the Demon Dragon King dreaded. And most importantly, it seems like there was a Succubus right beside this young man.

Zhao Hai bowed to the Demon Dragon King and said, “Your Majesty Demon Dragon King, we meet again. It seems like you’ve already recovered to full strength. I don’t know if I should congratulate you or not.” The Demon Dragon King looked at Zhao Hai and gave a smile, “Mister, it has been too long since we’ve met. Did mister get in contact with the Divine Race? Can I ask who is stronger, the Demons or the Divine Race?”

Zhao Hai gave a faint smile and said, “Your Majesty has been working hard. I have indeed clashed with the Divine Race. Hehe, although I can say that there weren’t much difference between the two of you, but seeing how large the Demon Army has become, I couldn’t help but feel worry.” The Demon Dragon King looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, to be honest, although I admire your methods, I’m afraid you can only block one of us. Did you consider what would happen if the Demons and the Divine Race team up?”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but chuckle, “Haha, don’t worry about it, I can certainly block both of your advances. But first, I want to ask you, even if the Demons and the Divine Race team up, how would you divide the Ark Continent later on? Is it an equal split? The division doesn’t matter, more importantly, will you even agree to share the Ark Continent? Even if you agree, will the Divine Race be alright with it?”

Just as the two met, they immediately started a verbal debate. The Demon Dragon King was a veteran in this aspect, and Zhao Hai wasn’t very bad as well. This made the others around them open their eyes.

Seeing that he was losing, the Demon Dragon King said, “Mister doesn’t need to worry about that. Are you here just to talk to me? Or do you want to use our strengths to prove facts?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I’ll be impolite then.” Then he, along with Shue and Berry vanished in front of the Demon Dragon King. When they reappeared, they were already in the middle of an undead battalion.

The Demon Dragon King and the others were already prepared for this. The Demon Dragon King established his Domain along with the others behind him. Almost all at once, different kinds of Domain appeared in front of Zhao Hai.

At this moment, several hundred blue lights suddenly projected from the undead and hit the Demons. This made the Domains of the Demons sway, making them somewhat unstable. But this was not the end, another two batches of blue light came and attacked the Domains. This time, those who were hit had their Domains destroyed.

The Demons around them immediately reacted, immediately blocking the attacks from reaching those affected.

The Demon Dragon King couldn’t help but stare blankly at this blue light. Zhao Hai had a new weapon, what was this blue light. Was this a Domain from a God-rank expert?

The Demon Dragon King didn’t have the time to wait for an answer as the other party’s blue lights were too strong. If they wait, they would only be pushed back further and further.

It wasn’t strange for the Demon Dragon King to think that way. Zhao Hai had installed his magic cannons inside the undead. This blue light was precisely the attack that came out of the magic cannons.

The Demon Dragon King immediately gave the command, “Kill them!” Then he urged his Black Dragon Carriage to go forward.

At the same time, Zhao Hai put forth a large number of undead to welcome the Demon Dragon King. These undead might just be Demigods, but their numbers couldn’t be underestimated. About five hundred thousand of them threw themselves towards the Demons. The speed of these undead were quick, moreover, their imposing manner was strong. It was surprising that they only had Demigod-level strength.

The Demon Dragon King’s heart couldn’t help but jump, he immediately said, “Everyone be careful. All of these undead are Demigods. There are too many of them, arrange into formations in order to deal with the enemy!”

The Demons had grown up in war since childhood, so they didn’t take too long before they responded to the Demon Dragon King’s warnings. All the Demons immediately grouped up and connected their Domains, uniting together to deal with the sea of undead.

Zhao Hai looked at the back of the enemy’s army and to the Demon Dragon King. Zhao Hai didn’t like how quick the Demons were in responding. They were truly formidable enemies.

The army of Demigod undead quickly got in contact with the formations made by the God-rank Demons. These undead actually made their own formations, but this credit went to Lizzy and Megan.

At this point, Lizzy and Megan were getting better and better in coordination. Lizzy commanded her undead to fight against the God-ranked Demons while Megan took care of the others. The skies above Demon City were lively and full of action. However, Zhao Hai has yet to gain any advantages from the fight.

Inside one of the undead, the Beast King had found himself having an ugly expression. He had always thought about how strong the Beastmen were when it came to warfare. Their savageness in the battlefield was something that was feared in the Ark Continent. No power dared to annoy the Beastman Race.

But in this fight, the Beast King saw severely wounded Demons voluntarily exploding themselves. Not only did this eliminate them being turned into undead, they also managed to take some undead along with them.

The Beast King can see it clearly. Zhao Hai’s undead were all at least 9th rank. One of the Demons blew themselves up and turned the undead in front of him into ash. Several undead close by were also affected by the shockwave, severely damaging them in the process.

This scene wasn’t rare in the battlefield. As long as Demon was seriously injured, they will immediately blow themselves up, causing damage to their enemies.

While looking at those Demons, the Beast King couldn’t help but feel terrified. He can be assured that the Beastmen wouldn’t be able to reach this point. Moreover, what made him startled was the raw strength of these Demons.

When a person goes head to head with an equally ranked undead, then that person would suffer greatly. This was because the undead weren’t afraid of death nor pain. If you slash them with a sword, they wouldn’t care to defend, instead, the undead would just swing a sword at you at the same time. In the end, the one who would profit off of this trade would be the undead. Because of this, people would only fight an undead whenever their strength greatly surpassed it.

On the other hand, the Demons weren’t only fighting with the undead, they were also in equal terms. Only when they were killed by the undead would they stop fighting, otherwise they would explode, taking some undead along with them. Such ways of fighting could terrify any person.

It wasn’t only the Beast King, the heads of the major powers were also shocked at the Demon Race’s manner of fighting. They were too savage, too scary. They can affirm that no soldier, even those who had turned 9th rank, would be able to single handedly face these Demons. Except for Zhao Hai’s undead army, all other armies would surely find it difficult to stop the Demon Race.

Zhao Hai calmly looked at the battlefield before him. To be honest, he didn’t want to fight with the Demons yet. This was because fighting them at this time would give him no benefits. Unlike the Divine Race, the Demons would almost always blow themselves up before being turned into undead. Now only would this keep Zhao Hai from gaining profits, he would also lose a lot of undead.



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