BTFTLIAW – Chapter 760

Chapter 760 – Worries of the Demon Dragon King

The Demon Dragon King was still the commander of the troops in Demon City. This wasn’t because he was the strongest God-rank Expert, but because he was very good at strategy.

It can be said that if the Great Demon King didn’t appear, then it might be possible for the Demon Dragon King to unify the Demon Realm. His mind for strategy was very formidable, but compared to the Great Demon King, he was still lacking in other aspects.

But this was where the Demon Dragon King seemed strange. Instead of going against the Great Demon King, he decided to devote his heart to help him, winning the Great Demon King’s trust in the end. This made the Great Demon King entrust important matters to the Demon Dragon King. For example, the operation of conquering the Ark Continent.

While the Great Demon King stayed back, taking care of the logistics and manpower, the Demon Dragon King took charge of the frontline, commanding the fight against the residents of the Ark Continent.

The Demon Dragon King was currently dread towards Zhao Hai, especially when the latter started to send Elves to deal with the Demon Scouts. The Demon Dragon King was aware of Zhao Hai’s strength, so it was no wonder that he had been very hesitant in making a move. Even amidst the satisfaction of the other Demons, the Demon Dragon King still decided to take things slow.

These newly arrived Demons haven’t fought with Zhao Hai, so they weren’t aware of how scary he was. The Demons didn’t think too highly on the residents of the Ark Continent. They had forgotten that conquering the Ark Continent wouldn’t take a day or two. In this conquest, the price was the entirety of the Ark Continent. And this price was exactly what made the Demons look down on the people in the Ark Continent. In the minds of the Demons, these people were not worthy of having such a paradise.

Additionally, the Demons haven’t heard of Zhao Hai’s name before. Zhao Hai’s rise was too quick, and because their information was inferior to the Divine Race, they haven’t gathered enough about him before their arrival.

This day, the Demon Dragon King was processing something in Demon City. He has already moved the Demon Race’s center of operations in the city, in preparation for conquering the rest of the Buddha Empire.

Although the Demons have yet to attack, the background matters still needed to be managed. The assignment of commodities was also an issue. The people in the Demon Realm weren’t less than those in the Ark Continent, and some of these people held grudges towards each other. Although they were under the summons of the Great Demon King in order to attack the Ark Continent, this didn’t mean that they would just forget their hatred. Because of this, the Demon Dragon King had to meticulously assign each troops. If he were to make a mistake, then he might be able to offend a certain group, causing internal strife in the Demon Army.

As the Demon Dragon King was working, a mixed sound of disagreement suddenly sounded outside. The Demon Dragon King couldn’t help but knit his brows, he can recognize who these voices belonged to. It was from a famous race in the Demon Race, it was a voice from a Demon Brute.[1]

Just from the names of these Demons, one would know that they specialize in strength. They were the strongest but most temperate race in the Demon Realm. Their average height was three meters while their taller members can reach four. They might be very strong, but their weakness was their brains. They weren’t too smart, which caused them to be used as mere tools.

However, there were still no group in the Demon Race that dared to underestimate these Brutes. This was because the entire race was very united. If you use them as tools, and weren’t discovered, then that would be fine. However, if they were to find out, they would be willing to fight you to the death. And this didn’t just mean a single person, the whole race would attack you. Because of this characteristic, people still needed to think twice before taking advantage of them, even if they weren’t that smart.

At this time, the Demon Brutes had pledged themselves to the Great Demon King. But besides the Great Demon King, they wouldn’t listen to the words of other people. Even the Demon Dragon King needed to use the Great Demon King’s name in order to keep them calm, otherwise his words would be useless.

The one being noisy outside were precisely Demon Brutes, this caused the Demon Dragon King to develop a headache. He knew for certain why these Brutes were causing a ruckus. They’ve always wanted to attack the Ark Continent, but the Demon Dragon King have always stopped them since he thought that the time wasn’t ripe. He had sent the scouts to see and probe Zhao Hai’s reaction. If Zhao Hai was entangled with the Divine Race, then the forces in Rising Sun City would be reduced, which will hamper the city from dealing with the Demon scouts.

If the scouts can smoothly traverse the city’s vicinity, then this meant that Zhao Hai was with the Divine Race. This would be the best opportunity for them to attack. Otherwise, if Zhao Hai was free, they would have to wait for more time.

The Demon Dragon King had talked about this matter with the Great Demon King, of which the latter agreed. After all, the Great Demon King was the sovereign of all the Demons, even he doesn’t want any unnecessary losses among his people.

However, it was evident that this sentiment didn’t go through to the heads of the Demon Brutes. They thought that the Demon Dragon King was afraid. Moreover, they didn’t believe that the Great Demon King agreed to this plan, and that the Demon Dragon King was just deceiving them. These people had always pestered the Demon Dragon King to attack, every single day. Now that the heard their voices outside, the Demon Dragon King knew that they came to cause trouble once again.

The Demon Dragon King gently rubbed his forehead. To be honest, he was really bothered by these Demon Brutes. However, he wouldn’t dare to offend them. They were quite numerous, and their fighting strength was much needed by the Demon Army. Most importantly, they were completely unafraid of war, they were one of the most genuinely fearless Demons in the Demon Realm.

But these people were just too noisy, they were a constant bother to the Demon Dragon King’s busy life.

After some time, the Demon Dragon King sighed, then he stood up and prepared to head outside to appease these Brutes. No matter what, he needed them to wait for more time.

Just as the Demon Dragon King arrived outside the room, he saw several of his soldiers blocking a group of God-rank Brutes. Although these Brutes were only Demigods and were yet to become Full Gods, their strengths were still very valuable to the Demon Dragon King. But this value was slowly starting to vanish as the Demon Dragon King developed headaches from their constant disturbance.

When the group saw the Demon Dragon King come out, one of them loudly said, “Demon Dragon, why haven’t you led to battle yet? You even dared to lie about the Great Demon King’s words. Wait until we get in front of the Great Demon King, we’ll definitely denounce you. Give the order quickly, let us fight!”

Although this Brute didn’t have any respect for the Demon Dragon King, he was extremely respectful to the Great Demon King. Since the Great Demon King appointed the Demon Dragon King to be the commander for the frontlines, the Brutes wouldn’t dare to undermine his orders. One must know that the Demons were very strict when it came to discipline. If they dared to attack without the command of the Demon Dragon King, then they would have to answer to the Great Demon King when the time came. Because of this, they could only pester the Demon Dragon King until he gave the command for attack.

Just as the Demon Dragon King was about to appease them, a Vile Demon suddenly flew over to the Demon Dragon King’s courtyard. After the Demon Dragon King saw this person, he knew that he was from the scout troop that he had sent out. At this time, the Vile Demon seems to be very anxious while looking for him, something must have happened. The Demon Dragon King didn’t have the mood to care about the Demon Brute at this time as he turned to look at the scout and said, “What’s the problem? Did something happen?”

After descending from the sky, the Vile Demon immediately gave a salute to the Demon Dragon King before saying, “Your Highness, Zhao Hai came. He also brought his undead, he is directly heading here.”

The Demon Dragon King couldn’t help but stare upon hearing this information. His expression sank immediately as he said, “Quickly sound the drums. Prepare to meet the enemy!”

As soon as the Demon Brutes heard this command, they all couldn’t help but make an excited cheer before they turned around and ran. Naturally, they didn’t want to go and fight Zhao Hai right now, they were going back to gather their own people. The Demon Brutes were very united, so when they go to war, they would gather their kin and fight together.

The Demon Dragon King didn’t have the mood to deal with these Demon Brutes right now. Those Demon Brutes were already good as they are. They didn’t need to or have the capability to discuss strategy with. Because of this, pre-battle conferences were usually devoid of any Brutes. What the Demon Brutes generally do was to gather their people and then wait for further orders.

Before long, several Demons have arrived in the Demon Dragon King’s room. There were a lot of Vile Demons among these people, while the others were from diverse Demon Races. All of their forms and faces look terrifying, and all of their auras were strong. Every single one present in the room was a God-rank expert.

The Demon Dragon King looked at the group and said, “I think everyone already knew why you were called. Do you have any thoughts?’

A Vile Demon opened its mouth, “Naturally, we fight. But as for how to fight, we need to leave it up to you.”

Another Demon nodded, “We have been waiting for many days expecting that the Divine Race and the people of the Ark Continent are going at each other’s throats. But who would’ve known that they seem to have small losses. This is not good for our side. And now that the enemy is knocking at our door, it would be impossible for us to wait any longer. Otherwise, this would affect morale, and that wouldn’t be good for our future plans.”

The Demon Dragon King nodded, then he let out a long breath and said, “The Ark Continent and the Divine Race only having small scale battles is already part of my expectations. I’m afraid that the Divine Race has the same idea as us. I also don’t expect the people of the Ark Continent to think about cooperating with the Divine Race. I heard that the Divine Race has used the people of the continent as blood sacrifice in order to descend as well as destroy the laws of the Ark Continent. At this point, the Ark Continent would definitely be in an irreconcilable feud with the Divine Race. it is also precisely because of this hatred where I hoped that the Ark Continent wouldn’t be able to hold back for long. It’s a matter of time before those two go into a large-scale battle.”

  1. It’s something like “strength Demon”, I don’t know what that was so I settled on the closest description.


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