BTFTLIAW – Chapter 759

Chapter 759 – Asking Them Over To See

A strange phenomenon can be seen in the Ark continent. It was already known that the Divine Race and the Demons were invading the continent, however, people seemed to not worry too much about it. They were just leisurely constructing military barracks, farms, and other essential structures. They seem to act like they were doing a chore in their house.

At a time when the invaders and the invaded were quite passive, Zhao Hai suddenly released a lot of spatial water into the continent. This was good news for the people, especially those in the army. The armies had already heard about the frontlines thanks to various channels. They also knew that they currently had no strength to combat the invaders, if they ever fight, then they would only be seeking death. But since they needed to protect their home and family, they made a resolve to fight no matter what.

But their worries changed when a large amount of spatial water suddenly flowed towards them. No matter what levels they were in, as long as they drank the water, then they would become 8th ranks in a short time. For some soldiers, this was something that they could only achieve in their dreams.

Although these people had already resolved themselves to die, this didn’t mean that they wanted to die. Nobody wanted to die, if given the choice, everybody would prefer life.

So how can people refrain from dying when fighting against the Demons and the Divine Race? Simple. As long as their strengths were improved, then their survivability would increase. Once they reach 8th ranks, then their chances of perishing in battle would significantly decrease.

These people were full of gratitude for Zhao Hai, and the next information almost made them worship Zhao Hai like a God. They had heard from other people that Zhao Hai has a potion that can make them 9th ranks. This was the strongest rank in the continent, they were people who can fly to the sky. Not a lot of people can reach this rank. And now that Zhao Hai has a potion to help people reach this rank, the soldiers couldn’t help but feel breathless.

Naturally, this mere fact alone wasn’t the most important. They had also heard that Mister Zhao Hai was producing these potions en masse and was planning on making all soldiers of the continent into 9th rank experts.

Moreover, these soldiers knew that Zhao Hai wasn’t talking nonsense. They were completely aware that Zhao Hai had these potions. They had seen the results in several of their peers.

Because of this proof, the soldiers couldn’t help but believe the news. This information caused a surge in morale for the Ark Continent, especially from the soldiers in the frontlines.

And Zhao Hai hadn’t gone back on his word. Large quantities of potions were delivered to various cities and settlements in the continent. As long as one was a soldier, frontline or reinforcing armies, all of them had been promoted to 8th rank. And after reaching 8th rank, they would need to wait later on for the 9th rank potions to arrive.

It didn’t take too long for 8th ranks to pop up all over the continent, they look like bamboo shoots going out of the soil after a rain. 3rd and 4th rank soldiers had become 8th ranks, the same level as those they looked up to. This made the people in the continent excited. At the same time, all of them held Zhao Hai with very high respects.

Moreover, Zhao Hai also gave an announcement that later on, commoners of the continent would be upgraded to 8th rank as well. Once they had drank this potion, it didn’t matter if they didn’t cultivate magic or battle qi, the potion would still improve one’s bodily strength. Additionally, if these commoners bore a child in the future, the effects of the potion would benefit the offspring as well.

This turned the people of the continent crazy. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be this crazy and provide potions to the commoners as well.

Several Kings and Patriarchs tried to dissuade Zhao Hai, but after hearing his explanation they stopped doing so. Zhao Hai’s explanation was very simple. Both the Demons and the Divine Race are formidable, and it would be very hard to deal with them once they decided to join up. This time, the reason he decided to provide the potion to the masses was to prepare for a time where the frontline would get destroyed. This way, the civilians would be able to arm themselves and fight for the continent. After discussing this matter with them, Zhao Hai also made them prepare some troops to train the civilians to be emergency militia.

The various Rulers and Patriarchs of the continent didn’t expect Zhao Hai to resolve into this drastic matter. Did this meant that the frontlines weren’t able to stop the advance of the Demons and the Divine Race?

Has the situation turned too serious? Are the Demons and Divine Race really that strong? The armies of the continent had already been promoted to 8th rank, were they not enough?

Zhao Hai can understand this mentality. All of them had grown up in the Ark Continent, so it was impossible for them to completely understand the might of the Divine Race. They didn’t know that they were treated as milking cows for faith power. In their opinion, 8th ranks weren’t weak.

Zhao Hai was currently inside the living room, listening to Laura’s report. At this time, various Patriarchs and Rulers of the continent were still suspecting whether it was a good idea to promote the strength of the population. In their opinion, there was no need to do so.

Zhao Hai sighed and said, “So those guys still don’t believe me, thinking that I’ve been wasting my resources. Laura, talk to them and ask if they would agree to visit the frontlines. We’ll take the initiative and show them how strong the Demons and the Divine Rae are. Then let’s see what they think after then.”

Laura knit her brows and said, “Brother Hai, this is too dangerous. If those people gets into an accident, then our problems wouldn’t be small.”

Zhao Hai forced a smile and said, “I’m aware of that. But there is no other way for them to believe us. Right, tell them to have some of their higher officials come over as well. This way, they can relay what they had seen even faster.”

Laura was still frowning, “But will they come? Won’t they think that this is only our plan and we might be plotting against them?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “They won’t. They are already aware of our strength. If we decided to deal with them, then we wouldn’t do it in this convoluted way. Take care of this matter and discuss when all of them are able to come. We’ll prepare here as well.”

Laura nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll give it a try. Will you really attack the the Demon camp?”

Zhao Hai gave a nod, “We’ll make an attack, but we won’t make it to big. If we do so, then it might cause a strong counterattack from the Divine Race and the Demons. And we wouldn’t want that.”

Laura nodded, “Alright, then I’ll prepare what is needed.” Zhao Hai gave a nod before Laura turned around and left.

Just as what Zhao Hai expected, Laura’s invitation had gone very smoothly. They had also agreed to state a time on when they will visit the frontline. They had a strong desire to see how formidable the Demons and the Divine Race really were.

In order to unify the schedule, Laura gave them a date, which was three days after. In other words, three days later, the Patriarchs and Rulers of the continent, along with high ranked people in their respective nations, would arrive at the frontlines in order to watch Zhao Hai’s performance.

Three days went by fast. In the past few days, Zhao Hai didn’t make the Elves annoy the Demons, especially now that the scout troops have more people inside them. If the Elves were to clash with them, then it might be possible that casualties would arise, and Zhao Hai didn’t want such an outcome.

Three days later, the Rulers and Patriarchs of the various powers started to bring their trusted aides and subjects to Rising Sun City. Naturally, all of them were brought over using Zhao Hai’s Space.

When these people arrived in Rising Sun City, Zhao gave them a short introduction. The most populous people here were the Beastmen. Almost all of the Patriarchs of the Warring races have come, their number had easily reached several hundred. Adding the Emperors and their aides, the visitors had easily surpassed a thousand.

After greeting them, Zhao Hai said, “I know that everybody here wanted to see how strong both the Demons and the Divine Race are. Because of this, I called all of you over to witness today’s battle. I will attack the Demons with my undead. Everyone can just stay behind the army, however, please do follow our instructions. Otherwise, if something were to happen, this Zhao Hai will be unable to forgive himself.”

Those who came didn’t say anything, their relationship with Zhao Hai was very good. Even the Mermaid Queen didn’t say anything, she just gave a gentle nod.

However, the Rosen Emperor decided to speak, as he nodded, he said, “Little Hai, since you arranged it, we definitely won’t doubt you.”

After scanning the crowd, Zhao Hai nodded before he summoned large quantities of undead dragons. These dragons were like Alien, all of them had spaces inside to go into. Zhao Hai invited the visitors to go inside the bodies of the undead dragons. Since there were a lot of them, they were split up into several bone dragons.

But even so, Zhao Hai still used about 100 bone dragons in order to accommodate all of them. Then he summoned Shue and Berry along with more undead before they began to fly towards Demon City’s direction.

Zhao Hai already saw it, Demon City has been completely occupied by the Demons. Their number of God-ranks had also reached 50 thousand. It seems like the Demons were already geared for attack.

However, they didn’t think that even before they attacked, Zhao Hai decided to make a move. Zhao Hai didn’t want the Demons to think that the Ark Continent was just a soft persimmon, something that they can just pinch whenever they want.


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