BTFTLIAW – Chapter 758

Chapter 758 – Slaves of the Divine Race

When Zhao Hai heard Laura, he almost lost himself and fainted. He looked at Laura and said, “Why would I eat him? I just placed the tiny pagoda inside my body, nourishing it with my energy. Only through this can Fuwa slowly improve.”

Suddenly, Laura seemed to have found something out, “So it’s actually that. So after nourishing him, he would become a true child? Then Brother Hai, wouldn’t that be the same as you being pregnant with Fuwa?”

Zhao Hai’s jaw slammed into the ground. As he looked at the laughing women, he couldn’t help but shout, “You actually dared to tease me! Let’s see how I’ll deal with you all!” Then he went on to chase the women who were still laughing with glee.

After having fun for a while, the group returned to the villa with Zhao Hai’s mind becoming very relaxed. After entering the living room, Zhao Hai immediately turned on the monitor to see the situation back in the Demon Race’s camp.

The Demons were still calm despite having their scouts killed. However, starting from then, they began to send large scouting parties. Due to their numbers, it would be impossible for the Dwarves to kill them all.

It seems like the Demons had already decided to have a steady approach in their  attack. This made Zhao Hai frown, this was because the more the Demons prepared, the less flaws their plans would have. It was just like how a worried farmer would double check every single piece of land, making sure that everything was plowed properly. This fastidiousness would allow the farmer to see which parts of his land was plowed quite shallow. On the other hand, a farmer that was in a hurry would never find any problems with his job.

The Demons were just like worried farmers right now. They were considering every more they make before taking a step forward. As long as they find no problems, they would proceed. Although their crops were slow, they can be assured that their harvests would be good.

Zhao Hai frowned as he lightly sighed and said, “I really am not sure if these people are Demons anymore. Aren’t the Demons quite known for being aggressive fighters? But from what we see, it seems like they are taking things quite slow. It should be really hard for them to endure this long.”

Laura was also frowning, “The behaviour of the Demons are really unusual. It can be seen that their commander is quite the patient fellow. This calm advance could only mean bad things for us.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he turned the monitor to look at the Divine Race. The Divine Race had already made good with their military barracks and had already started to send troops to the Buddha Empire’s border. They already had the Radiant Empire under their full control.

What surprised Zhao Hai the most were the people that came from the Divine Realm today. Although these people came from the Divine Realm, Zhao Hai can clearly see that they weren’t natives.

These people were short and small, similar to the Dwarves. However, they didn’t have the strong bodies of the Dwarves, instead, they were quite thin and looked weak. Additionally, they had green skins, two sharp ears like the Elves, and big black eyes. They didn’t have any shred of fur on their skin. They looked very strange, quite the opposite of cute.

At this moment, these small creatures were being driven forward by a Divine Race person using a whip. These little creatures were almost naked, only wearing a pair of shorts. A lot of them had injuries on their bodies, and their skins were almost sticking to their bones. They looked just like the starved slaves of the Ark Continent.

Upon seeing these people, Zhao Hai immediately knew that they were slaves of the Divine Race. But he didn’t know where these slaves were taken from.

Laura and the others couldn’t help but feel sympathy towards these creatures. Laura turned her head to Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, do you know who these little creatures are? Why haven’t I heard about them from Iron Hammer?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “I don’t know. Iron Hammer hadn’t mentioned these people as well. I reckon these creatures were captured by the Divine Race in the past ten thousand years. This might explain why Iron Hammer and the others weren’t aware of them. They seem to have the same nature as the heavy cavalry units.

Laura nodded, then she continued to look at the small people and said, “Why would the Divine Race send them here? Are they here to help build more military barracks?”

Zhao Hai sneered and said, “Not to build. Look, you can see that they had brought grain along with them. At this point, bringing supplies from the Divine Race to here would be an inconvenience, it would cost them too much. And although the Radiant Empire is the smallest Empire in the continent, there is still quite a large arabel area inside its territory. If they use these lands for farming, then it would be possible to help supply the Divine Race army. It seems like the Divine Race had already decided to have a long and drawn out war.”

Laura nodded, “That seems to be the case. If we didn’t have the Space, then transporting food and supplies would truly be very costly. And the Divine Race didn’t want it to be this way.”

Zhao Hai sighed, “I’m afraid that with this move of farming inside the Radiant Empire, the Divine Race had started to take root in the continent. Later on, if we want to drive them away, the resistance would be more intense, it wouldn’t be easy for us.”

Lizzy knit her brows and said, “Brother Hai, do you think that the Divine Race has already conquered other small planes? Did Fuwa ever say any of these? We are in a major plane composed of smaller planes. If the Divine Race decided to deal with the Ark Continent, then its possible that they had done it to other planes. The heavy cavalry and their other slaves should have come from those smaller planes.”

Zhao Hai had already thought about this, so he said, “Correct, that is highly probable. If this is really the case, then things would become quite troublesome. No wonder the Divine Race started to move in after occupying the Radiant Empire. It seems like this isn’t their first time doing it.”

Lizzy gave a nod, “The Divine Race are truly formidable, they’re as difficult to deal with as the Demons. It seems like these two races would become great headaches in the future. I hope that when the time comes, they would get into a conflict with themselves. Otherwise, our burdens would only increase.”

Zhao Hai can understand Lizzy’s thoughts. Lizzy was referring to the time when they have already retreated to the Accra Mountains. They would block both parties there and then hope that they would fight each other. In this way, they would be catching fish without the help of a fisherman.

Zhao Hai gave out a sigh, he knew how cunning the Demons and the Divine Race were. If they want the two of them to fight, then Zhao Hai’s side needed to have the capability to do so. Only when the two parties were unable to capture the Accra Mountain would they possibly fight. Otherwise, they would deal with the Ark Continent’s residents first, fighting each other wouldn’t be too late after the residents have been taken care of.

And just as what Zhao Hai thought, the slaves that the Divine Race brought had started to cultivate the ground. From their skillful actions, one could see that they were already used to this lifestyle.

Zhao Hai sighed, the Divine Race was truly determined to get the Ark Continent. With these slaves, they wouldn’t need to care about the getting slaves from the Ark Continent. It seems like they would be more ruthless from now on.

After some time, Zhao Hai let out a loud breath before he stood up. Then he turned to Laura and the others and said, “From now on, we’ll prepare a lot of spatial water in order to promote every single person in the continent. At this point, its is either the Demons and the Divine Race perishing, or us. We couldn’t just wait here to be slaughtered, we need to take the fight to them.”

Laura nodded, with a firm expression she added, “Alright. I agree with Brother Hai. Even if we can’t make them God-ranks, as long as we have 9th ranks, we can deal with the attacks of the two races. Additionally, we also have our 9th rank magic beasts.”

Megan gave a nod as well. “There are a lot of troops in the continent. But since their strengths are too low, they couldn’t provide that much help. As soon as they get stronger, the average strength of the continent would rise. This would make it more convenient for us to deal with the Demons and the Divine Race.”

Zhao Hai looked at their expressions and couldn’t help but bitterly sigh, “However, if we do this, the secret of the Space will be exposed. Forget it, this is the only way forward. If we don’t resist, then there would be no hope for the future. When that time comes, what will be the use of the Space? Laura, immediately contact the Rulers and Patriarchs of the various powers. Tell them about our plan to release massive amounts of potions in order to promote the troops of the continent. Tell them that we would upgrade them to 8th ranks and that the 9th rank potion would be on the way.”

Laura and the others immediately nodded before going off to settle the affair. Then Zhao Hai turned to look at the Divine Race and sighed once more. To be honest, his decision to release spatial water was actually influenced by Fuwa.

Fuwa made him understand a lot about the Immortal Realm. The Divine Race might be powerful, but in the end, they were just pawns of an elder of the Five Gates Sect, used in order to gather faith power. The people of the lower realms were just livestock to them, just like pigs, chicken, and sheep.

Moreover, the Five Gates Sect wasn’t the biggest sect in the Immortal Realm, only one of the numerous first-rate sects. From what he understood listening to Fuwa, the Five Gates Sect wasn’t even a member of the 180 Buddhist Temples, 81 Daoist Sects, 36 Devil Sects, nor the 72 Earth Fiend Sects. In other words, the strength of the cultivators in the Five Gates Sect can only be ranked at most in the top 400 sects in the Immortal Realm. If a normal elder of such a sect is enough to control the lower realm, then how about those more powerful than him?

The great strength of these immortal cultivators had stimulated Zhao Hai. He didn’t want to become just a pig inside a pen. He didn’t want to become an ant in another person’s eye. He wanted to rebel, he wanted to be competent enough that these immortal cultivators wouldn’t dare to look down on him. He wanted to prevent himself from being stepped on under their feet!



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  1. The space has those attacking methods towards farms so enemy farms shouldn’t be such a big deal…. Unless the author forgot about his insect swarm ability??

    1. This author likely doesn’t even have the mental faculty to breathe regularly going by the sound of this lack of oxygen induced psychosis mess of a story let alone remembering what it vomited out onto this pile of garbage.

  2. Zhao Hais laissez-faire aproach to war is really annoying.

    The Demons are new to this realm and have to accustom themselves? Let them be!
    The Demons fortify their position and build a city? Let them be!
    The Radiant Church isolate themselves and plan something? We will wait and see what happens!
    The Demons transfer more and more god-ranks to this realm? Let them be!
    The Divine Race retreat after their attack? Let them go peacefully!
    The Divine Race fortify and build barracks? Let them build!
    The Divine Race invites slaves to farm the land? Let them farm!

    He has the most powerful kind of armies – Undeads! They never tire, don’t need food, or even air and are vulnerable to holy/light magic, oh wait his Undeads have not even that weakness! So freaking use them to harass them 24 hours, 7 days a week! Use your space to assassinate their officiers/generals and harass their supply lines! Use pests and poison! (@squadleaderjoey: thanks I forgot about that :D)

    But NO! Let them be!

    He is already stressed out, because he let them do whatever they want.

    1. Have you read a diferrent story than the one i have?
      because ever since the war began the ONE thing we have heard above all others is how the demons and the divine are more powerful than his undead. seriosly go back to the beginning of the war and read it over.
      And while you are at it pay attention to the parts where Zhao talks about using the space items to increase the strenght of the continent so they can resist the invaders, yes the demons and the divine race are getting stronger but so are Zhao’s forces and his forces are doing so faster than the invaders.

      1. Yes I now that an average 9th rank Undead is weaker than an average Demon of the same rank and the demons have less qualm to simply explode themself.

        And yes the Divine Race (and the Demons by that time too) have more God-ranks than him.

        So yeah, you are right, if he goes head to head against any of the two enemys, he will simply lose, we hear this every other chapter.

        What do you do when you are against an enemy who is stronger than you? You use “underhanded methods”, like attacking their supply lines and officiers (I really think this is the wrong word). Or harass them constantly so they can’t close their eyes for even a second and sleep. Or use poison. Maybe use his blood hawks to throw rocks at them.

        You are right, he is occupied with strengthening his troops and allies. But what does he really do? He talks to them (strategize if you use a fancier word) and delegate task. So why not delegate the task to harass them?

        We never saw the limit of Cai’ers ability to multitask. So I guess it won’t hurt her much to sit together with lizzy and the other “general-girl” (sorry, I can’t remember names 🙁 ) and do some harassing.

        We saw his ability to assassinate in his attack against the whole infrastructure of that one familiy he took down along with all their shops an clerks. Or when he attacked the capital of his empire, when he teleports the Undeads to kill the remaining Radiant Church people.

        So you can’t say that he has not the ability so harass/assassinate some enemies.

    2. I think at this point the author is trying to set up a reason for the Ark Continent to worship Zhao Hai, giving him faith energy or whatever it’s called.
      The establishment of Zhao Hai’s status as a guardian deity means the Ark Continent must know how strong Zhao Hai is, or to be exact, know how strong the enemies Zhao Hai is dealing with is, thus the world wide experts upgrade.
      As far as battle tactics go I think you’re on point though.

      1. this could all be setup but it still makes the MC seem stupid. for example it would be a cakewalk to appear next to an enemy cannon in a city, grab it and warp away or have Cai’er grab some leaders during the fight as to gain information. there are so many other no risk tasks with a high reward that he ignores and he should have destroyed the demons the second he got the god level light undead as at that point it would have been 10000 vs 500 and they are useless against the divine army. my favorite idea is a rat swarm filled with destruction beads, open a small rift and use his pest swarm ability to make unlimited moving god killer bombs with the added psychological effect that they will be afraid of any and all animals in the future.

  3. So …. are Divine Race’s farmers… goblins?
    If they are, why does Zhao Hai not know of goblins? He’s from our Earth!!
    Also if those are goblins, are goblins actually of higher plane than Arc continent’s Humans, Beastmen and Elves?

  4. gracias por el capitulo, yo no entiendo porque no les ataca como en otros capítulos, con pestes, que ponga un punto de teletransporte en la ciudad demonio y en el imperio radiante y les ataque y se teletransporte de nuevo a otro lado, y así sucesivamente, un poco flojo el autor…

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