BTFTLIAW – Chapter 757

Chapter 757 – Five Gates Sect

Zhao Hai nodded. He had understood so much from what the small child had said. He looked at the artifact spirit and said, “What is the name of the cultivator that fought with me? What sect did he belong to?”

The small child replied, “Young Master, that person is called Lu Wei, an immortal cultivator of the Five Gates Sect. A Nascent Soul Elder.”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but frown as he asked, “What sect is this Five Gates Sect?”

The child replied, “Five Gate Sect is created by a person know as Five Gates immortal. He was a talented person ever since childhood. But because his family was poor, he lived on as a monk. Later on, when it was discovered that his root was extraordinary, he was immediately selected to become an outer disciple in a famous sect called the Golden Light Temple. However, nobody thought that his talent would surpass what everybody expected. In just three years, he managed to breeze through the 12 levels of Body Tempering, going on to become an official disciple. And then in five years, he would break through to Foundation Establishment, becoming an inner disciple. Then ten years after that, he had managed to form his gold core, becoming a Golden Core cultivator, propping him into a position of a core disciple. This is also the stage that divided disciples from each other. If one’s root is good, then they can become an official disciple, if it wasn’t, then one can only do chores. If a disciple can reach level 9 or more in Body Tempering within five years, then they would be promoted to being a formal disciple. If he can reach Qi Refining within ten years, then he can become an inner disciple. And within 100 years of entering the temple, if one were to reach Gold Core stage, then he would become a core disciple, a genius within the temple.”

The small child stopped for a moment here to look at Zhao Hai’s expression. Seeing that nothing has changed, he continued, “But afterwards, when FIve Gates immortal went out to do a mission, he was ambushed by someone, causing him serious injuries. Although he has been able to protect his live, his cultivation has been lost. The person who ordered his ambush was suspected to be from a very high background within the temple. In the end, he was expelled out of the sect.”

Zhao Hai gave a nod. Being heartless was a common trait of immortal cultivators.

Seeing how Zhao Hai was interested, the small child went back to his story, “But who would’ve thought that when Five Gates immortal got kicked out of the temple, he would actually meet a famous person. This person was titled Five Resolves Daoist. Five Resolve Daoist was a rogue cultivator that had become famous among the immortal cultivators. His cultivation method is known as the Five Resolves Art. To practice this art, one needed to achieve five goals in their emotions: absolute kinship, absolute love, absolute morality, absolute friendship, and absolute justice. It can be said that one needed to be resolved to be righteous in order to practice this art. After Five Gates immortal met Five Resolves Daoist, nobody knew what Five Resolves Daoist did or used, but he actually managed to restore Five Gates immortal’s cultivation. Moreover, it seems like his cultivation had shot up to more than what he had before. After Five Resolves Daoist died, Five Gates immortal began to spread his name to the world. With his talent, he managed to use the Five Resolves Art in order to reach Transcending Cultivation stage. Afterwards, he created Five Gates sect and became the Sect Master. This was something that even Five Resolves Daoist haven’t done.”

Zhao Hai nodded, it seems like this Five Gates immortal was truly formidable. After thinking for a moment, Zhao Hai turned to the small child and said, “Where is this Five Gates immortal now? How strong is the Five Gates Sect? What status did Lu Wei have inside the sect?” The small child replied, “Nobody knows where Five Gates immortal is since he hadn’t appeared for a long time. Some people said that he had survived his great tribulation and had become a True Immortal. Some said that he had lost his life during his closed-door cultivation. However, all of these are rumors, nobody knew exactly where and what happened to the immortal. As for Young Master’s second question, although Five Gates Sect can’t compare to the extremely powerful sects, it can still be considered to be first rate. As for Lu Wei’s status in the sect, it isn’t that high. He only became an elder because of his cultivation level.”

Zhao Hai nodded. Although he looked quite calm, his heart actually turned heavy. He wasn’t worried about Lu Wei, instead, he was worried about the Five Gates Sect. If they become enemies with this sect, then their futures wouldn’t be very good.

Laura and the others were currently standing by Zhao Hai’s side as the small child answered the questions. Although they couldn’t understand the conversation, they still knew that immortal cultivators were extremely terrifying people. In the eyes of immortal cultivators, they might just be like ants.

Zhao Hai looked at the small child. The child’s face was adorably plump, looking just like China’s olympic games mascot. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile and said, “You’ll be called Fuwa from now on. Tell me more about this plane where the immortal cultivators reside.” Fuwa immediately replied, “Yes, Young Master. The immortal realm is incomparable large. Nobody knew how many planes it it had but these planes are connected with transmission formations. At the same time, there are also major planes larger than the Ark Continent and Divine Realm. In these planes, there would be a constant number of people who will ascend to the immortal realm. But to accomplish that, one needed to have cultivated up to Gold Core stage. Upon ascending, the best result that one could come up to is becoming a disciple to a big sect.”[1]

Zhao Hai nodded, just as he thought, the immortal realm was much stronger than the Ark Continent. Lu Wei also said that when Zhao Hai ascends into the higher planes, he would then deal with him. People with a high enough cultivation would indeed ascend to a higher realm, much like how God-ranks of the Ark Continent ascend to the Divine Realm.

When Fuwa saw that Zhao Hai was listening intently, he said, “Young Master, there are also many large sects in the Immortal Realm. In addition to Five Gates sect and Golden Light Temple, there are also the 180 Buddhist Temples, 81 Supreme Dao Sects, 36 Demonic Sects, and 72 Earth Fiend Sects. These are the most famous sects in the realm.”

Zhao Hai frowned as he said, “What is going on with this 180 Temples? Do they belong to one group or are they separate sects?”

Fuwa answered, “Young Master, one could say that they belong to different sects. Golden Light Temple is actually one of them. The 180 temples is just a collective name for the sects that cultivate in the way of Buddhism. The 81 Daoist sects are the same. However, one couldn’t say that they are an alliance. Some of these sects are quite hostile to each other. The 30 Demon Sects and 70 Earth Fiend Sects also follow the same description. These sects can be said to be the actual rulers of the Immortal Realm. After them are the powerful cultivation families and then the different Rogue alliances. However, their overall strength is far worse than the big sects, so they don’t have much say in the decisions of the Realm.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he looked at Fuwa and said, “Alright, we’ll talk more about these things later. What I want you to do now is to improve the undead. Can you do it?”

Fuwa nodded and said, “Young master, that is not a problem. Although Young Master’s undead aren’t that strong, it is still not easy to upgrade them. I can only upgrade 81 undead at one time and it would take nine days to do so.” Zhao Hai nodded, then he sighed, “Alright. However, can you still fight while you are improving the undead?”

Fuwa nodded, “I am, however, it would slow down the progress of the upgrade.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Alright, then upgrade these 81 first.” Then he waved his hand as 81 undead appeared around him, these undead were dragons. The fighting strength of the Dragon race was much stronger than the Humans. Although the undead had the same rank of 9th rank, the dragons still held an edge compared to the other undead. Because of this, Zhao Hai decided to upgrade the dragons first.

At this point, Zhao Hai had placed his undead in the Hell background to upgrade them as soon as possible. But although the background was useful to the undead, its effects couldn’t manifest in a short time.

Fuwa didn’t say any words as he received the undead inside the tiny pagoda. Then he proceeded to stare at Zhao Hai, looking quite adorable while doing it.

Zhao Hai had no reaction to this stare. On the other hand, the eyes of Laura and the others were shining. Laura couldn’t help but stretch her hand out and touch Fuwa. Fuwa seems to know about Zhao Hai’s relationship with the women, so he didn’t hide. However, even if he didn’t, Laura still couldn’t touch his body. Fuwa was just an artifact spirit, he didn’t have a corporeal body, only the tiny pagoda. Because of this, Laura’s hand just went through Fuwa’s body.

Laura stared, she couldn’t help but look disappointed at Fuwa. Zhao Hai smiled faintly and then said, “Don’t worry, as long as Fuwa gets upgraded, then he will slowly turn into a genuine child.”

Fuwa nodded at Zhao Hai’s words and said, “Indeed” Laura smiled when she heard this, then she turned to Fuwa and said, “How can you be upgraded?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “That would have to depend on me. The stronger I get, the more benefits he would have.” Then after that, the tiny pagoda entered his mouth and settled in his lower dantian, where it was nourished by Zhao Hai’s body.

Since the tiny pagoda has been received by Zhao Hai, Fuwa naturally disappeared. But at this time, Laura and the others were staring at Zhao Hai. Laura couldn’t help but say in surprise, “Brother Hai, did, did you just eat Fuwa?”

  1. It can mean either lucky doll or blessed baby


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